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CONGRATULATIONS! You have just made a smart decision by purchasing the CHI Beamer! The CHI Beamer (CHIB) is a highly sophisticated CHI or Orgone radiation and transmission system. The founder of this device is the German Arno Herbert, with the original name Medea 7 Orgon Strahler. In order to describe the functions of the beamer in a better way, we call it simply CHI Beamer. CHI stands for Orgone or LifeEnergy and also for Complex Homevibrational Information™ technology. The CHI technology is able to transmit and program complex vibrational information pattern into a persons energy field in order to

• Vitalize and support energy of people and animals, • Shorten the regeneration time of any healing process, • Activate, cleanse and strengthen the chakras, • Harmonize negative emotions, • Produce individual vibrational information for a person, • Cleanse and increase the energy in food and drinks, • Increase the energy in agriculture, horticulture and buildings I recommend you to read this booklet first before starting any treatment with the beamer. To make full use of this amazing technology you need also to watch the DVDʼs “The Healing Art Of Chi”, which are

part of this package. If you have any questions I am happy to help you further. Simply send an email to and you receive an answer normally within 24 hours. I wish you all the best for your personal and your familyʼs health journey.

Bojan Schianetz

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Chapter 1 (pg. 3-5) The first chapter contains relevant information about the design features and fundamental operating principles of the CHIB. This chapter aims to address the needs of those who intend to gain background knowledge, comprehension and daily practical use of the CHIB. Although inessential, reading this chapter is highly recommended.

Chapter 2 (pg. 6-14) Chapter 2 discusses application-oriented methods in utilizing the CHIB for daily practice. Reading this chapter is necessary before using the CHIB, most especially for first time users.

Chapter 3 (pg. 15-16) The third chapter contains easy to follow FAQs (frequently asked questions) and their respective answers. Reading and understanding this chapter will be a form of self-help option, giving the consumers the opportunity to resolve their product-related issues; before contacting product support and customer service.

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The CHI Beamer Fundamentals

Chapter 1: The CHI Beamer Fundamentals

The CHIBʼs Operating Principle The basic device used in accumulating and transmitting CHI and vibrational information. This device does not operate on electricity nor does it use other sources of electrical energy. The CHIB simply operates on 5 essential principles:

E n e r g y Tr a n s m i t t e r + Information Transmitter + Resonance Device + BiPolarity Device + Radionics Device

Availability of CHI As Dr. John Diamond explains it: "life energy...causes us to grow...enables us to heal...enters our body through the breath...flows through the acupuncture meridians and

vitalizes the organs and tissues.Through your mental powers you have the ability to rebalance  the flow of life energy throughout your body and thus combat  disease  and keep yourself well. Life energy is breath. Life energy is spirit”. All is energy. As Albert Einstein underlined when explaining his famousformula  E=mc2: “"It followed from the special  theory of  relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing…". And as Deepak Chopra adds, in quantum physics terms: “…the basic unit of matter called an atom is not a solid entity, it's a hierarchy of states of information and energy...”. Energy deficiency alters the natural vibration of cells, the building blocks of every living organism, a claim supported by G e o r g e s L a k h o v s k y, a European scientist and inventor. In the year 1936, Lakhovsky proposed a theory,

stating that “diseases can only arise from disturbed cellular vibration”. He also believes that each type of matter, bacteria, virus and disease agent vibrates at a specific frequency, a claim accepted by our current scientists and health experts. When the body consumes high amounts of energy, due to certain factors, the cellular vibration becomes less powerful, giving disease causing agents the opportunity to force their vibrations on the weakened cells. If the cellular vibration of normal cells coincides with the vibration of the disease agent, the number

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The CHI Beamer Fundamentals

Conventionally, when a specific m a t t e r, o r g a n o r r e g i o n becomes diseased, treatment is directed towards it, not on the cause. The diseased organ is not the main cause of the condition, but rather the faulty vibration brought about by the depletion of energy. of bacteria and viruses significantly increases, causing further energy depletion. This is where the CHIB comes in, a device that replenishes missing and depleted energy, promoting a positive healing response in plants, animals and human beings. Several test results using specialized instruments and measuring techniques support this breakthrough.

Vibrational Information Information influences matter and not the other way around, most forms of informational medicine including bioresonance therapy and homeotherapy are based on this principle. All forms of matter vibrate based on specific informational pattern; healthy matter or those in a harmonious s t a t e p o s s e s s a s p e c i fi c vibration pattern. When the vibration pattern changes, matter is adversely affected, it gets out of harmony and becomes diseased.

reaction, called the “Herxheimer Reaction”, influenced by the bodyʼs detoxification of large toxic doses, can become quite unpleasant and strenuous to the individual. This discomfort is only short-lived and disappears on its own. The bioresonance principle makes sure that the treated person never gets unneeded information or any kind of energy.

