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OCTOBER 2012 Launch Issue!






Weight loss talk for everyone.

Reviewing Brisbane’s favourite precincts






Inside the lives of everyday Brisbane Families

Tips on how to spring into a greener life today!




Welcome to our first issue! Brisbane Riverfire, Story Bridge

We are very excited to introduce bexclusive to you, a unique lifestyle magazine for Brisbane Families. Unlike other aspirational publications, bexclusive connects everyday readers with ideas and suggestions to enhance your current lifestyle.


In this launch issue we showcase the quirks and style of the West End Precinkt (no, that’s not a typo - check out p. 10 for more) and we hear from ABC radio’s trend hunter, Andre La Porte about some awesome toys and technology for the kids of your household (p. 22). We also look at the Ascot area through the eyes of a typical reader in ‘EveryDay People’ (p. 6). If you’re feeling a bit too busy to fully enjoy all Brisbane has to offer we look at what you can outsource with a personal concierge (p. 23) and we explore ways to live more sustainably and if you’re looking for that perfect partner we’ve got 5 Tips that may help you along (p. 20). Plus there’s insights into health, fitness and getting your kids to eat more veges with in our ‘Dad’s Kitchen’ column (p. 26).

I’m Scott Westwood, Director of bexclusive, a broad spectrum magazine with its own website, that will touch the hearts and lifestyles of everyday Brisbane people. Bringing them all the good things our city has to offer. What’s Happening – events, concerts, dining and what’s new. Where to go – Entertainment, music, theatre, sport, fun, fitness, wellbeing, creativity and of course our great outdoors. Where to tantalize the taste buds – coffee, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

We really hope you enjoy this launch issue of bexclusive if you love it we’d love to hear from you ... and if you’d like to contribute ... we’d certainly love to hear from you.

Scott Westwood 0411 899 992

Many were involved to make this inaugural edition possible. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all my supporters from advertisers to printers and all those inbetween areas that made bexclusive a reality. I would also like to extend a very special thank you to all my new readers. Please contact me at any time. All the best and happy reading!

No magazine launch would be complete without giveways ... and we have plenty of prizes to be won. There’s way to many to list here ... but if you scan the QR code on the opposite page (use a QR code reader on your smartphone), or visit


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Katie Mackenzie

Hi & Hello! - Welcome to our first issue!

Freelance writer & blogger, helping people find all things creative, awesome and organic.


Wellbeing - Spring into a Greener Life Everyday People - The Callard Family Precinkt - West End

Nat Duncan

New Car - Peugeot 508 GT HDI

Body - 4 Way-out Ways to Win at Weight Loss

Location Manager of Qld Film Locations, Precinkt Collaborator of & Hipster Hunter of

Health - Detour Towards Health

Relationships - 5 Handy Essentials for Conciously Choosing a Partner

Sally Symonds

Trendspotting & cool hunting - “Little” Trends

One of Australia’s leading health and fitness experts - healthy life mentor.

Life Management - It’s Time to Embrace Your Outsourcing! Sport - Rookie2Reds

Trudy Williams

Dad’s Kitchen - Echidna Meatballs

Form FoodTalk - award winning accredited practising dietitian, nutritionist & author.

Frances Amaroux One of Australia’s leading relationship and sexuality coaches and educators - “The Love Coach”.

MANAGING EDITOR Scott Westwood - 0411 899 992 ADVERTISING MANAGER Warren Pergomet - 0421 639 344 General Enquiries:

Andre La Porte ABC Radio’s trend hunter - creative communications expert.

Kay Marco Brisbane based personal concierge behind Hectic Helpers.

Everyday People Photographers Lynda Coulson

To celebrate our first issue we’re giving away a ton of prizes! For your chance to win, either scan the above QR Code or visit 3

Corey Edwards


Spring into a Greener Life I have always wanted to live a ‘greener’ life. Be one of those people who quit their job, pack up and move to the country, adopt some chickens, start a veggie patch, and live off the land. Sounds pretty good, right? Unfortunately this was weeks ago now, and I am still no closer to living out my farmyard fantasy, but it did get me thinking about the things that I could do today to change my habits and work towards a greener life. I consulted my very good friend Google and found that there are many helpful tips and hints on how to live a green life. Things that you can start doing today that won’t even cost you anything. If fact, they are more likely to save you money! Spring into a greener life with these simple and easy steps.

