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A look at fashion trends from 80s starlets

06 vintage shopping

vintage shopping couldn’t be more fun!

youth culture

Trends or tomorrow and today.



09 music commetary


film reel



Where is the music industry headed artisticly?


“It Girls” The next generation of “it girls” are forming

letter from the editor


ReCruiting an

Army of Youth

This being the first issue of Cherry Bomb, let me welcome you. This magazine has been created to inspire a generation of artist. The May issue spotlights the beauty of past decades and how we are reserecting it through films, and fashion. Also, a look at the future “It girls� of this generation. The army of youth is ready!

Michelle Paulino


fashion & beauty: flashback

Owl Bobby Pin Set Forever 21 $3.50

Straight leg Jeans Gap $30

Egyptian Tunic H&M $45

Clear Mascara Great Lash $6

Beauty Rush Lip Gloss Victoria Secret $7

BDG Printed Espadrille Flat Urban Outfitters $20

The Labyrinth One upon a time there lived a beautiful girl named Sarah, who was transported into a world of talking puppets and a singing David Bowie. Sarah’s chic oversized man’s shirt and teacher’s vest played homage to the 80s teen style.

Leather Journal Barnes & Noble $16

The Girl Next Door

David Bowie Grafic T H&M $12

Clock Necklace Charlotte Russe $10

Russian Red Lip Stick MAC $14

Motocycle Boots Aldo $109

Straight leg Jeans America Eagle $35

Christiane F. Flap Down Hobo Bag Forever 21 $30.80

Electic Blue Eye Shadow Urban Decay $15

Based on a true story, the movie Christiane F. featured fashion styles from the punk rock 70s era. This thirteen-year-old girl rocked the blue eyeshadow and matalic jacket with a natural confidence of an adult. Christiane was edgy. She was the voice of the youth that were creating a music revolution.

Mother’s Nightmere

g n i p p o

h S e g a

t n i V f o t r A e h T 06

By Stephanie Valencia

It’s funny how in the world of fashion, we seem to think that we can only appear aesthetically acceptable if wearing what everyone else seems to be wearing. But what if we chose to no longer fit the mold and go out on a limb if you will when it comes to our daily ensembles? Most can relate to looking at old photographs of their parents when they were younger and chuckling at the polyester pants, the neck scarves, or the accessories that seemed insanely unfashionable. Who ever knew that years later, we

fashion: Vintage would be digging through their drawers looking for belts, scarves, and old pieces that we once laughed at to now become a part of our image? Perhaps this means that one-day, our kids too will laugh at us and later ask to borrow ancient pieces to make them appear stylish. Either way, the art of vintage shopping can always be mastered by soon learning to appreciate the things of the past and then implement them into your accumulation of a wardrobe. Although this all seems like a novel idea, many would find themselves blind to knowing exactly how to go about this process. Perhaps

become your favorite pastime. A good way to cut out time to do this is to set aside a Saturday once a month to relieve your wardrobe malfunction and ensemble stress by picking out a few favorite throwback items. Another thing to remember when thrift store hunting is to try and find the days that new items come in so that you get first dibs.

Consignment Shopping

Consignment shops are a little more pricey at times than thrift stores, but are a great way to find used items that are randomly mixed in and somewhat unique. Many towns have consignment shops that are unique to that area specifically, so you’re sure to grab something that no-one else has. Also, the beauty of consignment shopping is that you can get originally expensive name brand items for a decent price. The old with the new Don’t be afraid to mix old hand-me-downs or thrift/consignment items with newer clothes you would say that your parents simply did not within your closet that are more current trends. salvage their college wardrobe. No worries my The fun thing about vintage shopping is friend, you’re in luck. There are numerous stores making the old look new. One good way to do that can help you with your longing to fulfill this is to spice up an old pair of cowboy boots the styles of the past and bring them back to with some fresh new jeans. Another way you life. Here are a few solutions to help you get can do this is to wear old vintage belts, jewelry, started. or scarves with a new shirt.