The CHIB energizes the body and corrects or replaces the unharmonious information patterns. Once the energy levels are restored and the information patterns properly adjusted, the healing process The Bipolar CHI Beamer takes place. Matter can be classified as monopolar (rotates either The absence of negative clockwise or counter clockwise) effects or bipolar (rotates clockwise T h e u s e o f C H I - B e a m e r and counter clockwise). Similar doesnʼt produce, provoke or to other living beings and introduce any negative effect organic objects, the human on the body. CHIB devices can body, in its healthy state, is be used by virtually anyone, always bipolar. In the presence from trained therapists to lay of diseases and illnesses the affected organ or region people. becomes monopolar. This faulty The CHIBʼs operation is based rotation can be converted back on the bioresonance principle. to its healthy bipolar state by With its open resonance circuit, using the CHIB. There are 2 the device provides healing rotation conversion principles. energy and information to all living creatures. Accepting the • Conversion of counter clockwise (levorotation) to flow of positive energy solely clockwise (dextro/ depends on the living beingʼs levorotation) until bipolarity body, mind and soul, making is achieved. overdose close to impossible. Frequent treatment sessions • Conversion of clockwise and prolonged exposure to (dextro/levorotation) to such energy only results to an counter clockwise accelerated physical and (levorotation) until bipolarity emotional healing. This healing is achieved.

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The CHI Beamer Fundamentals

The body始s intelligence is able to heal itself and when the energy disturbances or blocks to healing are neutralized it does just that. -Bojan Schianetz Mechanism of Action Rotation conversion starts with the CHIB acting strongly against the faulty rotary motion. The device then corrects it, and at the same time increases the body始s energy levels. Other electrical devices and monopolar tools are incapable of achieving such results, since they only emit either clockwise energy or counter clockwise energy. If for example an affected organ is too strong vibrating clockwise, the application of anti-clockwise information will initially improve the condition due to its soothing effect. Prolonged exposure of this type of anti-clockwise information can cause the organ to over react; Being in this state is not healthy; ideally the rotation should be balanced. The CHI Beamer is guaranteed 100% BIPOLAR

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Practical Handling Instructions

Chapter 2: Practical handling Instructions

2.1 The Beamer components The Beamer consists of the following components:

1. The beamer 2. Stand 3. Set screw 4. Foot 5. Connecting cable 6. Ampoules cup 7. 3 imprinted quartz crystals Also included in the kit: 8. Cardboard disk 9. 10 original ampoules 10. Booklet 11.DVD set

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Practical Handling Instructions

Quick and easy steps in assembling the CHIB • Connect the foot and stand using the screw supplied. The flattened edge of the foot should be facing downwards. • Slide the side portion of CHIB all the way into the stand. Then screw the set screws into the stand until it becomes fixed in place. • Now insert the yellow banana plug of the connecting lead into the banana jack at the end of the actual Beamer; the blue banana plug goes into the banana jack of the ampoule cup. • The Beamer is now ready for use.

ampoule cup against negative radiation. (* the symbol disk has nothing to do with a pentagram, "dark powers" or other things that might be associated with it).

2.2. The 10 Original ampoules The 10 original ampoules are among the essential components of the beamer. These ampoules store positive vibrational information, suitable for any living being (plants, animals and humans). These ampoules are capable of providing abundant supplies of vital vibrational information. By simply placing them in the ampoule cup, irradiation can be performed. List of ampoules: 1. Metabolism 2. Detoxification (old) 3. Detoxification (new) 4. Anti - Rheumatism 5. Bacterial Infection

During the radiation process the body is receiving information and energy. Keep in mind that this procedure doesnʼt cause any harmful effects to the body. Ampoules 8, 9 and 10 can also be used for treating food and water. Be cautious when handling the ampoules, since theyʼre made of glass and can easily break. Always remember not to keep the ampoules near magnetic fields, radioactive areas and electrical fields. Doing so, may interfere and neutralize its stored vibrational information, rendering them ineffective. Areas that need to be avoided include microwave ovens, radios, television sets and other wireless devices. Additional Ampoules can be purchased directly at support@chihealthinnovat Available are at this stage 64 special ampoules, which you can find at page 17.