1. Keep your car in the garage.

Think about taking public transport, car-pooling, or better yet, dust those cobwebs off your pushbike and hit the road! Not only are you improving your health and fitness levels, but also you will save money and more importantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Be water wise.

It’s time to fix those leaking taps, put a plug in the sink and take shorter showers! Winter is over so there is no need to spend hours keeping warm under a hot shower all morning. Get in and get out… A shorter shower can help reduce your energy costs and the environment will thank you for it.

“Think about taking public transport, car-pooling, or better yet, dust those cobwebs off your pushbike and hit the road!” A few weeks ago I came across a lady who had done just that. Packed up her family, and moved on in search of a greener life. It sounded easy enough and I got to thinking that maybe this is something I could do. I was certainly green with envy and thought well if she can do it, so can I.

3. Reduce, re-use and recycle.

Take any unwanted clothing into your local opportunity shop. You will not only be de-cluttering, but you will also be making a worthwhile contribution to your local charity organisation. Don’t disregard those old antiques, books and bric-a-brac too quickly either… You will be surprised what a second-hand dealer may pay for some of your unwanted goods. Nothing like de-cluttering and making some extra cash! Contributor: Katie Mackenzie Reference and Suggested Reading: 4



Each month Bexclusive talks with an ‘everyday’ Brisbane family. We’re interested in how they live their lives - what they do, where they work, where they like to hang out and their favourite places to go. Not only do we get a greater insight into what makes this city so great, we get a greater insight into the rich family lifestyle Brisbane has to offer.

The Callard Family As told to Cat Matson by Bridget Callard Who are you? Bridget & Tavis, Jasmin - 5, Bella - 3 & London - 11 months.

Where do you live? Ascot.

What do the ‘grown-ups’ of the house do? Tavis works in a boutique real estate agency. I’m at home with the kids at the moment - very busy with all three little ones so close in age.

Where do the kids go to school?

Jasmin & Bella go to Kindergarten/ pre-kindy (respectively) at Kids at West End Early Childhood. They have got their own veggie garden and chef and the converted old church is such a special place for the kids. Jasmin’s heading off to Ascot State School next year.


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What parks do you like to go to? We love Oriel Park in Ascot - it’s nice and shady on a really hot day and the kids love a sausage sizzle on a late Sunday afternoon. We also enjoy jumping on a City Cat and heading over to New Farm Park - the playground is fantastic and it’s a great spot for a picnic rug by the river.

Which cafes do you like to go to?

We love taking the kids to Lick My Spoon in Racecourse Road. It’s really child friendly and there is always a high chair and something to keep the kids entertained. The Lido Restaurant (also Racecourse Road) is also fantastic on Thursday nights - a magician for the kids, lots of laughs and healthy kids meals.

Best Breakfast Spot

When we’re child-free we enjoy Cirque on Brunswick St New Farm. They do an amazing breakfast - check out the colour of the eggs!! - and the tomatoes are straight from the vege patch.

Best Afternoon Tea Spot

Brewbakers, or what we call ‘The Albion Bakery’ is truly the best gem we have uncovered in Brisbane. Full of delicious breads, Pastries and sweets...all home made by the family that runs it, Pastries, brownies and biscuits are warm straight out of the oven, and we never leave without a packet of jam drops for the kids!

Oriel Park Playground, Ascot

Best Date Night Venue

Our favourite restaurant with the best Japanese we have ever tried is “Sono Restaurant” at Portside. We get the share plate, it’s truly an experience! Place to relax and wander - The Paddington Antique Centre - best way to get lost in another era! There is always a vintage treasure to pick up and bring home ... this is a “me time” destination. And to wear the kids out Tiddlywinks Play & Dance Cafe Nundah - The kids can enjoy a disco, play in the indoor playground, do a dance class ... so much to do and the coffee shop has tasty lunches and great coffee. Lick My Spoon, Racecourse Road

