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Management & Goal Setting

Finding a balance

Finding Balance • If your pie is unbalanced (current ≠ideal) then you have 2 choices: 1. Learn new strategies to use time more efficiently, thus reducing wasted time

Job Chores Errands

Classes Homework Study




Pie of Life

Family Friends Me time Hobbies/Recreation

Your Current Pie

2. Increase/Decrease method

Your Ideal Pie

Motivation • Is the feeling, emotion, or desire that moves a person to take action and set goals • Helps people make changes, learn something new, perform at a higher level, overcome procrastination, and persevere • Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic

Skills or Strategies to Build and Maintain Motivation • Prioritize, Organize, and Monitor your goals • Promise it • Compare payoffs to the costs • Visualization • Give yourself a pep talk (positive self-talk and affirmations)

Goal Setting • Fueled by unresolved problems, incomplete projects, relationships we want to develop, and careers we still want to pursue • Goals are well-defined plans aimed at achieving a specific result • Goals represent a course of action you intend to pursue

Goal Setting

If you really want to meet a goal it needs to be SMART!

•S-Specific •M-Measurable •A-Attainable •R-Realistic •T-Timely

(Who, What, Where, When, Which, and Why) (How much? How Many?) (Can you achieve your goal with your current circumstances/resources/skills? ) (Are you both willing and able to work toward the goal?) (What is your time frame?)

Procrastination •The process of putting off a task until a later time •Choosing low-priority tasks over highpriority tasks •Procrastination is a CHOICE!!!

More Procrastinating •Recognize when and why you procrastinate • Lack of motivation • Low self-esteem • Task too difficult • Inaccurate perception of time • Overextended • Unclear about the task • Unconducive environment

Still Procrastinating What Type of Procrastinator Are You?? • Dreamer-big goals that never get realized • Worrier-focus on what could go wrong instead of looking for solutions • Defiers-resist new tasks • Overdoers-take on everything without setting priorities • Perfectionists-put off tasks for fear of making a mistake

Now Let’s Go Procrastinate!!

7-Day Antiprocrastination Plan • Meaningful Monday • Taking it Apart Tuesday • Writing an Intention Statement Wednesday • Telling Everyone and Their Moms Thursday • Finding an Reward Friday • Settling it Now Saturday • Saying No No No Sunday

Time Management in College • SPACED PRACTICE is a time management and learning technique that involves allowing sufficient time for your brain to process information by limiting the length of a study block out over time • Ability to recall info improves • Breaks give your memory time to sort, process, and connect info • Increases interest, motivation, level of concentration, and overall attitude toward the subject

5 Day Study Plan to Prepare for a Test • Step 1: List all the topics and materials you need to review (chapters, notes, homework, labs, group projects, etc) • Step 2: Set Target Dates and Times •

Divide all the topics and materials you need to review into four groups

On your weekly planner, assign four specific days to review the materials in each group

On your weekly planner, assign a final review (Day 5) the day before the test

5 Day Study Plan to Prepare for a Test • Step 3: Identify the steps involved • First: refer to your list and and group items in 4 logical categories • Second: decide on a consistent study pattern/plan • Third: Indicate on your 5-day study plan what you will review each day • Step 4: Plan a reward for yourself after you complete the test.

5 Day Study Plan example

Time Management and College Units

HCD 310 - Time - Chapter 2  

Time Presentation

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