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A Winter Wonderland of Makeup Do’s & Don’ts By Celebrity Makeup Artist Suzanne D. LIPSTICK HIGHLIGHTS WINTER TO SPRING A red lip is the highlight of this winter to spring season. Playing with different shades to compliment your skin tone, a range of soft, pinkish reds to a bold, classic to a luscious black cherry, reds whirled their way in loud and proud. Being that this color creates its own statement, keep the cheeks and eyes simple. Blush your cheeks with a more neutral tone. You can also try using an apricot or a light pink to add a hint of color. Both are a nice compliment. My Tip For Playing With Reds: Work backwards this season. You typically save the darker looks for the evening, right? Have fun with it! Try using a darker red during the day and a pinkish red for your evening dinner.

Blues And Greens For Eyes For the eyes, blues and greens have been a big hit this winter and made quite the impression on the runways of New York Fashion Week. Apply either color along the lash line and give it a good smudge, apply to just the outer corner of the eyes or if you want to really have fun, apply all over the eyelid and top it with a shimmery eggshell or

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frosty white under the brow. For those of you with brown eyes, an emerald or a lime green pairs beautifully and gives your brown a vibrant pop. Those with blue and blue-grey eyes can try a deep, rich, royal blue. Try adding a baby blue shimmer to the inner corners of the eyes for a little extra dimension. For my green and hazel lookers, play with a bold, bright green. That would really exaggerate your color. You can pair this with a red, coral, pink or nude lip.

Less Color Can Also Be Glam IT’S UP TO YOU! For those of you that prefer a less colorful approach, another look this season is, well, you! A bare face is another top choice. (Does that ever go out of style?!) A flawless application with gently kissed cheeks, light shadows on the eyes paired with a slim, black eyeliner and nude lips is always a winner. The highlight of this look is the brows. Yes, ladies. Hello Audrey Hepburn! Use an angle brush with a powder (there are eyebrow pallets but if you don’t have one, just use an eye shadow) or pencil and swipe on a color matching your hair. Fill in a smooth clean line along the bottom of the brow, fill in throughout the brow, then define a line along the top. The fun part with this is the shape. You can give yourself a more pointed arch once you hit your peak or smooth it over for a softer arch. Start by filling in your actual brow then add another swipe along

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the top to make them appear thicker. Play with it until you reach a thickness you like. With such fun and vibrant styles along with one’s own natural beauty, the best part is a little mixing and matching. Black lined eyes with red lips Born in North Carolina, Suzanne traveled West settling in Las Vegas and finding her passion in makeup. After graduating from the Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts and Science where she earned her aesthetic license, she worked in the salon industry, furthering her knowledge and expertise studing numerous academies of makeup. Early on, Suzanne maintained a career with the convention industry in Las Vegas, while pursuing makeup artistry with photographers across the country styling for photoshoots and working on model and actress portfolios as creative director. Over the past decade she has pursued makeup full time, building a client list from everyday women, bridal makeup to red carpet celebrities and advancing her career through television, movies and the advertising world. Her talent flows head-to-toe incorporating body painting and airbrushing which she says allows her creativity to speak. She resides and works in both Las Vegas and California and travels extensively for clients on location. “Doing makeup is my passion. I love accentuating features and playing with angles and shapes of Suzanne D. the face. I tell my clients... (702)324-4895 “Your beauty was always there, I just enhanced it.” l

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Beverly Hills Times Magazine - Sexy, Talented & Unforgettable  

The Beverly Hills Times Magazine is a door-to-door, monthly publication catering to an upscale clientele. We offer readers an up close and i...

Beverly Hills Times Magazine - Sexy, Talented & Unforgettable  

The Beverly Hills Times Magazine is a door-to-door, monthly publication catering to an upscale clientele. We offer readers an up close and i...