Brewbakers, Albion 8

Oriel Park, Ascot

Lick My Spoon, Racecourse Road

Sono, Portside Sono, Portside Lick My Spoon, Racecourse Road Family photographs taken by Lynda Coulson. A word from Lynda... I capture relationships and love on camera, and not just the smiley ones, the ones which show essence, reality and soul. I adore photographing families, siblings, moments that make you catch your breath, those girlie giggles, those soft hugs and those cheeky grins which drive you crazy yet melt your heart. I love the simplicity and purity of a newborn baby. And I love getting these images in print and on the wall for your family to treasure for years to come. Contact: or mobile 0422 136 993 Location shots taken by Corey Edwards who ‘catches pichas’ as he says, of interesting architecture and people, coffees, food & funky cocktails. Also into really good music and chasing sunsets. Bexclusive is for you, our readers. Therefore we want to showcase the places and lifestyle you enjoy. If you would like to tell us where you like hang out, the parks that keep your kids happy or your all-time favourite coffee spot, and be our next EveryDay People family, please email



Hi Fi Bar, West End

With Brisbane as your home turf there’s no need to travel to Sydney or Melbourne to get that “cool places” fix. Brisbane is brimming with collections of places to explore and spend time. We like to refer to to discover them or simply remind ourselves just what exists in our very own city.

West End The Boundary St West End precinct is nothing like you’ll find anywhere else in Brisbane. If you’re tired of cookiecutter shopping centres and yearn to step out of your comfort zone then this is the place to dip your toe in. Boundary St is humming with bohemian locals, multicultural sights, a dose of reality, the best coffee in Brisbane, delicious meals, yoga studios, hip watering holes, quirky shops and a bus route (199) that runs frequently and efficiently. We recommend arriving at breakfast time and then letting your day unfold along Boundary St. Take time to people watch. Take a note of the community centres and local characters that make Boundary St the socially diverse and humbling place it is. Stretch yourself as far as Loading Dock Espresso and The Burrow in adjoining streets at one end of Boundary - to Mona Lisa and the historical West End library at the other end. Our recommendation is to wander just off Boundary into Russell St and find Cup Specialty Coffee. Try their breakfast and just watch the coolest of people come and go. Contributor: Nat Duncan

Burrow, West End


Monalisa, West End Archive, West End

Loading Dock, West End References and links:

Archive, West End

Little Greek, West End



4 Way-Out Ways to Win at Weight Loss

Forget what you think you know about how to lose weight. If all the established weight loss rules were so successful, we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic. Here are four unconventional ways to weight loss that defy everything you’ve heard before about how to lose weight – and keep it off.

12-week challenges! It doesn’t matter how many calories you burn in 12 weeks – it matters how many calories you burn in your entire lifetime.

3. Weight loss is NOT about deprivation.

Nor is it about discomfort. So stop forcing yourself to do things that you hate just because you know that they’re good for you. Look for alternatives that might be more psychologically effective. Think in terms of compromises, not sacrifices. Compromises are unlimited, but sacrifices aren’t – and successful weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint, so you need to be able to pace yourself.

1. Ditch the plans and programs. They all work – if you can stick to them. Unfortunately most people aren’t designed to do this. When human beings are faced with any kind of aversive mechanism designed to control their behaviour, they can only put up with it for so long before they rebel and try to reassert their own individual freedom (e.g. by eating a whole chocolate cake after weeks of restricting calories). It’s called counter-regulation. The best way to avoid counter-regulation is not to over-regulate (or over-control) in the first place.

4. Break the rules.

The weight-loss industry is one of the only industries whose success thrives on failure. Don’t just think outside the box when it comes to your weight loss – throw the box away. Some of the craziest ways to lose weight (excepting all the obvious cons – like ‘obesity soap’ that promises to melt the fat away) are the ones that actually work. Don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t fall into the very common trap of just trying variations of the same old things that you’ve done before that didn’t work for long-term (sustainable) weight loss.

