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JUNE 2013

Published for members of Caddo Electric Cooperative

Safety First coloring contest winners

Mason Alldredge Binger-Oney Elementary

Rogelio Esquivel Minco Elementary

In an effort to promote electrical safety, each year Caddo Electric Cooperative sponsors a Safety First Coloring Contest. For over 25 years, Caddo Electric has been actively teaching second grade students about electrical safety through this contest. A trophy, certificate and cash prize of $25 is presented to each of five second graders who were judged winners in this year’s contest. The 2013 “Safety First” Coloring Contest winners are Mason Alldredge from Binger-Oney Elementary, Rogelio Esquivel from Minco Elementry, Heston Harrison from Carnegie Elementary, Grace Lynn Hileman from HydroEakly Elementary, and Carli Watson from Boone-Apache Elementary. Second grade students from across the Caddo Electric Cooperative service area participated in the contest. A big congratulations from all of us

Heston Harrison Carnegie Elementary

Grace Lynn Hileman Hydro-Eakly Elementary

at Caddo Electric Cooperative to these talented young second grade students. For more information about this or other Youth Programs offered by Caddo Electric, call Beverly Harvey at 405-656-2322.

Carli Watson Boone-Apache Elementary

Caddo Electric Cooperative Annual Meeting of members will be August 2, 2011. at Anadarko High School Anadarko, Ok. Registration & meal - 5:00 p.m. Business meeting - 7:00 p.m

Jimmy Hedrick

Construction Superintendent 38 years of service

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CADDO ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. Headquarters office - Binger, Oklahoma Branch Offices in Mustang and Anadarko Operating in Blaine, Caddo, Canadian, Comanche, Custer, Grady, Kiowa and Washita Counties in Oklahoma MANAGER BOB THOMASSON BOARD OF DIRECTORS Glenn Propps, President Herman Myers, Vice President Fred Reuter, Secretary Walter Hrbacek, Member Greg Little, Member Jack McLemore, Member Don Payne, Member Mark Slemp, Member Don Wright, Member “The Caddo” Editor, Beverly Harvey DATES TO REMEMBER Cycle 1 - Bills received on the 15th of the month must be paid on or before the 5th of the following month to avoid penalty. Cycle 2 - Bills received on the 1st of the month must be paid on or before the 20th of the month to avoid penalty. CONNECTS, DISCONNECTS INFORMATION Only emergency repair work is performed on weekends. If you have need for a service to be connected or disconnected, please contact our office Monday - Friday. OFFICE HOURS Binger, Mustang, Anadarko Monday - Friday.....8:00 A.M.- 5:00 P.M. In case of trouble call: 24 hour emergency


Headquarters number is




JUNE 2013

Myth or fact? Power line safety If birds can touch electrical wires, are they safe for people, too? If you’re not on a metal ladder, are you clear of danger from power line electrocution? Know for sure before you take a chance with your life.#19868-001 First the facts: Electricity is always looking for the shortest and easiest path to the ground-including people and objects that touch or come too close to power lines. Electricity is fast, and it can cause severe burns or death if it flows through the human body. Take power line safety seriously. Read on and find the facts on the following myths: Myth: Wires must be safe to touch if birds can land on them. Fact: Birds don’t represent a direct path to the ground, giving electricity nowhere to go but back to the wire. It’s easier for the current to simply stay in the wire. So no, touching a power line is not safe for humans. Myth: Power lines are safe to touch because they’re insulated. Fact: Most lines are insulated only to protect against

slight tree contact, but not enough to prevent human injury. Don’t touch them! Myth: Ladders are safe near power lines as long as they don’t touch. Fact: Electricity can “jump” especially when a good conductor like a metal ladder comes close, Keep a safe distance of at least 10 feet.

