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Volume 1, Issue 3

December 2009

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Welcome to BevenTEEN Bulletin! ~ Written by young people, for young people ~ Hello and welcome to the third edition of the BevenTEEN Bulletin, which aims to give young people in Bevendean the chance to speak their mind about absolutely anything! In this festive edition, we have festive recipes, credit crunch Xmas ideas, New Moon reviews and more! Happy reading & Merry Xmas! BB team.

Gaming, Cookery & 2 Duke of Edinburgh Awards New Moon Film Review & Twilight Quiz


Credit Crunch Xmas Tips


Tips for getting a Xmas Job & A Xmas Recipe


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Want to feel Safe + Sorted? by Courtney Coomber Having Problems? Finding it hard to cope? Need someone to talk to? Look no further, Safe + Sorted is an advice centre dedicated to supporting young people. It’s based in nearby Moulsecoomb and focuses on a wide range of issues including sexual & mental health, employment & training, drugs and housing.

hard to get hold of contraception, so Safe + Sorted is somewhere you can go to get this without judgement. They offer pregnancy and, Chlamydia testing, contraceptive advice and free condoms using the C-Card scheme. Their sexual health nurse can prescribe the pill, fit contraceptive implants, give the conThe centre holds drop-in ses- traceptive injection and emersions, 1-6pm, throughout the gency contraception, make week where you can go in for referrals for STI screens or abortions and offer support to a chat or get advice. new mums. Safe + Sorted have been esAll these services are free. tablished for five years and Another area in which Safe + during this period have Sorted can offer advice is job worked with a number of searches. If you’re finding it young people on various issues which are affecting them. hard to find a job during the current recession, they are in This includes homeless prevention work, where they help touch with organisations such those having difficulty finding as Connexions, who can help somewhere to live affordable you get skills future employers housing, and offer support to will be looking for. They offer money advice for those hopthose finding it hard keeping ing to go on to further educaup with rent. tion but aren’t sure if they can For many young people it is

afford to. Safe + Sorted can support you if you or someone you care about is having problems with drink or drugs. They also offer advice on all types of drugs and alcohol if you just wanted to know more about them. Support is available for other issues such as mental health (depression, self-harm, anxiety) and physical health (healthy eating, exercise, pregnancy advice). Safe + Sorted solely helps young people living in East Safe + Sorted Brighton (e.g. 48 Barcombe Road, Bevendean) so if you are Moulsecoomb, Brighton . BN1 9JQ affected by any of the Tel: 01273 645900 issues discussed in this Email: article don’t hesitate to get in touch **Please note the centre shuts for Xmas 22nd Dec and with them→ re-opens 4th Jan.**

Getting paid to play computer games, by Laura Golding Dr. Graham McAllister is a lecturer at Sussex University. He specialises in Human Computer Interaction, which looks at how people see technology, and works to improve not only technology, but improving ‘video game user experience’.

the tester evaluates the game at the end of the session, and all of this information is combined together to be passed onto the designer.

Dr. Graham works in the Department of Informatics, which tests pre-released video games, in order to improve them. He pays people of all ages to test the games, whilst he records reactions, such as heart rate and Changes are then made the body language, which is regame before it goes on sale. corded via a video link to anDesigners of the games include other room. In addition to this,

the Brighton based company ‘Relentless’. This organisation has only been running for 8 months, so is currently recruiting people of all ages, and from all backgrounds. Whether or not you own a video game console, if you are interested in being paid around £20 for spending up to an hour and a half playing video games, contact Graham on: 01273 877267 or If applying by email, include your age, console, and type of games you are most interested in.

Learn to cook dishes from around the world, by Laura Golding The black and mixed parentage family group, MOSAIC, are running a "Health and Well-being Project" for young people at The Bridge Education and Community Centre, Lucraft Road, Moulsecoomb. They are holding classes for 7-12 year olds and their parents/carers to learn how to

cook healthy foods from other cultures. You will be a chef, making your own recipes, and you can then teach others. MOSAIC have extended their celebrations of October's Black History Month. In December, they are holding an exhibition called "Crossing

the White Line"; national flag-making workshops- in preparation of celebrating next years World Cup, and samba drumming classes. All of these activities are free. To take part, call 01273 234017, or email your name, number & age to

My Duke of Edinburgh Experience, by Georgina Grant-Mills I was one of 5 girls from the GB14th Brighton to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh walk. We were all nervous and excited at the same time. My rucksack was very heavy! Once there, I realised I left part of the tent at home which was my responsibility to bring; no one was surprised seeing as that’s the kind of thing I do!

finally got to the campsite after 8 hours of walking, and I collapsed onto the floor. We looked around the campsite then had dinner (spaghetti bolognaise -yummy!) before we explored the campsite. There was a bathroom covered in mud and horrid insects! Later, we stuffed our faces with sweets and listened to music. We tried to look cool and videoed ourselves rolling around in our sleeping bags. We finally run out of sugar energy and nodded off to sleep. I woke a few times to strange noises and rustling of leaves– my heart felt like it was coming out of my chest, it was so scary! In the My mother had to go home and morning I was awoken up by the drop it off at camp. I wasn’t look- great smell of bacon. After breaking forward to the 17-mile trek. At fast we started the last part of our our third stop in Wilmington, I re- journey. We got lost in a cornfield, member never appreciating sitting and had to climb over a metal down as much as I did then! I fence. One of the girls got caught was already aching all over. We and cut her leg open. We had to

help her, but we couldn’t find a path out of the field, so we walked through stinging nettles. We finally got onto the road and visited 3 churches & wrote about them. We successfully passed that stage of the award. I was looking forward to getting home but the car broke down- just my luck! Re-

cently, I ran a plant stool at the Bevendean Funday and raised £25 for ChessNut TreeHouse charity, and I helped organise an afternoon Tea and cake sale. In total we raised £1500.

