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6 First Drop I Embrace the Flood

28 Kids Beverages The Shape of Water

8 Publisher’s Toast Springing Forward Into Fall

36 HPP’s Next Stage Where Cold-Pressed Juice Can Still Grow

24 Gerry’s Insights Fall Excitement

44 Bubbling to the Top How Sparkling Water Brands are Standing Out From the Crowd

DEPARTMENTS 10 Bevscape/NOSHscape/Brewscape AriZona Partners with Dixie Brands, Hershey’s Picks Up ONE Bar, AB InBev Acquires Platform but Declines CBA

56 Beyond Borders Import Beer Brands Need to Deliver on all Fronts


16 New Products More CBD and Spirits

26 National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Preview

20 Channel Check Bottled Water Spotlight


82 Promo Parade Avión Partners with 21 Savage and PepsiCo Partners with JetBlue

61 Natural Snack Guide with services and suppliers

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I Embrace the Flood Much to the dismay of many of the inanimate objects that dwell there – and some of the living, breathing ones as well – for the past seven months I’ve been bringing a new puppy into the office. During that period, my wife and I have rediscovered what it means to miss a dog. By that I mean, we don’t miss the puppy. We miss the last dog, who was a quiet, sleepy 14 when he passed. Quite frankly, we’ll miss this one when he’s gone, but we likely won’t miss the puppy that he was. Basically, he’s left a trail of destruction through both my own office and the general environment in which I work. He peed on my boss’s standing desk mat. He gnawed his way through a speaker cable in the conference room. He empties trash cans and eats the contents. He has destroyed countless headphones, very nearly swallowed a pair of hightech earbuds belonging to our managing editor, Marty Caballero, chomped his way through a couple of MacBook Air charging plugs, and as I write this he is jumping on my arm to tell me that he’d really like to go home. In other words: it’s been extra stressful around here since February. And since I’m pushing a couple of sizes larger than most Klinemans believe is healthy, I’ve cut back on my stress reliever of choice (hint: It rhymes with “Banhattan”). So for months I’ve been eyeing the cannabis space as eagerly as the puppy is currently eyeing the biltong sample on my desk. And while it’s easy enough to kiss your worries goodbye for a while with a good edible or pre-roll, I’m not among that lucky group (read: chefs and The Black Keys) who find marijuana accretive to my everyday productivity. So that has left the miracle cannabinoid du jour, CBD, as the one stress reliever that might work. The three or four of you who have suffered your way through this column in the past know that I’ve been skeptical about the CBD side of the cannabis equation – between lack of consistent sourcing, metrics, extraction formats, and studies that show efficacious dosing, I’ve been worried about the premature gold rush it’s engendered. 6 BEVNET MAGAZINE – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 2019

But then, last week, the puppy chewed up a lacrosse stick. So I decided that I was going to throw skepticism to the wind and dive deep into the many samples of CBD beverages that people have sent us. Over a four-day period, I’ve ingested fresh-pressed juice shots infused with up to 40 mg of hemp extract; I’ve chugged nano-encapsulated CBD suspended in sparkling water until I’ve belched bongwater; I ate almonds and gummies, dropped some CBD oil in my coffee, and just plain poured a couple of small test vials of it on my tongue. As I sit here at my desk slugging down the last of a mixed 8-pack of one brand, I can tell you that the effects have been varied, not life altering, but in some cases, with some products, I can feel stress reduction. In some cases, I think, it has worked. Look, I maintain my skepticism, but what I’ve done is create a regime where I’ve basically ingested about 60-80 milligrams, minimum, each day since Thursday (it’s Monday afternoon now) in various forms. That’s not the miligramper-pound recommendation that I’ve heard as a suggested metric for full efficacy, but it’s also an average – I’ve gone way over on some of those days. When it’s “worked,” the stress has quieted. I don’t know if it’s psychosomatic, if not having a couple of rhymeswith-Banhattans is helping my sleep, of if, dear lord, it’s actually a chemical reaction in my brain based on the ingestion of CBD. But at times, like at the end of the workday when my tolerance is down but there’s still more to do, or on Sunday evening when I’m thinking about the week to come, or now, when there’s a fluffy-yet-vicious beast punching his little puppy fangs

through my forearm, I’ve felt okay. Not great, but something has turned down the noise in my head that corresponds to the one they’d play in Scarface when Tony Montana decided someone had better stop pawing at his sister. I won’t tell you which ones have worked best – I’ve deliberately mixed-and-matched for days, knowing that showing one brand more favor is precarious given both the dollars at stake for a winning product and the variable contribution of my own physiology and psychology. But what I can tell you is that while my puppy has been going nuts in here – alternately barking for biltong and leaving a trail of chew toy guts on the floor – I’ve been quietly, calmly writing this column for the past hour or so (although you’d likely only imagine it has been a few minutes during a hayride, if it’s consistent with the quality of the work you’d typically read here). What I’ve described is a highly unscientific test with myself, a person known as a ball of insecure neuroses in a highly stressful – although largely painless, canine company excluded – occupation. I don’t know that from my reaction I’d want to gamble a couple of billion bucks on it. I’m not the only one in my office who has played around with CBD. Basically, we’ve been awash in different formats since the Farm Bill passed, and results have varied. There are plenty of things that I think it’s not helping. My plantar fasciitis is still aggravating me. My back hurts. I’m fat. But my brain has found a break here and there, and I believe that’s the CBD working. As with most of these things, until the studies come back, maybe that’s enough. Photo by Samara Doole on Unsplash











Springing Forward Into Fall Barry J. Nathanson PUBLISHER bnathanson@bevnet.com Jeffrey Klineman EDITOR-IN-CHIEF jklineman@bevnet.com Martín Caballero MANAGING EDITOR mcaballero@bevnet.com Ray Latif CONTRIBUTING EDITOR rlatif@bevnet.com Brad Avery REPORTER bavery@bevnet.com Justin Kendall NEWS EDITOR, BREWBOUND jkendall@bevnet.com Carol Ortenberg EDITOR, NOSH cortenberg@bevnet.com Erin Cabrey EDITORIAL ASSISTANT ecabrey@bevnet.com


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I returned to work today, after the Labor Day holiday weekend. It was a beautiful sunshiny day, with a nip of fall in the early morning air. I must admit I’m glad that summer is over, as it is my least favorite season, too hot and sticky. Still, I’ve learned to love it too. My 28 years in the industry has made me acutely aware of the importance of this season. Summer is the time that all my beverage friends and their brands make or break their years. If you didn’t have a stellar summer, you really can’t make it up in the fall to achieve your goals. So, I hope everyone is enjoyed success this go around. Fall is a great time to assess what has happened in the marketplace. This has been a busy time on many fronts. First, the pace of launches has gone unabated. CBD has garnered the lion’s share of coverage, leading the charge of new brands crossing our desks. The jury (and the government) is still out on the efficacy of CBD. It is still too soon to assess the impact it will have on our society. Anecdotally, the reviews/ results are all over the place. There are so many claims that really have no foundation. It’s hard to measure if it is the panacea it alleges to be. I really hope that CBD lives up to hype. If the benefits are true, 8 BEVNET MAGAZINE – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019

then we’re in for functional products that can change the way we live. Another aspect of the changing industry is the route to market. Distribution is at a crossroads. As the big guys acquire or take on brands for their trucks, it has forced the independents to be nimble and adaptable. Whereas previously, there would be an anchor brand or two in the houses, now they have to aggregate more small brands to make up for the major brands lost. It is a fine dance, but I’m seeing that these distributors are up for the task. That pleases me greatly. They have been the backbone of the industry and deserve nothing less. A third front is all about the investors. My conversations with marketers center on seeking funds to fuel growth. Every day, on our BevNET site, we post of the activity of these raises. It has been a good year for so many brands, as the money people, who too often talked the talk, but didn’t walk the walk, are now stepping up for many brands. The thresholds for putting funds in has been lowered to allow many small brands to partake in the game. That’s also a good thing. I’ve seen so many deserving brands die for lack of investors having the guts to support them. I’m glad the money is coming in. Enjoy the fall, it’s my favorite season. Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash



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AriZona Partners with Dixie Brands for Cannabis Product Line

AriZona Beverages is moving into the cannabis beverage market, announcing in August its signature of a letter of intent for a three-year partnership with cannabis products maker Dixie Brands Inc. Dixie CEO Chuck Smith told BevNET that the partnership — which can be renewed two times for up to four years at the end of its initial term — is likely to produce a variety of THC-infused products under the AriZona trademark, starting with vape pens and gummies. Smith said that while AriZona is most known for its beverages, the company decided to focus first on vape pens and gummies in order to “speak to the broad base of consumers in the cannabis industry today.” He noted that gummies are the largest selling infused products in the cannabis market while vapes are the largest selling concentrate product. Cannabis-infused beverage is a growing segment and Dixie has “a great opportunity” to create AriZona branded THC drinks “down the road,” he added. As part of the agreement, AriZona retains the right to

purchase up to $10 million in shares of Dixie Brands through the exercise of warrants valued at $0.59 per share for a term of up to 24 months from signing the partnership. Founded in 2010, Dixie produces a variety of THCinfused cannabis products, including drinkable elixirs, chocolates, gummies, mints, topicals, tablets and taffy. The company currently distributes products in Canada, California, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan and Nevada; However, the AriZona-branded products are likely to launch exclusively in California and Colorado before expanding to other states approved for legal recreational sales. According to Smith, AriZona will oversee product promotion, while Dixie will manage manufacturing, formulation, and distribution. He added that AriZona is likely to lend its broader portfolio to the new line; the company owns the Arnold Palmer Half & Half brand, as well as Good Brew and Golden Bear, though there are not yet any established plans to use these brands for the THC line.


Dunn’s River Brands Sells Controlling Interest in Temple

On July 31, turmeric-based beverage brand Temple announced Natur International Corp., a producer of plant-based food and beverages based in the Netherlands, had acquired a controlling interest in the company. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. According to a press release, Natur “plans to capitalize on the synergies of Temple’s strong presence in New York and Los Angeles” in addition to other regions. Along with snacks, the company specializes in high-pressure processed fruit and vegetable juices, including CBD-infused products. “This is an excellent opportunity to participate in the vibrant U.S. health and wellness beverage space by anticipating the opportunity to expand our portfolio with these fine products in the E.U. and Chinese markets,” said Paul Bartley, CEO of Share Natur, in the release. “Our company welcomes the Temple team and the launch of select European and U.S. products as a complement to our portfolio.” The deal comes slightly over a year after Temple was

purchased by Dunn’s River Brands, a New York-based portfolio company formed in partnership with private equity firm Fireman Capital Partners, in April 2018. The company also owns iced tea brands Tradewinds and Sweet Leaf Tea, both of which were purchased from Nestlé Waters North America in 2017. Founded in 2009 by Daniel Sullivan, Temple (formerly Temple Turmeric) has continuously evolved over the years: initially launched with a line of turmeric-infused ades, the brand has since marketed a variety of turmeric-enhanced beverages including elixirs, apple cider vinegar drinks, shots and even coffees. Following its acquisition by Dunn’s River Brands, which saw Ian Knowles succeed Sullivan as CEO, the brand showcased new packaging, labels and products aimed at shifting the brand’s identity from turmeric to the broader natural functional space. This included the launch of Temple’s first shelf-stable product — a line of carbonated “vitality supertonics” in 12 oz. slim cans.


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Hershey’s Picks Up ONE Bar To Enhance Snack Portfolio As part of its shift from confection to a broader snacking platform, Hershey announced in late August its acquisition of the low-sugar, high-protein ONE Brands portfolio. The purchase price, which was financed with cash on hand as well as short term borrowings, was $397 million, or approximately $325 million net of tax benefits. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2019. ONE, formerly known as Oh Yeah! Nutrition, was founded in 1999 by Ron McAfee. In January 2017 venture firm CAVU invested in the operation, pivoting the company to focus from OhYeah! Bars to the ONE brand. By October of that year, CAVU rebranded the line from a sports nutrition product to more of a lifestyle brand and brought aboard CPG veteran Peter Burns as CEO. Under Burns, who had just shepherd-

ed nut butter brand Justin’s through a sale to Hormel, sales execution accelerated. In March 2018, the company launched its Basix line, which is naturally sweetened with stevia versus the classic bar’s use of sugar alcohols. That release allowed ONE to expand deeper into the natural channel, an enhancement to the company’s existing business in mass, club and grocery. Hershey noted in a release that ONE will complement the Oatmega protein bar line, which was part of the company’s acquisition of Amplify Snacks in 2018. ONE bars have been showing strong growth in retail channels covered by data provider IRI, which indicated that the company was the fastest growing in the nutrition bar category for the 52 weeks preceding July 1, 2019. IRI pegged sales at just over $80 million for that period.

Quest Acquired for $1 Billion The Simply Good Foods Company, a producer of nutritional foods and snacking products, announced on August 22 its intention to acquire protein-centered brand Quest Nutrition for $1 billion in cash, or approximately $870 million net of tax benefits. Simply Good, which produces bars and shakes under the Atkins and Simply brands, financed the deal with approximately $225 million of cash on its balance sheet, as well as financing from Barclays, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs. The billion-dollar price tag represents a purchase price of approximately 14.3x adjusted EBITDA. In a release, Simply Good stated that the combined Atkins and Quest brands will generate an estimated $800 million in net sales. For the 12 months ending May 25, 2019, Simply Good reported $492 million in sales and $93

million in adjusted EBITDA, while Quest’s 2019 revenues is projected at approximately $345 million, with an adjusted EBITDA of $50 million. Founded in 2010 by Tom Bilyeu, Quest quickly grew to the No. 2 spot on the 2014 Inc. 5000 list, with reported 2013 revenues of $82.6 million and a three-year growth rate of 57,348%. In 2015, venture capital firm VMG invested in the El Segundo, Calif.-based company, in a deal reportedly valued at around $900 million, based on revenue of roughly


$300 million, according to website TheStreet.com. Though the company built its initial following through a variety of indulgence-inspired bars, Quest -- under the guiding principle of creating lownet-carbohydrate, low-sugar and high-protein products -has since expanded into adjacent categories of functional cookies, shake mixes, chips and frozen pizzas. While both Quest and Atkins are focused on fitness-minded shoppers, the latter has traditionally positioned itself as a weight-

loss alternative. Scalzo told analysts that Quest and Atkins consumers see “almost no overlap” despite both competing in the crowded bar space. Within the category, he added, Atkins is positioned as a “low-carb lifestyle brand,” while Quest is viewed as a “sports and active nutrition brand.” According to Simply Good, Quest’s bars (which also have the highest margin of all of its products) will account for 68% of the company’s revenue in 2019. Chips, cookies and “other products” -- including a line of frozen pizzas -- are estimated to account for only 9%, 8% and 10% of Quest’s sales, respectively. The company’s 2018 launches have seen varied adoption, with Quest’s pizza line seeing 100% net sales growth from 2018, its chips 70% net sales growth, and cookies only 11% net sales growth.


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Anheuser-Busch InBev Acquires Platform Beer Co.; Declines Option to Purchase CBA

Anheuser-Busch InBev is back in the craft beer M&A game. After a two-year hiatus following its May 2017 acquisition of Wicked Weed, the world’s largest beer manufacturer announced on August 7 the purchase of Cleveland, Ohiobased Platform Beer Co., a transaction that is expected to close in the third quarter. Platform co-founder Paul Benner told Brewbound that the craft brewery began “exploring different investment mechanisms” about six months ago in an effort to continue the company’s upward growth trajectory. He said the “autonomy and independence” in daily decision making that A-B provides to its craft brands helped him and co-founder Justin Carson ultimately decide to partner with the company. A-B will also provide Platform with resources to upgrade its facilities and provide its employees with additional benefits — such as improved medical, dental, vision, 401K match, and parental leave — and other professional development opportunities, Benner said. “We want to have a place that people love to work,” he added. “[W]e’ve never been able to offer some of those

resources, and now we can.” Meanwhile, the deadline for A-B to make a qualifying offer to acquire the remaining stake of Craft Brew Alliance (CBA) passed without an offer. The world’s largest beer manufacturer, which already owns 31.3% of the smaller Portland, Oregon-headquartered craft beer maker, had until August 23 to either make an offer for the remaining stake in the company at a minimum of $24.50 per share (about $328 million) or pay a $20 million fee. Ultimately, A-B decided to pay the one-time fee to CBA, whose brands include Kona Brewing, Widmer Brothers, Redhook, and Omission, among others. In a statement, Andy Thomas, CEO of CBA, called A-B’s decision “disappointing” but said, now that the company’s immediate ownership situation is clear, “management can turn its attention to refining strategic alternatives to maximize shareholder value.” “Looking to the future, we are optimistic that our healthy balance sheet, bolstered by the $20 million payment, and strategic investments in innovation and increased brand awareness will enable us to deliver long-term shareholder value,” he said.