6. Viral Infection 7. Anti – Radioactivity

Remember to place the cardboard disk with the protective symbol facing upwards under the ampoule cup. The symbol disk also acts as a shield, protecting the

8. A n t i – D o r E n e r g y (energy from cell phone towers) 9. Anti – Environmental Toxins 10. Orgone Energy

The most convenient ampoule transfer method is by transferring 10 ampoules into one ampoule cup by means of direct radiation. Doing this requires placing all 10 original ampoules in the ampoule cup, fresh saline-solution, is then added in front of the Beamer; 10 minutes is required for the

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Practical Handling Instructions Transfer and generation of self-healing vibrations (information resonance device) 2.3.1. Transfer of CHI The device accumulates high amounts of free CHI energy found in space, using its ampoule cup as a focusing lens. The beamer emits CHI from its tip which now becomes more intense and amplified. 6 meters is the approximate range of the device.

entire process. Shake vigorously afterwards. Doing this enables you to store vibrational information from the 10 original ampoules into one ampoule. It is recommended to use this copy for daily irradiation. The original copies should be stored carefully and wrapped in aluminum foil. The best way to do it is to take the original cardboard box and wrap it from the outside, using aluminum foil (Caution: wrap the outer portion only, not the inner part). Doing this enables you to make new copies at your convenience. When travelling b y a i r, e s p e c i a l l y w h e n subjected to x-rays, it is advisable to wrap your copy in aluminum foil.

Ideally, Ampoule replacement should be done once in every two years. Doing regular replacements ensures that your original ampoules are always up to date in terms of quality and development.

2.3. The four fold functions of the Orgone Beamer The Orgone Beamer is a fourfold transmission device, capable of transferring energy in the following forms.

By doing this, the original ampoules will last and store the information for several years.

Transfer of CHI energy (energetic device) Transfer of vibrational information (informational device) Transfer of CHI energy and vibrational information (radionic device)

By mere irradiation with the CHIB using an empty ampoule cup, overall vitality is enhanced. This process results to an increased energy level, enabling greater physical, mental and spiritual capacity. The body is supplied with CHI energy while removing energy blockage, making it more resistant to pathogens and disease causing agents.

2.3.2. Transfer of vibrational information (Informational device) The Beamer has a specialized programming mechanism, enabling it to solely transfer positive vibrational information. The aluminum compound, of which the Beamer is made from, is also molecularly impregnated, disabling it from transmitting any vibration it naturally has.

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Practical Handling Instructions The CHIB can be used for transmit information and energy for following areas:

pointing the CHIB either at your solar plexus (the area between the navel and breastbone) in a distance of approximately 150 cm or the affected body part or diseased organ. Transmitter Transfer

• Information to strengthen the body or single organs • Information to harmonize energy disturbances in the body

The CHIB not only radiates or transfers vibrational information directly into living organisms (plants, animals and humans) but also to carrier substances (called "transmitters"). Suitable transmitters include the following: Drinking water

• Information to clean the organism from heavy metals

Creams Gem stones

• Counter information against physical and psychical illnesses

Aluminized paper Saline-solution ampoules Bio-Active drops

2.3.3. Transfer of CHI and vibrational information In order to transfer CHI energy and vibrational information, the ampoule contents has to be put into the ampoule cup before transferring to the organism being irradiated. The original 10 ampoules which contain vibrational information are the ones mainly used. Vibrational information can be transferred in two possible ways:

Initial potency Original information ampoule 1st potency = energy level 2nd potency = energy level 3rd potency = energy level 4th potency = energy level 5th potency = energy level 6th potency = energy level 7th potency = energy level 8th potency = energy level 9th potency = energy level 10th potency = energy level 11th potency = energy level

Direct transfer Transmitter transfer

Energy units 0 100 10 40 100 200 400 800 1,500,000 2,000,000 6,000,000 8,000,000 Direct transfer To perform direct transfer, place the ampoule containing the required vibrational information, into the ampoule cup and irradiate your body directly. Direct irradiation is done by

To transfer vibrational information using the first five transmitters, follow these steps: Place the vibrational information to be radiated in the ampoule cup and place the transmitter (carrier substance) in front of the tip of the CHIB. The imprint process takes around 15 minutes.

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Practical Handling Instructions directly or via radionics and transmitters (e.g. a salinesolution ampoule). Regardless of the method utilizes, the body will understand the information.

