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Where To Sell At ?|Making Thousands by Selling Free iPads Selling can sometimes be changling, but there is many places you can sale your iPad 2 at. Such as eBay, CraigsList, Amazon, your own website, and many other places. At lot of times, it can be very difficult when selling on eBay when you are new without any feedback. BUT, you have to start somewhere, so I suggest you place your product on eBay, and then go over to Fiverr, you can then find people who will purchase your item and leave you a feedback I would also suggest that you mark it down for them. Since this is Fiverr, people will do gigs for you, for only $5 dollars, BUT if the price of your iPad is 300+ then how would they make money unless they are actually looking for an iPad.

Selling Free iPads on eBay


Selling Free iPads on Craiglist

You can also, let someone who is well respected on Ebay, or Amazon to sell your products for you which maybe a little risky but the return will be great at the end of the day. I personally recommend CraigsList, because people don’t have feedback or ratings on there, and you will see a large verity of people looking for cheap iPads like you are selling. The best part about CraigsList is that you can bundle the iPads together. We will talk more about this later on in the chapters. There is also Wholesale, Dropshipping websites that allow you to sell your items on their sites to thousands of people… Of course this isn’t like eBay or Amazon but you will reach people from around the world looking for cheap iPads.|Making Thousands by Selling Free iPads Source :

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Where To Sell At ?  
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