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beve! 2014

about beve!

beve provides pretty details for your clients’ events and their every day lives. We always strive to bring an environmental benefit to our products, whether they’re biodegradable, reusable or made in the USA. We think pretty things for party and for life should help keep the world pretty too. beve officially began in the spring of 2012 with four paper straw designs and a (very) small personal investment. two years later, beve has 200 products and is sold at over 70 shops across the United States and the world!

kind words

“You are so wonderful! You always go out if your way to get my last minute orders to me! Your products are always favorites in my shop!” -Tori of Southern Niceties “Your straws passed the soggy test!” -Jessica of Paper Sky “Fantastic customer service and fast shipping! :)” -Susan on Etsy “I really appreciate the personal touch your company has. No one else has been as welcoming or had the follow up that you have. Definitely makes me want to do business with you!” -Eryn Spaeth of The Small Luxuries 2

about lauren

Lauren LOVES that beve allows her to bask in being a ‘Jill of all trades.’ She gets to use her fashion design background to create fun, aesthetic and functional products as well as fetching marketing materials. Her retail experience comes in very handy when working with great shops around the country (and world!). Her never-ending planning is an asset and she even gets to play with the budget in accounting matters. Lauren enjoys all aspects of running her business, something she feels very lucky about. The most rewarding part of beve is that it allows her to be with her young daughter and provide her with a strong, female role model. Lauren’s husband, Chris, is also a huge asset to beve. He ships packages Monday-Friday, pitches in with customer service and prepping wholesale orders and as he once said in his best Arnold voice, “I am the consolidator. I’ll repack.”

contact & connect 434.996.4769 3713 dots drive charlottesville, va 22903 (yep, no “m”) instagram: @beveproducts


beve! paper straws Available in 25pc and 50pc packs Made of paper, wax, food-grade adhesive and food-grade inks Paper straws are bio-degradable! Straws are 7.75� long and .25� in diameter Over fifty designs with three beve-designed options A great, affordable way to put the final touch on an event or simply Packaged in clear plastic hang bags brighten up your morning smoothie! for easy tabletop or hanging displays Our paper straws are of excellent quality and do not get soggy or give drinks a papery taste. go ahead, refill your drink! Manufactured in China for beve!






red stripe

navy blue stripe

light blue stripe

light pink stripe





bright blue stripe


bright pink stripe

grey stripe



yellow stripe


green stripe

lavender stripe

ivory stripe

apple green stripe





orange stripe

gold stripe

silver stripe


black stripe





peacock blue stripe

purple stripe

magenta stripe

brown stripe





mint stripe


thin green stripe

mint horizontal stripe



pink/orange dual stripe


coral pink dot

green dot

green white dot

red white dot





black white dot

lavender white mini dot

light pink mini dot


light blue mini dot


orange herringbone *beve design


*beve design

birch *beve design






antique blue floral


red blue star

red heart

pink heart




black harlequin

watercolor floral

cream floral




solid teal

solid light pink

solid grey


gold star

red checker





mint chevron

yellow chevron

grey chevron

green chevron





bright pink chevron

bright blue chevron



gold chevron

light blue chevron

silver chevron


light pink chevron

beve! stickers

Watercolor stickers come in sets of six 1.5” circular and three 1.45 x 3.75” rectangular ‘brushstrokes’ 2014 Best New Product finalist in DIY at SMM! Packaged in clear baggie with a hang tab for easy table or hanging display Made in the USA and printed at our local print shop Stickers work great as letter seals set example


watercolor coral



watercolor yellow

watercolor mint



watercolor black

beve! washi tape Washi tape is removable and reusable - great for craft projects!

Washi is acid-free, so it’s safe to use on cherished photos Unless noted, all tapes are 15mm wide Washi tape is made of rice paper + acrylic adhesive + inks Manufactured in China for beve! beve has a great selection of beve-designed washi tapes as well as many stock designs Look for SMM 2014 Best New Product finalists! Packaged and priced so it’s easy to add into any current offerings






