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INDEPENDENT EYEWEAR FOR INDEPENDENT PEOPLE. Bevel’s eyewear brings out the natural beauty of the human face. Our form, function and quality depend on a minimalist philosophy expressed through innovation and striking color combinations. Bevel’s individualist customers appreciate enduring balance and supreme comfort in an evolving variety of sophisticated yet totally wearable frames. Translation: Bevel owners love wearing Bevel.

(Ask the partners to imitate each other’s accents — they do a pretty good job of it!)

AN UNLIKELY PARTNERSHIP. An Englishman in Manhattan. An all-American master optician from the mid-west. A design-loving Italian living in sunny L.A. Put them together and you get: An unlikely-yet-powerful partnership and a total devotion (some would say an obsession) with modern, minimalist design, artisan craftsmanship, and outstanding optics. Richard Mewha President

Rick Nelson Vice President

Claudio Arena Partner Extraordinaire

Originated: Southend, UK

Originated: Kansas City, USA

Originated: Firenze, Italy

Focus: Eyewear design, aesthetics and overall pot stirrer—trouble maker

Focus: Master optician, operations and keeping the boys in-line

Loves: Provence in the summer.

Loves: Spending quality time with his family

Focus: International sales, brand advocate and never-ending provider of “Claudioisms”

El Presidente says: “We never want to take away from the natural beauty of the human face in our design aesthetics.”

Rick says: “I’m super passionate about the optical aspects of designing a frame.”

Loves: The sun Claudio says: “I’m all about minimalist design, cool shapes and colors, and insanely good quality.”

FIT A FITTING DESCRIPTION. To know Bevel style, try us on for size. Appreciate the feel of understated, timeless eyewear. Free of flashy logos and needless adornments. Custom fit for different face sizes and skin tones. Supported by the artistic optical talents of our Bevel retailers. Bevel focuses on a classic, minimal feel that encourages customers to express their own personal creativity.

COLOR A COLORFUL PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. Purple Sky Blue. Auvergne Caribbean Green. Cool Blue Lavender. Mahogany Ginger Cream. Just a quick sample of our creative color combinations meant to enhance each person’s natural beauty by matching frame colors to skin tone.

“I ab t’s d ou the th esig t a litt th e f n nd le lo e a ram of t pe thin o m k dju e he rfe gs ak at s is h ct w e th tab ba ing — e t a bi e d le n lanc e s he care g et o e o di ai se d th ffe ls, p o at re to ad r – nc u . W Ri e. s t e ch ” he ar y d M ew ha

1999 Bevel Founded 2003 Beta Titanium

2000 Milled Titanium 2001 4mm Titanium

2014 3mm Titanium

2007 Betaplast

2012 Beta Hinge-Acetate


2009 Beta Hinge-Titanium

Bevel’s come a long way since 1999. And yet, as our eyewear collection evolves, we keep an unwavering focus on innovation— always anchored by form, function and quality.

Bevel’s patented one-piece beta hinge for acetates extends through the core, for flexibility and a distinctive look. The hinge and core feature contrasting colors giving the temple an aesthetically appealing appearance.

ACETATE Bevel believes every face should have a well-fitted frame. That’s why our high quality acetate frames are easy to adjust. The Japanese crafted frames are hand-polished to a rich luster. Acetate allows for a multitude of deep, rich colors and combinations that Bevel carefully selects to flatter each wearer’s skin tone.

The flex in the beta hinge allows for a certain give and memory, customizing the fit of the temple bend to the wearer. Polarized lens with antireflective backing and outstanding UVA protection.

SUN Bevel SUN men and women’s frames come in acetate or titanium. The ultra-matte acetates are hand-polished and individually sandblasted for a sexy tactile finish. Offered in three shades of varying darkness, the lenses are polarized with a MAC 4AR and oleoph obic-hydrophobic treatment; UVA protection and anti-reflective backing.

Temple tips provide a comfy, fast adjusting grip that doesn’t stick to your head. Know that our nose pads are quickly and easily adjustable.

TITAN It starts with a block of titanium. Punched, pressed, de-burred and milled to smooth the edges. The raw frame is thoroughly polished, then electroplated for sheen. Next, we partially mask the frame and hand spray for a shiny/ matt finish. The result? A light, comfortable and balanced frame integrating design and craftsmanship.




With names inspired by legendary artists and classic cocktails, Bevel’s 2015 Spring Collection offers an intoxicating mix of design, color and style.





ACETATE. Our fresh palette of acetate colors is complex, subtle and smooth. Smaller sizes and soft shapes recall Bevel’s roots. TITANIUM. Lush pastels for ladies, subtle matte/shiny combinations for men. Bevel mashes things up with an artistic array of new shapes and sizes. COMBOS. In a continuation of a design theme commenced last year, we present three new bold titanium styles in fun colors—combined with acetate inserts in contrasting colors.





Side Car

A COLLECTION INSPIRED BY COCKTAILS TITANIUM SUN. Drink in our very first titanium SUN collection. A stirring rendition of somewhat traditional styles with an untraditional twist. Dual coloring is played out with contrasting fronts and temples. Matte silver and gold meet matte grey and espresso for a truly modern take on these classic shapes. ACETATE SUNS. Small is the new black! We’ve realized there is a big need for the smaller fit face, and our new Acetate Suns are the fitting solution.

LET’S THANK THE PEOPLE WHO GIVE US A HAND. Bevel’s hand-made frames are built by a team of talented artisans in Japan. These fine craftspeople take Bevel’s designs to the heights of quality, comfort and style. Artisans work with molds, rather than an over-reliance on machines—frames are inspected one by one. Bevel’s production process turns on keen attention to detail and hand craftsmanship






WELCOME TO OUR WORLD. Bevel’s retail partners are an independent-minded collection of shopkeepers with ultra-high standards—and years of expertise. The collection is sold through authorized, independent and leading opticians. From the USA to the UK, from China to Croatia, our retail partners are happy to serve you in some 1000 locations worldwide.

Incite International Inc. 2749 N.W. Hunter Dr. Suite B. Blue Springs, MO 64015 USA O +1 816.220.7533 F +1 816.220.1877 bevelspecs.com

Be Bold. Be Classic. Be Bevel.

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Bevel Overview Brochure  

INDEPENDENT EYEWEAR FOR INDEPENDENT PEOPLE. Bevel’s eyewear brings out the natural beauty of the human face. Our form, function and quality...

Bevel Overview Brochure  

INDEPENDENT EYEWEAR FOR INDEPENDENT PEOPLE. Bevel’s eyewear brings out the natural beauty of the human face. Our form, function and quality...