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Volume 1, Issue 2

October 2009

Welcome to BevenTEEN Bulletin! Hello and welcome to the second edition of the BevenTEEN Bulletin, which aims to give young people in Bevendean the chance to speak their mind about absolutely anything; from the lack of things to do in the area, what’s going on in Brighton, reviews of the latest cds/films/books, to how boring Big Brother was this year and much more! In this edition, we have info on exciting events coming up in October for Black History Month, game reviews, an interview with the young people’s carers centre and even info on how to star in a new zombie film!

Inside this issue:

Zombies Wanted 2 for New Film Fashion Designers Wanted


PC Game Review: The Sims 3


Young Carers & We Need You!


Cervical Cancer 4 Vaccine: Amber’s opinion and A Note From Adam My School Prom & BB In The Press


Contacts Page and About Us


Black History Month: Young People’s Events by Claire Rowe October looks set to be filled to the brim with activities and events to celebrate Black History Month in Brighton. The aim of BH month is to remember and learn about important moments and people from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean that have helped Brighton and the world get where it is today. A variety of events have been planned, from film nights to bus tours, to exhibitions and lots of music/dance shows and good food!

Anansi Tales– Family day of drama, storytelling and arts & crafts involving African folk hero Anansi the Spider.

Useful contacts:

Tuesday 27 October, 10-12pm, 13pm, 3.15-5.15pm.

(Brighton Black and Mixed Parentage Family Group)


01273 234017

World Film Month– Sunday afternoon screenings of modern films from around the world including a film about young New York graffiti artists who are influenced by the hip hop culture. Sunday’s 4, 11, 18 & 25 October, 1pm

(call 01273 290800 for more details Jubilee Library are hosting events for about these three events) young people that include: To find out more about the many Young People’s Film Show– FREE events that will be happening in and includes popcorn! Brighton, contact any of the organisations to the right of this box. Saturday 24 October, 2.30pm

Black History: (Info about Brighton events) 01273 234835 Jubilee Library: 01273 290800 Black History: (info about Black history in general and national events)

Zombies Needed For New Brighton Film! by Claire Rowe If you enjoy dressing up and would like the chance to appear in an action-packed, blood and guts comedy film about zombies, then read on! Brighton filmmaker Matt Watering wants as many people as possible to dress up as zombies and come on the annual Brighton Zombie Walk, so he can shoot a sequence for his brand new film, ZombieZ.

ZombieZ is an action comedy about an alien who wants to destroy human life, and includes dwarfs, space cowboys and even a stunt involving an actress being dangled from a crane over a cliff, which is being planned by stunt coordinator Franklin Mark Henson, who has worked with world famous directors Steven Spielberg, Guy Ritchie and James Cameron.

So if you love blood, guts and dressing up for Halloween, the walk starts at 3pm on 31st October at a Brighton location which will be revealed soon. To sign up to be a zombie and take part in the film, visit or check out the Be a Zombie group on Facebook.

Matt, who has received awards for his short films, including The Matrix Paintball, is currently trying to raise money through the film’s website to make the film using the best technology available, and any profit made from selling it will go to charity. Jacko’s Thriller vid was zombie gold!

Want To Be A Fashion Designer? Bevendean youth worker Adam Muirhead will be working with Brighton Youth Service to put on a ‘Recycled Fashion Course’ aimed at young women in Bevendean between 11 and 16.

paints, stencils, iron-on transfers part, contact Adam on 01273 and sewing machines. 603698/ 07772269761 or email Budding fashion designers out adammuirthere will get the chance to put

together some cool outfits and maybe even get involved in a The idea is that people can fashion show! come along and get stuck in us- For more information or to take ing fabric paints, pens, spray

PC Game Review: The Sims 3 by Laura Golding Everyone who plays The Sims will know each version is similar, but the latest version, Sims 3, has been described as the full evolution of the long- running and constantly extending Sim series.