Thrift Store Hunting

One way to begin this fashion journey into the past is to look for unique pieces at your local thrift stores. This could be a lengthy and frustrating process, but if you find yourself with a lot of time on your hands, this could soon

Just remember when trying to master the art of vintage shopping, one can never go wrong. The most important thing is that you have fun, you try new things and at the end of the day, you wear a pair of your mom’s old shades or your grandma’s ancient accessories.

FILM REEL SWITCH What lengths would you go through to keep your best friend? From the author of the Virgin Suicides, Jeffrey Eugenides, comes a comedic story of an unmarried woman (Jennifer Aniston), who is desperately, wants to have children. She Decides to inseminate herself with a turkey baster, why not that’s how it works in real life. What she does not know is that the child she is carrying is her best friend’s (Jason Bateman). He must hold on to the secret that the son she is raising is his.


Directed by Catherine Breillat, Bluebeard takes us through the ancient story of blood and gore. She gives the story an interesting twist by following two sisters reading the story.


A watch that counts down to the moment you meet your true love sounds like an interesting concept for a film. Oona O’Leary (Emma Caulfield) finds that her timer is blank. Believing that she will never meet her soul mate Onna finds solace in the company of a younger man, Mikey (John Patrick Amedori). Mikey has four months until he finds his soul mate, but he can’t help but fall for the beautiful Onna.

Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) couldn’t ask for a better life. He is a member of a rock bad and he just met a beautiful and interesting girl. The only problem is that she has seven evil exes that want her back. He must show that he is worthy of being with her without getting killed or wrecking his life in the process. Is Ms. Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) worth the trouble? Scott thinks so.

music: commentary

Hello, hello baby; where did the art go? By Karim Belle Is it just me or is music wannabe’s realize that if you altogether starting to just bust. actually make good music, It seems that no one makes your clothing and ridiculous good music anymore. There music videos don’t have to was once a time when I could speak for you. (Hello Lady just turn on the radio and hear GaGa) I miss the days of a million songs that either I actual hip hop music. I miss savvy of today. These could relate to or made me the days when the rhymes trendsetters are saying enough pat my hands and tap my that were spoken actually is enough and reverting back feet. Its like those days just had meaning. Now we are to their roots of melodic tunes don’t exist anymore. These trendsetters are saying enough is enough and Now when I turn on reverting back to their roots of melodic tunes and soulful voice the radio, I hear and endless parade of “ra ra ra ra ra’s” and “one, just left with rap and an end- and soulful voices. You know, two, three’s”. When will good less barrage of samples and the days when artists had to music emerge again. What chopped-n-screwed actually be true to their art ever happened to the days of choruses. form. When you actually had Aretha Franklin and Sonny and I can’t harp on all the to be able to sing to get a reCher. At least then, I could ridiculousness too much though. cord deal. Where you actually actually hear what they were I guess out of all the had to be able to dance if saying and to some extent foolishness comes some logic. you were ever going to have believe it too. Now, I just hear Because of the decrease in a worldwide tour. Individuals blurs that sound like overly quality and innovation, some like these are paving the way sexed teenage innuendo. And new genres of music have once more for real artists to if I hear one more T. Pain started to emerge. Artists like step on the scene and bring wannabe jamming out to auto Janelle Monae and Never respect back to a dying art. tune, I am going to literally rip Shout Never are taking over VIVA LA REAL MUSIC! my own ear drums out. Why the scene and mixing the don’t these pop star influences of the past with the




The Perks of Being a Wallflower

In the first book written by Stephen Chbosky, he captures the struggles of being at the edge of adulthood. The story focuses on Charlie a freshman in high school. We learn who about Charlie through letters that he writes to an unknown person. This brilliant book speaks to every generation who is searching for their voice.

