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CREATING WELLNESS SERIES What If You Could Alleviate Fatigue, Depression, Digestive Problems, Low Sex Drive, Premature Aging and much, much more?

Learn how to heal your body fast and create extraordinary health and vitality with leaders in integrative medicine and holistic and energetic approaches to health. Discover how to practice self-care, save a fortune on medical bills and avoid toxic products and drugs. Noted US surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz stated recently that “Energy Medicine” is the Medicine of the Future”. Learn about cutting-edge energy therapies that are altering the face of healing and offer transformation that is fast and truly dynamic. You will learn: • The Secret of Longevity with Telomeres Combined With Ancient Taoist Secrets



An author, speaker & pioneering integrative physician who practices natural, radically preventive, integrative medicine that focuses on areas of self-empowerment and anti-aging. Dr Price is the author of 3 health books.


BOJAN SCHIANETZ: An Environmental Health Engineer, Naturopath, Energy Intuitive and Qi Gong, Tai Chi Expert. Bojan’s unique intuitive approaches uses energy, quantum physics and spirituality to accelerate fast transformation of the human body and soul.

• The “Top 5 Myths of Hormones” and How You Can Take Charge of Your Hormones and Get Your Sex Drive Back • How You Can Grow Younger As You Age • What Superfoods; Herbs and Tonics Boost Your Immune System, Adrenals and Improve Your Thyroid Function Dolor adipiscing: Bojan Last Name

Quantum Work Phone Energy Tools & Strategies to • UseOffice: Cell: Mobile Phone Reduce Stress, Abolish Chronic Pain, Early Email: Work Email Childhood Traumas, Depression and Insomnia Tincidunt #654321

• How to Create Your Own Healing Miracle by Raising Your Vibration to Heal Your Life • The “7 Shocking Hair & Skin Care Myths the Beauty Industry Never Tells You” and learn to L OR E Maging E N I M and hair loss naturally. reverse skin R E A L




A skin health expert, writer and creator of the “Natural Vibrant Hair Restoration Program” Bonnie uses her extensive knowledge of the Beauty industry to bust myths and help people create natural, energetic skin and beauty.

• Plus lots, lots more … Book Now at Wray Organics - Newmarket - Creating Wellness Monthly Series

Admission: FREE Time: Monday Evening 6:30 - 8:00pm





“ W h a t I f Yo u C o u l d A l l e v i a t e F a t i g u e , D e p r e s s i o n , D i g e s t i v e Problems, Low Sex Drive, Premature Aging, and much, much more?”

Presented at Wrays Organics - Newmarket in 2012: Monday 28th May - Who Is Really in Charge, You or Your Emotions? • Learn 5 simple and practical steps to get back in the driver seat. • Transform stress into success, inner peace and a creative driving force. • How to have clarity, direction and purpose and do what you love. • The key to living an extraordinary life. Presented by Dr Marcia Becherel, Human Potential and Performance Expert


Monday 11th June - Harness the Ancient Secrets of the Taoist Masters and Modern Science of Telomere Activation • The Proven Way to Rejuvenation & Longevity • The anti-aging benefits of the ancient Chinese healing arts • Techniques to increase your energy, vitality and potency • Nobel winning TypePrize to enter text discovery of Telomeres and How it Can Lengthen Your Life • Telomeres 101 - Your genes, how to work with what you’ve got and influence it positively Presented by Dr Dzung Price, Holistic Medical Doctor and Anti-Aging expert.


An experienced Naturopath and BioEnergetic Therapist. Ron shares his philosophy for healthy living and Stress Transformation

Monday 25th June - The ‘7 Shocking Hair and Skin Care Myths the Beauty Industry Never Tells You’ and Learn to Reverse Skin Aging and Hair Loss Naturally. • Discover the 7 harmful myths that is damaging your health and beauty • Why most products do little more than moisten the 'dead' layer of your skin. • How to super boost your skin health in less than 30 minutes • How to achieve glowing, vibrant skin and thick, lustrous hair - no matter what your age. • See the results of a simple mix of light, current and homeo-imprinted super serum. Presented by Bonnie Sleep, Holistic Skin Health expert


Monday 9th July - Quantum Health with Info-Energy Tools and Frequencies • How Quantum Energy tools can rapidly reduce stress, abolish chronic pain & childhood traumas. • Unlock the Tremendous Power of Specific CHI Energy Codes • How to create your own healing miracle by raising your vibration to heal your life • Discover how low self-worth sabotages every aspect of your life, and how to measure yours Presented by Bojan Schianetz, Accelerated Creation Coach and Energy Healing expert Monday 23rd July - Unlock Your Hormonal Intelligence to Long Lasting Weight Loss! • How to lose weight FASTER than ever before. Type to enter text • The secret to Reshaping and Contouring your body without hunger, strenuous exercise or sagging skin and sunken cheeks • How to jump off the diet and exercise merry-go-round and achieve the slim, spectacular body of your dreams • Steps to reset your metabolism so you become a fat burning machine. Presented by Nathan Davis, Naturopath and Weight Loss expert. Monday 6th August - How to Flip the Switch from Stress to Success • Learn the top hidden causes of chronic stress • Discover the link between stress, disease and aging • The secret of transforming emotional distress into calmness and success. • Learn the Accelerated Stress Release Technique to access relaxation in just minutes. Presented byadipiscing: Ron Bass, Holistic Naturopath and Stress Management expert Dolor Bojan Last Name Office: Work Phone Monday 20th August - The ‘Top 5 Myths of Hormones, Sex Drive and Menopause’. How to Cell: Mobile Phone Take Charge of Your Hormones and Get Your Sex Drive Back Email: Work • Get the low downEmail on the role of bio-identical hormone balancing • Discover the adrenal toning, proven botanicals to overcome adrenal depletion and low libido • WhatTincidunt stress really does to the female body – and it’s not the Fight or Flight of men! #654321 • How to use meditation and sexual healing practices to harness more energy and get younger! Presented by Dr Dzung Price, Pioneering Integrative Physician and Anti-aging expert Monday 3rd September - The Lazy Man’s Way to Success and Wellbeing • Unlearn the things that keep you hostage • How your childhood imprinting sabotages your potential and wellbeing L OR EM ENIM • Steps to change the in your mind to have the life you want. R E A L environment E S T A T E • How to let go of limitations to joy and wellness • Open yourself to possibilities of abundance, success, and vitality Presented by Bojan Schianetz, Accelerated Creation Coach and Energy Healing expert


integrates her vast medical expertise, knowledge of natural therapies & energy healing to quickly achieve solutions for optimum health & happiness.


! NATHAN DAVIS: Herbalist, Nutritionist and Naturopath who is trained in Dark Field Live Blood Analysis urinary and saliva pH and the Beyond Slim Body Contouring™ Program.

Book Now at Wray Organics - Newmarket - Creating Wellness Monthly Series

Admission: FREE Time: Monday Evening 6:30 - 8:00pm


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