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5/14/14 3:20:07 PM

A Buckhorn Community Centre Fundraising Event.

Named one of the Top 100 Festivals in Ontario for seven consecutive years!

Thank you to our Funding Partners


Former Team Leaders and Artists of the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival Mary Barrow Cheryl Battistelli Gordon Bowker Ricky Bowker Paul Burdette Brenda Carter Ernie Cselko

Jean Feng Saul Field Richard Hayman Art Iddison Ely Kish Norman Knott Barbara Matthews

Edwin Matthews Nori Peter Gordon Peters Roger Tory Peterson Al Poolman Ursala Reese Jack Reid

Dorothy Renals Michael Robinson Doug Sadler Terence M Shortt Jean Townsend Klaas Verboom Clifford and Eleanor Whetung

Fondly remembered and sadly missed Book Design and Production by Design One, Bobcaygeon. 2

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Anne-Marie Kornachuk

Feature Artist Welcoming Notes Festival Hours and General Info Presentations and Entertainment Schedule Special Exhibit “Mystique” Youth Art and Art Competition Exhibiting Artists BFAF 2014 Team Leaders Signature Scavenger Hunt! Community Supporters

Artist Statement I am interested in looking at states of being; spaces and events that create many questions and answers, and can be looked at in positive and negative ways. I use figurative gesture, colour, and composition to speak about these internal states. I intentionally convey only small details of the body. These figurative details speak for the body as a whole. They also represent moments of intense intimacy, placing the viewer in the position of voyeur or participant. The animated nature of the fabric, which overwhelms the figure at times, plays multiple roles. I see a kind of operatic drama in the beauty, complexity and rippling energy of the fabric, as if the fabric is alive with the hidden internal dramas of the figure. These internal dramas speak to me about everyday experience, where one manages various quiet struggles with more or less success. The fabric also offers tremendous visual interest for me, as well as an opportunity to consider colour and form. My figures straddle the lines of rigidity and confinement, perhaps societal expectations, internal pressures, as well as beauty, seduction, luxury and sophistication. It is my intention to allow the viewer to explore in which state of being the figure falls. After I choose an image for its thematic potential, my focus changes to the execution of the painting. I am influenced by Baroque painting and sculpture, and so the drama and dark theatricality that I love in the Baroque influences my choices, and the way I paint. I am also profoundly interested in understanding and then depicting substantial form on the flat surface. I work in thin layers, building the form with each layer.

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ndulge your senses at the 37th Buckhorn Fine Art Festival! If you haven’t made it to our annual Preview Night Garden Party yet, this is a great year to plan to attend. Not only will you enjoy the magic of an “artful” summer’s evening in our beautiful Festival Park, but also this year half of the net proceeds of ticket sales go to benefit YWCA Peterborough Haliburton. Your Preview Night ticket also entitles you to return for Saturday and Sunday of Festival weekend at no additional charge. We have expanded the culinary element of the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival this year, to celebrate not only fine art, but also our local cuisine. On Saturday and Sunday you’ll find vendors selling unique food products strategically located within Festival Park. There will be lots of opportunities to sample many different culinary delights: each food vendor is offering a Toonie Taste: a feature food item for $2.00, which has been paired with a wine selection, available at our wine bar. Our “sophisticated wino”, Shari Darling ( will be on site to share her vast knowledge and advise patrons on wine choices throughout the Festival weekend.


5/14/14 3:20:24 PM

A new and improved family ARTivity Zone will provide a variety of interactive art activities for children of all ages. Open Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm, the “A-Zone” will feature a “tour of studios” where budding artists can explore different mediums and projects: some large, some small, some self-directed, others with guidance. All are welcome to let their inner artist have some fun... Explore, experience and express your creativity! This year the second Community Mural will be started on festival weekend, giving visitors an opportunity to add their brushstrokes to help the mural artist complete the painting. The murals are part of the Kawarthas Outdoor Gallery, a collection of professional quality outdoor murals celebrating the landscape, wildlife, history and cultural heritage of the Kawarthas. Months of planning and hours of hard work go into this weekend-long event and thanks to the dedication of hundreds of volunteers, the BFAF runs like a well-oiled machine. You can easily spot our volunteers: they are the ones wearing the bright green lanyards. They are here to help you, and are ever so friendly! Interested in exhibiting in next year’s show? The BFAF is a juried exhibition, and we welcome new applicants. Applications will be available in November 2014. Visit our website for details. Contact us 705-657-1918 Toll free 1-877-300-9766