She & Him She & Him is the brainchild of Zooey Dechanel and M. Ward. We all know Zooey as an actress and now we are seeing her in a new light, singer. The Band’s first album, Volume One, received rave reviews in 2008. She & Him’s music is influenced by past decades including the 50s and 60s. Their indie pop/folk infused melody with Zooey’s Karen Carpenter voice makes She & Him different from other bands out today. They released their second album, Volume Two, in 2010.


The Pains of Being Young at Heart The name of the band says it all. Their music is the soundtrack to the 80s teen era. The Pains of Being Young at Heart play soothing melody that is felt with a ting of sadness. Their first album was released in 2009 with the album name same as the band. The album is a good listen.

CULTURE rewind:

artist spotlight: NeverShoutNever!

Lucas (1986) The 80s where filled with teen angst films revolving around characters who wanted to be socially acceptable. Lucas (Corey Haim) is an intelligent fourteen-year-old boy in love with the girl of his dreams. The film explores the idealisms of innocence and the woes of adolescents. For once the nerdy kid might be accepted among his peers.

Heathers (1988) Girl falls in love with boy, boy turns out to be a psychopath. Veronica (Winona Ryder) is tired of being a member of the popular group, the Heathers. With the help of her boyfriend J.D. they murder students in her high school making it look like a suicide. This film is just your average teen love story.


Thirteen Reasons Why

NeverShoutNever! is a one man band formed by Christofer Drew. This nineteen-year-old is one of the many that have received their fame through MySpace and YouTube. He sings about peace and love. His music is considered a mix between folk and pop. NeverShoutNever! released his first complete album in 2010 called What is love?

Clay Jenson receives a mysterious package in the mail that forever changes him. When Hanna Baker took her life, Clay was shocked and heart broken. When he received cassette tapes in the mail from her, he begins a journey that reveals secrets about the people around him. Thirteen Reasons, written by Jay Asher, is unpredictable and hard to put down.


beauty: feature

Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder by Danielle McFarland

“All that is” exists because it’s beautiful and it’s beautiful because it exists. However, what is this so-called beauty as we call it? Is beauty defined by long blonde hair in Sweden or the pale fragile body ofEnglish maids? People have most certainly changed their opinions of outward beauty in women’s society. The biggest question is how can there be such a myriad of standards in the view concerning women and their cultural beauty. Sadly, women seem to find themselves in a maze of trying to “discover” them selves and find out their own true beauty. These are standards set by social trends and it has taken away the true mold of the feminine aspect. In traditional Africa, women had recognized and vital roles in the economic well being of their communities. Their sense of control and power is what showed “true beauty” in their cultures. In Kenya, women were

the major food producers and thus not only had ready access to land but also had authority of how the land was to be used and cultivated. Therefore, the value of women’s productive labor in producing and processing food established and maintained their rights in the domestic and other spheres. Their beauty and stature is shown through the rings that are placed around their necks, which stretches their neck further and further out. Some African women have stretched their necks out to one and a half feet. Also, slits are cut on their ear lobes and bottom lip which they then insert small clay disks. As the years go on, they continually replace the smaller disk with a larger one. This shows their stature of accomplishment among the tribes and this causes their beauty to rise and be desirable. Women who are completely natural in Europe, especially Czechoslovakia, are

considered beautifully attractive to men. The women tend to keep their eyebrows thick and “untouched”. Their hair is usually left as it is once it is washed and let loose. Products are not very popular and makeup is more commonly used in the opera or plays, but the younger girls tend to use it as well. In the European culture, women tend to pinch their cheeks in order to get color. This is a popular “procedure” among the younger adults. However, their cheeks are becoming so pinched so much that the nerves become damaged and therefore the women achieve the permanent “pink color” that they desire. South American beauty is expressed through the women

being bare and open about their bodies. Body jewelry is very popular, hence the coming out of the belly button piercing. By showing their stomachs, it is a sign of beauty and fertility. The men are let known that they are “ripe” of their age and able to bear children. Long hair is considered a coming of age beauty that women possess in order to show their womanhood. Henna is a removable body tattoo that women put on their bodies to show their age and natural beauty. It is most popular to apply on the body right before the wedding in presentation toward your husband. In the American society, thin bodies and bodacious breasts as well as tan skin