2.3.4. Transfer and generation of self-healing vibrations (Radionic device)

Depending on the type of transmitter used, you can now:

1. Consume it (e.g. drinking water or Bio-Aktiv drops) 2. Apply it directly over the skin and certain body parts (e.g. creams) 3. Carry it with you (e.g. gem stone) 4. Wear it as an accessory (e.g. aluminized paper). Place the activated aluminized paper over suitable acupuncture points or to the diseased body part. Make sure that the diameter of the aluminum pieces do not exceed 1 cm. The aluminum pieces must be replaced every week. Limit the application time if excessive reactions occur when wearing the aluminized paper. 5. Irradiate people, animals or plants by using the CHIB,

2.3.5. Transfer and generation of self-healing vibrations (Info energetic resonance device) The CHIB is an effective device for generating and transferring self-healing vibrations. This mechanism works by matching your own disharmonies and correcting it using the CHIB.

One of the special features of the CHIB is its use as a radionics device enabling you to treat people living far away. We can this also indirect irradiation. For this you use a sample (lock of hair, drop of blood, or photo) of the person, animal our even house. As the whole Universe is holographic, there is no such separation between the person and the sample of hair or photo previously taken. To achieve this place the material sample in front of the tip of the CHIB, apply the desired ampoule in the ampoule cup, and start irradiation. CHI energy and vibrational information will be transmitted independent of the distance between the treated person and the beamer. It is also possible to radiate multiple samples from more than one person. Always remember to apply some space between each sample, so that the CHI energy and vibrational information can reach them individually.

There are several ways to effectively self-treat your body: Healing Water In order to produce your own healing water place the bottom of the ampoule cup on the pain area of the body; point the tip of the CHIB at a glass of water. Do this for about one minute. The unhealthy information of your body is then converted into a healthy information by the beamer. The next step requires you to place the bottom of the cup on the solar plexus for about a minute, allowing the vibration to build up resonance in the water.

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Practical Handling Instructions external fields can interfere with the transfer of energy and vibrational information, substantially decreasing energy levels. The ampoule cup must always be located behind the radiator, and the connecting leads should not contain any loops.

This glass of healing water should be consumed in small quantities over a 30 minute period. Solar plexus Another direct method of conditional healing vibration follows these steps: After placing the bottom portion of the ampoule cup on the solar plexus; direct the CHIB towards the problem area. Slightly move its direction to and from, for approximately 30 seconds or less. This procedure can be repeated h o u r l y. T h e s o l a r p l e x u s approach is an effective remedy for coughs and ear aches in children providing quick relief for such discomforts.

has been observed to effectively alleviate allergies and hypersensitivity reactions. The best way to irradiate urine is to put a fresh urine sample into a small glass container, first thing in the morning; position the glass inside the ampoule cup, and irradiate for five minutes. Other personal secreta can also be irradiated. All of this information can also be transferred using the transmitter.

2.4. The daily uses of the CHIB 2.4.1. Proper positioning of the CHI Beamer Irradiation of personal secreta (urine and other waste products) Irradiation of urine and using it as a personal urine treatment

When positioning the CHI Beamer, make sure that it doesn始t interfere with frequency range of environmental magnetic fields, electro-magnetic fields and radioactive fields. These

The range of the device is about 6 meters and it can penetrate walls and clothing without any difficulty. Only metallic materials and aluminum foils are impenetrable. When switching the device off, do not pull the plug out of the socket all the time, this can cause the latter to become loose with time.

2.4.2. Initial irradiations with the CHIB Using the CHIB for irradiation the first few times may leave a warm and tingling sensation, a common observable reaction. When fatigue and strong unpleasant sensations are felt, shorten the irradiation period allowing your body to become gradually accustomed to the energy supply. The initial irradiation period should not go beyond 10 minutes per session, done

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Practical Handling Instructions twice a day. Once the body becomes accustomed to the energy supply, the irradiation period can be extended to a few hours without any worries. In the ampoule cup of the CHIB place the ten original ampoules together with the vibrational information that you want to transfer.

alcohol is the best cleaning agent for this device. The rock crystals in the beamerʼs tip should be rinsed under running water for not more than 1 minute, every two months; pat-dry using cotton balls afterwards.