Boston Beer Company Launches Draft Truly on Tap Offering

Truly Hard Seltzer-maker Boston Beer Company has launched Truly on Tap,a new draftonly hard seltzer, nationwide. Boston Beer CEO Dave Burwick told Brewbound that Truly on Tap shares many of the attributes of a vodka soda, describing the offering as “effervescent,” “clear,” and “finished with a squeeze of fresh fruit,” but with a lower ABV. “Truly on Tap is closer to original

seltzer and meant to be finished off with a squeeze of fresh fruit like lemon or lime,” he said of the product, which checks in at 5% ABV and 100 calories, with 1 gram each of sugar and carbs. According to the sales sheet, Boston Beer appears to be positioning Truly on Tap as an alternative to light beer and spirits geared towards capturing happy-hour and game-day occasions during the upcoming football season. In other Truly

news, Boston Beer is backing the brand with a national advertising campaign featuring five 15-second commercials that star comedian and actor KeeganMichael Key. In the ads, Key attempts to find other uses for beer, wine and spirits – watering a plant with a light beer, using a wine bottle as a candle holder, cleaning tires with vodka, substituting whiskey as lighter fluid, and varnishing a wooden chair with Scotch.

Coming Fall 2019 A TASTE of HOLIDAY JOY!




Plant Milk Plant-based milk maker Elmhurst 1925 announced the expansion of its Barista Editions line with its new Hemp Barista Edition, and has also debuted Single Serve Milked Oats, an 11 oz. version of its 32 oz. Milked Oats. Elmhurst Hemp Barista Edition is available online now at the brand’s website and on Amazon.com with an SRP of $6.99 per 32 oz. carton, while the Single Serve Milked Oats are available online now with an SRP of $4.99 per carton. For more information, please contact Elmhurst 1925 at (888) 356-1925

Kombucha Brew Dr. Kombucha released its newest flavor, Dark Cherry Vanilla, a limited release crafted in collaboration with James Beard Award-winning chef Joshua McFadden. The new launch is available in 14 oz. and 32 oz. bottles through October. For more information, please contact Brew Dr. at (503) 235-3656.

Energy Drinks Caffeinated sparkling water maker Clear/Cut Phocus has launched its new Peach flavor, containing 75 mg of caffeine per can, available nationwide and on the brand’s website for $19.99 per 12-pack. For more information, contact Clear/Cut Phocus at (866) 746-2891. BRWD Refreshing Energy is a new caffeinated plant-based beverage designed to quench thirst and lift energy levels, utilizing a non-GMO barley malt extract base. BRWD Refreshing Energy is available at $2.99-$3.50 per can at retail stores in New York, California and Chicago, and on Amazon in 4-packs. For more information, please contact BRWD at (914) 460-7372.

Juice Perrier has introduced Perrier & Juice drink, featuring Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water mixed with real fruit juices, sugar and other natural flavors. Perrier & Juice drink is available in three flavor combinations – Strawberry & Kiwi, Peach & Cherry, and Pineapple & Mango – in 8.45 oz. slim can 4-packs and 11.15 oz. sleek 16 BEVNET MAGAZINE – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019

cans at retailers nationwide. For more information, contact Perrier at (800) 937-2002.

CBD Natural Hemp Company introduced its first brand, Day One CBD Sparkling Water, infused with 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD. The CBD Sparkling Water is currently available in lemon flavor on the brand’s website and variety of retail locations nationwide. For more information, contact sales@dayonecbd.com. The Ranch Companies, founded by Mike Tyson and Rob Hickman, has announced the launch of DWiiNK, a new line of CBD-enhanced beverages. DWiiNK beverages are infused with 10 mg of CBD and available in four flavors: Original (Unflavored), Pineapple Orange, Watermelon and Mixed Berry. DWiiNK will be initially available at convenience stores in Los Angeles, at $3.99 for a 16.9 oz. bottle. For more information, please contact info@dwiink.com. Functional beverage brand Tempo has announced the launch of a cannabis-infused wellness shot line, infused with 25 mg of hemp-derived CBD. The 2.5 oz. wellness shots are available in caffeinated and caffeine free varieties on the brand’s website for $60 per 12-pack. For more information, please contact info@tempobev.com. Grateful Water has launched a line of Sparkling Hemp Infused Waters, containing 20 mg of hemp extract and no THC or artificial flavors. Grateful Water’s four flavors, Blood Orange, Key Lime, Coconut and Passion Fruit, are available in select stores and online for $71.88 per 12-pack of 12 oz. cans. For more information, please contact Grateful Water at (808) 225-1118. CBD beverage company Kickback released a new line of CBD lemonade products, featuring three flavors: Lemony Lemon, Strawberry Sunshine and Mellow Mango; each and contains 5 mg of CBD per 12 oz. bottle. The new line is available for pre-order on the brand’s website. For more information, contact Kickback at orders@enjoykickback.com. Good Day has announced the launch of a line of premium CBD-infused beverages, in three varieties: cold brew coffee, citrus sparkling water and chamomile herbal tea. Each 8.4 oz.

NEW PRODUCTS aluminum can contains 15 mg of CBD from hemp extract and is sold in 7-packs for a oneweek supply at $42 ($6 per can) on the brand’s website. For more information, please contact Good Day at (800) 440-5184.

Sports Drinks 7-Select Replenish is a new, private-label sports drink available exclusively at 7-Eleven stores in four flavors: lemonade, orange mango, cucumber mint, and guava splash. Sweetened with stevia and real sugar, the electrolyte-infused hydration beverage is available at a suggested retail price of $1.99 per 28 oz. bottle. For more information, please contact 7-Eleven at (800) 255-0711 G Fuel Energy Formula – the official energy drink of Esports – has announced its first-ever ready-to-drink version in 16 oz. cans, now available to buy at gfuel.com. Available in four flavors, FaZeberry, Blue Ice, Sour Cherry, and Rainbow Sherbet, the new RTD version is available in 4-packs and 12-packs (single flavor or variety) for $10.99 and $31.99, respectively. For more information, please contact G Fuel Energy Formula at (877) 426-6262.

Creamers Plant-based beverage brand Silk expanded its line of Oat Yeah oat milk products with Oat Yeah Oatmilk Creamer, crafted using glutenfree oats. The creamers are available in Vanilla and Oatmeal Cookie flavors at grocery stores nationwide including Target, Walmart and Sprouts with a suggested retail price of $4.29 per quart. For more information, please contact Silk at (888) 820-9283. Starbucks has entered the creamer category with the launch of Starbucks Creamers with Nestle. The line is available in three flavors, Caramel, White Chocolate, and Cinnamon Dolce, inspired by customer-favorite beverages from Starbucks cafés. The new line is available in 28 oz. bottles for $4.99. For more information, please contact Nestle at (800) 225-2270.

Coffee Coffee roaster La Colombe launched its Oatmilk Draft Latte in a convenient 9 oz. ready-todrink (RTD) can, now available at the com18 BEVNET MAGAZINE – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019

pany’s 30 cafes, on its own website, on Amazon, and in select retailers nationwide, including Wegmans and Harris Teeter. Suggested retail price is $3.49. The plant-based, dairy-free lattes come in three varieties: original, vanilla and caramel. For more information, please contact La Colombe at (800) 563-0860.

Mixers MINGLE Mocktails, a line of zero-proof ready to drink beverages, has launched its newest flavor, Blood Orange Elderflower, containing 40 calories per 8 oz. serving. The new flavor is available in 750 mL bottles for a suggested retail price of $8.99-$9.99 each. The brand is available online at Amazon, igourmet.com, and the brand’s website, as well as select grocers and retailers in the Northeast. For more information, please contact Mingle Mocktails at (888) 245-5566. Small-batch beverage and cocktail ingredient maker The Bitter Housewife announced the launch of its canned Bitters & Soda, made up of 10 different spices and dried cherries. Bitters & Soda is available at a suggested retail price of $3 per can, $12 per 4-pack nationwide online and in select stores throughout the Portland, Oregon area. For more information, please contact The Bitter Housewife at info@thebitterhousewife.com.

Functional Beverages Biotechnology company Bio-Up Mimetic Technologies Inc. has launched Bio-Up, a functional beverage brand using a liposome delivery system that the brand claims delivers nutrients more efficiently into the bloodstream. The brand has developed two functional teas, Cholesterol Aid and Cardio Vitality, said to promote heart health and healthy cholesterol levels while providing essential nutrients for the brain and cellular function. Both varieties are sold on the company’s website for $35.88 per 12-pack of 500 mL bottles. For more information, please contact Bio-Up at contact@biouptech.com.

Shots CBD brand Sunday Scaries extended into ready-to-drink with its new launch, YOLO Shots, combining 200 mg of caffeine and 50 mg of CBD per 2 oz. bottle. The line’s three flavors, Coconut Lime, Sour Fruit Punch, and Tropical

Pineapple, are sold on the brand’s website for $69 per 12-pack. For more information, please contact Sunday Scaries at (619) 892-7174.

Spirits CANTEEN is a new sparkling RTD vodka and soda line made with all-natural flavors without sugar, carbohydrates, or sodium and containing 99 calories per can. The 5% ABV beverage is available in Black Cherry, Watermelon, Grapefruit, Lime, and Cucumber Mint flavors in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans for $12.99. For more information, please contact CANTEEN at explore@drinkcanteen.com. Pure Azul Beverage Company announced the launch of Azulana – a ready-to-drink sparkling tequila beverage, crafted using blue agave tequila and sweetened with agave nectar. It’s available in three unique flavors – Original, Lime, and Pineapple Rosemary. Each 12 oz. can of Azulana is 4.3% ABV, contains 145 calories, and retails at $13.99 per 4-pack. Azulana is currently distributed in the Southern California region. For more information, please contact Pure Azul Beverage Company at info@azulana.life. The Long Drink introduced Long Drink Zero, the first new product extension off the classic Finnish beverage category. The new release contains zero sugar, 92 calories and is 5.5% ABV. It’s currently available on the brand’s website and at a variety of premium liquor stores, bars and restaurants. For more information, please contact the Long Drink at Tom.sullivan@thelongdrink.com Hood River Distillers, the largest and oldest importer, distiller and marketer of distilled spirits in the Northwest, has unveiled the newest addition to its American Whiskey portfolio – Easy Rider Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The new launch is now available on the West Coast for a suggested retail price of $24.95 for 750ml. For more information, contact Hood River Distillers at (541) 386-1588. North Carolina’s Durham Distillery released its third canned cocktail – CONNIPTION Gin Rosé Spritz – made with CONNIPTION American Dry Gin, rose wine, natural strawberry and lemon, house-made simple syrup and club soda. The new canned cocktail is 11% ABV, and available in 4-packs for $14.95. For more information, contact Durham Distillery at (919) 937-2121. 19


SPOTLIGHT CATEGORY BOTTLED WATER The cut-over to conventional channels is starting to register for brands like Essentia and CORE, as can be observed in the numbers below. As they gain accounts in mainstream grocery, drug, and warehouse channels, their data gets rolled in with the rest of the category, and the iceberg that’s been forming in the independent and natural channels below that waterline begins to surface. It’s been a long journey for both brands in crowded seas, but premium products are on the rise. Even big-company responses to erstwhile independents, like PepsiCo’s Life WTR, are growing ahead of the category – expect others to appear in the top ranks soon enough. BOTTLED WATER BRAND



Private Label









Glaceau Smart Water



Nestle Pure Life



Poland Spring



Glaceau Vitamin Water



Deer Park









Ice Mountain

































Energy Drinks



Bottled Juices






Bottled Water



Liquid Drink Enhancers



SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm-@iriworldwide% 52 Weeks through 8/11/19









Starbucks Frappuccino






Starbucks Doubleshot






Java Monster



International Delight



Coca Cola Dunkin Donuts



Starbucks Espresso Classics







Califia Farms


Private Label



Bolthouse Farms Perfectly Protein



Starbucks Tripleshot






Monster Caffe



Private Label



Starbucks Cold Brew



Nestle Coffee Mate Natural Bliss



Starbucks Doubleshot Light



Chameleon Cold Brew










Lipton Pure Leaf



Private Label






Gold Peak



Gold Peak






Lipton Brisk



GTs Kombucha Synergy



Monster Rehab



Red Diamond






Turkey Hill











Lipton Pure Leaf



Diet Snapple



Health Ade



AriZona Arnold Palmer



GTs Synergy



Lipton Diet

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5 Hour Energy







Stacker 2 Xtra



Private Label



Stacker 2



Rhino Rush






Stacker 2 Extreme



Vital 4U Screamin Energy Max Hit



Rip It Energy Fuel






Red Bull



Monster Energy



VPX Bang



Red Bull Sugar Free



Monster Energy Zero Ultra






Monster Energy Lo Carb



Monster Mega Energy



Red Bull The Blue Edition



Red Bull The Yellow Edition





Gatorade Perform







Gatorade Frost



Powerade ION4



G Zero


956.6% 99.6%

Bodyarmor Superdrink


Powerade Zero ION4



Gatorade G2 Perform



Gatorade Fierce








Premier Protein







Private Label


4.5% -0.9%

Muscle Milk


Pedia Sure






Slim Fast



Ensure Plus









SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm-@iriworldwide% 52 Weeks through 8/11/19

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Fall Excitement Are we approaching a golden age for Journalists of a certain age – those of us who use “TK” as a placeholder for a name or word we’ll plug in later (maybe), or who end our articles with “-30-,” or who recall literally cutting-and-pasting articles together using those indispensable pre-digital tools, the metal rule and glue pot – often were drawn to the profession by the romance of datelines like “BEIRUT, Lebanon” or “DIEN BEN PHU, Vietnam” or “DURBAN, South Africa.” And who could resist the allure of those “I’m out there somewhere” datelines that we’d encounter in our modern history and current affairs classes, along the lines of “ABOARD PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT’S FUNERAL TRAIN” or “SOUTH OF CAPE HORN, STEAMING TOWARD MUMBAI” or “BIVOUACKING WITH CASTRO’S REBELS IN THE SIERRA MAESTRA MOUNTAINS”? During my childhood in a placid but dull New York neighborhood, frying up some frijoles with Fidel in the underbrush seemed like a heady escape. Though I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my career (and am sorry few in today’s generation have an equal chance of making a living pursuing it), my lot proved not to be the thrilling escapades of a foreign correspondent but the more prosaic career of a business writer chained for long hours to various desks around New York. These days, to buoy my spirits, I occasionally offer up a dateline like “AT WHOLE FOODS’ FLAGSHIP STORE IN AUSTIN, MARCHING FROM THE BIKE REPAIR WALL TO THE COLD-PRESSED JUICE COOLER,” but it never gets past the copy editors. Still, that’s not to say I don’t cover a supremely exciting business, one with more than its share of romance and allure and drama. As we head into the fall trade-show frenzy, when beverage marketers start to show their hand for 2020, I thought I’d offer up some plotlines – and datelines – that are getting my juices flowing.

