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Informative Beverly Diamonds Complaints and Responses Complaint: - I received princess solitaire ring while I ordered solitaire ring with side stones. What help needed? – I was able to find the perfect ring for the wedding of my daughter. I placed the order for princess solitaire ring with side stones and I received a plain princess solitaire ring. I was very worried and had to get in touch with the team and they said that I mention it later about the side stones and now I have solitaire ring and want it replaced with the sidesotnes solitaire ring.

Company response

Summary – We already have dispatched the new ring Details – As per the customer’s asked we took an order for Princess Solitaire ring. Now after the payment and all was done, the customer changed the mind about the ring and wanted to princess solitaire rings with sidesotnes. By the time she made it clear with us the ring was already on the way and even the payment was done. So we told the customer that as soon as they get ring they can ship it back to us and we will replace it with solitaire ring with side stones and ship it back at them. As the side stones rings cost more than regular solitaire ring we even made the customer aware abut eh change in price. The customer was fine with the price change and then she told that she might keep the ring sent initially. And ten told us that she wants to go with the sidestone ring. In all this confusion as the customer was not clear about the purchase we were not able to take any action. But in the end sidestone ring was decided, the payment was made and we got the old ring back and we shipped the new ring with side stones back to the customer.

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