has become the normal popularity, a Barbie look-a-like. Over 80% of women in the United States apply makeup daily as well as dye heir hair a different shade of color. Models have become a huge influence toward the younger girls in order to be thin and fit. Fashion has become a true show of beauty in order to show grace and maturity. A woman that dresses well and looks the part of sincere glamour has become a more demanding stature. “Inner beauty is the real beauty” we have heard this often from the wise men and appreciated it. Many a times it has also served as a cover for the ones who are not “beautiful” in the conven-

tional term. They may be called ugly or not good looking on the forefront, but they have been referred to as beautiful from within. What we then ask is…is it still true in the modern context? Is a woman considered beautiful if she doesn’t exude the glamour necessary in today’s world? Nowadays the term beauty is synonymous with present ability and gorgeousness. As soon as a person is termed as ‘beautiful’ the general image that is formed is of a pretty lady. We need to start viewing others inner beauty rather than outer appearances.


I got to sit down with the next generation of trendsetters this spring and had some amazing time to chat and ask questions that I am sure many people are going to want to know. These ladies are some of the most talented (and absolutely gorgeous) girls that I have ever had the pleasure to interview. They are all well versed in their craft, and I predict will be hot commodities in the very near future (hands off guys, these girls are all on the move).


feature: “It Girls”

Model/Actress “It Girl” numero uno, is Heather Tatum. She’s a fiery redhead who is energetic and loves to branch out and try new things. KB – So Heather, tell me a little about you. HT – Well, I am 19, I grew up in Panama City, Florida; that’s a small town in the panhandle. And I am currently a sophomore in college. KB – So when did you discover, you had an interest in modeling and acting? HT – I discovered my passion for acting when I was seven. I started getting involved in plays. Opportunities arose and I just didn’t say no. I had actually never considered modeling until I modeled for a hair styling magazine.

if he tells me to be somewhere, I just imagine myself in that situation and try to look as natural as possible. KB – What projects are you working on this year? HT – I am actually working on a sitcom based on some girls in a school broadcasting program. That’s been a lot of fun. I have also been involved in various films as an extra and I’ve had a few lead roles. I have done about three photo shoots this year too, which has been really new to me, but I enjoyed them. KB – How do you feel about the world’s perception of beauty? What’s your take? HT – I think that beauty is being different from other people. So many girls today feel like they are not beautiful because they aren’t the right size, or their skin isn’t dark enough. But if everyone looked the same, it would be so boring. I think beauty is knowing that you are different and not being afraid of it.

KB – What feelings well up inside when you are KB- Thanks Heather! modeling or acting? HT – No problem. HT – When I am acting, I feel like I can step outside of myself for a few moments and just become a completely different person. When I am modeling, I just take cues from the photographer and

e “It Girls”

by Karim Belle

Our next “it girl” is the lovely Ms. Carly Marconi. She comes by way of Milford, Delaware and is an aspiring filmmaker. KB – Hello gorgeous, nice to have you here today. CM – Thanks, its great to be here. KB – So what made you want to become a director? CM – I was inspired by the film Facing the Giants to go into film making. I want to make films with morals and values, and no cursing (laughs). KB – That’s great. What messages do you want to express to your audience? CM – I want to express the message of going against what the world tells us is ok. I want to bring people into an understanding of what God’s love is. I also want to show that you can tell a great story without sex, drugs or violence. KB – So what is your favorite movie? CM – My favorite movie is The Sound of Music. It is a musical that took over a year to film and had locations all around the world. They did a great job at telling the story and incorporating the music with acting.


KB – Ok, time to hear your take on this. What were the best films of 2010? CM – Definitely Shutter Island, Clash of the Titans, Alice in Wonderland, and the Blind Side. KB – Any ideas for upcoming projects? CM – Yes, I want to touch on relationships, respect, and how two people who claim to love each other, should treat one another. KB – That’s amazing. I look forward to seeing some of your work. Don’t forget me when you get big. CM – (Laughs) How could I forgot you Karim?



