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Who is really in charge... You or your emotions?

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by Marcia Becherel Who is running your life life most of the time? Are you really doing everything you do consciously? Are you aware and remember everything you did yesterday? Well, if you're like most people you probably remember some things but not all of them. Why? Because most of the things we do in life come from habits and we just do them unconsciously. Take driving for example, most of us hop in the car, turn on the ignition and here we go. We do a lot of things on the backgound to be able to drive but we don't pay attention to them. However one thing you'll remember is that if someone is tailgating you, for sure you'll remember that. Why? Because you'll have attached an emotion to that situation. Emotions are what make us remember. I'm sure if you go back and look at your most vivid memories, I bet they are all associated with emotions, some will be pleasant ones and other will be not so pleasant... or even painful memories.

Inside this issue: Article of the week: Who is Really in Charge You or Your Emotions? Benefits of Lymphacising Creating Wellness Seminar Series Schedule Practitioner Profile Humour Corner

OK, you'll say it's not a big deal. Well, actually it's quite important. Because suppose you're starting your day and you're driving to work as usual. Suddenly someone just drives in front of you out of nowhere and cut you off. You have to jump on the break to avoid hitting him or her. - Direct Line: 1300 853 006

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2 What is going to happen? Well two things. First, you'll get scared. Second, you'll get angry and may even start swearing... Now, you arrive WEEKLY to work and E-NEWS you are still pretty miffed about the situation. How do you think your day is going to be? Well, you know and I know that for the next hours or so, you won't be in an optimal state to work efficiently. You won'y be totally present and focused on your work. You may even go over these memories for a while in your head. Clearly your emotions are running your life at that moment. That was just a quick example but every day we mostly are run by our emotions. Whether they are pleasant or unpleasant ones. So what can you do about it? Well, emotions are here to tell us that we are out of balance and we need to pay more attention. For example in that case, you may be angry or upset, or still a bit in shock? I'm going to share with you a 5 step strategy to regain control of your emotions and avoid being run by them all day long. Here they are: Step 1. is to acknowledge how you feel and not deny or pretend otherwise. Step 2. is to ask quality questions such as: ñ How come I am feeling this way? ñ What can I do about it? ñ How is this serving me? ñ Where is the blessing in this? Step 3. Decide and act. Decide that YOU CAN do something about it. That you can breakthrough the emotional baggage that is holding you back from achieving the magnificent life that you desire and deserve. Step 4. Power of the Words. Pay attention to your thoughts and your words. Every thought that you have and every word that you speak out are suggestions to yourself. As Henry Ford wisely said once : “whether you think that you CAN or that you CANNOT, YOU ARE RIGHT”. Step 5. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Discover and embrace the MAGNIFICENT YOU !!!!!! If you would love to learn more about how these simple and practical principles can transform stress into success and help you live the empowered and amazing life that you deserve, I invite you to come along to my talk Who's really in charge, you or your emotions? If you have enough of reacting all the time and want to learn some simple tips to regain control of your life, and be the boss of you, come join Dr Marcia Becherel on Monday evening May 28th from 6.30 pm to 9pm at Wray Organics, Newmarket for a practical, content packed and inspirational talk. Looking forward to see there. - Direct Line: 1300 853 006