‘boost’, but they had the same problem as the original gamethey got worn out.

to include the fact that after you Then Sims 3 was released this have used all of the June, and players were able to explore more. They can now be- brand new When Sims 2 first came out, come part of the community both and modernised content to build nobody realised the success it online and within the game itself a house and design your characters, the game play become slow would have, with new outfits, with a free to explore town, rohairstyles, transport and housing. bust initiative creation tools, bril- and repetitive in the day to day liant graphics and plenty of new routine. Does this game really However, after a while the deserve to be described as a content to apparently make the game became repetitive and more ongoing version of the pregame more long term. rather boring. The expansion vious games? packs then came into shops and However, it has to be said that the games were meant to have a its similarities to The Sims 2 have With an expansion pack called Sims 3 World Adventures due

Do You Look After Someone? by Amber Rix Some young people don’t realise that they are carers or that they can get help with different aspects of being a carer. The young carers are under 18’s that help a family member or a neighbour with emotional or physical needs. This can be anything from helping a parent wash and dress themselves, looking after your brothers and sisters when a parent has a mental health problem (such as depression) or helping to look after a parent who is physically disabled.

age can, or they may not want to tell anyone about their problems or want others to find out what they do or who they look after. Statistics by the charity Carers UK have shown that 1 in 6 young carers leave school without any GCSE's. Being a young carer can sometimes mean the person has poor school attendance and concentration which can have an affect on their achievements.

The Carers Centre in Moulscoomb helps young carers by giving them practical, emotional and social support. The Centre helps people in the Brighton and Hove area, but the person they are caring for does not have to live in Brighton in order for them to get this help. Young carers can sometimes feel isolated and alone, as they may have a low income so are unable to afford to go out or buy things that other people of their

Young adult carers aged 16-18 can also get help with education, training, work, and services for the person they care for. For more information contact: The Carers Centre Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3XG Young carers won a top national award for their animated film ‘A Day in the Life of Eddie’

WE NEED YOU! By Amber Rix Our group needs you! We are recruiting new and exciting people to volunteer to write or take photographs for our newsletter.

The Carers Centre can offer one to one meetings, group meetings, and they also take groups of young carers out to do activities with other carers in the same situation. Group activities have included going to Knockhatch, being part of Brighton carnival, graffiti art workshops and more. A group of young carers were recently involved in making a film that helps people understand young carers and what they do, and this film is now being used in some schools and has even won a national award.

Contact us now and join our group of under 25’s and a trained journalist to get involved with the Whatever your views or interests local area; it may you can share them with the even help you in a Bevendean community. journey to a new career. You can write anything that takes your fancy- whether it’s a review So GET INVOLVED! on a band or a serious article about global warming- you Find our contact dedecide! tails at the back of this newsletter.

Tel: 01273 234045 Text: 07704 409155 Email:

Why I Have Refused The Cervical Cancer Jab, by Amber Rix I have decided not to have the cervical cancer vaccination, after doing research and finding a lot of information on the long term and short term affects it can have on your health.

severe allergic reactions, infertility, sometimes even causing cervical cancer and over 78 reports of death! Approximately 50-75% of sexually active men and women get a HPV (human papilloma virus) infection, yet over 90% of the time your body clears up the infection by itself. It can also be picked up during smear tests and treated before the cancer develops. Females who smoke are at greater risk of getting cervical cancer and women with a high intake of vegetables have half the risk of getting HPV.

Many doctors, medical researchers, scientists and holistic practitioners have serious concerns about the vaccine and what it may do to your health in the long or short term. Find the information out for yourself before you make a decision to have the injection that could affect your health. YOU have the legal right to say no as it is your body and your health. There is also no data to show that it remains effective after 5 years. There have been many serious

Check out all of this information for yourself at and for offiside effects from the vaccine i.e. cial NHS advice, visit genital and facial warts, convul- sions, seizures, epileptic fits, di- nes/HPV minished vision, paralysis,

Seek medical advice before deciding

A Note From Bevendean’s Youth Worker Adam... So, you might have heard a little about the summer holiday activity programme that happened throughout August.

With my help they raised an as- 01273 603698 / 07772269761 tonishing ÂŁ2,300 from the Youth adammuirOpportunity Fund, which the Bevendean Local Action Team Just to fill you in, a group of teen- have kindly held and managed. agers from Bevendean sat down Adam and decided what they (and oth- Nearly 100 young people on the ers) would like to do in the holi- estate got to do things such as days. paintballing, trampolining, graffiti art, breakdancing, DJing, movie watching, bowling, climbing and even a cheap trip to Thorpe Park. Everyone had great fun and the Activities Group are looking at putting on more activities in the other holidays coming up.