Your swimming pool doesn’t have to be a drain on your electric bill. Simply covering it will go a long way to reducing evaporation, which will cut back on reelling and reheating. Also consider investing in a high-efficiency or multi-speed pool pump when it’s time for a replacement— they cost more but save a lot more energy than older models. Visit for more info. model

What’s Cooking’ By Beverly Harvey

Apple Dapple Cake

3 eggs 1 1/4 c. vegetable oil 2 cups sugar 3 cups all-purpose flour 1/3 c. milk 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. baking soda 2 tsp. vanilla 3 c. chopped apples 1 1/2 c. chopped pecans

Glaze: 1 stick butter or margarine 1 c. brown sugar 1/4 c. milk 1 tsp. vanilla

Mix the eggs and oil together in a large bowl; add sugar, flour, milk, salt, soda and vanilla, and mix well. Fold in the apples and pecans. Batter will be stiff. Bake in greased tube pan at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Melt the butter in a pan, then add other glaze ingredients and cook 2 1/2 minutes. While cake is still hot, pour the glaze over it before removing from pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Serves 12.

JUNE 2013

Summer Load Control Time Load Control refers to the control of various customer electric loads during times of peak usage on the electric system. By managing loads so they are not all on at the same time, Caddo Electric Cooperative is able to reduce wholesale power purchases, thus saving money. The Load Control Program, lets cooperative members become partners in the effort to control electric rates. Caddo Electric Load Control Program works by shedding large loads such as irrigation systems and large industrial processes and by shifting electricity use of residential electric water heaters, and air conditioning units in the homes of volunteer consumers from times of peak demand to times of lesser demand. Members willing to participate in the program receive special rates. If you are not a part of the Load Control program and would like more information, contact us at 405-656-2322. NOTICE New Load Control time is 3:00 pm - 7:00 p.m. Load Control dates are June 20th Sept. 9th. During this period, any day is a possible control day except Sundays & Holidays.



6% ENERGY SMART LOAN for energy efficient improvements

If you are planning to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home with a new electric heat pump, insulation, storm windows, doors or other energy saving projects - give us a call. The CEC Energy Smart Loan is available to CEC members at 6% interest. Call the Member Services Department at 405-656-2322. Caddo Electric has good news for our members wanting to improve the thermal efficiency of their home. Whether you need to replace your old, worn out heating and cooling system, install energy efficient windows, or add more insulation to your attic, Caddo Electric can help you make those needed improvements by offering our 6% interest loan. The loan can be used to finance Keith DeVaughan Marketing & Member the following energy conservation measures: Services Representative

• caulking & weather stripping • insulation • storm windows & doors • thermal windows & doors • attic ventilation fans • heat pumps Loans are available for 6% interest and you can take up to 84 months on improvements up to $15,000 for a single family dwelling. In order to qualify for the loan, members must have good credit history and be in good standing with the Cooperative For more information call Keith DeVaughan at 405-656-2322.

Keep energy efficiency in mind as you plan spring landscaping. Properly selected and planted trees, shrubs, and bushes can create a windbreak that lowers home heating bills in the winter and insulates your home year-round. Before you start, check on the right plants and techniques for your climate at US DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY

Day or Night - CEC Linemen will be there Electric linemen are a special breed of men who know the area they are appointed to work in. If a member has an electrical problem, your CEC lineman will be there to repair it in as soon as humanly possible. Your Caddo Electric lineman works and lives in your community. He may be on a volunteer on the local fire department, coach little league or be on the local school board. If a storm wipes out utility poles and wires, line workers spring into action - the men and women of our nation’s electric cooperative stand ready and waiting to keep you connected. Our purpose is simple: we exist to power communities and empower our members to improve their quality of life. If a storm destroys power lines, we restore electricity as quickly and safely as possible. Be assured, during this time of severe storm possibilities, Caddo Electric Cooperative is looking out for you!


JUNE 2013


48 hours before you dig

Call Okie toll free

Whether you’re planning to set a post or install a pool this summer, Oscar Codopony, Operations Director at Caddo Electric says, “Think Safety and Call Okie.” Call Okie is a one-call utility notification system. It acts as a communication link between the excavators and operators of underground facilities. By calling 1-800-522-6543 you can notify all the utilities including TV, cable, electric, gas, telephone, etc. Call Okie was designed to promote public awareness and to eliminate potential hazards posed to excavators, the general public, vital underground facilities and the environment, whenever excavation is done. If you notify Call Okie, it relieves you of much of the responsibility if utility lines are cut. Otherwise you will be responsible for the cost of repairs if you haven’t called. By working safely we can all have a good summer.