DATELINE: LACROIX. The sparkling water juggernaut is subsiding but what will replace it? National Beverage is confronting any number of challenges on its onetime wonder brand La Croix, from bad PR to an underdeveloped DSD presence. Still, I think a lot of it is simply consumer 24 BEVNET MAGAZINE – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019

boredom: La Croix provided a charming escape from CSDs, but its thin flavor may be incurring palate fatigue in some users. So what’s going to pick up the slack? Obviously, it’s already drawn an array of copycats, notably Pepsi’s Bubly. Or will there be another turn of the screw as marketers look to liven up the impact? A richer flavor palate, as with Waterloo, or a hint of caffeine as with Limitless and New Wave and Avitae? A tea base, as with Sound? Many marketers struggling to grow in their core categories are viewing lighter, sparkling extensions as a solution. It will be fascinating to see how this sweepstakes plays out. It’s not out of the question, of course, that National itself will pull a rabbit out of a hat and find a way to reinvigorate La Croix.

DATELINE: CAFFEINE. Where does an intensifying arms race end up? As I often remind my newsletter readers, it wasn’t that many years ago that the leaders of the biggest energy drink companies were avowing on Capitol Hill that they would keep their caffeine payloads modest, amid a furor over whether energy drinks, and caffeine more broadly, are dangerous, particularly to young consumers. That was definitely then. Since then we’ve seen the spectacular success of Bang Energy inaugurate a caffeine race that’s brought responses from Pepsi/Rockstar, Pepsi/Starbucks, Coca-Cola/Monster and a flock of smaller players. (So far, Red Bull has stood pat.) Where is this headed? (Some answers should be visible at the NACS convenience store show next month.) Are the energy marketers at risk of prompting another backlash?

DATELINE: PLASTIC. How extensive will the bottle backlash become? In the wake of the 2007/8 near-depression, bottled water found itself in a perfect storm, as consumers curtailed their discretionary spending and high-end restaurants made a show of ousting their bottled waters on sustainability grounds. It didn’t last long, and soon premium waters were the envy of the beverage sector. Now another backlash is looming, starting at corporate campuses, not just of tech players like LinkedIn but even blue-chip players like JP Morgan. Is it for real this time? And if it is, what are the

options? Glass poses its liabilities in terms of breakage, shipping weight and cost, and cans haven’t completely solved the problem of BPA in their linings. (Besides, with sparkling waters, hard seltzers and canned wines all surging, there’s barely any capacity available for canned products.) Lightweighting plastic bottles is only a half-step forward, just as natural gas is only a half-step in the direction of eliminating carbon from our fuel sources. Will any real solutions emerge? Or will consumers turn to other concerns and forget about it again?

DATELINE: KOMBUCHA. Will producers get their act together? Kombucha is a great segment, but it’s riven lately by factionalism, as category pioneer GT Dave lashes out at his newer competitors as inauthentic, and everyone maneuvers around the destabilizing issues of alcohol and whether or not essentially shelf-stable products can still be claimed to be “raw.” An effort by the trade association to devise a Standard of Identity seems only to have further inflamed views. And I notice that hardly any journalists (certainly not myself) ever are allowed into a kombucha production facility, whether for competitive reasons or something else. (It would be easier to flag down a donkey for a ride up into the Sierra Maestra.) It sure would be nice if the industry could get on the same page on transparency and equitable standards and really start to accelerate.

DATELINE: THE BIG GUYS. Will their M&A spree continue? So far, we’ve seen a lot of ingenuity from the big beverage players as they deploy incubation investments, accelerator arms and outright acquisitions to boost their toplines, but not so much in the way of results. These efforts bring them enough relevance to muddle along, but nobody can claim to have cracked the code of consistent innovation. With results so tepid, will the pendulum swing back from today’s “M&A is the new R&D” to more internalized efforts at innovation? Or is the current system good enough, as the major players focus on price realization and other measures of success? Longtime beverage-watcher Gerry Khermouch is executive editor of Beverage Business Insights, a twice-weekly e-newsletter covering the nonalcoholic beverage sector.



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The National Association of

Georgia World

October 2 – 4, 2019

Approximately 23,500

Convenience Stores (NACS)

Congress Center

Wed. 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Annual Expo

Atlanta, GA

Thurs. 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Fri. 7:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

NEW THIS YEAR: CBD Pavillion and Education Sessions While NACS decided to forbid CBD products on the show floor last year, this year the association is fully embracing the cannabinoid with a CBD Pavilion exhibitor showcase in Hall C and two specialized education sessions.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS Tuesday, October 1

Wednesday, October 2

Thursday, October 3

Friday, October 4

3:45 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

10:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

10:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

Jim Knight: Owner and found-

Robyn Benincasa: Founder and

Henry Armour: NACS Presi-

Daymond John: CEO of both

er of Knight Speaker, who will

CEO of World Class Teams,

dent and CEO, who will dis-

FUBU and The Shark Group, the

discuss optimizing the in-store

who will discuss the mindset

cuss new trends and concepts

“Shark Tank” host will discuss

customer experience

needed to build unified teams.

redefining convenience.

creating a positive work culture.







5-hour Energy




Flow Alkaline Spring Water


Adrenaline Shoc


CForce Bottling


Gas Monkey Energy




Constellation Brands




Arizona Iced Tea Energy Shots


Danone North America


GT's Living Foods


Avitae USA, LLC



GURU Organic Energy


Bang Energy / VPX / Redline


Dunkin Brands


HALO Sport




E & J Gallo Winery


Harmless Harvest


brooklyn bottling




Harvest Hill Beverage Company


Bug Juice


Essentia Water LLC






Eternal Water


High Brew Coffee


Cafe Agave




Hint, Inc


Califia Farms


FIJI Water





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Icelandic Glacial




Stratus Beverage Group


KDP / FORTO Coffee






Keurig Dr Pepper


Peet's Beverages


TEN Spring Water


La Colombe




The Coca Cola Company


LaCroix Beverages Inc.


Pocas International Corp.


The Pickle Juice Company LLC


Last Call Beverages


Polar Beverages




LIFEAID Beverage Company


Power Supplements LLC


Tweaker Energy Drink Company


Liquid Ice Energy Drink


Prairie Farms Dairy




Magic Bullet Rebound Nutra.


Red Bull North America


Vita Coco / RUNA Coconut Water






VitaCup Vitamin Infused Coffee


Monster Energy Company




Vitamin Energy LLC


Nestle Waters North America


Royal Cup Coffee & Tea


VOSS Artesian Water








New Age Beverages Corporation


Shamrock Farms


Water Joe Caffeinated Water


Niagara Bottling, LLC








Sparkling Ice/Talking Rain




Numi Organic Tea


Spindrift Beverage Co


Yerbae, LLC


Outlaw Beverage


Springtime Water



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NACs Booth: #1043 27

KIDS BEVERAGES: THE SHAPE OF WATER As parents drink more water than ever, established brands and ambitious startups are diving into the nascent category of kids waters. By Martin Caballero

If this generation of kids ends up anything like their parents, they’ll be drinking a lot of water. Among other things – hurricanes in Alabama, the death of Prince – this past decade will be remembered as the one in which U.S. consumers, spurred on by a combination of mainly healthrelated factors, put down their sugary beverages and soft drinks in favor of bottled water. Fueled by the success of zero-calorie sparkling waters and premium-positioned still varieties, bottled water is both the most consumed segment of the beverage market, and that impact is starting to be felt in kids drinks. As parents seek to steer their children towards healthier options – namely ones with less sugar and no artificial additives – pure water would seemingly present the ideal choice. That theory is in the midst of being tested; over the past several years, both established brands and ambitious startups have staked individual claims to a piece of this potentially fertile new territory of kids waters. New drinks from Juicy Juice and Apple & Eve show how legacy juice brands are incorporating water in their kids product assortments, while new players like Rethink, Hapi Water and WONDER+WELL have focused exclusively on


delivering hydration for young people. Yet while consumer buying habits and nutrition trends are providing healthy tailwinds for the nascent category, developing a strong identity for a kids water – to say nothing of building a business around that concept – remains a challenge for all involved, particularly in the face of declining sales for the entire kid-positioned beverage market. Changing Market As emerging brands attempt to forge a market for kids waters, they are entering a category grappling with shifts in consumers’ diet and nutritional preferences. Changing attitudes towards sugar, including fruit juice, and dairy are being felt across retail channels, sparking an overall sales decline in the category. According to data from market research group SPINS, sales for the $1.6 billion kid-positioned beverage segment fell by 7.4% over the past year. Within the classification, the two largest categories by dollar share – shelf-stable juices and refrigerated drinkable yogurts and kefir – took the biggest hits, the former suffering sales declines of 6.9% from last year and the latter dropping 9.0%.

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

The overall decline in kids beverages sales is being driven down by weak performance from conventional and specialty positioned products. The former has recorded an 8.6% decrease in dollar sales over the last year, falling by nearly $100 million, while the latter has seen a 19.3% drop. Just as in other categories, however, the trend away from sugar and dairy has been a boon for natural and plant-based beverages. In the kids beverage segment, natural positioned products saw a 12.2% increase in sales to $89.6 million. The emerging market for kid-focused plant-based milks – which has seen brands like Ripple, OWYN and Elmhurst recently get involved – also showed strong growth of 40.4% in the past year, edging close to $1 million in sales. For years, soda has been the primary target in the backlash against sugar-sweetened drinks; However, other beverages that have traditionally been popular with kids – fruit juice and chocolate milk, for example – are also now seen as less-than-healthy options. Some research now suggests that getting kids to not only drink less sugar but also to consume more water is a critical component in fighting obesity, which affects about 13.7 million U.S. children and adolescents aged 2-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A recent study conducted by the Water, Health and Nutrition Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University found that 20% of U.S. children don’t drink any water on any given day. Moreover, the study found that children who did not drink water consumed an extra 93 calories daily on average compared with those who did, with 10% of those calories coming from sugary drinks. The research did not establish a definitive cause and effect relationship between drinking water and consuming less calories, but underscored the relationship between dehydration and increased risk of weight gain, obesity and diabetes. Building the Bridge As kids grow into young adults and become independent consumers themselves, they will emerge as a driving force in shaping industry trends. Assuming the momentum behind better-for-you products continues unabated, they will become the water buyers of the future, and brands in the space are poised to grow alongside them. For legacy brands playing in juice and dairy, water presents a way to extend 30 BEVNET MAGAZINE – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019

their trademarks beyond those struggling categories. As previously noted, Juicy Juice, a leader in aseptic and shelf-stable kids juice products, launched its first ever flavored water beverage – the sugar-free Juicy Waters – this August in 8-packs of 6.75 oz. juice boxes. Meanwhile, Apple & Eve introduced Cool Waters, which is sweetened with organic fruit juice, in the same format in April. “We want to provide our consumers with different options that will help them lead healthier lives,” said Seth French, president of Apple & Eve parent company Lassonde Pappas, in a press release. A new generation of low-sugar kids drinks have also added another layer of complexity to the market. Products like Roar Kids, Honest Kids and Good2Grow – positioned as lightly sweetened low

calorie juice beverages sweetened with fruit concentrate – occupy a distinct space separate from kids waters, even if some of the better-for-you appeal crosses over between them. Amidst falling overall sales for shelf-stable juice, sales data from IRI shows brands like Good2Grow (10.5% growth) and Honest Kids (over $81 million in sales through mid-August) still performing well. The former brand, as well as Roar, have found success by partnering with the likes of Disney, Marvel and DC Comics to feature popular characters on its product labels. For some brands, the line between appealing to kids and adults is virtually nonexistent. JUST Water, founded by actor/entertainer Jaden Smith, offers “responsibly sourced” spring water in sustainable, recyclable packaging. Those call-



ROARorganic.com @ ROARorganic #FindYourRoar

outs – along with the launch of naturally flavored SKUs infused with fruit – has helped JUST position itself as an option for kids without an explicit shift in messaging or branding. As marketing gurus will continue to preach, beverage makers shouldn’t overlook the importance of creating products that speak to consumers in an authentic and transparent manner, first and foremost. “We’re finding that kids get what JUST is about intuitively,” said JUST CEO Ira Laufer in an email. “They gravitate to it because they recognize that it’s a step in the direction that they want to move.” Like JUST, Hint Water has also leveraged its success in the bottled water section as a means to enter the kids drink aisle, offering the same product with a different positioning and package format. The brand had previously explored a kid-positioned line in the late 2000s, but founder and CEO Kara Goldin explained that she decided to focus on developing a single core line rather than two products, each with different category buyers. Having established Hint as a significant player in the flavored zero-calorie water market, the company returned to the kids section in December 2018 with the launch of a four-SKU line for children in a 200 ml Tetra Pak “juice box” format. The brand’s established customer base and proven track record in the water category helped it breakthrough on a shelf in which legacy brands still exert a tight grip, according to Goldin. “I think the challenge in the kids juice aisle is the same fight that we’ve seen for years in the soda and water aisles,” she said. “If you’re a small startup that does not have a brand name or does not have a story of being able to [have success] in another area of the store, I think it’s really hard.” In other cases, the difference between “adult” and “kid” water is less obvious: Hellowater’s experience in developing a kid-positioned version of its fiber-infused zero-calorie flavored water line showed some of the subtle but important nuances involved in crafting water drinks for younger audiences. During Natural Products Expo East 2018, the Chicago-based company showcased a three-SKU kids line in 8 oz. PET bottles that employed the same naming convention as the core product, with varieties like Smile, Sing and Dance. Using a smiling “emoji” face 32 BEVNET MAGAZINE – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019

as its mascot, the brand was intended to appeal to kids aged 3-7 years old and give them an entry point into Hellowater that could ideally continue with the core product as they grow older. Yet, during discussions with Walmart earlier this year, a different option emerged. In addition to taking on two flavors from Hellowater’s core 16 oz. lineup, the big box retailer asked for one SKU in the 8 oz. format, but minus the kid branding. That version, labeled “mini,” launched at 800 Walmart stores in April in 4-packs of Mixed Berry. While that might seem to preclude the launch of the kids line in earnest, Hellowater co-founders Rusty Jones and Tom Bushkie believe there will ultimately be room for both to coexist. “We believe there’s an opportunity for both the mini and the kids branded lines,”

egories, though, packaging materials and formats can also communicate a brand’s values. Case-in-point: When Hellowater does finally release its kids line – at the end of this year or the beginning of 2020, according to Jones and Bushkie – it will be in a Tetra Pak juice box, a move that speaks to sustainability while opening up more merchandising and case-stacking options in-store. “Walmart has been a great partner for us, and as they look to 2025 and beyond with sustainability and reducing plastic packaging, that’s kind of what moves us in the direction of Tetra Pak,” said Bushkie. “It also becomes more of a variety pack, more of a bundle that can be purchased in bulk.” The common denominator for many brands in this space? Balance. A holistic brand platform that can extend from

said Jones. “It’s easier to create a brand with the kids line, and our goal with the emoji line is to create these characters around it, much like the M&Ms characters, and that really brings this brand to life. That takes a lot of time and effort but we think there’s definitely a path forward from a marketing standpoint.” Packaging can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to differentiate a kids drink from an adult-positioned beverage, and water brands in the kids space have also been exploring what is possible in that area. To that end, companies have mostly come in familiar formats: Hint, Juicy Juice and Rethink have each adopted 6.75 oz. juice boxes for their kids waters, while Hapi Water is packaged in 6 oz. pouches. As has happened in other beverage cat-

children to adults, with unique products (or formats) that connect with different age demographics, offers multiple touchpoints for consumers to engage with the brand. Developing an kid-exclusive water brand is a bigger challenge, though not impossible; earlier this year, Hapi Water was awarded a $100,000 grant from PepsiCo’s Nutrition Greenhouse accelerator program. Hint’s founder, as well, seems to think that a whole-family approach is going to have generational dividends. “We’ve got a consumer base already that is looking to get their household healthier and I think that, very similar to what Honest did, we were able to play off our existing customer base to the rest of their family and household that may choose to have a smaller format,” said Goldin.


