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news | conference MCS 263 SYSTEM UNIT FOR MCS 20 CONFERENCE SYSTEM The new MCS 263 system unit for remote installations complements the MCS 20 system and allows flexible, discrete installations. To the user, only the microphone as well as the controls and indicators are visible. The intelligence of the microphone unit is installed in a small black box, which is invisibly integrated into the furniture. When mounted under a table, the combination of elements such as gooseneck or boundary microphones, buttons and loudspeakers are possible, as well as the connection of the Revoluto MPR 211 microphone. The upright installation allows integrating the unit in armrests e.g for parliamentary seats in a conference room. The system unit is provided with a 5-pin XLR connector to connect microphones and also supplies the appropriate phantom power. The on/off button, loudspeaker and headphone are connected to the supplied Phoenix connectors. Removable mounting clips allow mounting the unit under the table or in arm rests.

MCS 263 – THE SYSTEM UNIT FOR INDIVIDUAL, DISCRETE SOLUTIONS Table installation with boundary microphone

Table installation with gooseneck microphone

Armrest installation with gooseneck microphone

Boundary microphone with button. The MCS 263 system unit is mounted under the table.

Gooseneck microphone with button. The MCS 263 system unit is mounted under the table.

Gooseneck microphone with button. The MCS 263 system unit is mounted upright into the armrest.

Table installation with Revoluto microphone

TIP! In combination with a connecting panel from Komtech, the Revoluto microphone is integrated into a table and only opened when needed.

DO YOU KNOW REVOLUTO? When using microphones with the patented Revoluto technology the speaker has more freedom of movement with a constant audio quality. In combination with the MCS 263 (mounted invisibly under the table), the Revoluto MPR 211 microphone becomes a conference microphone unit.


Loudspeaker Button

MCS 20

MCS 263


MCS 263

MCS 263

MCS 223

For more information about the MCS 20 conference system and the MCS 263 system unit, please go to

beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG Theresienstr. 8 74072 Heilbronn - Germany Phone +49 (0) 71 31 / 6 17 - 4 00 Fax +49 (0) 71 31 / 6 17 - 1 99 E | MCS 263 Infoflyer (10.2010) | 2.000 | 722707 | Subject to change without notice.

beyerdynamic Inc. USA 56 Central Ave. Farmingdale, NY 11735 Phone +1 (6 31) 2 93 - 32 00 Fax +1 (6 31) 2 93 - 32 88

MCS 263 System Unit for MCS 20  

MCS 263 System Unit for MCS 20

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