New Moon (Twilight Saga) Film Review by Amber Rix New Moon was released in cinemas from the 19th November. It’s an irresistibly popular book/movie being talked about everywhere you go. Being a big fan of the books and movie myself I went to the first screening of new moon at midnight on Thursday the 19th, and here’s a brief description of what happens…

lies on her best friend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) to keep her busy and happy, and soon her problems disappear, getting back to her normal self again. But Jacob also has a secret of his own.

I found the film New Moon intriguingly better then the first movie, because of the amazing graphics, improved acting and a gorgeously buff Taylor Lautner! The set up of the movie makes it fast paced but smooth and keeps you entertained the whole way through, as well as sticking to the book as much as possible.

New Moon is a luring fantasy/romance/horror/adventure movie that starts off where Twilight ended with 17-year-old ordinary school girl Bella Swan (Kristin Stewart) and her gorgeous, dazzling vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). On Bella’s 18th birthday party Bella has an accident that leaves Edward with no other choice than to leave her and the little town of Forks behind… forever. Bella is left behind with an empty space where her heart was and disturbing nightmares as she is utterly depressed. She then re-

(Edward’s future-telling sister) think Bella died. Edward finds out and goes to kill himself by going to Rome and meeting the most feared clan of all vampires, the Volturi. Bella then has to go and save Edward and finally they can be together- for now.

I can’t wait until the third movie in the saga, Eclipse, and would recommend anyone who hasn’t done so yet to read the books, and see why all us Twilight fans are so addicted!

Bella realises she can see Edward when she is involved in ac- 4/5 stars tion sports and begins to become more reckless- ending up jumping off a cliff, making Alice

The Twilight Saga Quiz! by Courtney Coomber & Kelly Hill How well do you know your Twilight trivia?

changed Jasper?

Twilight What colour eyes do the Cullen’s have?

Breaking Dawn What did Emmett say about Bella when they danced at the wedding?

What car does Edward Cullen drive? What year was it that Edward dying, and what was he dying from? New Moon What happened to make Edward leave? What is Sam’s last name? What is the town called where the Volturi live? Eclipse What was Victoria’s companion called? What did Jacob do to make Charlie ground Bella?

What is the name of the Vampire’s from the Amazon coven? What is the name of the Vampire who holds a grudge against the wolf pack & betrays The Cullen’s to the Volturi? Answers can be found on our blog:

What were the names of the Vampires who found &

by Kelly Hill

1) Limit your spending! 2) Be resourceful: make your own Christmas cards! 3) Rather than spending loads on decorations for the tree, create your own ones! 4) Use websites such as and for some great deals. 5) Time to whip out the loyalty cards! All those forgotten Boots and Nectar cards are bound to come in useful! 6) Don’t underestimate charity shops! For all those book lovers out there, there’s nowhere better to get them at bargain prices!

Tips for getting a Xmas Job, by Amber Rix 

First thing you need to do is create a CV that  covers your skills and experiences (school grades, work experience and list the skills  you have).

Next you need to find job vacancies- whether it’s looking in the local paper, shop windows or going into shops and asking for yourself (make sure you take copies of your CV to hand out!).

Lastly you need to practise some questions you might be asked and do some research about the job, such as what are the best qualities for this job? What do you know about the business? And make sure you can convince them that you are the best person for the job.

When it comes to the actual interview dress smartly (preferably formal trousers and top). Black and white is most popular for interview wear, but if you want them to remember you, add a bit of colour (but not too much!).

Make sure it’s ironed and arrive early to your interview. Do not be late! Also do not go overboard on make-up, accessories or perfumes/aftershaves as you may put them off.

Mince Pie / Small tartlets Recipe Used by Laura Golding

Short crust Pastry


200g/8 oz Plain Flour


100g/4oz margarine or other preferred fat 25g/1oz sugar (optional) 8tsp.water

Jug Container & Bun Tin

Choice of filling e.g. Sweet mincemeat

Flour dredger

Jam / pie filling

Palette Knife

Fresh fruit

Rolling Pin Cutters GAS 7/Elec 200 Method 1. In bowl rub the fat into sieved flour. 2. Slowly stir in water to form firm dough. 3. Flour the table and the rolling pin 4. Roll out the pastry, cutting the 12 large bases first 5. Fold pastry back together and cut out shaped tops 6. Place in large bases in bun tins and add filling 7. Seal the edges with water and add tops 8. Bake in oven for 15-20 mins 9. Place on cooling rack Sprinkle with caster or icing sugar if required.

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Third edition of the Beventeen Bulletin


Third edition of the Beventeen Bulletin