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Illusion Industries CEO Todd Tucker

RED BULL CURATES: THE CANVAS COOLER PROJECT Art lovers flocked to West Hollywood’s Factory West for the Red Bull Curates:


for creating iconic creatures in films such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Momma’s House 2, Mrs. Doubtfire, Passion of the Christ, Van Helsing, Hannibal, GI JOE: RETALIATION and numerous others including the upcoming Iceman, starring James Franco and Sony’s—The Smurfs, Todd’s the guy who keeps us glued to our seats, scared and screaming, but enthralled. Having worked on more than 100 films/TV shows with the biggest actors and directors in the biz, Todd’s entrepreneurial vision came full circle two years ago when he and his business partner Ron Halvas who had worked as a team for years, founded Illusion Industries, in Los Angeles. Two years later, they had expanded their special effects, prosthetic makeup, animatronics, puppets, specialty costumes, and design expertise to New Orleans and Moscow offices as well. An only child, Todd says he spent the majority of his youth at the movies mesmerized by films such as Star Wars, The Dark Crystal and Gremlins. His talent for drawing and sculpting detailed creatures and characters revealed itself early and he remembers knowing even at a young age he wanted to work in the movie business. During high school and as a hobby, he learned to sculpt and create his own unique creatures. An advanced higher education and four years building his portfolio followed, before moving to LA and getting his first major film work as a key artist on Steven Spielberg’s 1991 film, "Hook" with Robin Williams. He said, "I did not take it for granted. I knew I had to work hard to keep working on major films." As for his favorite jobs, he says prosthetic makeup is the most enjoyable because of the process of transforming an actor and bringing that character to life. And, his favorite movie to work on was a comic book movie called, Trailer Park of Terror where his team created a redneck zombie family, and on the movie he got to produce and 2nd Unit Direct the film. Any advice for on-the-rise movie sculptors, molders and animators? “Learn to sculpt, mold, fabricate and apply. There are books and DVDs available online that offer a step-by-step guide and various techniques. Purchase material you need and, then practice over and over. When you feel you have enough experience, then put your best work into a portfolio to showcase your art. Research different make-up FX companies and try to get an interview to show Visit: them your work. That’s what I did.” l

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The Canvas Cooler Project where 20 artists transformed blank canvas-wrapped Red Bull coolers into works of art. Artists were paired with local bar, lounges and restaurants owners where the custom pieces will live forever in glory and pride. Judges were John Heilman (City of West Hollywood Councilmember/former Mayor), Holly Harrison (Curatorial Administrator of Contemporary Art at LACMA) and Marsea Goldberg (New Image Art Gallery). Artists James Haunt and White Buffalo were touted the two winners and will showcase their artwork at SCOPE Miami during Art Basel in December. When asked how she narrowed down 20 artists to two winners, Goldberg said, “I wanted to find somebody who was not only talented and original but hungry and deserved the break. I looked for somebody that was identifiable and fresh in a new genre.” Haunt (28) born/raised in LA trained in digital design in high school developing a Canvas Cooler Project Winner James Haunt passion for art and creativity. “This is the first project that I reintroduced my stencil work. I wanted to step it up and do something next level and intriguing; on one side there is a very intricate city scene with an explosion, a crashed cop car and buildings in the back. There are also eyes looking into your eyes. It’s personal for me. Downtown LA is where I reside. Sometimes the beauty of the drama is what intrigues me.. it was a tribute to that.” Buffalo said she felt like the underdog coming into this exhibition, “The little buffalo among the big dogs.” The 25years-old from a small town in South Dakota Canvas Cooler Project Winner White Buffalo came to LA two years ago to pursue art. A member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, she studied studio art at Iowa State and wants to educate people about Native Americans and the struggle, strength and beauty of her culture, which is why her art is so personal to her. “Everything is really organic. I wanted to make it an outburst of expression and put all of my feelings into it. I paint buffalos because they’re strong and represent my people and headdresses because they represent my culture. I used charcoal, chalk and pencil, whatever was at my disposal. I paint on different types of paper and collage it in there so it’s a painting within a painting.” Other artists were 2WENTY, AJL, Allison Hueman Torneros, Blinky Óne, Dan Monteavaro, Jill Knox, Look At, Man One, Mear One, Rose Masterpol, Sand One, SEK, SEPTERHED, TaylorSays, Teebs and Vyal One. Participating LA venues: The Bungalow, Viceroy Hotel, The Viper Room, Rock & Reilly’s, Pink Taco Sunset Strip, Brick+Mortar, The Craftsman, Barcopa, Akbar, La Cita, The Association, Salvage, Crocker Club, The Federal, KCRW Radio, Ameoba Music, Well and Mack Sennett Studios. This was the second in a series Visit of seven Canvas Cooler Project showcases. l

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Beverly Hills Times Magazine - The Secrete State  

The Beverly Hills Times Magazine is a door-to-door, monthly publication catering to an upscale clientele. We offer readers an up close and i...