Grafitti art created by Bevendean young people this summer

If you are interested in any of the activities that are going to be coming up in the near future, get in touch on the details below:

DJing skills were taught at an event this summer in Bevendean

My School Prom, by Amber Rix On the 26th June, Year 11 students from Varndean School had our prom, and only those who had good attendance were allowed to attend.

rushed in to the main hall where there were tables of ten, spread around a buffet table and a dance floor. Once everyone was seated, the waiters brought

It was held at Uckfield Golf Course Country Club and students had a chance to dress up and have fun after their exams were over.

The best dressed female was wearing a beautiful floor length pink gown, and the best dressed male wore a tux and tie. The Prom King and Queen were also wearing similar outfits. After applause and photos, the lights dimmed and the DJ started the music- everyone danced for the rest of the night, and even the teachers joined in.

Everyone made an effort to look their best, including the teachers. Some girls wore beautiful long dresses, while others had short cocktail dresses, and the boys looked handsome in their suits. On the coaches to the prom we mingled in our friendship groups, and the atmosphere was full of excitement as students chatted and sang all the way. drinks and starters, which included a choice of pâtÊ and Getting off the coach was like salad, soup, or a bowl of being a celebrity, with the red carpet and photographers at the chopped fruit. We then had meat, pasta, salad, curries, fish and door, and once inside, we were potatoes for our main course. given drinks in champagne glasses, and voting cards to choose the best dressed male & female and Prom King & Queen. When everyone arrived, we

read out.

After a lot of eating, chatting, laughing and drinking, the buffet table was filled with cakes and gateaux and the results were

It was an immense atmosphere like being in a club, suddenly everyone formed a circle around a couple of students and a teacher and there was a danceoff. Soon everyone was buzzing with energy, and as the night came to an end, everyone left taking last minute make-up checks and group photos before the coach was ready to leave. It is a night none of us will forget as it was all fun and excitement; it would be great to do it all over again.

BB In The Press! The BevenTEEN Bulletin has recently been featured in some local press, which we are very proud of, so we thought we would show it off! The very successful website interviewed youth worker Adam Muirhead, BB journalist Claire Rowe and a couple of the BB young writers for its website which is read by journalists and student journalists worldwide. They wrote a large feature piece about our newsletter and it can be seen at:

And more recently, Brighton newspaper, The Argus, wrote a little news piece about BB on 5 September, which we have uploaded onto our blog, so please check it out! If you notice any other stories that mention us, please let us know so we can add them to our blog and thank whoever has written about us.

Check out our blog on: hp

BevenTEEN Bulletin The Community Office Bevendean Primary School Heath Hill Avenue Lower Bevendean Brighton BN2 4JP Phone: 01273 603698 Email: Blog:

itter! We’re on Tw t: Follow us a

The BevenTEEN Bulletin was set up by the Bevendean Young Journalist Group, whi ch was recently formed by a local young per son who is a trained journalist (Claire Rowe) and the Bevendean community youth worker (Adam Muirhead). The group always welcomes any Bevend ean residents under 25 years old who would like to write, take photographs or design the newsletter (graphic design). To find out mor e, contact the group using the details in the box to the left.



Fancy being in the next issue of BevenTEEN Bulletin? To help us create a newsletter that you would actually enjoy reading, who better to ask for advice than YOU?! If you have any ideas about what you would like to see in the next edition of BB, then email us or give us a call (contact details are above). We hope to have many sections in upcoming editions, such as: A rant section– you can email in anything that you want to get off your chest, whether it’s about anything in Bevendean, school, Brighton or even stuff on TV and celebrities!

health, education to keeping safe, then email us your questions and we will answer them in the BB or on our blog, and don’t worry, you will remain anonymous! Reviews– If you want to review any new gigs, films, books, theatre shows, computer games and music, email them to us- we want to hear your opinions! Photos/Art– If you have taken or drawn anything that would look good in BB then send them in. They could be of the area or you and friends doing something fun or just a great piece of art you’re proud of!

Bevendean: Love It or Hate It?

We want to know what you love and hate about our area. Do you love the huge fields and pretty scenery? Are there enough things for you to do at the weekends? Are there parts of Bevendean that could do with a makeover? Email us your views– we would love to see what you like/dislike by photographs too!

Agony Aunt– If you have any problems or want some advice Stories– If you have stories or on anything from relationships, ideas you want us to write about, email us!

This issue was edited and designed by Claire Rowe and content was produced by the Bevendean Young Journalist Group


Second edition of the Beventeen Bulletin

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