2. Forget about 12-week challenges.

There’s nothing particularly magical about 12 weeks (or eight weeks or six weeks). Successful weight loss isn’t about 12 weeks, but your whole life: that’s about 4320 weeks, or 359

Contributor: Sally Symonds 12

A Formal


Shop 1/15 Samford Road ALDERLEY QLD (opp Alderley Arms Hotel)

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by Nekludov

by Nekludov



Detour Towards Health Everyone takes a detour or two when on a mission to lose weight and feel great - that’s expected. But for some, those detours become major deviations that ultimately leave the person no closer to their dream destination of a ‘happier weight and healthier body’. You know the pattern. The unintended dessert or cheese platter. The extra drinks with friends. The impulse buys at the supermarket checkout. And then, the final stumble when your good intentions to eat well get lost in a frenzy of more food, more drink, and a sense of failure (yet again) and possibly even guilt. For some, it’s a tug of war between the sensible side of you that wants a body that feels great and your other darker flippant side that approaches life carelessly.

It needn’t be that way. You can make the detour minor rather catastrophic. You can lighten up your serious side and tone down the flippant character. You can make the dream a reality. So how do you start? Think back over the past few weeks and identify the potholes that tripped you up. Write them out, right now, in a list adding to the list as the day progresses.


You’ll find three or four main detour clusters. Situations and events - entertaining, dining out, business meetings, work schedule. People - friends who tempt, foes who frustrate, social circles who wine and dine, family members who demand. Thoughts and feelings - procrastination, stress, boredom, depression, negative thinking, all or none attitude. Other - energy levels, travel schedule, work and pleasure time pressures for you and family members.

“When dining out, remind yourself that it’s okay to say no to multiple courses.”

Now the potholes are down in a list, think about how you will reduce the risk of them turning into or linking together to create a major detour in the future. Write down solutions to tame the impulsive, flippant side of your personality that trips you up. For example, got an all or none attitude? Sacrificial dieting where you entirely give up your favourite foods/ flavours/drinks is serious pothole. Rather than sacrifice, learn how to include the favourites.

Is your social circle obsessed with dining? Suggest non-food indulgences and experiences to share. When dining out, remind yourself that it’s okay to say no to multiple courses. And importantly, don’t dwell on yesterday’s detours because you can’t reverse history. Think about today’s directions because now is the best time to make progress towards a happier weight and healthier body.

Is food a filler for boredom or down time? Uncover and expand pleasurable interests. Be specific about what to do in down time - plant a herb garden, walk a fresh route, volunteer, tackle that unfinished work of art or puzzle, dance.

Contributor: Trudy Williams

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Peugeot 508 GT HDi If you’re thinking about buying a vehicle that’s a little different and a little exotic then you have to be prepared to answer questions about that car. These questions will come when you stop to fuel up or in shopping centre car parks. I was asked a whole bunch of questions about the Peugeot 508 GT by a policeman while stopped for a random breath test. He was genuinely interested in the all glass roof, 2.2 litre turbo diesel engine and luxurious appointments. But then the good policeman made a very astute observation – no matter how good it is Australian’s won’t buy it. That’s true and also a touch disappointing.

to put your mobile phone and other odds and ends, a small glove box and relatively small door pockets I can’t help but feel this was a bit of an oversight by the designers. It also seems a little odd that a premium wagon like this doesn’t even come with the option of a rear reversing camera.

The Peugeot 508 GT is a car well worth considering if you want the perfect mix of sports car like acceleration and handling, a cabin that’s decked out with all the luxuries, great fuel economy and the versatility of a wagon. The GT is powered by the larger 2.2 litre intercooled turbo diesel engine (the regular 508 comes with a 2.0 litre turbo diesel) that delivers a healthy 150kWs and a sensational 450Nm. That means put your foot down, particularly in sports mode, and you’ll get well and truly pushed back into your sumptuous leather seat. But the best part of the engine is how frugal it is, I drove it all week mostly in sports mode and with a half a tank of fuel leftover the trip computer was telling me I still had a range of over 470k’s! I averaged 9.0 litres per 100 in 100% city driving. The official combined figure is 5.9 litres which is extraordinary given the grunt this engine has.

Overall however the Peugeot is a lovely car, nice to drive, great engine, sensational fuel economy and well built. The Peugeot 508 GT starts from $55,990. Reference:

A few of the other really positive points in the 508 GT include an overall feeling of luxury in the cabin, nice and easy to use GPS and stereo control system, functional heads up display on the dash, generous rear cargo area and lovely steering and handling.

Qld's leading gutter guard specialists since 1995.