This next girl is sure to make it big one day; she describes herself as a hopeless romantic, who’s in love with Marvel comics. Daniella is an aspiring singer and a sophomore hailing from Jamaica, Queens. KB – What is music to you? D- Music isn’t something I do or create; it’s a way of life. It never ends; I wake up and have to listen to it. I go about my day and have to be involved or create it. I go to sleep and am inspired by it. It is just always there. KB- Who are some people who inspire you? D – Audrey Hepburn is definitely an icon of mine. I also love Zoey Deshanel from 500 Days of Summer, my absolute favorite movie in the world.

KB – When did you first start singing? D- Definitely Christmas and Easter plays at church (laugh). My mom always wanted me to be one of two things, either a musician or an ice-skater. I have played all kids of instruments, from the guitar, to drums, to alto saxophone. KB – So tell me about your group CPR, how did you get involved, what is your part in the group. D- We are a family composed of some of the most different people in the world. I sing vocals and play flute from time to time. Rich is the band leader and I am his right hand woman, like second in command. We have recorded a cover and are moving into some things. I would love for us to tour, that would be an experience of a

lifetime. KB – What are some of your musical influences? D- 40’s & 50’s jazz, electronica, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles. I have Mr. Hudson and the Library on repeat. (laughs) KB – If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing? D- I would definitely be a fashion blogger, stylist, and a writer. I would turn my blog into a place for girls to get ideas on how to dress uniquely and stand out. KB – Thanks for your time Daniella! D- Always a pleasure.



Our final interviewee is Ashley Santiago. She describes herself as an art driven being from Puerto Rico, who is simple in details. KB – So when did you first start taking pictures? AS - I started taking pictures in 2006, when I was 15 years old with a canon powershot. I used to do graphic designs for a website I had called “blind-faith” and I would use photographs as inspiration. The artistic side of me wanted originality, so I thought that I could take the pictures myself and it would have more meaning when I used them in the graphics. Summer of 2007, I went to California and when I came back to Puerto Rico I brought a 400D back with me, and it all went uphill from there. I moved from graphic designing into photography and editing pictures. KB - How did you develop your style of photography? AS - Being in the modeling industry very young made me fall in love with the camera. I found myself in New York city with 14 years of age and I said to myself: “I wish I could capture the way I see life with a camera...yeah, that’s what I’m going to do! IA camera will be a extension of my heart through my eyes”. However, I would say that my style develop as I studied and practiced. I am mostly self-taught but I took one semester of digital photography to learn more about how the camera works, light and depth of field. KB - When you take a picture what are you looking for?

AS - Beauty. I see the essence of someone or something and I need to capture it. I need to have a reminder of that beauty because it pushes me to a happier reality. I look for details that are not easily seen and that I can pull out with a click. KB - What advice would you give to people who are just starting in photography? AS - I would tell them to go to an art museum or a park and observe people, nature and life taking place. Grab a small journal and write down the things that stick out and, if you had an audience, what would you like to tell them about what you see? Go on a mission: tell the world about it. Photography is worthless if no message or meaning is conveyed. I’d tell them that photography is first yours: It has to be personal before you can invite others in. KB - You model as well; do you see a future in that? AS- I did model but I’m not following the path to it. It’s always fun to help people out who need me for modeling but I don’t go out of my way to sell myself. I’m very different from the stereotype models have. I’m down to earth and I do not think of myself as model material. There’s a lot more to me than modeling. KB - Where do you see yourself in 5 years? AS - Hopefully living in my own house, working as an art therapist. KB – Well, good luck! AS – Thanks Karim!

Cherry Bomb  

Cherry Bomb Magazine, created by Michelle Paulino for Magazine Design and Production class, spring 2010

Cherry Bomb  

Cherry Bomb Magazine, created by Michelle Paulino for Magazine Design and Production class, spring 2010