Sneakz Organic has expanded its presence in the Southeast by entering over 900 Publix stores with its Chocolate and Vanilla milkshakes. This fall, the brand will also be launching Meal2Grow, an organic, non-GMO, kosher, gluten free, vegan kids complete nutritional supplement. Hint. This spring, Hint launched a new line of unsweetened flavored water in 200 ml (6.75 oz.) kid-friendly boxes. The new line contains no juice, no sugar, no diet sweeteners, no colors, no calories and no preservatives. All four flavors (watermelon, cherry, blackberry and apple) are currently available in 32-count variety packs and recently debuted 8-packs in over 7,000 stores, including chains such as Albertsons, Stop & Shop and Harris Teeter. Juicy Juice. In August, Juicy Juice released three new product lines to

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retailers nationwide. Reduced sugar line Juicy Juice Fruitifuls Organic is available in single-serve juice boxes and a new multi-serve 59 oz. bottle in Apple, Fruit Punch, and Grape. Sold in 8-packs of 6 oz. pouches, Juicy Juice + Protein is a shelf-stable whey protein beverage with 5 grams of protein per serving. Finally, Juicy Juice Juicy Waters is a sugar-free flavored water available in 8-packs of 6.75 oz. boxes in Fruit Punch, Orange, and Strawberry Watermelon flavors. Honest Kids. In January 2020, HONEST Kids will introduce two new flavors in 6 oz. Tetra boxes: Strawberry Peachy Keen and Berry Good Lemonade. These new flavors are available in 8-count boxes for a suggested retail price of $3.38-$3.99. Apple & Eve. In addition to launching a 64 oz. format for its Organics line, Apple & Eve recently introduced Cool Waters, a fruit flavored water designed for kids. Sweetened with organic fruit juice and enhanced with vitamin C, the product contains 3 to 4 grams of sugar and 15 to 20 calories per serving, depending on the SKU. Hapi Drinks. In April, Hapi Drinks was awarded the grand prize in the PepsiCo Nutrition Greenhouse program and received a $100,000 grant. The brand has also expanded its presence at Walmart to 1,500 total locations and entered supermarket chain Big Y, bringing its total store count to nearly 3,000 stores. ROAR Organic has announced Kids ROAR, a USDA Certified Organic line of electrolyte-infused drinks available in three flavors: Orange, Watermelon and Blue Raspberry. KIDS Roar, which contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, is available at select retailers including HEB and Wegmans as well as on Amazon.com.

As cold-pressed juice moves into the next stage after its mid-decade height as a hot beverage trend, the subcategory continues to grow but leaves behind a reformed field of wholesale players marketing lower-priced offerings, alongside new competition from the private label space. Many brands that launched amid the category’s innovation wave in the first half of the decade have since moved on from juice: Forager Project, Sol-ti, and Pressery are just a few of these companies to shift their core focus towards other products. Meanwhile, early leaders in the sector such as Evolution Fresh and Suja have sought to expand their portfolios with new lines like kombucha, plant-milks, shots, and drinking vinegars in order to supplement their juice business and ride the growth of other emerging categories. According to market research firm SPINS, in July retail dollar sales for the U.S. refrigerated juice market in the natural, specialty gourmet, and conventional multi outlet channels declined 1.9% to $6 billion – a loss of about $118 million driven largely by a drop in pasteurized juices. Within that space, branded high pressure processed (HPP) juices fell 8% to $107 million. Not reflected in those numbers, however, were private label HPP juices, which SPINS noted now accounts for 13% of the segment and growing. To boot, in the natural channel sales for branded HPP products were up 19.1% to $26.7 36 BEVNET MAGAZINE – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019

million. While cold-pressed may provide a silver lining, as a whole, the category has suffered as consumers reduce their sugar intake. According to market research firm Euromonitor International, from 2013-2018 the U.S. market for all packaged juice products fell 5.7% from $19.3 billion to $18.2 billion. The decline shows no signs of reversing as the category is projected to fall as much as 7.2% by 2023 to $16.9 billion. With juice at large lagging, Alexander Esposito, research analyst at Euromonitor, told BevNET that new consumers are still finding their way into cold-pressed juice “thanks mostly to being perceived as significantly healthier than other juice products which are suffering mostly due to their sugar content.” COLD-PRESSED MAINSTREAMS AT A COST While HPP and cold-pressed juice helped introduce a new style of premiumization into the juice category – trading on its improved flavor profiles, functional ingredients, and the perceived benefits of its processing method – the trend also came with a high price point, sometimes commanding prices north of $10 for a single unit. Charlie Wettlaufer, president and CMO of juice press manufacturer Goodnature, told BevNET that he believes one contribution to the category’s shake out began around 2016 when leading brands began driving wholesale prices down in order to better compete on shelf in mainstream channels. With an influx of startups looking to seize on the trend, many in the category felt pressure to reduce costs to reach a $3.994.99 price point, Wettlaufer said. But as a result, quality suffered as brands reformulated

their products to include purees and added water or tea. The companies that did maintain a premium positioning meanwhile struggled against significantly cheaper competitors. “In order to compete on price, companies either had to shift away from real coldpressed juice, or they just went out of business,” Wettlaufer said. Wettlaufer said since the category’s peak, Goodnature has seen a slowdown in machinery sales to wholesale juice brands, while the on premise juice bar industry has continued to thrive. He attributed this to retail distribution struggles for cold-pressed products, noting the short shelf life, color changes, and consumer confusion over terms like “raw.” As such, quality-conscious consumers instead turn to freshly squeezed products offered by juice bars, which continue to command ultra premium price points. Joyce Longfield, chairperson

glomerates like Starbucks and Coca-Cola, who had laid stakes in the category with Evolution Fresh and Suja respectively. But while there’s still a market for premium fresh-pressed juice, she said, private label has become a more significant player in the space as retailers such as 7-Eleven release their own juice lines. Trader Joe’s, she noted, now sells its own multi-serve green juices and other grocers are following suit. The rise of private label, she said, signals a change in consumer demographics. The juice cleanse diet trend – which peaked around 2015 – has largely fallen out of favor and given way to anti-sugar, anti-carb diets like keto and paleo, Longfield said. With the change in diet trends, the “niche,” health-conscious consumer has moved on from cold-pressed juice and in their place the “everyday shopper” has jumped on board.

health benefits. The average American consumer is more likely to make small steps towards health rather than adopt massive diets. As a result, lowerpriced, private label HPP juice can expand the category – even if the product is watered down. “Their mindset is more ‘I don’t have to go all the way, but if I’m being a little healthier then it’s good enough,’” she said. “If you think about it that is our North American philosophy, when you look at it across the board for any diet. ‘I’m not a vegetarian, but I try to have more vegetables.’”

of the Cold Pressure Council, told BevNET that she agreed the push to lower pricing hurt the category in the short-term, noting that many smaller brands couldn’t compete with con-

“Unfortunately in North America we are very price driven,” Longfield said, adding that European consumers are much more likely than Americans to pay premium prices for

Juice has primarily played in the traditional juice category, and for years throughout the cold-pressed juice boom it seemed like the mid-sized brand would stay there. But in


UNCERTAINTY CREATES OPPORTUNITY Among long time juice drinkers, however, quality remains an important pillar. With the competition in flux, the door for premium cold-pressed juice is not closed just yet. Since it was founded in 1989, Natalie’s Orchid Island

March, the company launched a cold-pressed “holistic” juice line with functional Purify, Relax, and Resilient varieties. The flavors are in line with many of the cold-pressed blends common throughout the category, and at Natural Products Expo East 2019 in September the company expanded the line with Aura, made with blood orange, strawberry and ashwagandha, and Replenish, a green juice with holy basil, aloe vera, celery and cucumber. The line retails for $2.99 per bottle. Speaking with BevNET, Natalie’s VP of marketing (and namesake) Natalie Sexton said the brand deliberately waited for the cold-pressed juice category to mature before jumping into the HPP market. “We didn’t want to be in the race with 100 other brands trying to bring their products to shelf,” Sexton said. “New products and trends gain attention and peak curiosity with the consumer, often times leading to impulsive purchases instead of long-term loyalty. We chose to wait and evaluate the performance of the cold-pressed movement and once the winning brands established their presence on shelf and with the consumer.” According to Sexton, sales of the cold-pressed line have moved quickly with high velocities. But many of the line’s early adopters are already Natalie’s shoppers. The line, Sexton said, has created new use occasions for consumers who may only purchase a standard fruit juice two to three times a week, but will now make additional single-serve purchases on the cold-pressed line. “Some other juice brands in the cold-pressed and functional space have relied primarily on a singular line, limiting the frequency of purchase for their brand,” she said. “Natalie’s is a brand that is built to last with the repertoire we have established with our customer base.”


Cheribundi. This fall, four SKUs from Cheribundi – Original, 100% Tart, Light and Hydrate – are set to launch in a new 28 oz. multi-serve format. Crystal Geyser Water Company has relaunched its sparkling juice drink Juice Squeeze in new 12 oz. sleek can packaging. The line has been reformulated to reduce sugar and calories by 50%; Each can contains less than 100 calories and is sweetened only with juice concentrate and monk fruit. Juice Squeeze is available in four varieties: Ruby Grapefruit, Mountain Raspberry, Passion Fruit Mango and Wild Berry. ChakWave founder Jacquelyn Krieger has written a book, “Chakwave: An Intentional Cleanse for Body, Mind, and Spirit,” containing the ChakWave juice recipes– a rainbow of juices inspired by the chakra system.

Suja recently introduced a variety of new products, including Organic Celery Juice (SRP $3.99) in 12 oz. bottles and two new 2 oz. shots: Focus and Immunity Rebound. The company also added several new Whole Foods exclusive items: three new flavors of kombucha – including Strawberry Rhubarb, Pineapple Heat and Blood Orange Bitters – and two new SKUs of Organic Energy Juice: Madly Matcha and Tropical Charge. Living Juice. This spring, Living Juice released its five signature flavors of organic, cold-pressed juice in a new 4 oz. shot format to complement the existing 12 oz. bottles. Greenpeople. Brazilan beverage company Greenpeople has launched cold pressed teas in three flavors, Hibiscus, Lemongrass and Herb Mate Tea.

Belvoir Fruit Farms has launched four 100% natural tonics: Indian Tonic, Low Cal Tonic, Elderflower Tonic and Ginger Ale. The brand also introduced two new cordials: traditional Orange Cordial and classic Blackcurrant Cordial in a larger 750ml bottle format.

Lakewood Organic has launched two new organic juice flavors: Pineapple-Ginger and Beet Ginger Turmeric.

Martinelli’s latest release, Sparkling Blush – a carbonated 100% juice made from U.S. grown fresh apples with a splash of raspberry – is currently being rolled out nationwide.

Agua Rica is currently being distributed in Southern California by Shamrock Foods to The Taco Stand locations in La Jolla, Encinitas, Downtown San Diego, North Park and Orange.

Fizzy Fox. Sparkling shrubs maker Fizzy Fox has partnered with New York City distributor Imperial India to distribute all three of its SKUs, focusing primarily servicing premium on-premise accounts.

Lori’s Original Lemonade now uses U.S.made glass for its bottles. It has also expanded into 33 new locations of Whole Foods in the Rocky Mountains, including Montana, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

Biotta’s new release – Organic Golden Beet Juice Blend – is in national distribution with Kroger.

Big Island Organics. Mid-Atlantic GIANT Martin’s stores now offer Big Island Organics’ lemonades and ginger-ades in pint and quart sizes. In the South, the line was selected to be part of The Fresh Market’s 2019 beverage overhaul. Big Island Organics has also expanded its presence on various e-commerce platforms including Amazon.com by offering 4-pack, 6-pack and 12-pack case options.

Juice Performer. Fitness drink brand Juice Performer recently launched a new flavor, Beet with Pineapple Juice, and has added Publix as a retail partner. JUICERA. South Florida-based organic cold pressed juice brand JUICERA recently launched Orange Power, a blend of cold pressed orange juice, natural caffeine from green coffee beans and live probiotics. Orange Power is available in a 10 oz. BPA-free bottle at all Whole Food locations throughout Florida, as well as at select food service partners. 40 BEVNET MAGAZINE – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019

Twisted Alchemy cold-pressed juice has released Blood Orange as its newest variety.

Smart Pressed Juice launched Immunity Wellness Shot+, featuring cold-pressed organic lemon juice, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, ginger and echinacea. Immunity shot costs is sold at $1.25 per serving and can be found online, on Amazon and at doctor’s offices in Southern California in September.

BRAND NEWS BrainJuice has expanded nationally in over 4,000 stores since January 2019– including Whole Foods nationwide, CVS in over 4,000 stores, Sprouts nationwide, and GNC. It launched its BrainJuice Active Line in Whole Foods Market and Sprouts nationwide and two flavors of its 15 Serving Daily Drink Mix in Sprouts nationwide and in over 4000 CVS stores. Old Orchard launched single-serve varieties of its Healthy Balance juice line, available in four fruity flavors: Apple, Strawberry Watermelon, Peach Passion Fruit and Mango Tangerine. The new 10 oz. juice drinks will be sold in 6-packs at Walmart, Schnucks, HyVee, Cub Foods, and SpartanNash stores, among other retailers, for a suggested retail price of $3.79. Evolution Fresh recently debuted several innovations: Celery Glow, containing 5 grams of sugar per 15.2 oz. bottle; Sweet Burn, a blend of coconut water and fruit juice blend; and a reformulated Greens & Ginger containing even more ginger.

and select DSD houses to its existing UNFI channels. The brand’s latest launches include VIVA and JOY-D, two new prebiotic whole plant juices. California Juice Co. In June, California Juice Co. received nationwide authorization from Lucky’s Market nationwide for its three-SKU line of juice shots. In July, the brand launched with Good Eggs delivery in Northern California and Market of Choice in Oregon. In September, the line is launching nationwide with Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage. Tohi. Aronia berry-based antioxidant beverage Tohi is now distributed nationally through UNFI, KeHE and AWG. The product is now available at Rouses retail stores in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The Tohi team will be traveling from Iowa to Wisconsin during September for the annual Aronia Berry harvest. Mansi will be debuting its third Calamansi juice flavor, Ginger Turmeric, this September at Natural Products Expo East 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Columbia Gorge Organic has added Just Celery as the newest release in its CoGo Veggies line. This flash-pasteurized juice is 100% organic and contains two ingredients: celery juice and puree. This product is available at select chain retailers and markets along the West Coast with for a suggested retail price of $4.99.

The Blue Monkey Tropical Collection has introduced the Sparkling Tropical Juice Collection, a blend of 55% tropical juice with 45% carbonated water, in the four flavors: Watermelon, Guava, Papaya, Mango, and Passion Fruit Juice.

Calypso completed its packaging refresh in 2019 with cleaner graphics, unique sayings on bottle caps and fun copy on the back label from JoJo, the brand’s gecko mascot. It has also launched 4-packs and new flavors of lemonades, limeades and teas.

Me & the Bees. In recognition of the company’s ten year anniversary, Me & the Bees Lemonade has permanently lowered the price of its ready-to-drink lemonade and had reduced sugar across its family of products. The reformulated product will contain 25% less sugar and up to 33% fewer calories per serving.

Beet-It. The 750 ml glass bottle format of Beet-It beet juice is now available in Whole Foods Market Midwest region, Sprouts Farmers Market, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Jewel, Safeway Albertsons Southwest Division and Kroger. The product is now distributed in New York through Abraham Natural Foods and in the Midwest through natural and specialty distributors including KeHE, UNFI and independent distributors. Karuna Beverages expanded its distribution presence with the addition of KeHE 42 BEVNET MAGAZINE – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019

Epicurean Food & Beverages is adding Lemon Mint to its Rième lineup of premium artisanal sparkling lemonades imported from France. The new flavor is available in the brand’s signature 750 ml mechanical cork bottle, as well as a 330 ml screw cap bottle. Raw Pressery partnered with Marvel to create limited-edition bottles featuring characters from the hit film “Avengers: Endgame,” including Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain Marvel, Thanos and Captain America.

