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GoldNatural Hair Restoration that works!

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by Bonnie Sleep Loads of promises out there but almost nothing that gets results. Until now! Hair Loss is a very distressing problem for many people. Some men stoically shave it all off and don’t worry about it, but many males secretly wish they had the choice.

Inside this issue:

For women it’s a completely different story. No woman is really happy without her crowning glory, so losing hair becomes traumatic and stressful for many women.

GoldNatural Hair Restoration that works!

Hair restoration has been a hot topic for centuries and the Chinese have been the masters of understanding the subtle energy restoration often required to stimulate new, fresh, vibrant hair growth. Dragon herbs and other potent traditional formulations are part of our comprehensive approach to re-nourishing your skin health and reestablishing the right

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Kids at Risk from Mobile Phones My Qi Gong Experience Easter Specials Humor Corner

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circulatory and tissue conditions for successful new hair restoration.

E-NEWS Many of WEEKLY our clients had given up hoping for hair re-growth because there are so many negative stories out there about huge costs and poor results. And pain! So many people are deterred by this combination of cost and time and pain and who would blame them. Then, there is our programme – offering you a totally fresh and different approach to hair restoration which is a remarkably common and debilitating problem. Not only are we different but we also offer you a painless treatment programme. You will feel some stimulation to your scalp as we wake up your nerve responses but this is not painful but fascinating. We work hard to get a naturally restored and healthy tissue matrix and this is not a painful process but exciting for all of us as we work hard to wake you up as much as possible. Want to restore your hair right now! You can. Beyond Good Health - Holistic Medical Clinic & Beauty Day Spa To read more click here

Kids at Risk from Mobile Phones By Bojan Schianetz, N.D., Environment Health Engineer We may be paying a very high price for much of the technology we use every day to make life easier or more fun. Take the ordinary mobile or cell phone. It’s become such a useful tool that we think we just can’t live without it. Yet the plain truth is that some people, especially children, may live much shorter lives because of it. Almost twenty years ago, Dr. Andrew Michrowski, president of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy Incorporated, said, “the world does not realize the seriousness of the electromagnetic pollution problem that exists today”. But now, scientists are beginning to take note because recent studies have uncovered a pattern linking frequent use of mobile phones to increased risk of

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brain tumors. Faculty and staff of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute were warned to limit their use of cell phones because of the risk of cancer.


Children especially should be safeguarded, warned the Institute Director, Dr. Ronald Herberman. Toronto's department of public health has already issued a statement advising children under young children to use mobile phones for emergencies only, and teens to limit their use to 10 minutes. Cell or mobile phones are only the tip of the problem. Microwave ovens, computers, television, satellites and power lines also emit electromagnetic frequencies at dangerous levels. A major study found that children born within 200 meters of an overhead power line had a 70% increased risk of leukemia. Those living 200 - 600 meters from power lines had a 20% increased risk (Reported in British Medical Journal, vol 330, p 1290). Cancer is not the only danger. According to Dr. Michroswki, “cancer, birth defects, decreased immunity to disease; even new sicknesses have been linked to extended exposure to electromagnetic fields of specific frequencies and intensities”. So have allergies, which are still on the rise. You can help protect yourself and your family with special electromagentic shielding devices like the Mobile Phone Protector Plate, a small flexible device that is easily attached to the phone. After looking into many options, I found these devices to offer the most effective and affordable protection against electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Political action is also called for, says Dr. Michrowski. “Since all living organisms on earth are exposed to electromagnetic radiation, it is urgent to establish standards of acceptable exposure levels for various frequencies of electromagnetic radiation”. Also, mobile phones present another health threat as the prestigious Mayo Clinic in the U.S. considers nickel sensitivity as one of the most common causes of contact dermatitis. What’s this got to do with mobile phones? It seems that about half of mobile phones have free (not bound) nickel on their surface, in buttons, decorative logos and other parts. This can cause rashes on the fingertips and face of sensitive people. That’s one more reason to limit your child’s access to the mobile phone, expecially if there is an existing sensitivity to nickel or costume jewellery. As a solution to help protect you and your family from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation we recommend the CHI Shield Technology™, an Australian product from CHI Health Innovations, the leader in CHI (complex homeovibrational information) programmed health and environmental devices. Continued on Page 4............


This mobile phone shield plate bio-energizes and harmonizes the unhealthy electromagnetic radiation that emanate from your mobile or wireless phone and strengthens at the same time your body’s natural defence system. Take advantage of our special Easter offer for the family where you receive 3 CHI Health Innovations Mobile Phone Protectors for just the price of two!! To take advantage of this offer click here

My Qi Gong Experience by Ron Bass Every Thursday morning I wake up an hour earlier (usually with my alarm clock) at 5 am when it’s still dark, and I often think, what am I doing? Anyway, I make the effort because I know that it’s worth it. It’s just a small drive away, to what seems like a hidden paradise, once I see the trees, and the water, the geese, birds and smell the fresh air. I start with some gentle stretches as the sun arises, reflecting off the water into our area of paradise, as the small group gathers and we begin our Qi Gong class at 6am. Wow, now I feel great, as we practice the Qi Gong movements I can feel the Chi, a ‘force’ around my hands, much like opposing magnets, during certain movement. The movements are slow, like a moving meditation, and I feel very grounded, and connected to mother earth and the trees and the birds and nature around me. I notice it is much easier to breathe slowly and deeply, as I practice the movements, and through the shifting of the Yin and Yang throughout my body, connecting my mind and body and find it much easier to maintain a great posture and my balance. I notice that I am more focused and my breathing is deeper. I find that Qi Gong is a profound experience, beyond explanation, as it’s the connection and cultivation of energy, and directing that energy into different areas of our life. Through this practice I understand the Taoist philosophy of Qi being in all things.

Beyond Good Health direct line: 1300 853 006

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We practice a combination of classic slow, smooth and free flowing Qi gong movements and Bojans unique ‘Accelerated Creation’ exercises to raise our energy for the day. The hour seems to pass too quickly and I notice at the end that I feel taller, with an improved posture, much calmer yet stronger . At the end I feel so glad that I made the effort. I feel happy to have taken the time today to connect with such a beautiful group of people! We thank Bojan our instructor, and I head off with a big appetite, and ready to face a full day in clinic. I see this as the best way to start the day. Thank you Bojan for the Qi Gong classes, it’s a great experience. Qi Gong is held every Thursday morning at 6am at the Robina park. Please call 1300 853 006 for details. Now you can learn Qi Gong at home with a DVD Training Program Discover How You Can Boost Your Health in Just 20 Min a Day With a Proven Qi Gong Program by Bojan This DVD will instruct you with exercises to transform your body and feeling healthy, pain free and energetic. Bojan is dedicate to Qi Gong, and he wants you to dedicate 20 min/day for 3 months and follow his exercises, and you will be amazed about your new strength, clarity and tranquility. Bojan says hundreds of clients who bought the DVD and practiced at least 20 min/day for 3 months experienced immense benefits. To order and receive your bonuses click here

Beyond Good Health direct line: 1300 853 006

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Humor Corner

Note: Beyond Good Health Newsletter contains the opinion of Bojan Schianetz, Dzung Price and its writers. This information is not intended to be interpreted as medical advice, not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. All material contained in this newsletter is protected by copyright.

Newsletter April 2012  


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