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“You Are Doing Great” Remember when you first came to the clinic and within the last letter we had a chat about something called Leaky Gut. Today I thought I would give you an understanding of what Leaky gut is and how it can affect your body. Symptoms like unexplained food intolerances and sensitivities, constipation, diarrhoea, wind, bloating and heartburn. All these symptoms indicate you could have leaky gut syndrome. I suppose to a lot of people these symptoms sound very familiar?

With Leaky Gut it sets up inflammation in the gastro- intestinal mucosa, the intestinal wall becomes excessively permeable - a condition that will not heal without help. If bits of food have not been properly broken down due to imbalances in the digestive tract, food molecules, which are usually too large to pass through the intestinal barrier, slip through the gaps in the gut wall and enter the bloodstream. When this happens, the immune system treats these foreign substances as antigens or nasties, setting off an allergic response in which antibodies are secreted in the bloodstream to couple with and immobilise these large molecules. There are many instigators of leaky gut-induced sensitivities. What are these instigators? Some factors, such as parasites, directly inflame the mucosal barrier, leading to excessive permeability.

What we need to do now is to get your digestive system back on track. Help you understand what Leaky Gut means, and encourage you to follow the protocol and the diet set out for you. The digestive tract is an elaborate system that involves organs from the mouth to the anus. One of the system's components, the small intestine, performs an essential barrier function in keeping the body free from allergy. The intestine's membrane acts as a wall separating undigested food and the bloodstream; this function allows the digestive tract organs to properly break down food into smaller, usable molecules, which then are sent through the bloodstream to nourish the body's tissues. Some amount of wall permeability is common.

Others, such as enzyme deficiency, disrupt the pH balance in the digestive tract, preventing the proper breakdown of large food molecules. For example with an infant, the early introduction of solid foods can instigate Leaky Gut. If the bad bacteria outnumber the good bacteria Leaky Gut is then easily instigated or started through a fermentation process. So what causes fermentation? For example, in making ginger beer all I need are 2 main ingredients, sugar and yeast. The more sugar the more growth of the bubbles which can even lead to the bottle exploding. Now back to the human body. What causes fermentation in the gut? It’s the same answer, yeast and sugar. So what foods have both of these substances ?

In people with a healthy digestive system, up to 20 per cent of undigested protein can pass through the mucous membranes.

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The first is bread and the others quickly follow •




Soft Drinks



Commercial Juices

Junk Food





Junk Food

Common yeast found in bread

Brewers Yeast

The more sugar I add... “Oh a chockie and a biscuit for afternoon tea” the more fermentation occurs. I think you get the drift. But, boy that doesn’t leave us much to eat. There is a great book worth buying it’s called “Life without Bread” and it explains the importance of getting off foods which cause disease and how it disrupts the gut. Now I am not totally against fermenting products. Some are good and some are bad. It’s commercialization that has messed up bread. For example sour dough bread, apple cider vinegar, sheep’s milk yoghurt, cottage cheese, brie, camembert and different fermenting sauces are exceptionally good for our health. So I suppose its not all bad. Back to Leaky Gut. The common causes of both leaky gut and digestive dysfunction are antibiotics, certain drugs, enzyme deficiencies, parasites, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses, toxins, mercury, alcohol, stress and certain food intolerances. We would like to make sure that your Leaky Gut is improving. An important key component of healing Leaky Gut is a series of 5 explanations of how it is to be done. Over the years we have successfully used 5 sessions known as the 5 concepts of health. These 5 individualised sessions have taught thousands of people about how to heal their Leaky Gut. Some of you may have started these sessions and already are receiving the benefits. If you have not started them, hopefully they are booked or if not

please ask us to make the necessary 5 appointments to complete these important steps. Please remember to Book for “The Five Concepts Of Health.” The 5 concepts of health sessions will show you how certain foods will aggravate Leaky gut, how to stabilize your blood sugar and we will teach you how to individualise your diet through metabolic sub-typing. They are extremely important to be completed and understood so that your healing occurs as soon as possible. Once implemented into your life you will notice the benefits of improving health for you and your family. These dietary sessions or 5 concepts of health will take out the confusion in all those books, TV, magazines, radio etc. I am sure if you’re like me, it is very confusing hearing all these experts give different advice. I can understand why people don’t start to improve their health as the thing they heard about today is given another view point the next day. “Ah what’s the use?” Usually is the cry of uncertainty, so nothing changes. But after these 5 sessions a renewed confidence that you’re on the right track will emerge and it’s information you can use from now on and for the rest of you and your families life. Another way on how to heal Leaky Gut can be explained this way. Healing Leaky Gut is like cleaning a burnt saucepan. In order to clean a burnt saucepan one needs to soak and scrub it to clean it and sometimes if the saucepan is very burnt this needs to be done a number of times before the saucepan is scrubbed clean. Have you ever burnt a saucepan? It takes 2 to 3 months to go through a Leaky Gut program and after this first scrubbing it might only be 30 – 40% improved but not completely healed or clean. Therefore it may need 2, 3 or more scrubbings before it is totally clean or healed. For ones total health lies in this process of healing leaky gut.