2.5. Other possible applications of the CHIB All of the application methods of the CHIB can also be used on plants and animals. For example:

Vibrational information can be your own personal preparation such as bach flowers, precious stones, crystals and personal secreta or personalized produced informational codes. 2.4.3. CHIB care The CHIB is handy, durable, long lasting and doesnʼt require maintenance and meticulous care. It is made of aluminum which does not emit any natural vibrations, because it has already been impregnated with it. Product handling and cleaning with the use water and detergents can potentially affect the device. Dusting-off the CHIB can be done from time to time, but it must be executed carefully. High-proof

* A practitioner places the CHIB on a small stool with its tip pointed at the place where his sick dog sleeps, leaving it there the whole night. One night he forgot to point the CHIB at the dog. To his surprise, the dog became restless and unsettled; pointing the CHIB back to the dog made him calm and at ease. * In growing bonsai trees, the enthusiast found out that some plant bowls have an extremely negative aura making them unfit to properly grow miniature tree. When performed irradiation on these bowls with the plants grew and flourished. He also observed more active plant growth on the irradiated bowls compared to the nonirradiated ones.

* A farmer who used the CHIB via the radionic principle to treat calves sick with cough, and a few sheep with poor appetites was able to observe a positive healing response. * Plants will become their greenest and healthiest when directly irradiated or watered w i t h i r r a d i a t e d w a t e r, containing the 10 original ampoules. * The CHIB can also activate and energize drinking water and various food products. Polluted food and tap water c a n b e d e t o x i fi e d a n d revitalized using ampoules 7, 8, 9 and 10. For individuals who are capable of radiesthetic testing, theyʼll be able to measure the change in food and waterʼs energy levels as well as its amount of pollutants. "Muscle Test", a procedure that measures the CHIBʼs positive effects

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Practical Handling Instructions Procedure:

other objects such as eyeglass frames and jewelry pieces. In order to do so, irradiate the object for approximately 10 minutes using the 10 original ampoules. Repeat this procedure once every 4 nights.

Perform this test to an experimental subject 1. The experimental subject should stand upright, with him right arm relaxed and hanging down. The left arm should be held out parallel to the ground, keeping the elbow straight. 2. S t a n d i n f r o n t o f t h e experimental subject and place your left hand on his right shoulder for stability. Afterwards place your right hand on the outstretched arm, just above the wrist. 3. Inform the experimental subject that you will try to press down the arm, while he/she tries to resist with all his/her strength. Press down on the arm firmly but not abruptly. Pressing down this way determines the resistance of the experimental subject's arm, but not overexhausting his muscle. This test determines who is stronger between the test subject and conductor. The pressure should only be exerted for about 3 seconds during the test. Exceeding that time frame will tire the muscle and give a false test result. If the experimental subject is able to withstand the pressure, his arm remains strong and extended. This is a positive muscle test result. Repeat the experiment while the experimental subject is

holding a mouthful of tap water in his/her mouth. Surprisingly enough the experimental subject doesnʼt succeed in withstanding the pressure applied to his/her arm, pressing all the way down may even be impossible. This shows that the arm has suddenly become weak because of the energy disturbance brought about by the tap water. Repeat the experiment but for this time irradiate the tap water as described above. You will discover that the arm has become strong again. Irradiated tap water doesnʼt cause energy blocks.

Using the CHIB to treat skin diseases and sensitivities is quite effective. This is done by placing a drop of the patient's blood (on a piece of blotting paper) in the ampoule cup, and positioning a saline-solution ampoule in front of the CHIB's tip. This procedure irradiates the blood vibration into the saline-solution ampoule. Irradiating garlic extracts is an effective treatment method for common respiratory conditions (chronic bronchitis, mucoviscidosis, TB and others) The combination of the 10 original ampoules and garlic extract has also proven to be effective against various forms of cancer.

This procedure can also be performed on food products. According to “Your Body Doesnʼt Lie”, written by Dr. John Diamond, if necessary you can irradiate the food for a few minutes with the CHIB before eating them. The CHIB can also be used to suppress interference from

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Practical Handling Instructions procaine canʼt be used together. Using both at the same time, will cancel each otherʼs vibratory information. The treatment possibilities of the CHIB are very broad, thereʼs still a lot of room for discovering new methods and innovative ideas.

How to make the garlic extract: • Peel 5-6 garlic cloves and put inside a small glass jar. • Incorporate with vodka or kirsch and seal the jar, letting it stand for 2-3 weeks • When the extract turns golden yellow color, pour it off into a vial (small bottles for aromatic essences are very suitable)

Adding camphor drops to the original ampoules is good for treating influenza. For neuritis and for rheumatic pains, additional irradiation with 100% procaine (a neurontherapeutic agent) is highly recommended. Remember that garlic extract and

There is always room for finding completely new areas of application for the CHI Beamer. Aside from detoxifying and energizing your food and drink, whether you want to provide more energy to your energy-deprived body, or whether you are one of those who practice alternative medicine, the CHI Beamer will help you achieve total harmony of body, mind and soul.