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Bubbling to the Top How Sparkling Water Brands Are Standing Out from the Crowd By Brad Avery

From shelves to coolers, the fizz is in. But how long before the influx of sparkling water brands begins to bubble over? As of August 10, sparkling flavored water reported $2.45 billion in annual retail dollar sales, according to Nielsen all-channel sales data. While the category is still a fraction of the much larger carbonated soft drinks category ($26.74 billion in sales in the same period), its growth has continued unabated against muted and declining numbers for soda. Some sparkling water brands – such as PepsiCo’s Bubly and Massachusetts-based Spindrift – reported triple digit spikes in the 52-week period as retailers continue to build out sets for low and zero calorie sparkling drinks. In the past few years, most major beverage players have laid stakes in the sparkling water space – The Coca-Cola Company purchased Southwest regional player Topo Chico and rolled out flavored sparkling lines for Dasani and Smartwater; Nestlé owns Perrier, San Pellegrino, and has launched sparkling varieties of its regional bottled water brands including Poland Springs and Ozarka; and in addition to Bubly, PepsiCo owns the at-home sparkling water appliance brand SodaStream. The rollout and expansion of these products come as National Beverage Corp.’s LaCroix brand – which just over a year ago made headlines as the breakout success story of the category – has faltered and experienced months of declining dollar sales, rough press, and distribution struggles. LaCroix’s issues are its own (and the brand still reported more than $460 million in year-to-date sales with double digit volume growth), but they are mitigated by the rush of new competing brands entering the category. In addition to products like Bubly and Spindrift, newer players such as Waterloo and Ugly have begun seizing shelf space in independent and natural channel accounts, while New England legacy brand Polar Seltzer has upped its distribution to grow the brand nationwide. According to Laurent Grandet, lead food and beverage analyst for Guggenheim Securities, the wave of sparkling water entrants


can be explained by the category’s low barrier to entry: “Everybody can do it, from private label to any sort of brand.” With a standard formulation of tap water, stock flavors, and carbonation, sparkling water brands are now finding new ways to differentiate in order to stand out from the pack, from functionality to branding to premiumization.

FUNCTIONALITY CREATES NEW USE OCCASIONS The definition of “sparkling water” can be rigid – stray too far from the traditional formula of water, carbonation, and natural flavoring and you might find yourself in a different space altogether. Category leaders are mostly staying within that lane by innovating on packaging or flavor, but new entrants to the space are stretching the parameters and introducing functionality into their products without losing the core elements of the category. Energy has been one way for sparkling water brands to create added value beyond refreshment. Positioned as an alternative to high sugar energy drinks, Anheuser-Busch InBev’s HiBall sparkling energy water has been in the market since 2005 and was acquired by the beer giant in 2017. But more recently startups such as Clear/Cut Phocus, Pep Talk, and Limitless have emerged with their own spins on caffeinated sparkling water. Caffeinated water brand Avitae has introduced a sparkling line and companies that established themselves in other categories – such as Zola and Caribou Coffee – have broadened their portfolios with caffeinated, zero-calorie offerings. Clear/Cut Phocus, founded by CEO Tom O’Grady in 2018, produces a line of flavored sparkling waters containing L-theanine and 75 mg of caffeine sourced from tea per 11.5 oz. can. According to O’Grady, L-theanine offers a more balanced and “focused” energy boost and the formulation gives the brand a unique play in the category. According to the brand’s internal sales data, O’Grady told BevNET, Phocus has drawn some con-

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay






sumers away from energy drinks and diet CSDs, but has avoided cannibalizing other sparkling water brands. “I don’t think our consumer necessarily walks down the energy drink aisle, but we have lured some people over from energy drinks to Phocus,” O’Grady told BevNET. “I think the people who are already drinking sparkling water love the fact that we’ve made a functional beverage they can get their hands around that’s simple. It’s not hard to understand what we’re doing here.” Even in this subset, caffeine levels can give brands another point of differentiation for consumers who may want to regulate their dosage. While Phocus uses L-theanine to give consumers a levelled energy boost, Avitae’s sparkling line is more in line with the average cup of coffee (a callout it includes on its packaging) with 90 mg per 16.9 oz bottle. Pep Talk, conversely, contains a lower 55 mg of caffeine per 12 oz can. Grady recognizes that while sparkling water is still a relatively small part of the total beverage category, the space for functional

products as functional relaxation beverages. But while many companies have made CBD the front and center of their products, Recess founder and CEO Benjamin Witte told BevNET that he sees his brand’s core ideas of stress relief as more significant piece of its ability to stand out on shelf. “We’re marketing a solution, not the ingredient,” Witte said. “If you notice we really never talk about CBD. It’s not that we’re afraid to, we just don’t think the consumer is actually that interested in it. CBD is like the equivalent of caffeine to us. They don’t call it the ‘caffeine category,’ they call it the ‘energy category.’ Just like I don’t think we’re a CBD company. It’s one of four functional ingredients that work together to deliver a calm, cool, collected feeling.” Sweet Reason founder and CEO Hilary McCain told BevNET that sparkling water is a natural fit for CBD products as it provides consumers affordable access to the cannabinoid. “People don’t have to pay $80 for a tincture to try CBD,” she said.

sparkling waters is even smaller – “Those numbers aren’t even relevant yet,” he said. But Phocus has been gaining distribution, this summer adding 800 CVS accounts and building out a DSD network to service Kroger and Giant Martin’s locations, alongside a partnership with New York distributor Big Geyser. Also in Big Geyser’s current stable is Recess, a functional sparkling water brand whose products include L-theanine, ginseng, schisandra, and CBD. As the CBD trend takes off in beverage – despite legal hurdles as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration works to determine whether the cannabinoid will be approved for use in food and beverage products – a number of hemp-infused sparkling water brands have launched in the past year. In addition to Recess, brands such as Sweet Reason, Weller, Day One, DRAM, and Queen City Hemp have released products containing between 7 and 25 mg of hemp-derived CBD per unit. CBD-infused beverage brands have largely promoted their

While CBD-infused drinks frequently command premium price points – as much as five to 10 times the price of standard sparkling waters – consumers are currently drawn to beverages more as a delivery vehicle for CBD and the functionality has allowed these brands to grow within the sparkling water category without directly competing with brands like LaCroix or Bubly.


NOMENCLATURE OFFERS UNIQUE IDENTITIES Functional plays can give companies an advantage over the rest of the category by allowing them to forego a reliance on storytelling or package design to sell the product. But for the rest of the category, brand identity can be vital to sticking out. Polar’s dollar sales grew 15.9% year-to-date according to Nielsen, to $190 million. But unlike most sparkling waters, the brand favors the Northeast regional term “seltzer.” Even as the company ventures west outside of their home market, “seltzer”



From an ancient aquifer, deep underneath Chuck Norris’ Lone Wolf Ranch, emerges a true force of nature. CForce artesian water prides itself on absolute quality — from the pristine water inside to the premium packaging outside. Within our world-class bottling facility rests crisp, clear, fresh-tasting water straight from a sustainable aquifer. Naturally filtered through volcanic rock, CForce artesian water is dated back 23,000 years old - to the last Ice Age. The preservation of its essential minerals and naturally high pH gives CForce its delicious, smooth taste. Directly from the source to you, it’s Ice Age water, at its purest.

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has become a point of identity even in markets where the word connotes sweetness. Comparatively, fellow Bay State brand Spindrift rebranded in 2016 to drop the term from its cans, in favor of the widely accepted “sparkling water” label. According to Fred Hart, creative director and partner at branding firm Interact Boulder, the term “seltzer” does carry some risk of confusion. Some brands using the term, like Original New York Seltzer, are sweetened sodas. However, Polar’s ubiquity and in-store placement help it to communicate a clear message to consumers. “I personally associate seltzer with sweetness, but it also sounds to me like a more elevated word and less of an everyday term,” Hart told BevNET. “But context is critical, because it means you can get away with things. If I see Polar Seltzer on shelf surrounded by all the other sparkling waters, that informs a lot of understanding onto it.” According to Hart, different nomenclature can help brands carve out unique identities that are more memorable with consumers. Launched earlier this year, Dr. Priestley’s Fizzy Water uses the name of the inventor of sparkling water to create an olde-timey brand identity and the wording “Fizzy Water” fits with the company’s persona. “If you’re going to be playful with language then it ought to be part of a larger personality,” Hart said. “But you should find new language. Don’t just say the same thing for the sake of it. When Dr. Priestley’s says ‘fizzy water’ I believe it.”

PREMIUMIZATION, FLAVORS GIVE CONSUMERS MORE Even as sparkling water sales grow at a clip, the category leader is not Pepsi or LaCroix, but private label. Private label products currently account for $530 million in year-to-date sales, making it more than a fifth of the entire category. Volume growth in the same period was 21.4%. The data suggests that most consumers aren’t discerning in their sparkling water choices, opting instead for the lowest priced or most accessible options. According to Grandet, of Guggenheim Securities, premiumization is expected to play a significant role in sparkling water’s diversification, and there are multiple ways to go about it. Existing premium bottled water makers like Voss and Icelandic Glacial have released their own sparkling lines carrying their established seals of quality, and Coke has followed suit with its Smartwater sparkling products. Where selling consumers on water quality worked for the bottled still water category, Grandet believes it will work for sparkling as well. “It seems in the case of a company like Nestlé, their key differentiator is their water,” Grandet said. “They use spring water at a premium price. It’s clear they want to add more naturalness to the segment, and their super ingredient is their water.” While water quality is one pillar that brands are using as a way to differentiate, others are emphasizing unique and offbeat flavors. Austin, Texas-based Big Swig has drawn attention by releasing unconventional SKUs such as Party Pickle, Jalapeno Pineapple, and Chile Mango. The brand leans on its regional origins, promoting itself as “unapologetically Texan,” to create unique products designed to pair with barbecue meals. In the Northeast, Polar has also hit on quirky flavors as a means of broadening its consumer base. Initially intended as a





Private Label



Sparkling Ice


19.3% -3.1%

La Croix











San Pellegrino



Topo Chico






La Croix Curate



Sparkling Ice Lemonade






Canada Dry



Poland Spring












Cascade Ice



Ice Mountain



Deer Park



SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm-@iriworldwide% 52 Weeks through 8/11/19

limited edition offering, the company released its Seltzer Jr. line in 2017 with kid-friendly, candy-inspired mystery flavors such as Mermaid Songs, Yeti Mischief, and Unicorn Kisses. The extension has since become a permanent part of Polar’s offerings. But the company’s innovations aren’t just targeted at kids; its adultpositioned Seltzer’ade line pairs fruit flavors like Blood Orange and Starfruit with Lemonade and Limeade. Meanwhile, other brands have maintained traditional flavors profiles while focusing on quality as a point of premiumization. According to CEO Jason Shiver, Texas-based Waterloo promotes a “bolder” flavor profile for its line of sparkling waters to not only give it an advantage over larger competitors, but to draw CSD consumers used to more flavorful sugar-laden beverages into the category. “We knew a bolder taste and a lighter bubble was going to be very important to the product,” Shiver said. “It was flavor-forward. If you try our grapefruit, then that’s very true to fruit. But if you try our grape soda it might harken you back to when you were a kid drinking Fanta or something like that.” Spindrift is flavored with fruit juices, which makes the products lightly sweetened, and has used its formulation as a way to avoid direct competition with other sparkling waters. Although fresh competitors have started taking cues from the brand – such as the recently relaunched Slice, which features “splashes” of juice concentrate – Spindrift CEO Bill Creelman told BevNET that the brand’s emphasis on using farm-sourced fresh fruit has created loyalty with “ingredient minded consumers.” “We don’t spend too much time worrying about what competitors are doing because our product is widely different,” Creelman said. “If other companies begin to take the same approach to elevate the experience for consumers, we welcome it.”

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SPARKLING WATER GLOW. Sparkling infused beverage maker GLOW has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign through StartEngine.com. Purity Organic will be adding two new flavors to its sparkling water line: Raspberry and Lime. Crystal Geyser launched Crystal Geyser 1977, a line of premium sparkling mineral water which is sourced, bottled and sustainably delivered in the U.S. The new line is available in one liter and 500 ml formats in four SKUs: Original, Black Currant, Chardonnay Grape and Lemon Zest. It is currently available on Amazon and will be sold at IKEA cafeterias and bistros nationwide in September. Sweet Reason. CBD-infused sparkling water Sweet Reason is now available in three flavors – Cucumber Mint, Strawberry Lavender and Grapefruit. Initially infused with 7 mg of CBD, each SKU now contains 10 mg of organic hemp derived CBD extracted for maximum bioavailability. Sparkling Ice. For the holiday season, Sparkling Ice will bring back a popular limited edition flavor: Cranberry Frost, available in a festive sweater-themed bottle. This variety will be available at select retail locations nationwide beginning in October through the end of the year. Voss will be introducing 6-packs ($6.99) and 12-packs ($11.99) of 300 mL bottles from its flavored sparkling line in the fourth quarter of 2019. The packs will be sold exclusively online in all five flavors, including its new Raspberry Rose and Strawberry Ginger. Cirrus. Launched in April, Cirrus is a new CBD-infused sparkling water in cans that is now available for purchase nationwide through the company’s website and in Georgia through Liberator Distributing and in Alabama through Pinnacle Imports. The product is sold in two varieties – unflavored Pure and Waikiki, which features a papaya lychee flavor – with three new flavors launching soon. 50 BEVNET MAGAZINE – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019

Sanzo launched its line of Asian-inspired sparkling water, which can now be found at select natural food markets in New York City (Foragers, The Goods Mart, The Greene Grape), as well as premium Asian foodservice locations (Momofuku Bang Bar, Lucky Lee’s). Whistler Water. Canadian brand Whistler Water has introduced Sparkling Glacial Water, a highly carbonated variety with low mineral content. Sparkling Glacial Water is packaged in a custom screen printed glass bottle with a resealable cap. Montane Sparkling Spring Water has grown to over 600 retailers and expanded its distribution footprint with UNFI throughout the East Coast. H2OPS Sparkling Hops Water recently launched its second SKU, Grapefruit, in Cost Plus World Markets nationwide and other select retailers. H2OPS is now available at The Fresh Market, and is set to expand at Whole Foods stores. Sanavi. Organic flavored sparkling spring water brand Sanavi will be rolling out a label refresh this fall. Dr. Priestley’s. After launching earlier this year in four flavors – Cucumber Mint, Meyer Lemon Ginger, Rosemary Grapefruit, and Original Virgin – Dr. Priestley’s American Small Batch Fizzy Water will expand to include five new varieties, including Lime Thyme, Blood Orange Cinnamon, Honeydew Lemongrass, Blackberry Sage, and White Peach Basil. Rambler Sparkling Water recently hired Terry Fagan, formerly of Deep Eddy Vodka and Lone Star Beer, as the company’s new president, who will be based at the company’s new world headquarters in East Austin, Texas. The brand has also expanded into New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana in United/Market Street chains and the Southern division at Albertsons Southern Division. New packaging will be introduced this fall. Canned Water 4 Kids, which produces still and sparkling water in cans and


