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Letter from the Editor Whether transformational or servant, each type of leader possesses similar attributes that are essential to being successful. Such attributes include: having self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills. Each is similar, but it is their differences that come together to become such vital keys to a leader’s success. Having self awareness helps in terms of knowing your limitations, being realistic, and being comfortable with asking questions. Self-regulation is similar but focuses more on the ability to channel your emotions and assess them in a reasonable manner. Being able to put yourself in another’s shoes and connect with them on a personal level shows the ability to be empathetic. Relating to people on a personal level also falls underneath social skills. By having good social skills, one is able to network with others. Whether it is a client or even competitors, being able to establish and maintain a personal relationship with others is extremely important for the role of a leader. Being able to possess these traits is of the upmost importance for the start of becoming an extraordinary leader. “Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.” – John C. Maxwell

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Timothy Samuel   Major:  RecreaNon  &  Event  Management   Favorite  color:  Burnt  orange   Hobbies:  Dance.  Sing.  Play.   Fun  fact:  I  want  to  sing  and  dance  in  Disney’s   Parade   Andrew Stevens Major: Communicatoin Favorite color: Blue Hobbies: Playing video games and reading in my spare time. Sophomore Timothy  Hepler   Major:  IntegraNve  Public  RelaNons   Favorite  color:  none   Interest:  Huge  Michigan  fan   Fun  fact:  Tiny   19,  Sophomore   Courtney  Marble   Major:  CommunicaNons   Hometown:  Sparta,  MI   Favorite  color:  Turquoise  &  Purple   Fun  fact:  I  love  tacos!     Nikki  Henderson   Major:  IntegraNve  Public  RelaNons   Hometown:  Muskegon,  MI   Favorite  color:  Purple   Fun  fact:  Delta  Phi  Epsilon  member    

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Page 5   “Ooohhh,  I’m   jealous!!!”  -­‐ LeaderChips  

What is  your  leadership  style?  

1. I  have  the  final  say  over  decisions  made    within  my   group.   a)  Always          b)  Most  of  the  Time            c)  Never  

2. I  consider  suggesNons  made  by  others  in  the  group.   a)  Always          b)  Most  of  the  Time              c)  Never     3.  I  tell  group  members  what  to  do,  how  to  do  it,  and   when  I  want  it  done.   a)  Always            b)  Most  of  the  Time              c)  Never     4.  If  a  group  member  makes  a  mistake,  they  are   reprimanded  or  punished.   a)  Always              b)  Most  of  the  Time              c)  Never     5.    I  carefully  watch  group  members  to  be  sure  they   are  performing  tasks  properly.   a)  Always                b)  Most  of  the  Time              c)  Never     6.    Group  members  are  moNvated  by  a  need  for   security.   a)  Always                b)  Most  of  the  Time                c)  Never   8.  I  accept  input  from  group  members   a)  Always                  b)  Most  of  the  Time                c)  Never   9.    I  ask  for  advice  from  group  members  when  things   go  wrong.   a)  Always            b)  Most  of  the  Time                  c)  Never   10.  I  want  group  members  to  feel  involved  and   relevant  in  the  decision-­‐making  process.   a)  Always              b)  Most  of  the  Time                  c)Never     Mostly  A’s:  DelegaNve  Style   Mostly  B’s:  ParNcipaNve  Style   Mostly  C’s:  Authoritarian  Style    

Different Leadership  Styles   DelegaJve:  you  offer  liLle  or  no  guidance  to   group  members  and  leave  decision-­‐ making  up  to  group  members.  While  this   style  can  be  effecJve  in  situaJons  where   group  members  are  highly  qualified  in  an   area  of  experJse,  it  oRen  leads  to  poorly   defined  roles  and  a  lack  of  moJvaJon.   ParJcipaJve:  is  generally  the  most  effecJve   leadership  style.  DemocraJc  leaders   offer  guidance  to  group  members,  but   they  also  parJcipate  in  the  group  and   allow  input  from  other  group  members.   In  Lewin’s  study,  children  in  this  group   were  less  producJve  than  the  members   of  the  authoritarian  group,  but  their   contribuJons  were  of  a  much  higher   quality.   Authoritarian:  you  provide  clear  expectaJons   for  what  needs  to  be  done,  when  it   should  be  done,  and  how  it  should  be   done.  There  is  also  a  clear  division   between  the  leader  and  the  followers.   Authoritarian  leaders  make  decisions   independently  with  liLle  or  no  input   from  the  rest  of  the  group.    

Leaders cannot  stay   followers  for  long!  

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Ask and  I  will  tell…..   My  group  is  always  in  a  negaJve   mood,  how  can  I  help  this?   -­‐  Everything  is  not  always  going  to   go  as  planned,  but  keeping  your   group’s  heads  held  high  is  one  of   the  most  important  aspects  of   having  a  well-­‐working  group.     IdenNfy  the  individual  strengths     in  your  group  and  emphasize   them,  it  will  keep  your  group   feeling  posiNve  and  willing  to  get   the  work  done.   How  do  I  use  my  group’s  strengths  to   get  a  project  done?   -­‐            Take  the  Nme  to  get  to  know   each  group  member  individually   and  designate  parNcular  jobs  to   fit  their  individual  strengths.     Your  group  members  will  be  able   to  showcase  their  talents  to  the   best  of  their  ability  and  your   project  will  be  done  than   you  ever  thought  before.     What  is  most  important  aspect  to   have  within  a  group?   -­‐                Trust  is  the  most  important   aspect  to  have  within  a  group.     Without  trust  your  group  will   not        want  to  focus  on  the  task   at  hand  and  will  not  complete   the  task  to  the  best  of  their   abiliNes.    This  will  also  affect   how  individuals  in  your  group   will  work  with  groups  in  the   future,  especially  in  their  future   careers.      

I feel  like  I  am  the  only  one  speaking   up  in  my  group,  how  can  I  get   them  to  give  their  own  opinions   during  group  meeJngs?     -­‐  You  might  be  giving  the  individuals   in  your  group  a  chance  to  speak.     Everyone  wants  to  know  that   someone  is  listening  to  them  and   to  feel  like  their  opinions  actually    Listening  is  another  great   aspect  to  have  within  a  group.    Do   not  only  listen  to  what  your  group   members  say,  take  it  into   consideraNon,  process  it,  and   maybe  try  to  work  it  into  your   group’s  project.    This  will  make   your  group  feel  more  posiNvely   about  gehng  the  group  project   done.       Everything  is  always  changing  in  this   world,  how  can  I  keep  up  with  the   best  ways  to  lead  my  group?     -­‐            It’s  true,  everything  in  today’s  world   is  always  changing,  but  you  are  not   always  going  to  know  the  “BEST”   way  to  lead  your  group.     Remember,  no  one  is  perfect.    The   easiest  way  to  keep  up  with  the   changing  Nmes  is  to  simply   evaluate  yourself.    Take  the  Nme   to  address  what  is  going  well,  not   so  well,  and  what  you  could   change  to  fix  what  is  not  going   well.    Alerwards,  you  may  want  to   share  these  things  with  your   group,  to  allow  them  to  share  their   input  as  well.    

Apartments for  rents     2  bedroom,  1  bath:  $550   3  bedroom,  2  bath:  $500   3  bedroom,  3  bath:  $600   AmeniNes  include:  Green  Fist  café,   anger  management  spa,  24  hour   fitness  room    

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