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Benefits of Lymphacising Our Life Force is activated by our Lymphatic System WEEKLY E-NEWS The Lymphatic system is the foundation of the immune, digestive, cleansing and communication systems of the body. The Lymphatic system controls the body’s ‘energy’ (information) circuits for enzymes and regeneration. Physiologist DR. Arthur Guyton says; “No movement, you will die within 24 hours”. The human body has four major fluid systems. The first system is well documented as the circulatory or the “Red Blood System”. After getting Oxygen and Hydrogen from the lungs, Oxygenated blood together with Iron and other Organic Elements are pumped by the heart via its Vascular systems, basically taking our lifeforce to the cells of our body. The second system, is the venous (“Dark Blood”) system which carries the deoxygenated blood back to ”process“ cellular wastes & gases, where the lungs take away gaseous wastes allowing the next breath to receive another charge of Oxygen, Hydrogen and Elements from the heart to once again supply some of the cells needs. The third system is the ‘Cerebral Spinal Fluid’. This slow moving system travels through all the cranium’s “joints”, taking wastes and toxins from the central nervous system, brought down the spine to the sacral pump, which also pumps-up the “inside” of the spine nutrients needed for the central nervous and cranial muscle systems. Cleansing may be accelerated with specific ‘Hip Aligning’ and ‘Breathing’ Exercises’ when done on a lymphaciser. Maximum chest expansion and spine “flexation” helps the sacrum attain maximum range of motion for the cerebral spinal fluid to speed-up the central nervous system's huge responsibility of regeneration of Our Self Healing Organism. The fourth is the ‘Lymph System’, now labeled as the “White Blood” System. Seeing the “clear fluid” from a burn or even the common “blister” allows you to “recognise” this plasma. It is the incredible lymph (White Blood) system that has 5 times more fluid than our well known “Red Blood system”. All the cells of our body are nourished by the organic nutriments from the food we eat every day, either via the Blood which is pumped by the heart through the stomach or by to lymph having (83%) of nutriments to synergised, plus other elements that are picked up via the lungs when air was picked up. These oxygenated and nutriment rich fluids are pumped past every cell in the body. Each cell can be given “Enzyme” energy and oxygen, both necessary for “regeneration” and existing healthy cells. ALL other systems have access to our lymph fluids with it’s elements, “stress-free” movement is needed to create the enzymes which “activate cellular communication. - Direct Line: 1300 853 006

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These are only some of the most important responsibilities of the Lymph System, so all of life’s synergy processes can takes place. If the waste produced by the cells were returned to the blood, or not “processed” enough, we would suffer from toxemia, which is poisoning of the blood. Therefore the body has to have return system much like the “White Blood” system, that removes the cellular waste and gases from our body. This system is known as the venous system, where the de-oxygenated blood is pumped back to the lungs via the heart, where gases (Co2,etc) and acids (lactic & uric etc) are removed, and a new lot of Oxygen is received from the lungs and Nutrients are pumped by the heart Plasma . This system extends to every cell and drains away the cellular wastes and returns it to the blood system, much being via our kidneys and liver for purification. The purified blood is then returned to the circulatory system to continue the never ending process. If the lymphatic system becomes slowed in its task of removing the cellular waste, the “Information” will be contaminated and we will become unhealthy. Therefore if we can assist the body in moving the lymph promptly, our health will improve and pain will subside. Lymphacising exercises are enjoyable, simple and considered safe for the whole family. Ask us for a demonstration at our Gold Coast MediSpa and receive more information about the benefits of Lymphacising and how it can benefit you also. - Direct Line: 1300 853 006

Beyond Good Health - Direct Line: 1300 853 006

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Free Seminar Series - Direct Line: 1300 853 006

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Creating Wellness Seminar Series We welcome you to our ʻCreating wellnessʼ Series of presentations throughout 2012 at Wrays Organics at Newmarket (Brisbane) and Palm Beach (Gold Coast)

The Schedule of Presentations for the next month are as follows; Wrays Organics - Newmarket (Brisbane) 6:30 - 8:00pm Monday 28th May - Who Is Really in Charge, You or Your Emotions? • Learn 5 simple and practical steps to get back in the driver seat. • Transform stress into success, inner peace and a creative driving force. • How to have clarity, direction and purpose and do what you love. • The key to living an extraordinary life. Presented by Dr Marcia Becherel, Human Potential and Performance Expert Monday 11th June - Harness the Ancient Secrets of the Taoist Masters and Modern Science of Telomere Activation • The Proven Way to Rejuvenation & Longevity • The anti-aging benefits of the ancient Chinese healing arts • Techniques to increase your energy, vitality and potency • Nobel Prize winning discovery of Telomeres and How it Can Lengthen Your Life • Telomeres 101 - Your genes, how to work with what you’ve got and influence it positively Presented by Dr Dzung Price, Holistic Medical Doctor and Anti-Aging expert.