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BRAND NEWS aluminum bottles, announced that it has been listed as an “Approved Water Bottle” by San Francisco International Airport. Spindrift launched its 10th flavor, Lime, made with limes sourced from a thirdgeneration family owned citrus farm in California. The Saratoga Spring Water Company will debut a new package design in November that includes a new font and trademarked droplet icon to distinguish between its sparkling, still and essence lines of flavored spring waters. Packaging for its Essence bottles will also change from clear to cobalt blue. FUNCTIONAL/ENHANCED WATER Metta, a natural awareness drink, has entered distribution in both UNFI and KeHE and is now available in all Fresh Market and SaveMart locations. The product is on track to be available in over 500 stores by the end of this year. Akeso, a broad spectrum CBD water made with hemp oil, can now be purchased at Gold’s Gym locations in Southern California. Blume Honey Water has launched a 16 oz. bottle, and has been reformulated with organic ingredients. The brand has also launched in Fresh Thyme (77 stores) and The Fresh Market (160 stores). OXIGEN. In July, OXIGEN Beverages announced the appointment of Jeff Seavey as Chief Sales Officer and Matthew Rothschild as National Director for DSD & Wholesale. The new sales leadership team follows the appointment of Chief Marketing Officer Bill Lange in February. ESSE Water. Essential oil-enhanced water ÈSSE has expanded into the Midwest with Whole Foods Market and Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets. The brand has also partnered with Market Distributing in Minnesota to enter Target stores in the state. Alkaline88 recently introduced a new line of flavored alkaline waters, available in


watermelon, lemon, raspberry, and blood orange flavors. Protein2o. Protein water brand Protein2o has expanded distribution at Target, CVS, Menard’s, Acme and Cub Foods, as well as in 500 Walmart stores. The brand has also launched Protein2o+ Energy, which contains 15 grams of protein and 125 mg of caffeine. Chlorophyll Water, a shelf-stable, plantbased purified water enhanced with chlorophyll extract, launched at the beginning of this year. H2rOse. All four flavors of saffroninfused rose water H2rOse – available in PET bottles made from 90% recycled plastic – are now available at over 200 Ralph’s locations. Hellowater. All five SKUs of fiber-infused premium water Hellowater are now available at Target stores in California and Colorado. Posch Collagen Water has launched a second SKU: Watermelon. Alkazone Global Inc. has introduced two new lines: Alkazone Alkaline Water and Alkazone Alkaline Pet Water. The Alkazone Alkaline Water shares an almost identical formula to Antioxidant Alkaline Water (without the antioxidant Selenium), while Alkazone Pet Water’s mineral composition is tailored for animal use. Talking Rain Sparkling Water latest line extension, Talking Rain +Caffeine, a naturally flavored sparkling water with an extra boost from naturally sourced caffeine. This new line is now available at select regional retailers and will be available for sampling at the NACS 2019 trade show in Atlanta, Georgia. Talking Rain +Caffeine is available in sour apple, blood orange, passionfruit and summer melon flavors. Napa Hills. Wine-infused, non-alcoholic antioxidant water Napa Hills has expanded distribution to all locations of The Fresh Market and Gelsons via UNFI and DPI, respectively. The brand also intro-

BRAND NEWS duced new labels that use “Wine Antioxidant Water” to describe Napa Hills’ innovation and functionality. Steaz. All three flavors of Steaz Prickly Pear Water are now available at over 500 Publix stores in the Southeast. AQUAhydrate will continue its ongoing partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation this October. The company will help promote breast cancer awareness month through the limited release of a gallon AQUAhydrate bottle with pink handle, along with a charitable donation of $10,000, regardless of sales. AlkaWonder launched at The Fresh Market in July and also served as the official hydration partner of the 2019 Zumba Instructor Convention (ZINCON) in Orlando, Florida. Harmony Proteins. All six flavors of Harmony Proteins’ Beauty Collagen Water will be available at Walmart stores nationwide in September. O2 Natural Recovery. This fall, sports recovery beverage brand O2 is launching a new product line: O2+, which features 10 mg of broad spectrum CBD extract. Blossom Water is expanding to 58 Performance Foodservice Group (PFG) distribution centers across the United States, servicing over 80,000 “food-awayfrom-home” locations across a diverse mix of channels including offices, schools, hospitality and health care. Ax Water. Aronia berry beverage Ax Water is adding a new flavor, Blueberry, to its lineup. The company has been building its distribution presence in the Midwest, Southern California and the Mid Atlantic through a combination of DSD and partnerships with KeHE and UNFI. Cloud Water, a sparkling water infused with 25 mg of pure hemp extract, has launched a new flavor, Blackberry & Lemon & Rosemary. The product, which


is now made with raw honey and is sold in new 100% aluminum packaging, is available at participating Fairway markets in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas. Detox Water. Prebiotic aloe water brand Detoxwater has expanded its distribution to nationwide retailers including CVS, The Fresh Market, Ingles, Safeway NorCal, Harris Teeter and Kings Food Markets. This fall, the brand will launch a video campaign aiming to educate consumers on the health benefits of drinking aloe. The campaign will feature a cameo from investor and brand ambassador Mason Plumlee of the Denver Nuggets. Phocus. Caffeinated sparkling water brand Phocus launched its newest flavor – Peach – this August during National Peach Month. Vitamin 1. This summer, VITAMIN 1 was named the official drink of the Rob Gronkowski Football Clinic, the Julian Edelman Football Clinic, and the Marcus Smart Basketball Camp. LivTru. Performance drink LivTru, featuring curcumin complex, kucha tea extract and theanine, recently announced its launch. LivTru is available in three SKUs – Strawberry Lemon, Peach Ginger, and Lavender Lemonade – which are available for $46.68 per 12-pack on the brand’s website. Good Idea Drinks, which markets a line of sparkling water enhanced with amino acids and chromium, has expanded distribution to Central Market, Fresh Thyme and Hy-Vee. PLNT Blend. Organic plant-based beverage brand PLNT Blend, made with full spectrum hemp extract, will be adding two new flavors – Blackberry + Ginger and Lemon Lavender + Honey – to its lineup. Fizzique Sparkling Protein Water has an updated look, new Pomegranate Punch flavor and is now available in HEB coolers.

BEYOND BORDERS In an age where consumers have everything at their fingertips, Import brands need to deliver on all fronts. By Jennifer Cirillo

We want it all. Today’s consumer can be hard to crack. We are looking for brands with provenance, an interesting story to tell, something that we can relate to and connect with; brands that we can ‘discover’ and share with our friends. We are looking for brands that are ethical and socially responsible. We want to be spoken to, but in a certain way. No more in-yourface advertising. We want brands that are premium, but affordable, and available at the click of a button (most times). It’s no wonder that some of the big brands that once ‘ruled the world’ are finding challenges re-inventing themselves to connect with Millennials and Generation Z. The beer category in particular has been experiencing challenges. Imports, however, have continued to perform particularly well: In fact, last year, import beer was among one of the handful of segments that performed positively in the U.S., according to IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm that reports retail data. Imported beer grew 7.4 percent to more than $7 billion, the firm reported. “The beer industry is evolving, and consumers are looking for more premium, high-end options that deliver on quality and an elevated experience,” notes John Alvarado, Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing, Constellation Brands Beer Division, producer and marketer for the Corona and Modelo portfolios. “Brand quality and the emotional connection consumers feel towards the brands play a 56 BEVNET MAGAZINE – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019



2.5 oz. Ole Smoky® Blackberry Moonshine 2.5 oz. Lemonade For more recipes visit OLESMOKY.COM Shine Responsibl�


©2019 Ole Smoky Distillery, LLC, Gatlinburg, TN All Rights Reserved. OLE SMOKY, OLE SMOKY TENNESSEE MOONSHINE and SHINE RESPONSIBLY are registered trademarks of Ole Smoky Distillery, LLC.


role in what’s growing and what resonates with today’s consumer who is valuing quality over quantity.” At the top of the pile are Corona and Modelo with $2.37B and $1.97B in sales, respectively, according to Statista for the 52 weeks ending Dec. 30, 2018, making up more than half of total import sales in the U.S. For these brands, consistency has been key. Consumers know what to expect and what they are getting when they order or purchase a Corona or Modelo. While the brands continue to evolve, they have maintained their identities and core messaging. “Consumers view the Corona brand specifically in conjunction with carefree enjoyment and a relaxing experience,” says Alvarado. “For Modelo, it represents a reward for those who embody the fighting spirit. Each of these brands have benefitted from an ownable market positioning and a consistent brand message year after year.” John Holl, beer industry journalist and author of “Drink Beer, Think Beer: Getting to the Bottom of Every Pint” and co-host

what you are made of. This year, the campaign features relevant faces fitting for the time including UFC Fighter Brian Ortega, bar owner Christopher Mullins, U.S. Army veteran and professional triathlete, Melissa Stockwell, and current firefighter / retired smokejumper Jon Hernandez.

of podcast Steal This Beer, notes that the Mexican imports have managed to continue to resonate with the younger legal drinking age consumer as easy-drinking lifestyle brands – even in the face of the wide variety of beers available today. “There’s little stopping the Mexican imports on growth,” he says. “I think it helps that younger drinkers see it as a ‘healthier’ alternative; they are seen as light and refreshing – a sign of good times on a beach. So the appeal is being light in flavor, color and taste, which sits outside of the heavier IPAs or imperial stouts.” Corona has been helping consumers “Find their Beach” in the U.S. since 1981. The brand’s producers/ marketers feel that the key to Corona’s long-standing success is a result of patience, persistence and continued investment to not only keep the consumer connection alive, but relevant for the time. Modelo’s Fighting Spirit campaign, which features new ambassadors and heroes that embody the “Fighting Spirit” delivers the message that it doesn’t matter where you come from, but

Import beer brands have tried to play small themselves, stepping up their offerings to better compete in today’s landscape. Last summer, Guinness’ Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House in Maryland opened its doors. The $90M investment by Diageo is a world-class brewery, barrel house and visitor center, and development of packaging and warehousing operations. It’s home to Guinness Blonde, along with new Guinness beers created for the U.S. market. In the taproom, visitors can try innovative American beers– more than 15 are available at one time–and get a taste of Irishinspired dishes, tapping into Guinness’ heritage. “Whether a beer is brewed in the U.S. or anywhere else around the world, it comes down to establishing distinctiveness through an authentic brand identity and compelling, meaningful product stories. Different brands have different stories to tell,” says Nikhil Shah, Guinness brand director. “At Guinness, our story has been consistent, regardless of our status as an import – we are


IMPORT INNOVATION According to Holl, the competition at home is nevertheless growing as craft brewers continue to bring new and interesting brews to market. “At one point the imports shelf at beer stores across the country was the place to find exotic beers. These days they are kind of dusty,” he says. “With so much American choice and with the rise of brewery taprooms, there’s a big focus on drinking fresh and local. Imports can’t compete with that.” This could make it challenging for smaller imports to establish themselves in the U.S., particularly if they don’t have the backing of big companies like Constellation Brands or Diageo.

an iconic Irish brewer with an underlying purpose to help build bonds between us all.” While the facility is just a year old, it has launched more than 80 new Guinness brews including Guinness Blonde and Guinness IPA. However, some fell flat, notes Holl. “Some of the beers the brewery has released to the marketplace like the Blonde, or IPA or some of the other forgettable offerings that came and went quickly were, I think, a play to diversify their portfolio and not just be seen as the Irish stout brewery. It didn’t work on a large scale because it’s tough to change people’s minds,” he says. “That’s one reason AB-InBev bought craft breweries that specialized in IPAs or stouts, because it was going to be a tough sell to their existing lager customers to branch out even with the strength of the Budweiser name.” What the facility does have, however, is opportunity. The opportunity to get visitors to sample new beers backed by the Guinness name that will help change the perception of the brewery, Holl says, and be more open to different styles of beers from the brand. He adds: “For larger imports like Heineken or Guinness I suspect they will continue to see loyal customers, but they will likely continue to face challengers here in the U.S. who try to make similar beers or compete in the style categories. No matter where you are in the beer category, however, domestics, imports, or American craft, there’s no denying the popularity of hard seltzers. That’s eating into everyone.” While domestic premium beer is the largest segment (imports come in second) dollar sales declined 4.2 percent to $12.6 billion. The other segments that saw a rise in sales include domestic super premium, craft beer, flavored malt beverages and cider. To keep relevant and compete in an ever-growing crowded space, innovation has become crucial for some brands to bolster sales. Like Guinness, Heineken, the third top-selling import beer in the U.S. realizing sales of nearly $795M last year, according to Statista, has also looked to innovation to bolster sales. Heineken Light, introduced five years ago, and more recently, Heineken 0.0, have both been well received in the marketplace, and lean more in the direction of the hard (or soft) seltzers than they do in the direction of high-octane craft offerings. Heineken USA relayed that this innovation was brought to market to meet consumer needs that include living a balanced lifestyle. As the non-alcohol space continues to gain momentum, Heineken 0.0 offers consumers a choice for different drinking occasions. Backed by the Heineken name, the company did not want this brew to compromise on quality. “For the U.S., the time has come for an innovation that disrupts the category and offers a new take on how people drink and enjoy beer,” said Jonnie Cahill, Chief Marketing Officer, Heineken USA when the product was launched. At a time when brand loyalty is being challenged, products being introduced into the marketplace need to deliver on all fronts. IRI beer analyst, Cara Piotrowski says: “In today’s retail environment, most if not all consumers expect quality – it’s table stakes for trial and long-term repeat. Consumers want a meaningful connection with a brand, so it is critical to not only deliver quality, but to fit within the consumer’s lifestyle, to ultimately trigger purchase.”




BRAND LISTINGS Bobo's Fresh Baked, Gluten Free and Non-GMO 5 ct. Oat Bites Bobo's

Ekoa fruit bar- Where health and taste come together. Ekoa

Happiness in a Snap! New wholegrain crisps in three sweet flavors! Evoke Healthy Foods

BEAR is one of the only fruit snacks made from 100% real fruit & veg, no added sugar, and never from concentrate. Our goal is to make eating healthy a little bit easier, and a whole lot tastier. We're also Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, and Kosher!

Bobo's Oat Bites are the perfect nutritious on-the-go snack for kids or health conscious parents. Chocolate chips, stuff'd centers with apple pie or raspberry jam, 15g of whole grains, and soft-baked goodness. Gluten free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Soy Free.

Ekoa bar’s are made with only high-quality fruits, they are simple, pure, natural, clean and full of flavor. Each bar has only 3 ingredients or less. Discover what all the buzz is about. Discover Simple.

Do you ever want a cookie but know you shouldn’t eat one? Me too. Your food should make you happy, inside and out. Too many snacks leave us feeling guilty. With 100% whole grains and only 3g of sugar, you can snack on Happy Snaps without the guilt.

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Gluten-Free Versions of Indulgent Snacks Feel Good Foods

Flourish Veggie Crisps are the perfect healthy snack available in four real-veggie blended flavor varieties: Greens & Beans, Roasted Beets, Toasted Cauliflower, and Harvest Kale. Only 100-120 calories per serving, Certified Gluten Free and vegan.

BOU products bring life to mealtimes, adding flavor and character to any dish. Our innovative range of Bouillon Cubes, Miso Broth Cubes, Gravy Cubes and Soup Cups deliver quality and flavor in seconds; making every cook a chef and every meal a favori

Vegan, no trans-fats, non-gmo, gluten free, keto friendly, 25 or under calories per pack.The fresh, exciting flavors are held together with the warm richness of the best olive oil. From the first taste, you’re hooked on the crunchy, rich tanginess.

Feel Good Foods' gluten-free appetizers are reminiscent of all your old school faves but with a chef-inspired twist. We use antibiotic-free proteins and keep a short ingredient list. Our newest product are our cauliflower pizza crust Snack Bites!

PopCorners Flex FUELS YOU with the ENERGY you need & TASTE you want BFY Brands

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Snacking on the Go with Good Foods Chunky Guacamole Good Foods Group

With plant-based protein from soybean and cassava, each serving contains 90-100 calories, 10 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and only 2 grams or less of sugar. They’re also Certified Gluten Free, grain free, and low in net carbs.

CBD Living is one of the fastest-growing global cannabidiol (CBD) manufacturers and distributors, with more than 65 products in 3000 stores and shipping to consumers worldwide. CBD Living’s prestigious in-house scientists use ultrasound waves to break down CBD particles into nanoparticles 1/1000 the size of a red blood cell, allowing the CBD to pass through the blood membrane for enhanced absorption. This proprietary technique leads to up to 90 percent bioavailability, compared to 10-15 percent bioavailability when consumed in a traditional CBD product. From the original CBD Living Water product to CBD gummies, chocolates, freezes, tinctures, vapes, bath bombs and more, CBD Living is constantly innovating to bring the future of CBD to consumers today. For more information please see our website.