My test car was also fitted with a few extra’s including the premium electric leather seats ($2500), premium JBL Stereo and GPS ($2300), electronic tailgate ($1000), metallic paint ($800), and 19” alloy wheels ($500). So be prepared to hand over more than just the starting price if considering a 508 GT.

There’s really only the one complaint I can make about the vehicle and that’s a lack of interior storage spots. With nowhere

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5 Handy Essentials for Choosing a Partner Many people spend more time planning to buy a house than planning for their life partner - and yet choosing a partner is the single most important choice you will ever make - both emotionally, financially and health-wise.

your date too quickly if you don’t feel that magical stirring in the beginning. Alternatively, you may feel incredible chemistry straight up, but don’t let this fool you that this person is a match made in heaven. There are four other fingers to consider yet.

1st Finger: VALUES.

What’s important for you? What are your non-negotiables? Does this person share similar values to you? I used to think that everything was negotiable, but its just not true. Having healthy boundaries means staying true to who you are and what is important to you. When couples have on-going nonnegotiable issues that never get sorted, they are often because of dis-similar values. i.e., she’s an environmentalist, and he’s not.

Despite the almost 50% divorce statistics, many singles still stick to the 60’s adage that “Love is all you need”. And yet, though love and chemistry are essential, they are not only what you need. During my 21 years as a Relationship Coach and Counsellor, I have come up with an easy way to remember what is needed to ensure you cover all bases and don’t get too carried away with the ‘swoon factor’ when you first meet a new date. If you don’t match in these 5 essential areas, it won’t matter how great you are in bed together. Using your hand, imagine writing each Essential on each finger.…

2nd Finger: INTERESTS.

It may sound obvious, but you do need to share some common interests. Shared interests keep a couple ‘interested’ way beyond having children and building homes together. Of course, you also need some different interests so as to retain a sense of Individuality, and bring some spice into the relationship. You need to be able to enthusiastically support each others interests. Best not to ask your rockstar boyfriend to put his guitar under the bed and take up accounting.


Yes, that indefinable sexual attraction IS essential but for some people, it may take a little while to kick in. So don’t ‘dump’


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3rd Finger: LIFESTYLE.

you just left Uni, or are you nearing retirement? Do you want children, and when? Like to buy a house, start a business, save some money, travel the world, do some volunteering?

Where do you like living? City, Bush, Beach? How much income do you have, and how do you manage money? Do you have enough similarities with eating, sleeping and exercise?

So now that there’s a lovely connection with your Essential ‘fingers’ with your potential date, we then need to look at the 5 C’s on the palm ... stay tuned!

Little Finger: GOALS.

Partners need to share, or at least be very supportive of each other’s goals in life. What time of life are you at? Have

Contributor: Frances Amaroux



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The manufacturer has gone one step further and now offers your child its first office cubicle! The plastic-molded workstation has an in-built ‘real’ computer (not pretend) with a 19-inch LCD screen, keyboard and educational software. There are even cubicle wings that prevent kids from nearby distractions. I guess that’s to ensure maximum productivity for your two and half thousand dollar investment!

Just recently we’ve witnessed the invention of the digital tablet, yet we’re already about to see a child only version launch this October. Ready for the 2012 Christmas season is the Tabeo, a new Android tablet that’s not only built to bounce and be drooled upon (by bubs, and their geek folks too!), but is preloaded with 50 child friendly apps, with access to over 7000 free ones on a child and parent specific online app store. That’s 7050 apps to start with! The really cool thing about this device is that it gives parents control to add or remove apps and websites, specific for up to eight separate children, and limit when or how long an individual child can access the internet! Perfect if you have several children of differing ages using the one Tabeo. And best of all it’ll retail for around the $150 mark. If you thought that piece of technology was pretty full on then wait until you see what’s just hit consumers in Tokyo. Great advancements in ultrasound and 3D digital printing technology have enabled a company to start offering perfect replica, resincast models of a mother’s actual fetus. Yes. It’s true. They call them ‘Shape of an Angel’, ‘Tensi no Katachi’ to be precise. Each 3D replica resin-cast fetus is surrounded by clear Lucite to mimic the womb’s amniotic fluid. Printed in different shapes and sizes, the fetuses can be made to sit firm on a shelf or small enough to hang off a necklace, as ear-rings or, if you’re like the Japanese, crazy for anything to dingle-dangle off your mobile phone – a one-of-a-kind cellphone charm! Just think, what a great gift idea for when your baby celebrates their eighteenth birthday.