Preview Night Garden Party: Friday, August 15 7 pm to 10 pm Weekend Hours: Saturday August 16 10 am to 7 pm Sunday August 17 10 am to 5 pm Location: 1782 Lakehurst Road (County Road 37) At the Buckhorn Community Centre


• Be sure to fill out your ticket ballot and drop it into one of the ballot boxes for many chances to win great prizes. Check the Info Booth before you leave to see if you are a winner! •N  o smoking in the buildings or tents, please. •W  heelchairs are available upon request. • No pets are allowed on the Festival grounds; please leave yours in comfort at home. • Our security personnel will be checking purchase invoices on exit – please be sure to hang on to the white copy of your invoice. •W  e ask that art purchased from the Special Exhibit remain on display there until 5 pm on August 17.

Schedule of Presentations and Entertainment


Presentation Room Schedule

Presentation Title

Artist Name

Saturday morning 11:00 -12:00 Saturday afternoon 1:00 - 2:00 Saturday afternoon 3:00 - 4:00 Saturday afternoon 5:00 - 6:00

“The Evolution of a Fibre Artist” “The Fine Art of Michael Dumas” “Metal, Glass and Fire: The Art of Enamel” “Josh Tiessen, Prodigy Artist”

Nancy Johnston Michael Dumas Gabrielle S. Castonguay Josh Tiessen

Entertainment Schedule


Performer Name

Preview Night Garden Party 7:00 to 10:00 pm

Festival Park - Marquee

Bridget and the Pocket Kings

Saturday morning 10:30 - 12:30 Saturday afternoon 1:00 - 3:00 Saturday afternoon 3:30 - 6:30

Festival Park - Marquee Festival Park - Marquee Festival Park - Marquee

TBA Whitney Paget The Squirrel Hunters

Sunday morning 11:00 - 1:30 Sunday afternoon 2:00 - 4:00 Sunday afternoon 4:30 - 5:00

Festival Park - Marquee Festival Park - Marquee Festival Park - Marquee

Fresh Water Trade Gleason Hoffman Duo Awards, Closing Remarks

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5/14/14 3:20:24 PM

Mystique: A character of a person, idea, or thing, which has an aura of mystery about it, prompting heightened interest and fascination.

This year ‘Mystique’ marks the fifth special exhibition integrated into the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival proper. This showcase of original artwork is dedicated to the theme of women in celebration of the feminine. Lakefield artist Anne-Marie Kornachuk provides the featured artwork (cover image) that is an effective contemporary translation of both this year’s exhibition theme and the intrigue suggested by its title. ‘Mystique’ seeks to present art that expresses a wide variety of perspectives on the theme of women, be it a pursuit of the narrative, aesthetic, emotional, cultural, or introspective qualities of the subject. Interpretation of the theme has been left to each participating artist, and consequently the resulting works are highly personal, with each one drawing on the strengths and perspectives of its creator. Depictions of women in art are as variable as the many forms and expressions found in the history of art itself; from the very earliest prehistoric life-sized female figure of La Magdeleine Cave in France, through such masters as De Vinci and his enigmatic Mona Lisa, to the aggressive fracturing of female form in Picasso’s Cubism. In between the extremes of the refined and ideal form found in the Golden Age of Greece and the ‘anti-art’ of the Fluxus movement, lies the history of art in its full and varied treatment of the issues, cultural viewpoints, and a myriad of perspectives that make up the human condition. Women feature prominently in all of this, reflecting the state of being female, how specific times and the culture of a society influences this state, as well as how women see themselves, both individually and as a group. ‘Mystique’ comprises what can only be described as a fleeting glimpse into a subject that is both timeless and contemporary. Nevertheless, even a fleeting glimpse is often capable of generating insight and interest far out of proportion to the briefness of experience. This is quite fitting, as it is most often the very foundation of mystique itself.

Mona Lisa Image courtesy of Wikimedia


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5/14/14 3:21:00 PM

YOUTH ART DISPLAY The Youth Art Display is one aspect of the Festival that has been developed to encourage children’s creativity and nurture budding interest and skills in the Visual Arts. A specially designated area is set aside within the Festival to exhibit the work of these young artists for the duration of the Festival. The objective is “to provide a venue for children and youth to share their two and three dimensional works of art with a larger audience in a noncompetitive environment”.

