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Even Tempting to Professional Photographers

- 24mm ultra-wide angle and 10x optical Schneider lens - Perfect image stabilization with Dual IS - Photo style of my own, Photo Style Selector - HD quality video and built-in HDMI port - Distinguished shooting ability, Smart Auto

tempting to professional photographers It has refined design with creativity, a mode dial for convenient operation, 3� wide LCD guaranteeing easy recognition, compact size, and high portability for anytime, anywhere. This every feature is in WB500. It will produce fantastic pictures as good as those taken by DSLR.

10x optical Schneider zoom lens/ F24mm Ultra-wide angle for the first time WB500’s 24mm Ultra-wide angle, 10x optical zoom lens cannot be found in any digital camera all over the world. Compact High Zoom Camera

Thanks to its ultra-wide lens, it provides wider angle on the same spot compared to other products. And through 10x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom, it can pull far-away subject to under your very nose.

Advance d Dual IS and 12,200,000 high pixels Optical IS: It is an optical image stabilization function that prevents shakes by vibrating sensor. Avanced DIS: Newly equipped Advanced DIS captures one shot in high speed, and removes noise in two steps. It shortens image processing time and helps to get best image under any situation by preventing drop of saturation (saturation maintenance) that can happen while combining. In addition, it supports 12,200,000 pixels, so you can get high quality image when printed.

HD high quality video recording If you turn the mode dial to video recording, you can record and save video for 29 minutes in H.264 (MPEG4 AVC) format HD (1280Ă—720) quality.

ISO function that brightens darkness As you set ISO higher, shutter speed gets faster in the same amount of light. There’re eight ISO options. It supports up to ISO 3200, so you can adjust it depending on the situation. Also, as it gets higher, the sensitivity of the camera gets higher, increasing the ability to take pictures at dark places.

Smart Auto that makes anyone a professional photographer In Smart Auto mode, the camera automatically detects various shooting environments and optimizes the conditions without any operation of uses, making it possible for beginners to take great pictures without difficulty. <Conditions that are detected well> Landscape- outdoor landscape shot White- in very bright background Night Scene- landscape at night Night Portrait- outdoor portrait shot at night Backlight- landscape in backlight without people Backlight Portrait- portrait shot in backlight Portrait- portrait shot Macro- close-up shot

Macro Text- short distance text shot Tripod- motionless subject by the help of things like tripod Action- moving subject

Frame guide/ Scene mode/ Photo Style Selector If you use Frame guide, the third person can take a picture in an angle the user want. If you want better pictures, you can use 14 Scene modes such as Night Scene, Portrait, Movement, Landscape, Close-up, Text, Sunset, Sawn, Backlight, Fireworks, Beach/ Snow, Self shot, Food, and CafĂŠ.

Also, it provides eight Photo Style Selector like Nomal, Soft, Forest, Retro, Cool, Classic, etc.

Smart Album This is a function that conveniently categorizes lots of contents of photos and video clips, enabling easy search. The categories are Date (day)/ Color/ Date (week)/ File, and you can search for them using the lever.

Recyclin g bin function Using recycling bin function, you can restore the images deleted from the memory card. (It is a recycle bin that can store up to 10MB temporarily.)

Dynamic shooting with Face detection WB550 has a Face detection function, detecting up to 10 faces and enabling more dynamic shooting. Also its Smile shot automatically takes a shot of smiley faces. And it takes two successive shots when blinking of eyes is detected, leaving the best moment for you.

Conveni ent Self guide For self shots, it guides you by automatically detecting the subjectâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s face location. So you can take self shots more easily and quickly. It notifies you by faster beeping sound when your face is located on the center of the screen.

Perfect portrait (Beauty shot) If you set your mode dial to Beauty shot and simply adjust face touch/ brightness, you can get beautiful images of you, your family, and friends; they might look like the best makeup artist has put make-up on them.

Cause : This Sample Picture is not 100% detail. just Test Sample Picture.

110mm / F5.6 / 1/45s / ISO400

45mm / F4.2 / 1/125s / ISO80

110mm / F5.6 / 1/60s / ISO80

80mm / F5.3 / 1/180s / ISO80

70mm / F5.1 / 1/90s / ISO80

240mm / F5.8 / 1/90s / ISO80

70mm / F5.1 / 1/60s / ISO200

Beauty Shot

Even Tempting to Professional Photographers  

It has refined design with creativity, a mode dial for convenient operation, 3” wide LCD guaranteeing easy recognition, compact size, and hi...

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