“Little” Trends In giving birth to this column I figured discussing stuff for babies and kids would be most appropriate. With the birth of an Aussie baby every 1 minute and 47 seconds, according to our nations bureau of stats, the subject is always trending.

So do you reckon you’ve now seen it all? Don’t count on it for a second. The world is a fascinating place and the market for all things baby and kids is right up there at the top. Well, for now anyway.

The industry that caters in to bubs and kids is growing just as fast as the population, in fact, a whole lot faster. Back in the 70’s and 80’s it was all about teens. Everything was marketed towards them and around them. But in the new millennium the gold rush has shifted to an even younger market – the youngest. Striking it rich in the children’s market is now big business. The Wiggles are testament for one. Every possible gap in the market has been filled and every category is contested. And just when you thought you’d seen all that can be invented or improved – bang, out come some more things to dazzle and grab a dollar, or quite a few.

Take for instance the humble children’s play-set. The cardboard and plywood shop or kitchenette has given way to illustrious plastic-molded replicas of our modern life marvels. The ‘Grillin’ Grand Kitchen’ by Little Tikes, comes with every possible pretend kitchen appliance and it’s associated sound effect! It’s got a flick master tap on the sink, there’s a microwave, a dishwasher, coffee machine and the fridge even has an ice dispenser! Not forgetting to mention it comes with a separate 2 burner BBQ with hood! And ‘sizzling’ sound effects of course.

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Grand Kitchen Office Cubicle Tabeo pre-order site ect:redirect:TRU:tabeo:80212 Tabeo product my%2FTRUS%2F2254197 3D resin-cast fetus official website 3D resin-cast fetus video embedded&v=XUsCPO7poY8


IT’S TIME TO EMBRACE YOUR OUTSOURCING! We schedule our lives so much that there needs to be 27 hours in a day to get it all done. How do you fit it all in? Looking around, everyone else seems to be managing just fine, they can do it all, why can’t you? What is their secret? How can they juggle all of the different roles that we play every day; wife, mother, boss, friend and still look like they have spent the day at the spa? The secret is that those women that you see looking so cool calm and collected, don’t do it all on their own. They still have the same ‘to do’s’ as you, they just have help in getting it done. They outsource. But why is it that outsourcing is hidden away like a dirty little secret instead of embraced and rejoiced?

In America it is considered a judge of your status and social standing by the amount of “help” that you have. It’s not uncommon to have 12 people employed to run your life for you. In Australia though, there still seems to be a social taboo in embracing your outsourcing. We all have cleaners, the gardener comes once a month to tidy the edges and the nanny picks up the kids while we are still at work. We just don’t shout it from the rooftops. At the office, you delegate jobs to people because you can’t do everything at once. At home it doesn’t need to be any different. Just like make up and skin care can cover up those


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blemishes and flaws, outsourcing to your Personal Concierge or Lifestyle Manager can do the same for your life. Having a Personal Concierge is not an indulgence. When life gets busy or stressful, instead of trying to fit in 10 phone calls and emails before breakfast, just one email to your Personal Concierge and within a matter of hours, your ‘to do’s’ can be done. Plus, when you utilise the services of a Personal Concierge, you are also hiring their expertise and valuable contacts so you aren’t wasting time trying to find the best person for the job.

“... a Personal Concierge is not a sign that you have failed...”

Don’t keep it a secret any longer. Having a Personal Concierge is not a sign that you have failed and can’t do it all. It says that you value your time and want to spend it in the most enjoyable way possible. Contributor: Kay Marco

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sport Rookies2Reds Juniors flock to emulate their Reds heroes. Queensland Rugby is providing young Rugby fans with the chance to emulate their Queensland Reds heroes through its latest junior development program, Rookies2Reds. The program is proving popular in its inaugural year and is set to unearth a whole new generation of talent and rugby participants. Operating in the same space as AFL’s Auskick program, In2Cricket and Netball’s Net Set Go, Rookies2Reds is designed to introduce families to the game of Rugby and connect them with their local club and the wider Queensland Rugby community. Across five after-school sessions, Rookies2Reds offers a fun and safe environment for boys and girls aged five to 10 to learn valuable rugby skills from qualified coaches. Those skills can then be applied in junior club and school Rugby or simply used as basic motor skill development.

