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Christian Aid Week 2017

Community News

Thanks to the generosity of the people of Bewdley £2,126 has been sent to the Christian Aid Week house-to-house collections. This will be even more when the tax is claimed back from the government from those 88 people who gift-aided their contribution at no extra cost to themselves. The greatest thanks are due to the group of people who went house-to-house to collect in donations; three of whom handed in over £190 pounds from each of their collections. What stars they are! Thank you everyone for helping refugees world wide.

Susan Price

Himalayan Balsam Bash!

The Civic Society’s 3rd annual Balsam Bash is being extended this year and we should be delighted to see interested people come along and help.

This rather handsome but invasive plant is an extensive problem nationwide. An escapee from Victorian gardens, it has spread rapidly along river courses to the detriment of our native species.

The good news is that as it is an annual it can be successfully controlled if removed before it seeds. Hence a concerted annual attack will eventually control it, although this is a longterm project given its abundance!

Please come along and help whether you have an hour or a morning to spare. Clothing covering arms and legs is recommended (nettles) and gloves and stout footwear. Meet by the bridge at Severn Side South on the following dates… July 29th at 10am August 5,7,8,9,10 and 11 at 10am

Contact Steve Bent for further information

Rock Pathfinders

Free guided walks along our footpaths and bridleways taking 2-3 hours, off the roads and into the countryside. The July walks will be on Thursdays

6th from Clee Hill Village SY8 3LZ SO reference 595753

20th from The Colliers Arms Tenbury Road,DY14 9HA SO ref 765745

Everyone welcome. For our full programme see or ring Alan on 01299 400304 or Jan on 01299 832571 49

The Bridge - July 2017  

The Bridge magazine - July 2017

The Bridge - July 2017  

The Bridge magazine - July 2017