ART COMPETITION We welcome competition entries from individuals developing their art skills and/or experimenting in a new medium, individuals who identify themselves as hobby or professional artists, and teen artists (ages 13 to19). This year, the Art Competition entries are on display in the Hummingbird Gallery in Festival Park. Visitors are invited to participate by casting a vote for the “People’s Choice Award”. Ballots are available in the Art Competition area and will be accepted until 3 pm on Sunday, August 17, 2014. The Art Competition is committed to: • Encouraging the development of creativity and skills in Visual Arts • The recognition and support of artistic talent • Providing opportunities for learning from being judged professionally Presentation of the awards for the Art Competition will take place Sunday August 17, starting at 4:30 pm in the entertainment marquee in Festival Park.

First Place Winners, 2013 Art Competition: Best of Show Future Promise People’s Choice Teenage


by David Parson Jesi McDougall “Holdin’ On”

by Paul Markewitz Jesi McDougall


Sue Wilkinson

Open: Portraiture

David Parson

Open: Other Subjects

Jean Beettam

Hobby, acrylic

Keith Kirkpatrick

Hobby, oil

Paul Markewitz

Hobby, watercolour

Gail Noble

Hobby, pen/ink/pencil/

Wanda Daoust


Congratulations to all 2013 winners! Thank you to our Art Competition and Youth Art Sponsors:

Buckhorn District Tourist Association

The Art Shop

Lakefield, Ontario

For past winners, more details and the Art Competition application form visit:


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5/14/14 3:21:00 PM

FINE ART FESTIVAL At the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival, you will discover art of the highest quality in a picturesque woodland setting. With the professional Canadian

artists on site, we put visitors together with the visionaries who communicate through their art. Enjoy your journey through this creative realm.

Jane and Dave Bingham Lion Stoneware 9” x 5 ½“ x 5” deep


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5/14/14 3:21:31 PM

Marlene Bulas Country Afternoon Acrylic 20” x 24”

Pam Buckler Eve’s Temptation Pen, Ink & Watercolour 11” x 13 1/2”

Iris Casey Maynard Wrapped wire 15” x 7”x 5”


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5/14/14 3:22:03 PM

Daniel Colby Window Reflections (triptych) Oil 36”x 72”

Gabrielle S. Castonguay Cherry Tree Copper, Silver, Vitreous enamel, Glass fusion, Frits, Wood 12”x 12”

Doug Comeau Up for Air Graphite 10 ½” x 11”


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 9

5/14/14 3:22:50 PM

Julia Conlon The Coupled Rocks of Cape Breton Egg tempera 32” x 48”

Susan Conner Tree of Life Red Palladio Granit 48” x 56” x ¾”

Cyril Cox Autumn Calm Oil 20” x 30”


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 10

5/14/14 3:23:18 PM

Eric J. Davy Colour Wars Glass Art

Ernie Cselko, represented by Landmark Design Spirit Fire Mixed Media 16 ½” x 20 ½”

John Davidson Frozen Woman Photography


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 11

5/14/14 3:23:52 PM

Paul Gray Diamond Vase Wood turning 705-454-2095

Yvonne De Viller Eagle Drama Stained Glass 28” round

Tina Ding Middle Fall Oil 40” x 50”


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 12

5/14/14 3:24:30 PM

Guo Yue Dou Streetcar Transport 30” x 24”


d ning

Lori Dunn Weightless (osprey) 13” x 16”


Michael Dumas Quest for Peace Oil 12” x 16” 13

BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 13

5/14/14 3:25:39 PM

Sharon Fox Cranston Frog’s Paradise Pastel 20” x 5 ½”

Henry Fernandes Mid Winter’s Dream Acrylic 36” x 36” Stephanie Ford Forrester Cathedral of the Forest Batiks and cottons, hand worked 38” x 50” 14

BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 14

5/14/14 3:26:14 PM

Dave Froude Pear Oil 11” x 14”

David Foyn Water Falling Acrylic 24” x 48”

Rhonda Franks Heart Warming Touch (Elephants) 12” x 16”



BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 15

5/14/14 3:27:13 PM

Robert Hinves Cold Winters Day Pen, Ink & Watercolour 9 ½” x 15 ½”

Rosemary Hasner Forget Me Not Mixed Media Photography

Barry Goodman 14K gold carved ring 16

BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 16

5/14/14 3:27:53 PM

Debra Lynn Ireland Pand’orable Pastel 5” x 5”

