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How to Do Dubai On A Budget: Tips For Cheap Dubai Travel

Dubai may be a playground for the rich, but a Vacation in Dubai is not necessarily a bankrupting experience! Considering the image of Dubai as a super expensive destination, many globe-trotters simply put off visiting the city. The good news is, now you can strike it off your bucket list within your budget too. With a little planning and tact, you can experience Dubai without breaking the bank too. So, here are some awesome tips on how to do Dubai on budget.

# Go for Dubai Rental Housing If you are planning a long vacation, then even the budget hotels in Dubai can be heavy on your pocket. But, you don’t need to shorten your vacation for this reason! Simply ditch the hotels for a great rental housing. Dubai Rental Housing is fast becoming very popular among tourists as well as executives visiting the city. Not only rental housing is way cheaper than hotels, they also give you a home away from home feeling. # Go Shopping in Souks Dubai malls may be world famous, but a vacation is Dubai is incomplete without a dose of retail therapy in Souks. Souks are traditional markets where you can buy a number of commodities, from gold to spices. Apart from offering a wide range of local and handicrafts products, these Souks are way cheaper than those glittering malls. However, the vendors are quite infamous for demanding higher price from foreigners. Make sure to bargain hard to get the best price possible!

# Travel in Public Transport Well, taxi charges here are not quite conductive towards a Cheap Dubai Travel ! Good thing is, Dubai has one of the best public transport system in the world. The driverless trains of Dubai Metro let you travel the entire city in as little as Dhs11. Simply purchase a Nol card and top it up as per the distance you want to travel. You can also travel in Gold Class, which offer free Wi-Fi for a VIP experience. # Explore the Mouth-Watering Street Foods If you are looking for a truly gastronomic experience on a cheap Dubai travel, then ditch the five start hotels for the yummilicious street foods. Being a metropolitan, Dubai offers a number of delicious platters and most of them have an even yummier street version. Ask your hotel or tour guide for the best street food joints in the area and you are in for a treat.

# Go for Cheaper Destinations/Activities A vacation in Dubai can mean much more than shopping! Go for destinations and activities that does not break the bank and yet can offer you a truly Dubai experience. For example, the Jumeriah Beach Park has 40km of splendid golden beach where you can enjoy a lovely time with your family. Entry to the park costs only Dhs5 and you can laze around the entire day in sun, sand and food. Similarly, you can visit art galleries, museums and mosques, which will give you a taste of Dubai culture and heritage at a minimal cost. These are some of the awesome activities that you can enjoy on a cheap Dubai travel. So, don’t let money come in way of your dream of visiting Dubai anymore. Plan carefully, imply these tips and make the most of your wonderful time in Dubai.

How To Do Dubai On A Budget: Tips For Cheap Dubai Travel