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I suppose the trap that usually arises just before we move into healing the gut is within the first 3 months where you are in symptomatic care. Symptomatic care is where we are all working together as a team to get you to feel better and give you the necessary vitamins and herbs, like vitamin B12 and maybe some antioxidants. Once you feel over 80% better in all aspects of health it’s sometimes difficult to keep going as “I feel better now” is your tune instead of “I feel yuck.” Please don’t fall for this “Oh I don’t need to continue this, I feel better now.” It’s a trap. If you don’t continue to treat the cause then all of your symptoms will slowly return in usually 3 to 6 months. What a waste of time and money. Oops back to where you started, back to ill health. Your internal saboteur grabbed you once again, don’t let it happen. Imagine feeling the way you did when you first came in, yuck. I am sure you don’t want to do that. (For those who came in feeling fairly good and wanted a preventative approach to health this may not apply as you were feeling ok. But it is still worth the read) Actually this might be a good thing to do. Allow yourself to close your eyes and go back to when you first came in to our centre. Remember how you felt then. Maybe you were tired, brain fogged, joint aches, cramps, couldn’t sleep, headaches, felt down, gut problems etc. Just float back to that period of time, really feel it again. Can you see yourself, feel yourself, and even hear yourself, what it was like. Do you really want to go back to that place? No of course not. If you haven’t done this exercise as yet, please it’s important. Let yourself revisit what it was like. Close your eyes and do it now before you continue. Hopefully, if not already you can see and feel the importance of fixing Leaky Gut. Usually by now you have made a large investment in both time and money to get to where you are. So please don’t

waste it. To fix the cause is to fix the four filters, the first being the now infamous Leaky Gut Syndrome. If you have any further questions about Leaky Gut or anything at all please do not hesitate to phone any one of our team members who will only be too happy to assist with your enquiries. Yours for Better Health & Longevity The Holistic Way

The Team at the Beyond Good Health Centre for Wellbeing & Longevity. P.S. By following your personalised protocol outlined by our centre it will provide powerful results that can lead to optimal lifelong health and wellbeing. Based on more than 20 years of personalised experience, I am still blown away at how serious disease can be reversed, from diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, gut problems, hormonal problems, and obesity as well as to boost inner strength and endurance. I know it may seem difficult at the beginning but isn’t that the same with anything you wanted to change in your life. Once you stick with it and follow through “your health is your oyster.” With health, life has everything waiting for you, to hand it to you on a plate. Life becomes fantastic! Rounding it off. Have you ever heard of the definition of being unhealthy? Answer: It’s someone who keeps on doing the same things over and over again (meaning eating the same foods or someone who does not want to change their eating patterns) and expects to be healthy. Change is an important part of being healthy. P.P.S. In our next letter it will be revealed how to go “Onwards and Upwards” with your journey to improved health.

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Warmest regards,

The Team at Beyond Good Health Centre for Wellbeing & Longevity.

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Thanks again for your help! As always, feel free to call anytime! We’ll help you to the best of our ability, so you have the right knowledge in order to make the right choices! Our office number is 07 3366 8955 in Brisbane; or our Medi-Spa on the Gold Coast is 07 55228902. If you would like to find out how the emotional aspects interplay with ones’ health and success then there is a fantastic system available for you. Some of you may be already be involved and are experiencing the far reaching benefits. Participants cannot believe how far things seem to improve with all aspects of their life, from health, to relationships, to business success and even into ones love life. If you don’t believe stress or your emotions have nothing to do with success in life than please don’t ask for this FREE REPORT as it’s not for you. However if this makes sense to you a Free Report on How to Turbo Charge Your Health & Success with Fast Emotional Healing is waiting for you. All you have to do is call 1300 853 006 and ask for Free Fast Emotional Healing Report. As a huge thank you for taking the time out of your day to fill in our Feedback form, we at the Beyond Good Health Centre for Wellbeing & Longevity would like you to receive a special gift. Thank you for taking the time to fill in our feedback form, we really appreciate your insight.

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You Are Doing Great - Remember when you first came to the clinic and within the last letter we had a chat about something called Leaky Gut....

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