Karin Isenburg Purple Eggplants Watercolour 15 ¾” x 12”

Fred Hummel Brown Trout Pyrophilite 10” x 9” x 4” 17

BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 17

5/14/14 3:28:35 PM

Tony Johnson Buckhorn Acrylic 36” x 24”

Mary Karavos Dragonflies Paper Collage 12” x 24”

Nancy Johnston Three Whoops...Hurray 22” x 30 ½”

Fibre Art


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 18

5/14/14 3:29:13 PM

Clive Kay The Seal Hunter Acrylic 21” x 36”

Laura Kingsbury The Fox and the Hummer Watercolour 15” x 25”

Bill Keast A Day Cut Short Acrylic 20” x 32”


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 19

5/14/14 3:29:57 PM

George Kovacs The Last Glacier Acrylic 32” x 40”

John M. Kowarski Panda’s Glare Acrylic 8 ½” x 3 “ John Lennard Highland View Oil 36” x 30”


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 20

5/14/14 3:30:21 PM

Charles Leung Bamboo Family Watercolour 9” x 60”

David Lidbetter North to Tea Lake 28” x 20”


Eddie LePage Bass Lake Acrylic 6” x 9”


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 21

5/14/14 3:30:48 PM

Steven Loney Falls of Respect Brazilian Soapstone 14”x 8”x 11”

Brenda Little Rue Saint Honore Acrylic 9 ¼” x 11”

Malcom Madsen Sterling silver coyote vertebrate bracelet


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 22

5/14/14 3:31:14 PM

Kelly McNeil Retriever Games (Golden Retrievers) 24” x 24”


Vicki McKay Fungal Fractals Photography

Jim Majury Gone Acrylic 18” x 24” 705-738-0284


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 23

5/14/14 3:33:38 PM

Chris Morton Inside the Fence line Oil 30” x 40”

Kris Nahrgang ‘Maangwazison’ Loons Nest 9” x 12” x 12”

Billy-Jack Milligan She got the house Acrylic 5” x 7” Brazilian Soapstone


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 24

5/14/14 3:33:54 PM

Patricia Pepin Clothesline Chickadee 3” x 8”

Laurie Near Her Garden Grows #2 36” x 36”



Wendy Quirt On the Rocks Acrylic 30” x 20” 25

BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 25

5/14/14 3:35:03 PM

Vladimir Ribatchok Glory of Autumn Oil 40”x 60”

Gintaras Repecka Spirit Cedar 6” x 18”

Paul Rankin Playful Pair Acrylic 18” x 24”


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 26

5/14/14 3:35:47 PM

Nigel Shaw Glaring Error Acrylic

John Shea The Vineyard Watercolour 20” x 40”

Nan Sidler Afternoon Shadows, Jackson Park 16” x 21”



BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 27

5/14/14 3:36:33 PM

Mike Smith Down to the Sea Again 36” x 48”


Brenda Stonehouse Algonquin Memories Oil 18” x 24”

Bronson Smith Rice Lake Ontario Acrylic on routed plywood 12” X 36” 28

BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 28

5/14/14 3:37:56 PM

Bob Thackeray White Vase Oil 18” x 24”

Josh Tiessen Eternal Sail Oil 48” x 24”

Joan Tovey White-crowned Sparrows Watercolour 12 ½” x 16 ½”


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 29

5/14/14 3:39:57 PM

A.J. VanDrie Madaabii (The Open Place) 20” round


Jake Vandenbrink Maple Woods Acrylic 18” x 24”

Michele Van Maurik Sunflowers Oil 30” x 40”


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 30

5/14/14 3:42:10 PM

Emil Varga Kim’s Tulip Bouquet 17” x 22”

Margarethe Vanderpas Autumn Splendor, Fraser Bay 36” x 48”



Alena Vyborna Iris Painting on Silk


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 31

5/14/14 3:43:05 PM

Alicia Wishart Wind Glider 12”x16”

Derek Wicks Evening Shadow - Wolf 24” x 20”


BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 32


Lloyd Wilson Beech Way Oil 24” x 30”