• Place the extract in the ampoule cup. (An alternative to getting garlic extracts quickly is by pressing one or two cloves and adding a portion of alcohol before pouring into a vial, and placing it with the ampoules). Using arnica drops or coltsfoot drops that has been irradiated is an effective treatment for inflammation and wounds. Soaking wound dressings activated water can help speed up healing..

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Chapter 3: FAQ 3.1. Questions from CHI Beamer users Question: Can I treat myself by the radionic principle, too? Answer: Yes, you can. Just place a sample from yourself in front of the radiator. Question: I have many ill relatives and acquaintances all of whom, I would like to help. Can I simply place a photo in front of the device in order to help them? Answer: In principle, yes, but you should never treat anybody without their consent. In the case of small children, ask their parents, of course. Question: If I irradiate a photograph by the radionic method, is it all right if more than one person is on it, or must only the person whom I wish to treat be in the picture? Answer: The person who wishes to be treated should always be the only one on the photo. Question: Where should the cup with the ampoules be located during a treatment?

Answer: Always behind the radiator. And please make absolutely sure that there are no loops in the connecting lead. Question: Can I irradiate pills? Answer: Yes, but these should be dissolved in water first. Question: Can I irradiate vitamin or mineral pills too? Answer: No, those are substances which the body needs directly; you do have to take them. Thus you cannot put a pork chop and few potatoes in the cup and say, "So, now I'll irradiate with my meal, and no longer need to eat anything."

Question: What is the original ampoule no. 8 "Anti-dor energy" about? Answer: Dor (deadly orgone) energy is, according to Wilhem Reich, radioactive orgone energy. This energy type is perceived by many people as a black, threatening form of energy, in contrast to the blue CHI or orgone energy. By irradiating with the anti-dor energy this type of energy is neturalised.

3.2. Questions from therapists on the CHIB Question: How should I use the CHI Beamer to accelerate healing? Answer: Irradiate the patient in your office directly with the CHIB, and observe his/her reactions. Give him/her a bottle of activated saline solution (50 ml) for oral consumption (3 x 5 or 10 drops daily). In addition, treat the patient by the radionic principle, preferably every night for 10 - 12 hours. But alert your patient to this energy transfer, and ask him/her to let you know if reactions become too strong. In that case, a reduction in the duration of irradiation would be indicated, for example, 2 – 3 hours per night.

Question: What reactions can occur? Answer: These vary greatly, depending on the symptoms. Very energy- depleted patients often react the most strongly, especially cancer patients.

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FAQ Many of them display an irresistible drowsiness; all the patients want to do is sleep. Basically, this is a good response. Furthermore, stabbing pains and aches are often felt at the diseased locations. In addition, diarrhea and increased renal activity with protracted flow of urine, as well as coughing for hours with foul sputum, can occur. All these phenomena are cleanings of old deposits in the organism, which it was not capable of cleaning under normal conditions.

Question: Can I, as a therapist, activate ampoules with the CHIB myself, that I give the patient as injections? Answer: Yes, you can take sterile ampoules and charge these. Ampoules with isotonic saline solution or doubledistilled water are suitable. 5 ml ampoules are the most suitable. Question: You have written that the CHIB generates a standing wave at the tip; how should we understand this? Does this involve a standing

wave with frequencies?

s p e c i fi c

Answer: Various clairvoyant persons have told me, independently of one another, that the CHI Beamer radiates ten different colors, rather like a beam of light, with a range of about 6 meters. Perhaps I will succeed in photographing this energy emission in the near future.

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Ampoule Product List Following informational healing ampoules are available. The cost for one ampoule is $85 and can be ordered via email The price for personalized ampoules depends on their complexity and number of informational codes. Name

Retail Price



Hot Flushes





Pain Relief


Hormones, Brain




Blood Pressure Liver Meridian




Pituitary Gland

Allergy Air



Pregnancy I

Allergy Brain


Lymphatic System

Pregnancy II

Allergy Skin


Melatonin Optim.


Anti Smoking 1



Protection Skin

Anti Smoking 2



Restless Legs


Gall Bladder



Bach Flowers


Mineral Metabolism

Thyroid Optimizer


Heart Meridian

Molds & Yeasts Tooth

Hormones Female

Hormones Male

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Urinary Bladder

Tinitus I


Thyroid Gland Cleansing

Summer Flu

Tinitus II

Virus Support

Testosterone Optimizer



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