Find Your Hidden Account Number In this issue, be sure to look for your Hidden Account Number! If you locate it, check on your bill and if it is your account number, give us a call at 405-6562322. The number could be a credit of $25 to $100 applied to your bill. Give us a call at 405-656-2322.

Thanks Caddo Electric, I appreciate all you did for me during power loss problems. “Such prompt service!”, a big thanks to Gayla Coats for help and kindness over the telephone, also Kyle Davis, Jerry Williams and Terry Godfrey for their great service. I am highly pleased to be a member of the Caddo Electric Cooperative. P.S. Thanks to all the Cooperative employees. Thanks again, Mary Franklin, Apache, OK

*** Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You all are so appreciated for working in awful conditions to restore our lights & warmth. Thanks again, Ken & Shirley Bright Calumet OK

Caddo Electric Cooperative is the recipient of Federal financial assistance from the Rural Electrification Administration, an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and is subject to the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, as amended, and the rules and regulations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture which provide that no person in the United States on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, or handicap shall be excluded from participation in, admission or access to, denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination under any of this organization's programs or activities. The person responsible for coordinating this organization's nondiscrimination compliance efforts is Oscar Codopony, Director of Operations. Any individual, or specific class of individuals, who feels that this organization has subjected them to discrimination may obtain further information about the statutes and regulations listed above from and/or file a written complaint with this organization; or the Secretary, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250; or the Administrator, Rural Electrification Administration, Washington, D.C. 20250. Complaints must be filed within 180 days after the alleged discrimination. Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent possible. Paid for by Electric Cooperative Members.


JUNE 2013


Co-op Connections Program Discount offers, from area businesses and national retailers local electric cooperative. NEW DEAL Law Construction 405-919-7118, Anadarko, OK, Owner: Barry Law

To churches and schools - carpet at cost, Caddo Electric members get 5% off carpet up to $250, not including labor. Eskimo Joe’s Clothes 501 W. Elm, Stillwater, OK 10% off any purchase at any Joe’s Clothes location (in store offer only). Not valid with any other offers.


Chad Cummins- General Manager $15 off brake job, GM & Chrysler vehicles, except 4WD, turn front rotors or replace rear drums, repack front wheel bearings where applicable. $7 off service transmission - up to 5 qts. fluid & gasket, GM & Chrysler vehicles.

K2 Vet

South Methodist Road, Hinton Ok, (405-542-3045) Dr. Shane Kimble offers: Free examination for first-time clients and 10% off vaccinations for dogs, cats and horses.

Remember to update At various times and for various reasons, Caddo Electric Electric may need to contact our members. The information that you provide is our source of contact. If that information is incorrect—for example your phone number has changed or you no longer use your post office box, etc.- we have no way of knowing unless you make us aware of the change.If you call in your information, please be prepared to confirm your identity. Also, a correct phone number could be the means of avoiding disconnection of service A correct address will help to ensure that you receive your bill. A forwarding address if you move off CEC lines will help to ensure that you receive your final bill, your deposit and/or membership refund check, if applicable, as well as your capital credit checks when the time comes.


JUNE 2013


All ads must be submitted in writing to the Cooperative news office by the 10th of each month to appear in the next month’s issue. Ads received after the 10th will appear in the following month’s issue. Ads may be e-mailed to CEC reserves the right to reject any ads deemed inappropriate. NOTE: CEC does not endorse or guarantee any of the products or services in theses ads.

ANIMALS Bulls for sale, eight black Simmental, 13-15 months old, 405-966-2535 or 405-863-2295. Registered Belted Galloway for sale, three beautiful, heifers, very gentle, approximatedly 11 months old. 580639-2559. Northern black & black baldie 1st calf heifer pairs, nice calves. 405-668-2247. Growthy, gentle easy calving, Limousin bulls. 405-643-2884 or 580-759-6038. Registered Angus bulls,17 months of age, semen tested, docile, and ready to work. 405-352-5025. Registered full blooded limousine bulls, breeding age. 405-850-2430 or 405-677-4715.