Wrays Organics - Palm Beach (Gold Coast) 6:30 - 8:00 pm Wednesday 13th June - Harness the Ancient Secrets of the Taoist Masters and Modern Science of Telomere Activation • The Proven Way to Rejuvenation & Longevity • The anti-aging benefits of the ancient Chinese healing arts • Techniques to increase your energy, vitality and potency • Nobel Prize winning discovery of Telomeres and How it Can Lengthen Your Life • Telomeres 101 - Your genes, how to work with what you’ve got and influence it positively Presented by Dr Dzung Price, Holistic Medical Doctor and Anti-Aging expert. Wednesday 27th June - The ‘7 Shocking Hair and Skin Care Myths the Beauty Industry Never Tells You’ and Learn to Reverse Skin Aging and Hair Loss Naturally. • Discover the 7 harmful myths that is damaging your health and beauty • Why most products do little more than moisten the 'dead' layer of your skin. • How to super boost your skin health in less than 30 minutes • How to achieve glowing, vibrant skin and thick, lustrous hair - no matter what your age. • See the results of a simple mix of light, current and homeo-imprinted super serum. Presented by Bonnie Sleep, Holistic Skin Health expert Please feel welcome to ask us about other presentations throughout 2012 - Direct Line: 1300 853 006


Homocysteine Unveiled


by Dzung Price Homocysteine is an amino acid that inflicts damage to the inner arterial lining (endothelium) and other cells of the body. "Homocysteine reflects the health of your genes." say renowned nutritionist Patrick Holford and Dr James Braly MD in their 2003 publication "The H Factor".  "Your H score is more important than your weight, your blood pressure or your cholesterol level.  It is your most vital, preventable and reversible health statistic." and "Your Homocysteine level is a more accurate predictor than cholesterol of our risk of heart attack or stroke."

So why aren't doctors looking at it? They can.  And YOU can ask your GP to do the blood test  - a fasting plasma homocysteine.  The Labs will give "normal levels" as 6.5 - 15mmol/L or even higher but experts recommends a level below 6 - 7. Conventional blood test results carry the statement - "Elevated Homocysteine levels are associated with increased independent risk of cardiovascular disease.  A 5 mmol/L rise in Homocysteine correlates to a 0.5mmol/L increase in Cholesterol.  Elevations are also found in anaemia, genetic homocystinuria, renal disease, deficiencies of B group vitamins B12, Folate, Pyridoxine (ie B6) and some drug therapies." Royal Perth Hospital began a study about 4-5 years ago on the effectiveness of using B12, B6 and folic acid to lower homocysteine levels.  This was replicating previous similar studies already undertaken in other parts of the world.  What do I do about it?  There are more essential nutrients that are needed for these same chemical pathways to occur, such as B2, zinc, magnesium and choline (or TMG). HOMOCYSTEINE is a naturally occurring by-product of methionine metabolism in the body. Methionine is an amino acid, taht is that it’s part of food proteins and is found primarily in meats, eggs, dairy products, fish, chicken, seeds, nuts and some vegetables. - Direct Line: 1300 853 006


