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Above DR flag on Mount Isabella and right the truck was our means of transport from the hotel to the villages. etc.

Mary was handed the twins, right, during our tour round Los Altos giving out food parcels.

We are now back from an amazing time in the DR. Why was it amazing? We were able to hand over SIX new houses together with cases full of house-warming gifts etc. Here are all the families below and Mick (team photographer) below right getting lots of hugs!

Rescued from these



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Here is our group. Eleven were from Bewdley Baptist Church. The group was unusual in that about two thirds of the party were older than normal for these trips and we also had three children, the youngest was seven! That didn’t stop us setting the all–time REBAR record of 22 box section rebars in 2 hrs 8 min, painting 44 shutters and moving tons of earth!

Our translaters Alessandro and Isachar, Claire and Rob, Mission Direct leaders

David Glenn bending rebar components and top right, a finished box section REBAR for a lintel in a house being carried in by two Haitian construction workers. Bottom right a man injured with a machete being treated in Esperanza clinic.

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Working on site in Esperanza above & right

We also visited three schools, two in villages which have been transformed by the new houses programme and one at Aguas Negras (Black Waters, because sewage flows through the village when the river floods and the sewage works overflows.) Here is Sandra below a real Mother Teresa figure and school head teacher, having a cuddle with her children. She started the school in her house (small) with 80 children! Now they use the Church by putting up panels during the week to make classrooms.

We did drama and sang songs at two churches where we gave out aid and played with the children. Below is a scene from the Prodigal Son story (Pig masks made by Mary from A4 paper one evening). Below right a very special moment for one team member, John.

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Playing with the children in Paradiso village above and below left. They loved the skipping!

This little girl rightloved her teddy, one of about 100 knitted by Bewdley ‘Teddies for Tragedies’ Ladies that we took out with us to give away. Look where some of the beads, that we took out for stars, ended up!! Below

Below Ilyeana, a little girl with cerebral palsy being hugged by Rob, our Mission Direct team leader. She loved her teddy too.

Mick took out drilled lolly sticks for 100 ‘Jumping Men’ Above is one that was made. About 150 children filled the church building in Esperanza, the village where we built houses. We feel that we have changed, that we did our best and that we really made a difference. We were able to pray for people in the hospital, for the families having new homes and for the children. Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (

DR News Sheet  

Mick and Mary's mission trip