Snacking has never been easier with this Chunky Guacamole, offered in a 2oz portion pack! No preservatives, no added sugars, gluten free and made with simple ingredients. This guac will be your go-to option for better-for-you snacking in a pinch!

BEAR Yoyos - 100% Fruit & Veg Rolls. BEAR

Bobo's Fresh Baked, Gluten Free and Non-GMO Oat Bars Bobo's Take some time to slow down and enjoy something baked with love, just like Bobo and her mom did back in 2003. Today, Bobo’s continues baking by hand with simple, wholesome and delicious ingredients. Whole grain oats, Gluten free, Vegan, Non-GMO.


First Cauliflower Snack Made with Real Cauliflower! Hippie Snacks Baked with real cauliflower, Hippie Snacks crisps give you all the Classic Ranch and roasted cauliflower flavor you crave, with the crunch you deserve! They are plant-based / vegan, gluten free, and dairy-free. Each serving contains 5g of protein.

BRAND LISTINGS Harmless Harvest Protein & Coconut. Made for peak snacking. Harmless Harvest

Changing snacking for the better, one puff at a time! HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs

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Craft beer meets craft jerky Homegrown Meats


BRAND LISTINGS Popped Water Lily Seeds, a New Superfood Snack! Hopapops

Keto Cookie Baking Mixes - Gluten Free Low Carb Kalifornia Keto

Hopapops are an innovative, glutenfree, low calorie, plant-based snack full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Water lily seeds have been used for centuries in Ayurveda medicine and are believed to have a wide range of health benefits.

Yum, homemade Keto Kookie Mixes. So easy and delicious you will forget they are low carb and sugar free. Just add egg, butter, mix and bake. With all natural ingredents you can feel good about indulging your keto sweet tooth. 5 flavors available.

matcha LOVE Craft Blend Green Tea Concentrate ITO EN (North America) INC.

Jacquet: Bringing 135 Years of French Tradition to the US Jacquet

In 1885, Philibert Jacquet opened his family-owned bakery in Paris, France. His delicious baked goods quickly captivated Parisians, and before long Jacquet became France’s top bakery. To this day, Jacquet prides itself on authenticity and tradition, with their innovative, ready-toeat Belgian waffles, crêpes and other baked goods turning the company into an iconic global brand. Jacquet is committed to providing non-GMO products with zero preservatives — just real food made with a handful of wholesome ingredients and traditional baking processes. Now, Jacquet is proud to bring their French expertise to the US, with the capability to deliver their frozen-to-thaw products to in-store bakeries and commercial bread aisles across the country. Since Jacquet first entered the US market in 2015, shoppers have already fallen in love with the rich taste of their sweet Belgian waffles and mouth-watering crêpes. Jacquet combines the know-how of a global brand with the dedication of a French familyowned bakery. This is best summed up in Jacquet’s motto - “from the seed to the product” - a reminder that the French love for great cuisine is present in every step of the production cycle. Get I touch at jacquetbakery.com or mail to jim.shankin@jacquet.com

Hi, we’re Joolies! Fresh from our Farm. We take date-ing seriously. Joolies Organic Medjool Dates – Los Angeles, CA

A craft blend green tea concentrate made with 100% Japanese matcha to make baristastyle lattes, both hot and cold, without the fuss of measuring powders and necessary whisking. Simple and easy to use with just a pour, its versatility can also be used in an array of recipes. Conveniently packaged in a 32 fl. oz. (1 Quart) tetra pack carton simply calls for equal parts of a choice of milk or can be added with other mixers to create a refreshing summer matcha lemonade or added to a sparkling water for the perfect effervescent pickme up. Dairy and gluten free, kosher certified and free of carrageenan, the shelf stable concentrate is made with organic matcha and organic green tea extract, offering a rich umami flavor with a smooth finish and a hint of natural sweetness. Naturally invigorating with a boost of energy and nutrients, matcha provides antioxidant power of the whole green tea leaf and a sustained energy to help stay balanced and centered no matter where the day takes you. Each carton makes 5 servings, at 10 calories per serving. Chef Meryl Brings Clean, Innovation to Frozen Handhelds Jafflz- Toasted Pockets

America's #1 selling no shell gourmet pumpkin seed snack brand KATHIE'S KITCHEN/ SUPERSEEDZ

South African Meryl van der Merwe is a classically trained gourmet chef creating delicious, healthy meals for people on the go. Cooking from scratch and using the finest ingredients, she stuffz 100% love and a touch of the exotic into every bite

TASTY. SIMPLE. NUTRITIOUS. Noshells, small batch crafted, dry roasted. Gluten free, nut free, vegan, Keto friendly and Paleo. 7 - 9 grams plant based protein. 35 RDI magnesium, 15% RDI iron and zinc. only 150 calories. 0 trans fat. 0 cholesterol.


BRAND LISTINGS Crunchy, Gluten-Free, Keto Friendly Cookies with No Sugar Alcohols Keto-Snaps

fat is back. sugar is out

Designed for daily enjoyment without compromise to your health, Keto-Snaps are formulated to satisfy sweet cravings while providing meaningful nutrition from organic, whole food ingredients. Only 1 gram of sugar per cookie. Keto & Diabetic friendly.

Love Good Fats bars are ridiculously delicious, low in sugar (<2g) and Keto-friendly (4-5g net carbs). With a melt-in-your mouth truffle-like texture, they are made with clean ingredients and loaded with good fats to leave you feeling fuller, longer.

Sinfully tasty snacks with clean, sustainable ingredients! LesserEvil Snacks

Organic, plant-powered dips and quesos. Mother Raw

At our factory in Danbury, Connecticut, we control every single thing that goes into our snacks. We're organic, non-GMO and always glutenfree. Some call it obsessive, but we find it oddly satisfying. Consider it an East Coast kind of Zen.

Dig into the awesome power of plants! Mother Raw Ranch dip, French Onion dip and Vegan Quesos are nut-free, dairy-free and allergen friendly. Made with all natural ingredients including a base of hemp seeds and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Love Good Fats

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Hunan Huacheng Biotech,Inc.

fi =


(Any product

China Headquarter: U.S. Sales Department: -Facebook-


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Bone Broth Noodle Cups

Grain Free Cassava Chips

One Culture Foods

Plant Snacks

Our bold, in-your-face bone broth noodle cups are made with a liquid bone broth reduction and cooked (not fried) noodles for an elevated instant noodle experience. Heritage Asian dishes in ready to eat form provide convenient culinary delivery!

Plant Snacks’ Cassava Chips are vegan, free of the big 8 allergens, glutenfree, grain-free, cornfree, Non-GMO Project verified, and free from added sugars. Plantbased snacking made easy, convenient, and worry-free!

Käze™ All Natural Crunchy Cheese Bites

BE STRONG Coffee Bites an all natural chewy granola snack! Pure Food by Estée

Pearl and Rose Premium Foods Käze™ Crunchy Cheese Bites are a healthy and delicious snack made from 100% All Natural Cheese. Reach for Käze™ high-quality cheese snacks that are fresh and tasty with every bite. High in Protein, Low Carbohydrates, Gluten Free and Kosher Single-Serve Honeycomb Cubes for Wellness Snacking Pass the Honey

Need some Extra energy to go? Chewy Granola bites, made with natural, Gluten Free ingredients, including premium coffee grounds, and flavoured in your favourite coffee flavours. Chocolate Mocha, Salted Caramel And French Vanilla. BE STRONG. Enjoy!

Ice Cream for a Healthy Lifestyle : Indulgence with Benefits Re:THINK Ice Cream

If you love ice cream, yet care about what you put into your body, then Re:THINK Ice Cream is for you! Created in Napa Valley, California, Re:THINK seeks to balance living a healthy lifestyle with the great taste and texture of an authentic, creamy ice cream experience. It’s the responsible way to enjoy ice cream: Re:THINK is 1/2 the calories & fat and 2/3 less sugar & carbs of traditional ice cream. Plus, it’s low glycemic so it doesn’t spike blood sugar and is safer for diabetics. There are added health benefits, too: whey protein - preferred by athletes, green tea extract - a source of antioxidants, and prebiotic fiber - supports a healthy gut. Enjoy our Indulgence with Benefits! Available in 11 delicious flavors...online and in stores! rethinkicecream.us/where-to-buy



Uniquely crafted with natural flavors and real cane sugar for a sweet and sour punch.

Discover the Difference at CrunkEnergy.com

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Great Tasting Smart Alex Popped Tortilla Chips are Non-GMO, Gluten Free and contain No artificial ingredients. They come in three delicious flavors: Mucho Nacho Cheese, Rockin’ Ranch and Totally Taco! Great Ingredients. Great Taste. Now That’s Smart!

The Matzo Project introduces carefully made, artfully packaged, legitimately scrumptious matzo to an overlooked corner of the marketplace. This super-snappy, extra-sturdy cracker goes with every single thing we've tried to put on it (True Story.)

New York style cauliflower pizza crust The Blooming Oven

Welcome to the World, Woodridge Snacks! SPI West Port, Inc.

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From the makers of ALO Drink and ALO Snacks, SPI West Port introduces a new line of unique, better-for-you snacks – Woodridge Snacks. This snack line debuts with five distinct product lines: Tempura Seaweed Chips, Mochi Rice Nuggets, Ginger Chews, Sticky Rice Chips, and Crunchy Fruit Chips. The Tempura Seaweed Chips are crispy seaweed snacks delicately fried in a light tempura batter for incomparable crunch. Three flavors are available--sea salt, sriracha and hickory bbq. The Mochi Rice Nuggets are baked (not fried), gluten-free snacks featuring Japanese style mochi rice that come in two flavors--teriyaki and tom yum. A coat of sesame or chia seeds perfectly balances the tartness of fresh ginger in the gluten-free Ginger Chews line, while vacuum fried, naturally gluten-free purple grape, white grape, mango, mango + coconut, and pineapple + coconut star in the Crunchy Fruit Chips line. The Sticky Rice Chips are gluten-free snacks that come in four flavors-- seaweed, cheddar cheese, garlic + pepper, and sriracha. All varieties are available in stand-up pouches and single-serve bags. Woodridge Snacks are non-GMO, vegan (excluding the cheddar cheese flavor), and contain no artificial flavors or colors. Visit www.woodridgesnacks.com or email info@woodridgesnacks.com for more info. Water lily seed puffs with Turmeric, Cumin and Cinnamon flavors Super Lotus

Single-Ingredient Protein Pasta

Super Lotus Snacks is on a quest to add a “twist” to your daily healthy snacking habits with our amazing water lily puffs (from India). With just four natural ingredients and super nutritional flavors, you will keep coming back for more.

Tolerant offers a line of delicious legume pasta made with just one organic ingredient: red lentils, green lentils, or chickpeas! Packed with protein & fiber, certified GF, Vegan, Organic, Non-GMO and Kosher, and free from all major allergens.



See How Goodness Becomes Chocolate Greatness Theo Chocolate

BRAND LISTINGS Tia Lupita® Mexican-Inspired Foods Made With Clean Simple Ingredients Tia Lupita®

Have you ever wondered if you could eat tacos all the time, morning, day and night? I have! Unfortunately for me, that diet would be unsustainable. Especially knowing that each tortilla is on average 100 calories and 15 grams of carbs. That’s why every time I visit my mom (Tia Lupita!) in Mexico, I’d bring home her cactus (nopales) tortillas, a better for you, healthier alternative to regular tortillas. With only 30 calories per tortilla and four grams of net carbs, you can eat three of these bad boys versus one regular tortilla. But not only our cactus tortillas are awesome and delicious! Our cactus & cassava totopos are the tortilla chips you didn’t know you were looking for! They are 100% grain-free! There is no corn or wheat or gluten in our tortilla chips. Made out of roots and plants like Nopales, our crunchy totopos are entirely plant-based and tastier than anything else on the market (humble brag)! They are a great source of fiber, and overall a better for you chip. Pair them with our amazing hot sauces (Regular, Salsa Verde & Chipotle) or try them on their own or with dips, queso, hummus, or as a substitute for crackers in your cheese plate. You don’t have to sacrifice taste to eat healthier! Delicious & Effective CBD Chocolate Bars Vital Leaf Vital Leaf CBD chocolate bars offer 100mg CBD from full-spectrum hemp extract. Sweetened with coconut sugar, naturally glutenfree and vegan, and formulated with organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. A dose of vitality is only one bite away! Organic Plant-based Ice Cream from BANANAS! Yellofruit Yellofruit is a plantbased frozen banana dessert. It's made from Organic, GMOfree ingredients, and is Certified Vegan. After exploding across Canada, Yellofruit is on its way to the United States in 2020!


Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Plus - Immunity, Clarity, Vitality Wedderspoon Manuka Honey

SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Highest Throughput HPP Machine Avure HPP Technologies - JBT

With more than 60 years of experience and expertise in HPP science and manufacturing, AVURE specializes in HPP systems for food and beverage processing with the fastest and most reliable systems in the industry. AVURE helps producers implement HPP from recipe development and process validations to installation, regulatory affairs, and postinstallation support. Plant protein manufacturing Axiom Foods

Innovating allergen-friendly soluble plant protein and U.S.-based dairy alternative manufacturing since 2005, Axiom is the world’s first and largest organic manufacturer/distributor of both rice and pea protein! After upgrading our hexane-free processes, Axiom has expanded plant protein production into sacha inchi, hemp and now pumpkin -based proteins. Quality & Heavy Metals Mgmt Program available

Cooler Solutions Inc/Nordon CSI division of Nordon, Inc

Functional Branded Ingredients Bioenergy Life Science (BLS)

BLS creates innovative, scientific based ingredients for healthier living. The ingredients are clinically proven to support healthy aging, weight management, sustainable energy, antiaging, heart health, and many other health-enhancing benefits. We sell in bulk to businesses who manufacture or formulate functional foods & beverages, supplements, sports nutrition products, and cosmetics. We are best known for the only patented & FDA GRAS-certified D-Ribose: Bioenergy Ribose®. Bioenergy Ribose is the true source of sustainable, cellular energy and is crucial to the production of ATP. Bioenergy Ribose increases energy for Endurance, Performance & A Healthier You. Our newest ingredient, RiaGev™, is the first and only commercially available proprietary compound uniquely combining Bioenergy Ribose and a form of Vitamin B3. It is distinctly formulated to enter the salvage pathway directly to more efficiently increase nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) in the body. RiaGev maintains and enhances mitochondrial health by boosting NAD levels and inducing the creation of new mitochondria. NAD is vital for mitochondrial health. Increased NAD and healthy mitochondria help slow the aging process, reduce age-related cognitive decline, prevent cellular damage from free radicals, create a stronger immune system, and contribute to lower cholesterol. RiaGev helps Repair, Prevent & Rejuvenate.

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Real People. True Flavor. Callisons

Bay State Milling is the leading provider of whole grains, seeds and flours for the most nutritious and flavorful foods. We offer the widest array of plant-based ingredients in North America from whole food sources, differentiated by purity, safety, supply chain security and technical support to help you create innovative new products.

Since 1903, Callisons has created authentic flavors using the highest quality, natural extracts directly from nature. Known as the leader in mint, we develop a diverse portfolio of true flavors with a passion for the Beverage, Confection, Snack & Oral Care industries. As tastes change and the market expands, we evolve and innovate to always remain on the forefront of the next flavor revolution

Labels and Flex Packs Bay Tech Label, Inc.

Ideal Functional Ingredient Chemi Nutra

We are a Flexographic and Digital manufacturer of Labels, Tags and Flex Packs. We offer materials such as Direct Food Contact, Coupons, Tamper Evident, Peel n' Seal and finishes like Foils, Embossing and Soft Feel. We can assist you with construction and design as well. We produce small quantities to millions. Short lead times. We are an SGP Certified facility producing award winning products.