Homocysteine pathways normally pave the way to body production of other essentials including glutathione a powerful detoxifier in the body on the one hand and brain chemicals serotonin (the happy hormone), melatonin (sleep and mood improving hormone), dopamine (euphoria hormone) and adrenaline (the fight and flight hormone). The reason Homocysteine accumulates in the body causing cell damage and the onset of major disease, is because the biochemical transformation process is not working properly, usually due to lack of these needed vitamins and minerals for the given Homocysteine pathways.  Protein foods like meats in the diet breakdown to methionine then to homocysteine.  Normally it then goes on to fulfil various important pathways to provide essential hormones etc. If we are short on the needed vitamins and minerals for these pathways we end up with dangerous excess homocysteine levels and ill health.  The MTHFR C677T gene polymorphism is the single most important genetic determinant of blood homocysteine values in the general population. The good news is that genetic profiling is now available that can test for not only this specific gene polymorphism that compromises your homocysteine metabolism but also determine all the other biological weaknesses that may be unknowingly affecting your health long term. Ask your practitioner for this Genetic Profiling today and determine where you need to best invest your energies and resources to protect your greatest asset, your health and wellbeing over the long term. For this full article please visit our Gold Membership site - Direct Line: 1300 853 006


Practitioner Profile Dr Marcia Becherel Ph.D is a Human Potential Expert, International Speaker and author. Marcia utilizes powerful, practical, and proven techniques for personal transformation and evolution to assist people in seeing the hidden order in life events. Helping people transform stress into success, emotional turmoil into inner peace, and self-sabotage into a creative driving force, Marcia empowers people to gain clarity, direction and purpose. Following Marcia's unique transformation work, people leave with enthusiasm about their lives, knowing what to do, with clear focus, and a plan of action to reach their outcomes.

“When we do what we love and love what we do, we are fuelling our Life Purpose. Our body is healthy, we have vitality, energy and wealth. That is the key to living an inspired life.”

Dr Marcia Becherel If you would love to learn more about how Marcia can help you transform your life, revitalise your relationships and live a magnificent life, take advantage now of the special offer on page 10 of this newsletter. Here is what our patients say about Marcia: Suzanne H. I was feeling sad and very angry. A friend referred me to come to Marcia. I was skeptical and it took me over one year to finally come to see Marcia. I wish I would had come sooner. Marcia did not tell me what to do, she guided me along and did not pretend to be in mind. I got a lot of clarity and I feel much more happier, much more confident and I can look into the future again. Thank you Marcia. Jordan M. - 11 yr old Before I felt fear and stress, and I was anxious for the wrong things I thought I have done. Marcia helped me letting go of the fear using Time Line Therapy®, and I have learned what I needed to learn from it. Now it's all gone and I feel a lot better and more confident in myself. Dean M. – Jordan's father. Jordan had issues with anxiety and hanging on to negative emotions. In two short sessions, Marcia has been able to identify and give Jordan strategies to recognise when he is feeling negative emotions and use these new practical, simple to use strategies to let go of the negative emotions and feel empowered and confident. I feel confident to refer anyone who has an issue with anxiety and stress to see Marcia. I think Dr Marcia is the answer, a much better path than the pharmacological path. - Direct Line: 1300 853 006


Special offer 1 Hour Emotional Wellbeing Session ... with Dr Marcia Becherel (valued at $195) Plus ... Quantum Cellular Regeneration session focused on emotional wellbeing (valued at $70) Two minute NET Stress Relief Technique (PRICELESS) Farewell to Anxiety, 7 quick and Simple Steps to Rid Yourself of Anxiety by Dr Marcia Becherel (valued at $19.95) 1 Bottle of Personalised Emotional Drops (valued at $45)

Marcia can help you to ... - Dissolve stress and add vitality to your life - Dissolve internal conflicts that can create disease and cause health problems. - Deal with loss, through death or divorce or loss of money - Achieve family balance, juggling your needs and theirs - A body image that fits you, not others! - Find a relationship that fulfills your needs and lasts the distance - Love the people for who they are and they will turn into who you love - Find out what you would love to do and do it - Dissolve emotional baggage so you can manage your money wisely and live an inspired, purposeful and magnificent life!

Call now 1300 853 006

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* Offer valid until 31st May 2012 - Direct Line: 1300 853 006

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