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10 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Bulk Wine Supply Partner

BTN talks to Steve Dorfman, partner at the Ciatti Company about the 10 Factors That One Should Consider when Selecting a Bulk Wine Supply Partner.

Steve Dorfman, Partner and Broker, The Ciatti Company

Steve joined the Ciatti Company in 2007 after working with the Brown-Forman Corporation, Fetzer Vineyards, Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards and Bolla Wine brands for 24 years.

Know your market: On-Premise or Off-Premise, branded, private label etc.

• What is your customer profile? • Are you looking to create a premium pour?

Know your target customer: Wholesaler, retailer, consumer • These three tiers are all your customers ultimately. • Will you be placing your brand with a small to medium wholesaler or a large one? • Will it be retail chain or a mom-and-pop shop or a supermarket that will house your brands? • What is the profile of the end consumer that will be buying your wine?

Know your plan to go to market: Do you have a brand? Do you have all of your appropriate licenses? • You need to finalize your brand’s name, SKUs, label designs, carton design, decide whether you will use a cork or bottle cap, file for required licenses. • Ordering wine from a bulk supplier is only one step in the chain.

What varietals do you need? • What blends does your supply partner already create? • Ask if your bulk supply partner grows these or is able to source them without you incurring exorbitant charges for the same.

What appellations do you need? • This largely defines the geographical areas where you will be sourcing from. • There are specific laws relating to where the grapes for particular wine are grown. • The appellation is also dictated by the varietal of grapes that can be grown in a region.

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10 factors to consider when selecting a bulk wine supply partner  

BTN talks to Steve Dorfman, partner at the Ciatti Company about the 10 Factors That One Should Consider when Selecting a Bulk Wine Supply Pa...

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