5/14/14 3:43:46 PM

FINE ART FESTIVAL Presenting the 2014 team Leaders

John Bannan Security

Shelley Bertram Security

Linda Black Preview Night

Roger Clark Set Up

Marda Drew ARTivity Zone

Ellen Dumas Youth Art Display

Gary Gauthier Volunteers Lounge

Gerri Jablonowski Artists’ Accommodations

Judy McWhirter Logistics

Diane Michell Show Office

Peter Raymond Website

Peggy Roberts Accounting

Paula Ruttle Art Competition

Diane Skinner Volunteers Liaison

Marilyn Spenceley Judy Staszak Artists’ Lounge Team Celebration

Jim Wagstaffe Set Up

Sally Yardley Director

Thank you to all of our Fabulous volunteers! BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 33


5/14/14 3:44:05 PM

FINE ART FESTIVAL Signature Scavenger Hunt Celebrate the 37th annual Buckhorn Fine Art Festival by collecting the signatures of 37 of your favourite artists. Not only will you end up with a memorable keepsake, but you can also win a mini print of this year’s program

cover image “Running Bride 5” by Anne Marie Kornachuk. To claim your prize, simply fill out this page with 37 signatures and bring it to the Info Booth during the festival. Only 100 prizes are available.





































19. 34

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5/14/14 3:44:05 PM

City of Kawartha Lakes 29TH ANNUAL VICTORIA COUNTY

The Municipality of Trent Lakes would like to congratulate the

October 4-5 & 11-12, 2014 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

BUCKHORN FINE ART FESTIVAL and extend best wishes for another year of artistic success

P.O. Box 1177 Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0


Bobcaygeon FREE!

Thank our advertisers

& Area 2014



Fenelon & Area 20







Explore Bobcaygeon


Falls Thank our

adver tisers

2014 A

What People Really Read! Your Communit y News Magazine 48 Main Street Bobcaygeon T:705.738.6188

Explore Fenelo n

Falls & Area

2014 A

check out for shops and events 35

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Give The GifT Of Summer! Doctor Barnardo’s children

Written by Ian McLachlan and Robert Winslow Directed by Robert Winslow July 1–26 Back by popular demand, Doctor Barnardo’s Children explores the struggles of thousands of British orphans sent to Canada in the early 1900’s.

Wounded Soldiers

Written by Ian McLachlan and Robert Winslow Directed by Robert Winslow August 5–30 In the anticipated sequel to Doctor Barnardo’s Children, a Barnardo boy returns to England as a young man to fight in World War l.

Photography Show and Sale

August 23, 2014 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. ARTISTIC DIRECTOR ROBERT WINSLOW

BOx Office: 705-932-4445 or 1-800-814-0055

Find us on Facebook Badge

Contest for Hobbyists Learn from the experts while you enjoy your lunch Browse and buy images created by professionals

At the Buckhorn Community Centre

CMYK / .eps


Art Reproduction Prints on Paper or Canvas Canvas Stretching Mounting & Laminating


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5/14/14 3:44:35 PM


Remedy’sRx ® Buckhorn

Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary

The Local Drug Store™

Choose the materials you like and get exactly what you want. We specialize in all types of binding, fabric and leather borders, inlays, carving and cording, fringing and serging, corporate logos.

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We are known for our quality workmanship and customer service.

PRESCRIPTIONS Open Mon. - Sat. Detailed consultation available Blood Pressure Monitoring Diabetic Care Blister Packs

Amish Pathak Pharmacist/Owner

2071 12th Line of Smith, Lakefield 705-652-9997

Your Pharmacy Team

1922 Lakehurst Road, Buckhorn, ON K0L 1J0 Tel: 705-657-1700 • Fax 705-657-2740

Captured by Camera and Rock the Locks — August 23 Quilting at the Lakes — September 5, 6, 7 Harvest Craft Show — October 11, 12, 13

Upcoming Events 2014

Autumn Dinner Theatre — November 14, 15, 16 & 21, 22, 23 “Nick” of Time Craft and Gift Show — November 29, 30 Holiday Home Tour — November 30 Christmas Holiday Gala — December 7

What’s on your bucket list this summer?

