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Protein Almondmilk

Purple Stuff Premium Sodas

Califia Farms

Funktional Beverages, Inc.


PACKAGING: 16 oz. Can

ATTRIBUTES: Muscle and Fitness

ATTRIBUTES: Cognitive Health

Califia Farms launches delicious, plant-based protein drinks in two flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla Protein Almondmilk. With 6g per 10.5 oz of protein, these vegan offerings use a combination of pea and sprouted brown rice protein for better digestibility and taste. With B Vitamins, Fiber and Magnesium in the products, these drinks are nutrient-dense and also carrageenan-free, dairy-free, soy-free, GMO-free and gluten-free. At only 140 calories per bottle, Califia’s Protein Almondmilks are a great post-workout option, but they can also supplement any meal to deliver a good-for-you 6g of 100% plant protein. Califia Farms’ mission is to deliver delicious and mindful nourishment through the agricultural bounty of Californian-grown fruits and nuts. The company is a leader in the revolution to de-commodify the food and beverage industry by creating innovative, healthy and great-tasting premium beverages that make it easy for consumers to go ‘plant-powered’ and dairy-free.

Purple Stuff is a line of ultrapremium sodas with an emphasis on taste, healthy ingredients proven to Refresh & Relax, with the color Purple. We have the world’s first Purple Cola! Millennials have chosen this beverage over mainstream sodas wherever they can find it. Every flavor has a familiar big brand soda taste; yet pours a violet Purple. Purple Stuff contains no caffeine or HFCS, but plenty of nutrition and about 1/3 the calorie count of major soda brands. Consumers benefit from the dietary changes made when switching from regular CSD brands that contain ingredients such as caffeine and HFCS that are known contributors to anxiety, jitters and obesity. 68% of consumers are females between the ages of 13 to 38. (Purple Stuff is safe for children) Relaxation means stress free and not drowsiness! We are neither a sleep drink nor a nutritional supplement. Purple Stuff contains a similar amount of L-Theanine per serving as whole leaf premium bottled teas. SRP $2.29

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trimino. The best-tasting protein water on the market.

Boosts metabolism

Curbs appetite

Increases energy

From soccer moms to serious athletes, everyone is reaching for trimino because unlike most functional beverages, it’s smooth, with rich fruit flavors that are downright delicious. And with the perfect amount of whey protein and B-vitamins for muscle recovery and energy, trimino enables everyone to look, feel, and perform their best. BEVNET MAGAZINE MARCH 2015


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BevNET Magazine March 2015  

The March 2015 issue of BevNET Magazine.

BevNET Magazine March 2015  

The March 2015 issue of BevNET Magazine.

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