coral diamond ikat

blue eye ikat

yellow eye ikat

coral hexagons





blue hexagons

yellow hexagons

lt/dk coral circle pattern

light coral circle pattern





blue circle pattern

yellow circle pattern

yellow/orange circle pattern

coral gold houndstooth





coral gold plaid

coral gold bows

black bows


black vertical stripe






cat eyes

marquee alphabet

Label Alphabet





red feather stitch

Yellow TopSTitch

navy herringbone

coral herringbone





mint herringbone

gold herringbone

solid rose silver

rose silver perpendicular stripe

End beve-designed washi tapes


rose silver confetti dot



rose silver with confetti dot

coral gold confetti dot






silver glitter tape

diamond glitter tape

gold glitter tape

rose pink glitter tape





lavender glitter tape


light blue glitter tape

solid gold



solid blue

solid light blue

solid salmon pink




solid neon pink

solid neon orange

solid lavender


solid silver


solid dark grey





mint with white dot

light pink with white dot

lt/bt orange stripe

lt/bt pink stripe





red blue airmail


black diagonal stripe

black perpendicular stripe



rainbow chevron


pink orange chevron

lavender yellow chevron

bright green chevron

orange chevron





bright blue chevron

thin lavender stripe


thin red stripe

thin green stripe






blue grid

yellow grid

brown green grid




navy blue anchors


brigt green net

orange net

bright blue cube

orange cube

orange houndstooth

orange mini hearts









red grid

dark grey gender symbols

mint floral


bright pink mini hearts

red pink floral

beve! paper baggies Baggies measure 5� wide by 7.5� long Baggies are made from semi-opaque food-safe kraft paper and printed with food-safe inks Baggies are bio-degradable Manufactured in China for beve! Baggies are packaged in clear baggies with a hang tab for easy tabletop or hanging displays




light pink white dot



light blue white dot

grey white dot

mint white dot

red white dot





navy blue white dot

bright pink white dot

orange white dot


green white dot





bright pink chevron

mint chevron

navy blue chevron

green chevron





light pink chevron

grey chevron

light blue chevron

yellow chevron





red diagonal stripe

mint diagonal stripe

grey diagonal stripe

light blue diagonal stripe





black diagonal stripe

yellow diagonal stripe

navy blue diagonal stripe


light pink diagonal stripe

beve! honeycomb balls Honeycomb balls measure 12� in diameter

They come two per pack and are packaged in a clear plastic baggie with a hang tab for easy tabletop or hanging displays Made in the USA with some custommixed colors just for beve! Easy to store and re-use!

#hbwt12 white

#hbmt12 mint




#hbgy12 grey

bright pink





yellow custom dyed



light blue

coral custom dyed

beve! paper fans Paper fans measure 18� in diameter

They come two per pack and are packaged in a clear plastic baggie with a hang tab for easy tabletop or hanging displays Made in the USA with some custommixed colors just for beve! Easy to store and re-use!

#pfwt18 white

#pfmt18 mint




#pfgy18 grey

bright pink





yellow custom dyed



light blue

coral custom dyed

beve! balloons Patterned balloons are 12� and come 24pc/pk Jumbo balloons are 24� and come 6pc/pk Balloons are made of latex and biodegrade at a similar rate to an oak leaf All patterned balloons are designed by beve! Balloons are suitable for both air and helium inflation Manufactured in China for beve! Each patterned balloon is individually screen printed (four times!), so variation should be expected beve discourages outdoor balloon releases because even though the balloons biodegrade, a neighbor probably does not want a bright pink balloon biodegrading in their yard Balloons are a great addition to any gathering and kids LOVE them!


clear confetti dot



gold confetti dot

metallic blush confetti dot



green chevron





clear chevron

yellow chevron

bright pink chevron

green chevron





light blue chevron

yellow argyle

light pink argyle

light blue argyle





dark blue argyle

green argyle

yellow jumbo

orange jumbo





red jumbo

green jumbo

light pink jumbo


blue jumbo

did you know? beve strives to be as environmentally-friendly as possible and to support small businesses whenever they can. • All beve’s labels are printed locally and their new stickers are as well • beve’s cardboard boxes are purchased from a local distributor • In two years, beve has never purchased any package filler; we’ve been able to exclusively re-use material we have on hand • Any waste produced from beve goes into single-stream recycling • While it isn’t a small business, we like supporting the United States Postal Service. Our local post masters are great and they enjoy cookies in beve paper baggies once in a while, too!



Order Minimums • Orders must be $75 worth of product per order. This can be across any product lines and there is no minimum per design. The Order Process • Send your order to (or online once available). • Your order will be pulled and packaged in 1-2 business days. • A packing slip will be included in with the order; this will not include shipping costs. • When your order ships, you will receive an invoice with actual shipping costs included; this is the amount that payment will be made from. • Remit payment for your order. How to Pay • For initial orders, payment is due upon shipment. Subsequent orders can be set up as Net 30 if they are under $750. • For orders of $750 or more, a 30% deposit is required with the remainder billed at Net 30. • CHECKS: beve prefers payment by check. For initial orders, we do not hold orders till check receipt, but do ask that you let us know that you have dropped a check in the mail after receiving the final invoice. • CREDIT CARDS: We are also happy to accept payment via credit card. Please call us at 434.996.4769 with credit card information including: - CC # - Name on Card - Billing Zip Code - Expiration Date - Verification Code

• Unless otherwise requested, we keep credit card information on file for future orders. If you would like us to charge you as soon as the order is shipped, please alert us to this fact. An e-mailed receipt is sent once orders are charged. 21

contact & connect 434.996.4769 3713 dots drive charlottesville, va 22903 (yep, no “m�) instagram: @beveproducts


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