Whether you’ve lived here your whole life, or are visiting for the first time, there are experiences here you just have to add to your list... Build your bucket list in Peterborough & the Kawarthas 37

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5/14/14 3:44:46 PM

CodyInnAd-BannerMap_Layout 1 12-12-19 10:54 AM Page 1

We never use MSG


Located across from Lock 31 at 1966 Lakehurst Road Buckhorn, Ontario K0L 1J0

Hours: Monday through Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Closed Tuesday

Visit our website at:

Canadian and Chinese Cooking Dine In or Take Out Reservations Recommended

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antiques. jetbeach, tubs for two. The Chalet offers 4 kayak, sail. GolfMany green, hotwith tub,beach, pool, trails. tub, pool, trails. honeymoon suites. The main lodge has 3 meeting rooms aMealaSpectacular Plan for group functions, retreats, weddings. WiFi. 1-800-387-8100 Meal Pkgs Plan Pkgs 1-800-387-8100 panoramic views. Free Local: 705-657-8095 Local: 705-657-8095 aAccommodation OnlyOnly Pkgs aAccommodation Pkgs on site sports. Ski, skate, RegionGPS: 8, Buckhorn, GPS:-44.33887 OpenRound Year Round Region 8, Buckhorn, 44.33887 78.19128- 78.19128 aOpenaYear snow show, bike, canoe, kayak, sail. Golf green, hot tub, pool, beach, trails.

“As your Member of Parliament, I am determined to provide the very best in constituent service. My office stands ready to support our community and deliver results!� Del Mastro MP - Peterborough Phone: (705) 745-2108 Email: Web:

Our Piece of Paradise 1-800-387-8100

aMeal Plan Pkgs Local: 705-657-8095 aAccommodation Only Pkgs lakeside Region 8, Buckhorn, GPS: 44.33887 - 78.19128 A beautiful aOpen Year Round setting on Lower Buckhorn Lake. Cottages, condos and main lodge suites. Vacations, weddings, conferences. Flexible plans, delicious meals and activities for all. Exceptional service is our family tradition.



BFAF 2014 booklet.indd 38

5/14/14 3:44:54 PM

Jeff Leal, MPP Peterborough 236 King Street Peterborough, ON K9K 7L8

T-705-742-3777 F-705-742-1822

Visit our Welcome Centre and discover what Buckhorn and District has to offer


Annual Festivals

PolarFest Lakefield Jazz, Craft and Art Festival Lakefield Literary Festival Shamrock Festival and Tractor Pull Chemong Causeway Festival and many more. Visit our website for details about these and other community events. Best Wishes for an enjoyable visit to the 2014 Buckhorn Fine Art Festival.


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5/14/14 3:45:11 PM

Pine Tree Trading Post Gifts – Souvenirs – Jewellery Wood Carvings –Clothing Sporting Goods & Toys 2909 Hwy 36, Buckhorn ON (705) 657-9900


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5/14/14 3:45:43 PM

Not just another brick in the wall. The cornerstone of well-crafted wine. Chardonnay-Pinot Grigio Crisp, expressive. Layered with apple, peach, ripe pear. LCBO# 371567. $13.95 Cabernet-Merlot Rich, robust. Dark berries and structured tannins. LCBO# 371575. $14.95

Now at the LCBo! 41

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The Lake TheGallery Galleryon on the the Lake World Class backyard. World ClassArt Artavailable available in in your your backyard.

“Now in Port Perry”

NEW Giclee Gallery. NEW Giclee Gallery.

Check superb collection Check outout ourour superb collection of of giclees selling artists. giclees by by ourour bestbest selling artists. Offering tremendous Value Offering tremendous Value in in great looking great looking art. art.

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Located 3 3km onCR CR36 36 Located kmeast eastof of Buckhorn Buckhorn on Call 705-657-1108 • Toll Free 1-888-242-7475 usat Call 705-657-1108 • Toll Free 1-888-242-7475 or or visit visit us


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BUCKHORN S A N D & G R AV E L Call Us For Competitive Pricing On: • Landscaping • Screened Topsoil • Retaining Walls • Sand • Gravel • Shorelines • Stone • Lot Clearing • Excavating • Backfilling • Road Building • Licensed Septic • Licensed Sewage System Installations • Holding Tank Pumping and so much more! Visit our office at: 134 Melody Bay Road, Buckhorn • 705.657.9311

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Visit our office at: 134 Melody Bay Road, Buckhorn

Several plans to choose from or we can build your choice.

“A Place You Can Call Home” 43

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Wedding Decor by

The perfect place to make your event one to remember! 1782 Lakehurst Road In the outskirts of Buckhorn, Ontario o o GPS 44 33.190, -78 21.700 Fully Accessible • Free Parking 705-657-8833 • Toll Free: 1-877-300-9767

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5/14/14 3:50:12 PM

Bfaf 2014 booklet final  
Bfaf 2014 booklet final  

Buckhorn Fine Art Festival - 2014