AUTOMOTIVE 1993 Ford pickup, 3/4 ton, all power, 109K miles, good tires, 4wd, goosneck hitch/hookup, $3,000. 405-248-6804. I buy junk cars & farm machinery. 405-641-3344. 1993 Yamaha Vertigo 750, 19,000 miles, very clean, excellent condition, $2,000, 405-422-3545. 1986 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 4DR, rear wheel drive, 58,255 actual miles (mother’s car) garage kept 405-659-0233 or 405-613-8989. Ford Ranchero, 1969, straight 6 cyl, rough, $1,000. 405-262-5152. WANTED: classic or interesting vehicles. 405-613-1857. 6 inch truck exhaust pipes. 13’6” tall on truck with turnouts on top. No damage. $450.00 Call evenings 405-422-3545. Chevy pickup, 1984, lwb, V8, auto, $2500 no checks, cash only. 405-818-9011. GMC truck, 1979, 366 engine with 5/2 transmission. 16’ Mabar steel grain

bed with scissor lift and shurlock rollover tarp, barn kept. 405-638-2638. Car hauler trailer 16’ x 8’, 6” channel frame & tongue, 16’ tires with tandem axle. $1800. 405-222-0636

FARM Mohawk Bat Wing pasture mower, $1,000, New Holland swather, 12’, model 490, $1,000. 405-966-2556 or 405-933-2601. Native grass hay, round bales. 405638-0620 or 405-643-2861. Oak firewood and cedar posts for sale, 405-637-6892. 8N tractor with brush hog/shredder and 5 ft box blade for sale, $500 for sale, $1900, call or text, 405-933-2560

MISC. Beautiful Hallet Davis & Co Oak Spinet Piano for sale, $650.00 cash. You must move. Cyril, Ok. (580) 464-2476. Sears Pro Form treadmill, $100. 405966-2253. Cub Cadet Z44 zero turn lawnmower, 20 HP Kohler engine, 44 in. cut, new blades, battery & plugs, $1,250. 405831-8055 or 405-643-5194. Good used couch for sale, exc. condition, burgundy, blue, pink, green, $150 obo, Binger. 405-656-2581. For storage only, school bus, 76, no seats, $975, cash only. 405-818-9011. Cedar posts & oak firewood. 405-496-5596. Old barn wood for crafts. 580-650-9646. Firewood, $70 - you pick up or $75 delivered per rick. 405-643-5566. 1915 Pine Tree stationary motor. Runs, good condition. Was used on milkers. $450.00 Call evenings 405-422-3545. WANTED: Aluminum 2400 gallon military fuel tank. 405-202-4308. Cedar posts & logs, also oak firewood for sale. 405-541-3942.

Beautiful 12’x32’ portable building on skids, wired, insulated, T-111, metal roof inside & out, 2 loft, 1/2 bath, porch. 405-406-8386

REAL ESTATE Brick home south of Anadarko on 5 acres, 4 bdr., 3 bth. 30 x 56 shop, 36 x 36 horse barn, lots of updates! $229,000, (405) 247-2124 Beautiful craftsman bungalow with 1905 sq. ft. , 10’ ceilings, 3 bdrs, 2 full baths, lg. formal dining room, office, breakfast nook, lots more, 405-542-3444. Cabin for sale, 3 bdr, 1 1/2 bth, c/ha, 1100 sq ft. on 13 wooded acres overlooking S. Canadian River, detached garage, 24’x40’ with 16’ x 23’ room and bath, Geary city water. 405-884-2897. Fort Cobb Lake Lots for sale. Acre and half lots @ $15,500. Underground electric. Owner Finance. 405-643-2046. Lake lot at Crow’s Roost with well, septic and cellar. $18K taking offers, call 405-3979541. Home for sale on 2 acres, 4 m. south of Cogar Store, 2 bdr. brick/garage, tin roof, barn. 405-821-0436 or 405-8238415 or 405-823-8414. Six acres SE of Tuttle, Tuttle schools, $34,000 and 155 acres at Cogar, OK, 4 bdr. house, new heat/air, secluded, hunting fenced, $2000 per acre. 405-381-2617.

RECREATIONAL Boat for sale, $2500, 1986 Winner/ Escape, blue/gray, I/O, 17’ with 170 hp Mercruiser. The interior has been reupholstered and kept in garage. Owned since 1998, bought a new boat. Can see at Crow’s Roost area. Call 405-222-0636. WANTED: ATV (Mule) 4 by 4, 4 passenger 405-574-6961 or 405-656-2229.

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