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Samsung camera IT100 becoming Notti s friend all the way to Thailand Notti is not a professional photographer. Not good at taking pictures. He is just a scripter who records his travel story with a camera naturally. He doesn t use DSLR like a professional. He doesn t spend much time to take a picture, either. He just takes the scenes, moving objects depending on what he feels

This Notti has got a guest. All the way from Korea to Thailand, the best new product of Samsung has come to see me as it is.

Most of all, I d like to thank them for having interests in my story and sending me this precious present. As an acknowledgement for the gift, I will do my job only with this camera for 2 months.

If there s anyone preparing for oversea travel and looking for a compact digital camera, I think the IT100 from Samsung would be a good choice. Because Notti is not a professional photographer, my level might be the same as normal travelers.

This is the IT100 from Samsung all the way from Korea to here Thailand. And the name is interesting. IT100. It has a meaning of intelligence. Then why? Even though the size is small, but it can take high quality pictures and has various functional merits.

The camera can be held in one hand. Without the battery and memory, it s only 155 g.

However, the wide 3 inch LCD screen gives more spacious feeling than the size of the digital camera. This has a bigger screen than my heavy Finefix which I d been using.

From now, Notti will visit a lot of places and be with this camera. Before than, I d like to summarize main points on traveler s level

Most of all, the biggest thing of this is 12.2M high, 28mm wide optical 5x zoom, and smart auto function. Especially, for Notti writing a story about travel, 28mm wide optical 5x zoom is a very important function. Therefore, as soon as I opened the box, I tested the zoom on Kao Sotoro in Pataya. Such a quick tempered Notti.

It s Pataya taken today.

And I took this with the maximum zoom.

Generally, the quality degrade by zoom hasn t been seen from this camera. It must be a very smart camera.

And this has a smart auto function. Explained easily, this can take pictures on the optimized setting automatically such as closeup, text, night scene, etc, and smile shot detecting smile, blink detection detecting blink for group pictures, self guide helping self shot, and deleting flaw on faces. It also has a red eye elimination function.

When you can t trust a person who takes your picture, you can use the frame guide function and comfortably give your camera to the person. This function would be the best function for travelers, I think. Especially, those who go for honeymoon have to keep this in mind. Other than that, there are lots of smart functions. What s more?

It has an HD function, so you can see HD quality pictures with a large monitor by connecting it to a HDTV. (This technology is Samsung s own. So called Anynet+(CEC)function)

Video recording function? Definitely, the quality is like normal digital camcorders, and these videos are also so intelligent that it has stereo voice recording, optical 10x zoom, IS, successive shot, video abstraction, and image capture. This has this many functions in the video recording functions. Is it possible to say this isn t intelligent?

In conclusion, when traveling, with this, you can handle pictures and videos at once. For those who haven t found proper digital cameras for travel, I d like to put the specifications of this, so please refer to this.

Samsung camera IT100 becoming Notti s friend all the way to Thailand