“The highlight of the last two years for the code has been the performance of the Reds,” Mr Hanham said of the side which won the 2011 Super Rugby Championship and topped the Australian conference again in 2012.

General Manager of Game Development David Hanham says Queensland Rugby is investing into Rookies2Reds and other programming to engage and promote the Code beyond its current reach.

“So we identified an opportunity to use that success and appeal of the Reds to drive community Rugby programs across the state.

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“One of the indicators of the appeal is just watching the kids who have built a real connection with their Reds heroes. Quade Cooper will do a pass behind his back in a game and the next week all the kids will be doing the same move on the field. “The great thing with the program is it encourages the kids to emulate their Reds heroes. Throughout the five weeks of the program we hope the participants not only connect with and enjoy playing Rugby but also connect with and aspire to play the game for the Reds, or become lifelong supporters.”

Rookies2Reds was rated as the best school-based junior sports program by participants at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School in Coorparoo, with the school reporting over 75 children were held “captivated” by their first Rookies2Reds experience in August 2012. Reds and Wallabies star halfback Will Genia says he is pleased that Rookies2Reds is proving a hit with Queensland’s kids, some of which have the opportunity to play in front of 30,000-plus crowds at Suncorp Stadium at halftime Rookies2Reds sessions during Super Rugby matches in Brisbane.

During the program Queensland Rugby seek to deliver three objectives. Aspiration – aspiring kids to play Rugby for the Reds, Inspiration – inspiring kids to participate in rugby, as a player or a supporter and Education – teaching the skills of the game. With junior participation figures rising sharply and new centres popping up all over Queensland, Rookies2Reds will continue to establish itself as a recognised participation pathway in 2013.

“It’s great to see Rookies2Reds is having such a positive response, kids right across the state are getting to experience what the program has to offer and are really enjoying it,” Genia said.

For more information visit the Rookies2Reds website:

Rookies2Reds also provides pathways through to the elite level, with boys able to progress from being a rookie to a Red, while girls and boys can set their sights on representing both Queensland and Australian in Rugby Sevens, the Olympics’ newest sport.

“Rookies2Reds is a great pathway for kids to start out in Rugby; it’s designed to be a lot fun while also developing and improving the rugby skills of the next generation of aspiring Reds and Sevens players.”



Echidna Meatballs Having a busy life means I’m always trying to find easy ways to make healthy meals for my family, which include two fussy eaters aged 7 and 9 (who won’t eat anything that resembles a vegetable) you have to be a little sneaky. This is my take on an old simple classic that goes by other names, but seeing as Echidna’s are native to Australia, this is my healthy version of Hedgehogs. My children have no clue to its true nutritional values and vegetable content. What I like about this recipe is that it freezes well, is also an easy reheat straight from the freezer at the end of a busy day, when the family is looking for fast and easy. It will make approximately 50 meatballs. Serve either on a bed of rice, or our favorite, mashed potato. It is sure to please the whole family including even fussiest of eaters. By Cameron Brady, father of 2 girls and busy coffee shop Manager.


Ingredients (serves 4) Meatballs 1kg of mincemeat (equal parts Pork and Beef works well) 2 carrots 1 zucchini Soup base 1 large onion 820g tomato soup 1 capsicum Beef stock 5 medium sized mushrooms 1/3 cup milk salt and pepper to taste ½ cup water 2/3 cup long grain rice 1/3 cup of psyllium husk 2 eggs 2 tbsp. tomato paste

Place all vegetables into a food processor, blend until well combined, add eggs, tomato paste, rice psyllium husk and mince, combine with vegetable mixture in a bowl, combine ingredients until well mixed. Using hands make mixture into meatballs approximately 4 cm round. Refrigerate meatballs for 1 hour. This will allow them to firm up. Combine all soup base ingredients together and bring to a gentle simmer. Gently place all meatballs into the soup and allow simmering for 1 hr. Do not stir as this will destroy the meatballs.


Preparation Time 20 minutes. Rest Time 1hour. Cooking Time Stove top 1hour.

• • • •

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