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Understanding Residue Around this stage of your treatment you are probably feeling that you are “cured.” You no longer have symptoms and your energy level is great. Is this you? If so please remember that the residue of toxins takes many years to leave the body. Residue or toxins can accumulate in our bodies as a result of our diet, environment, wounds or injuries, and emotional scarring. This residue arises from our body’s inability to completely detoxify the modern chemical additives to most processed foods, the agricultural chemicals used in the production of the raw materials and of course, the impurities we breathe, drink in our water, and absorb through our skin.

“Remove The Residue And Feel Better.”

These toxic residues remain and accumulate in our bodies unless we clean them out from time to time. Residue can also accumulate in our bodies after injuries and traumas that fail to be completely healed. Quite often the pain or discomfort of an injury will cause us to go into protective spasm around the site. This limits our experience of pain and immobilise the joint. This protective spasm can lead to compression and altered biomechanics in the joint, delaying its healing and possibly leaving a residue of compression and altered patterns of use into the future. Over time, this residue can weaken the joint, organ or muscle and either leave it prone to further discomfort or make it more difficult to completely heal. In dealing with injuries, unless the pain, weakness or lack of connective biomechanics is completely resolved, then a residue remains. The inability to completely relax or loosen an area is tell-tail symptom of “chronic residual control” remaining after stress or trauma. This is where we can help as our therapeutic range of massage, including our renowned Vichi shower massage (located at the Medi-spa) is an exceptional tool for producing a large increase in blood and lymph circulation, strengthening your immune system, improving your metabolism and mobilising residue ready for excretion.

Emotional wounds can also leave lasting effects in the body. We are all familiar with the tension that can accumulate in our shoulders or in our stomach when we are under too much stress or we have to face an unpleasant situation.

If this response becomes frequent or chronic and the body does not have time to unravel completely, then the familiarity of this muscular tension becomes "the norm." The increased compression ratios in nearby joints eventually produces early wear and tear of the joints and muscular fatigue and aching. This condition is sometimes as fibro-myalgia. The search for clear answers to these questions can become a vital part of your healing process. By helping you discover these answers will equip you with the information and education to create and maintain your own wellness. Creating wellness is a process of working with us to give you an understanding of how you created your discomfort or disease thus far. We’ll discover where you are at present and what you need to do to be completely well in the future. Complete wellness is not attainable unless, we remove the residues or toxins preventing complete healing. Some people simply wish to be free of pain so they can return to normal activities, a task that is often easily achieved with the power of effective natural therapies. But for many the chance of completely resolving a health problem, so that it is not a contributing factor in future deterioration is what they really want if they are given a choice.

Many people spend a fortune on expensive supplementation yet fail to realize that the supplements are not being digested or absorbed properly through a leaky gut, metabolized by a toxic liver and has to pass through a toxic swamp to get to the cells. Removing the toxic residue and cleaning up the cellular environment is one of the foundational first steps to wellness. Beyond Good Health Centre for Wellbeing & Longevity P 1300 853 006 ● F 1300 390 337 ● Brisbane: 221 Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove QLD 4060 ● Gold Coast: 600 Glades Drive, Robina QLD 4226

Please remember, many of the protocols we have implemented over the last few months are all to help the body rid itself of the toxins or residue so please continue to keep taking your prescribed medications or supplements until you see us next time.

Taking the CHI Detox Formulas I, II, III and having regular weekly therapeutic Massages is the key. Then we have the cream of toxic elimination. It’s a 2 step process; 1. SAUNA 2. VICHI SHOWER MASSAGE.

PS, Imagine a bucket and on the bottom of the bucket is mud and slush. The rest of the bucket is filled with water. Once settled one can easily drink the water but if you stir the bucket no one would probably drink the water.

Stress relief is the number one most cited benefits of sauna users. The sauna provides stress relief and muscle relaxation and pain relief in a number of ways: It’s a warm quiet space without any distraction. You can step into the medi-spa sauna and close the door on the rest of the world The heat relaxes the body, improves circulation, flushes toxins, cleanses the skin and stimulates the release of endorphins (feel good hormones) You’re in the sauna for between 10 to 20 minutes and during this process your immune system is being switched on, toxins are being mobilised, Fat cells, cellulite and other nasties are being stirred up for elimination.

Residue is exactly like this. The body in its wisdom settles toxins /residue into portals (like the layer of mud on the bottom of the bucket.) These portals house toxins or residues but unfortunately with time they can create serious disease.

Then comes the Therapeutic or VICHI Shower Massage which is specific to your individual problems as the therapist is directed to your needs, it might be Residual pain in your back, knees, neck, you get to be specific where you would like your personalised therapist to massage.

With healing we will be stirring up these toxins/ residues ready for elimination. Therefore in the process one can feel yuck while this happens. The good news is it usually only lasts for a few days and these toxins/ residues are now gone.

Our Vichy Shower has seven adjustable shower jets to caress your body under an invigorating waterfall. The therapist adjusts the pattern, placement and temperature of jets to achieve whole-body water massage treatment. Specific benefits from regular Vichi Showers include:

Yours For Better Health & Longevity The Holistic Way

The Team at the Beyond Good Health Centre for Wellbeing & Longevity.

To Eliminate Toxins is of Extreme Importance

Within the normal scope of healing, a healing crisis or release of toxins, residues seems to occur each 3 months in the first year, each 6 months in the second year and irregular thereafter. PPS To eliminate these toxins/ residues is of extreme importance. Hopefully this has added another layer of important information to your expanding knowledge base. As mentioned one way of eliminating toxins is by having a regular massage, especially the Vichi shower massage as it mobilises deep seated toxins ready for excretion. Now the good oil like Ghee is able to coat the toxin or toxins ready for its elimination.


Stimulating lymphatics to mobilize toxins and wastes


Stimulating the skin improving circulation


Boosting your immune system and hydrating skin Reducing your stress response through skin nerve stimulation.

After thousands going through this process all are amazed at how refreshing and revitalising the whole process is. If you phone now and book for either a Therapeutic Massage or the Cream of Toxic Elimination, you will receive a FREE Report called “Younger, Healthier Skin at any Age” by Dr Dzung Price.

Beyond Good Health Centre for Wellbeing Longevity P 1300 853 006 ● F 1300 390 337 ● Brisbane: 221 Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove QLD 4060 ● Gold Coast: 600 Glades Drive, Robina QLD 4226

Corrective Care Letter - 10  
Corrective Care Letter - 10  

Understanding residue