Chemi Nutra makes the functional ingredient AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC. AlphaSize® A-GPC boosts both mental and physical energy while remaining tasteless and completely water soluble in any beverage. The FDA has acknowledged AlphaSize® A-GPC as GRAS. AlphaSize is natural and IGEN™ Non-GMO Certified.


Organic & Non-GMO Ingredients Ciranda, Inc.

For over 25yrs, Cooler Solutions has been providing refrigeration equipment, payment systems, parts and services to the food & beverage industry. CSI is proud to distribute or represent Imbera Cooling, Crane Payment Innovations & Hoshizaki America…all industry leaders. Inventory, service, parts, delivery, installation…we go BEYOND EQUIPMENT! We are here to help get your product noticed. Secondary Packaging Solutions Douglas Machine Inc.

Founded in 1964, Douglas is a global leader in automated secondary packaging solutions for paperboard, corrugated & shrink film. We specialize in the design and manufacture of case & tray packers, shrink wrap systems, cartoners, sleevers, multipackers and palletizers. Based in Alexandria, Minnesota, Douglas is an employeeowned company that has installed more than 11,000 machines in 30 countries.

o t n i Pour r e g n i G e Pur

PurGinger is bold and spicy for beverages. Try pure organic ginger that is fully soluble, shelf stable, and void of any microbial contaminants. Inquire for a sample of PurGinger for your beverage. Contact AFS appliedfoods.com/ginger 1(800)345-9666 sales@appliedfoods.com

PurGinger organic ginger extract by


Beverage Development Flavorman

CPG Recruiting Firm ForceBrands

Cultivating goodness Healthy Food Ingredients

All of our CBD,CBG,CBN materials start off in the fields of Oregon, carefully cultivated by our farmers to give Enveed the ability to trace each material's lineage back to the seed. Our consistency, quality, and customer service is unmatched. Please contact us today for more information, whether you need to purchase product or don’t know how to add CBD to your product line. We are here for you.

Creating beverages in every beverage category is what we do! But it’s not all we do. Flavorman offers a wide range of services - R&D, shelf life testing, consulting, pre-production planning, small run bottling & production, value engineering and many more. Work with the team here at Flavorman who has helped change what the world is drinking for 27 years and counting.

ForceBrands is the leading specialized recruiting firm for the consumer products industry offering executive search services, board of director assembly, and a digital job board. Our FoodForce division is made up of industry experts who understand the natural food industry. We tap into our established network to connect you with the most qualified talent to grow your business.

Healthy Food Ingredients is a growing family of global specialty ingredient brands, which includes SK Food International, Hesco/Dakota Organic Products, Suntava, and Heartland Flax. Combined, we offer non-GMO, organic, certified transitional, gluten-free, and identity preserved pulses, soybeans, grains, seeds, flax, expeller oils, and signature product Suntava Purple Corn™.

Coconut Ingredients Franklin Baker, Inc.

Cold-Brew Master Extractors Javo Beverage Company

Franklin Baker, Inc. is the largest processor of coconut ingredients in the Philippines & the premier supplier global food & beverage market. For 125 years we take pride in long standing customer relationships. Produced from the freshest nuts available, at 1 of our 3 manufacturing facilities, we control the process from tree through shipment.

Founded in 2001, Javo is an extraction company that uses a proprietary cold-brew method to produce fresh, clean-labeled coffee, tea and botanical extracts for the food and beverage industry. Our cold-brew process delivers a clean non-acidic authentic concentrate for your targeted application, whether a cold brew, nitro coffee, dairy, sauce or bakery item.

Online produce marketplace Full Harvest

Natural Flavors Lebermuth

Full Harvest helps food & beverage companies reduce their bottom line while increasing their sustainability footprint. Our online produce marketplace connects you with quality farms to purchase surplus and imperfectly shaped produce — helping to solve the massive food waste problem. Customers buying surplus and ‘ugly’ fruits and vegetables have saved 10%40% compared to traditional distributors.

Family owned since 1908, we formulate natural & organic flavors with essential oils sourced directly from over 30 counties, providing clean labels consumers desire. Specialized in powdered flavors, mint, sweet/fruity & terpenes. Our distillation capabilities allow us to isolate, reduce constituents to increase usability, reliability, and oil characters, setting us apart from other flavor suppliers

We make value Factory LLC

Clean-label Ingredients Farbest Brands

Organic Taste Solutions FONA International

Natural Color Solutions GNT USA Inc.

Brand & Packaging Design McLean Design

Farbest Brands brings the highest quality food, beverage and nutrition ingredients to you. We offer USDA-certified organic and conventional clean label ingredients for dairy and plant proteins, vitamins, natural colors, specialty nutrients, gum acacia, and specialty sweeteners. Our line of natural colors can be custom formulated to meet your specific color target, shelf life or process.

Consumers today want it all. You’re balancing the demands of great taste, consumer acceptance and regulatory hurdles—including upcoming organic certification changes. Are you ready? At FONA, we can help you every step of the way. Let us bring the best clean label flavors and taste modification solutions to the table for you.

EXBERRY® by GNT is the leading brand of natural food coloring for the food and beverage industry. EXBERRY® colors are derived solely from fruits, vegetables, and edible plants through a process of chopping, pressing, filtering and blending. EXBERRY® products can be applied to a range of beverage categories including enhanced waters, carbonated soft drinks, dairy, and plant-based milks.

We Build Powerful Brands — Brands are built on consumer engagement, meaning that a successful brand has captivated the consumer and enriched their life in some unexpected and enduring way. At McLean we use every tool at our disposal to reveal the core meaning of a brand and enhance the consumer's experience beyond the utility of a product or service. Realize the full value of your brand at McLean.




Trusted Certifications Provider: Natural Foods, Dietary Supplements NSF International

Monk Fruit Corp is the recognized industry leader, with the majority share of the global monk fruit market (>4X our nearest competitor), with the best quality and widest range of monk fruit products on the market. Monk fruit allows you to create great tasting, innovative products with significantly less sugar and calories – all from the goodness of fruit! Looking for monk fruit? Trust the monk.™

NSF International - a 75-year-old, not-for-profit, public health and safety organization - offers Non-GMO Project Verified, NSF Non-GMO, NSF Gluten-Free, Certified Plant Based, Raised Without Antibiotics, and True Source Honey certifications.

Flavor Manufacturer Mother Murphy's Flavors

Ideal Flax for Beverages Pizzey Ingredients

Mother Murphy's is a full service flavor manufacturer dedicated to supporting customer needs through quality and flavor innovation. At Mother Murphy's we specialize in flavor and prototype development for the beverage and snack industries and have over 60,000 flavors in our portfolio. We make the world taste better!

Pizzey Ingredients’ BevPur™ Flax enhances beverages with the nutritional benefits of flaxseed while providing a smooth and rich texture. BevPur™ has a guaranteed shelf life of two years and is available in organic and conventional varieties (both are non-GMO, pesticide-free and gluten-free). BevPur™ is ideal for plant milk, smoothies, meal replacement shakes, and other nutritious beverages.

100% Inventory / PO Finance Newbridge Global Sourcing, LLC

Newbridge buys the inventory & supplies your company needs. We advance 100% of the cost of goods including, packaging, freight & taxes. We purchase on your behalf ALL types of products & materials from anywhere in the world. Newbridge provides you with extended payment terms up to 120 days. Once onboarded we can fund within a few hours. We have the capital strength to scale as your business grows. Premier Marketing Partner News America Marketing

News America Marketing is the premier marketing partner of some of the world’s most well-known brands, & its broad network of shopper media, incentive platforms & custom merchandising services influences the purchasing decisions of online & offline shoppers across the U.S. & Canada. Our solutions are available primarily under the SmartSource brand name & the Checkout51 mobile application.

PROVA: The Sweet Brown Flavoring Specialists PROVA

Trust PROVA to be your flavor solution partner. We are the “sweet brown flavoring specialists,” market leaders in delivering the taste of vanilla, cocoa, coffee and other brown notes. Our line of organic compliant and organic certified cocoa extracts enhances the chocolate flavor in any baked product while reducing the amount of cocoa powder, thus attaining a moister, richer product. When less cocoa powder is used, one can also potentially reduce sugar in the formula. Both of these are particularly important in calorie-reduced and gluten-free products. Our outstanding products include natural extracts, natural and artificial flavors, organic vanilla extracts in both liquid and powder form, and coffee flavors and extracts (including organic and Fair Trade). Our flavors and extracts are ideal for use in healthy and nutritious beverages and foods. PROVA’s expanded line of organic products can help you create clean label products that consumers demand. Contact PROVA at sales@provaus.com to see how our products, including Natural Provanil-US7, a technological, economical and customer-preferred natural vanillin alternative; organic flavors; non-GMO flavors; caramel flavors; maple and honey flavors; and allergen-free nut flavors can help with your snack product development.


Beverage & Food Development PTM Food

PTM Food is your premier product development & manufacturing support firm. Our wide range of expertise, development, and creativity achieves an exciting point of difference between your product and competitors. We work hard to uncover key industry insights, developing products that have a competitive edge. Whether your project is simple or a complex one, we’re your team! Organic Certification Provider: Food, Supplements, Personal Care QAI, Inc.

With 30 years of experience, QAI offers flexible pricing discounts to small businesses because we’re committed to growing organics worldwide. We provide USDA Organic, Certified Transitional and NSF ANSI 305 (made with organic) certifications.

The Original Premium Mixer

E s t 18 7 1

Oldest American Mixer Company No Preservatives

No Artificial Colors or Sweeteners

No Artificial Flavors

whiterockbeverages.com | info@whiterockbev.com

SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Supply Chain Solutions Relay Resources

Synergy - Inspiring Taste Synergy Flavors

Fruit Ingredients Tree Top, Inc.

Make it. Pack it. Store it. Ship it. We are more than third-party logistics. From warehousing and fulfillment to product kitting – including gift sets and variety packs, we’re here to help! Relay is a Portland, OR non-profit offering diverse business solutions to our customers while providing access to jobs for people with disabilities or other barriers to employment.

Synergy Flavors is a global manufacturer and supplier of flavorings, extracts, and essences for the food, beverage and nutrition industries. With more than 130 years of expertise, Synergy combines a heritage of flavor development with proprietary extraction technology to deliver high quality taste solutions that captivate the senses and inspire innovation.

Tree Top Fruit Ingredients processes virtually every fruit under the sun into a variety of highquality, wholesome fruit products, including fruit powders, frozen strawberries, fruit juice concentrates, fruit purées, formulated fruit preps, dried apples, and bulk apple sauce. Some of our fruit types include apple, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, peach, pear, and plum.

Non-GMO Stevia Sweeteners SweeGen

Non-GMO, Vegan Ingredients Top Health Ingredients, Inc.

SweeGen is dedicated to the development, production and distribution of non-caloric, nonGMO sweeteners for the food, flavor and beverage industries. We focus on our next-generation stevia sweeteners BESTEVIA® Reb M, Reb D and e+, that have great sugar-like taste profiles. Our stevia sweeteners are produced through a bio-conversion process that starts with the stevia leaf.

Top Health Ingredients has been a trusted leader in providing the highest quality Non-GMO, plant-based prebiotics, fibers & proteins to the functional food, beverage, and meat analog markets since 2009. We work closely with our manufacturers and valued customers to develop and supply innovative plant-based solutions for virtually every application, including meat & dairy alternatives!

Sustainable Contract Mfg. Wyandot Snacks



By choosing Boxed Waterâ&#x201E;¢ over plastic bottled water, you can keep more plastic out of our oceans. And our food chain. Made from renewable resources and 100% recyclable. Sustainability Matters. BOXEDWATERISBETTER.COM








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Axiom Foods

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Bay State Milling

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Bay Tech Label, Inc.

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BFY Brands

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Bobo's Bou Brands Callisons


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Chemi Nutra

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Ciranda, Inc.

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CSI division of Nordon, Inc

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Douglas Machine Inc.

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Enveed Hemp

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Full Harvest

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Good Foods Group

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Hickory Nut Gap Meats

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Evoke Healthy Foods

Franklin Baker, Inc.

HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs

hickorynutgap.com hippeas.com

Hippie Snacks

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Homegrown Meats

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Kathie’s Kitchen/Superseedz


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QAI, Inc.

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Re:THINK Ice Cream

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Relay Resources

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The Blooming Oven

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The Matzo Project

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SweeGen Synergy Flavors

Theo Chocolate

ptmfood.com – qai-inc.com rethinkicecream.us

Www.bloomingoven.com matzoproject.com


Hector Saldivar



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Top Health Ingredients, Inc.

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Tree Top, Inc.

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Tia Lupita® Foods Tolerant

Vital Leaf Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Wyandot Sncaks Yellofruit





Tequila Avión Partners With 21 Savage Tequila Avión has partnered with Grammynominated artist 21 Savage as part of its new “Depart. Elevate. Arrive.” marketing campaign. Inspired by the vibrancy of modern Mexico City, “Depart. Elevate. Arrive.” introduces a bold, new look for Avión and celebrates the brand’s heritage and passion for aviation, while targeting consumers who are adventurers in both mind and spirit. Throughout the campaign, Avión will highlight those who have forged their own paths by having a borderless mindset and a desire to experience the new and different in order to create a more vibrant life, beginning with 21 Savage. An aspiring pilot, 21 Savage shares the brand’s passion for the sky and embrace of this mindset, “I grew up wanting to fly and pursued my pilot’s license

as soon as I was able. When I’m in the air flying, there’s nothing like it. No traffic, no borders. With a borderless mindset, I’m able to bring everything I’ve seen, a worldly point of view, into my creative process. Into my art. It brings my art to an elevated space and that’s the heart of this partnership. Elevating creativity through being borderless.” The visually stunning new spot was filmed inside of the Tabernacle music venue in Atlanta, Georgia, where 21 Savage recently performed three sold-out shows. “21 Savage has been the perfect partner to bring forth our vision and showcase the new world of Tequila Avión. I am incredibly proud to unveil this fresh new direction throughout the campaign,” said Tequila Avión brand engagement director Marnie Corrigan.

PepsiCo Partners with JetBlue In August, PepsiCo announced a new strategic partnership with JetBlue. Recently, the two iconic brands joined forces to refresh JetBlue’s onboard travel experience, bringing a range of PepsiCo carbonated soft drinks and non-carbonated beverages to the skies. Combining the effervescent spirit of both brands, the collaboration infuses the onboard experience with even more refreshment and fun.

The celebration of these two brands – each uniquely rooted in New York City’s culture and history – kicked off on the banks of Long Island City. For the first time ever, PepsiCo changed the face of its world-famous Pepsi-Cola sign with the addition of JetBlue branding, which is visible to New Yorkers and visitors through September. The historic landmark not only serves as a tourist attraction


but also captures the spirit of the Big Apple, standing as a monument to Long Island City’s industrial past. Originally placed on top of a PepsiCo bottling plant, the sign has prevailed for nearly 80 years and is now situated blocks away from JetBlue headquarters, making it the pictureperfect symbol of this new partnership. The dual-branded sign was unveiled on August 22 with the

nighttime city skyline as a backdrop. Ceremonial lighting effects punctuated the sign’s debut and were captured from multiple vantage points by media and influential New York City photographers and enthusiasts. Consumers are invited to follow #PepsiOnJetBlue for striking photos and video and share their own content from now through September. “We’re extremely proud to come together with JetBlue. As two

brands with deep roots in New York City, it’s the perfect place to kick off the partnership and demonstrate our excitement by literally changing the visual fabric of our shared hometown,” said Anne Fink, President of Global Foodservice, PepsiCo. “We look forward to furthering our mission and providing JetBlue customers and crewmembers with moments of effervescent enjoyment, both on the ground and in the air.”

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BevNET Magazine September/October 2019  

The September/October 2019 issue of BevNET Magazine. With the 2019 Natural Snack Guide.

BevNET Magazine September/October 2019  

The September/October 2019 issue of BevNET Magazine. With the 2019 Natural Snack Guide.

Profile for bevnet