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metPay: met Payment Plugin Overview: This plugin will be a PayPal payment gateway for the MET plugin. The goal is to enhance the existing PayPal features to include:        

Standard Web payments (as existing) IPN Payments: Receipt of payment will in turn activate the entry Recurring Payments: i.e. Entry will be Renewed every year automagicly Spread Payments: i.e. For only 3 monthly payments of 9.95 Membership fees: i.e. $200 to join ??? (Integration issues) Shipping: ??? not sure if it would apply all that often so maybe not Taxes: ??? Certainly a good idea but it may be tricky to sort out. Introductory Rates: 3 Months Free, or First month at 50% off

The MET integration would be as follows: Global:  Default Settings for below  Quick Script button to change Sobi2 settings (Turn off core payment features) Per Entry Type:    

A PayPal account association: So different Entry Types could pay out to different accounts A manual payment info box (For things like mail cheque to, bank transfer info etc.) Settings for the Different PayPal options listed Above Custom Notification Email settings for all of the various contact points o Entry Created o Payment Received o Upgrade Performed o Entry Modified o Entry Renewed o Cancellation Actions (? Maybe)  Various action scripts for extended functionality (modifying account settings, group memberships for Forums etc.) Longer Term considerations: These were originally on the roadmap for a PayGate product, but would be considered for down the road addition to this product:  Site Credits: A prepaid amount for buying services from the site  Micro Payments: For a Pay per view access model (likely using the Credit model, rather than PayPals micropayments model)  Credit Ranking: Entry order would be determined by the amount of site credit you have  Frontend methods for integrating Micropayments into Content viewing  Auction functionality.


 Default Settings for below  Quick Script button to change Sobi2 settings (Turn off core payment features) metPay: met Payment Plugin Over...

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