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FAQ Q: Why should I buy rubber wood instead of birch wood? A: Rubber wood is part of the family “hard wood”. It is s a very strong kind of wood and therefore, has a much longer durability than birch wood. Q: Are the rules included in my native language? A: With our garden games follows a rule book in below languages: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, English, French, Dutch and German. For our kubb games we now also have rules avalable in Spanish and Italian. Ask Bex Sport for the translation. Q: Which size should I choose for my Kubb game? A: If the game is only for use among family and friends the size doesn’t matter. If the game is being used in a tournament, look for the symbol below. Q: How do I storage my wooden game? A: A cool and dry place is always to recommend. Use the bag included in most of our games.

Bex Sport + the Swedish Kubb Federation The increased enthusiasm for kubb games has lead to a co-operation between Bex Sport and the Swedish Kubb federation. Together through this close co-operation we guide both organizers of competitions and players towards right qualities and features of the kubb games. Read more about our co-opertation with the Swedish Kubb fedration and their work at


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