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Featuring: Valentine’s Date Fashion Show

Catwalk Issue 1

April 2010

How to Plan a Fashion Show Step-by-Step Instructions

Kingdom Dezigns New Fashion Designer Coming to the U.S.

Meet the Models 16 Men and Women from around the world $7.00 U.S. $12.00 Canada


Letter from the Editor: Deear Readers, Foor the fashion lovers and connnoisseurs across Americca, I hope you enjoy this first issue off CA ATWALK. This is differeent from thee other fashion magazinees that are ouut there. CA ATWALK brings the latest and greeatest fashion from acrosss the woorld. The best trends, coloors and designers are featured in thhe pages of this magazine. Also, in this parrticular issue, we have a step-bysteep guide on how to plan your own fasshion show. Beeing a fashion designer iss one of maany aspirations that younng girls and young women dream of. That dreeam can be one step closer with thee guide in this maagazine and the styles thaat you will see. Feeel free to contact the edittor with any questions, comments or ideas. We would love to hear from you here at CA ATWALK magazine heaadquarters. Send questions, comments comme ents and ideas to: m or 156 Prince Phillip Drive e St. Augustine, FL 32092 2

Thank you and God bless, Karissa K arissa B. Hagemeister H agemeister Editor of CATWALK Magazine


magazine CATWALK magazin ne


Table of Contents:


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Page 10 What is Kingdom Dezigns?

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Feature Story: Valentine’s Date Fashion Show

Page 18 Step-by-step: How to Plan Your Own Fashion Show

CATWALK Writers: Kolby Carrell Melany DeJesus Liuber Fuentes Falcon

Karissa Hagemeister Candice Henry Jasmine Messina

Sandra Ortiz Jaleesia Ray Benjamin Rios

Daniel Rios La Nita Thomas

Table of Contents


Top op pM Models 16 6 Men Men and nd Women Women from Around Aroun Arou o the World Unite for Valentine’s Date Fashion Show S ow


CATWALK magazine

Kolby Carrell 22 years old College Student North America

Jesus s Melany DeJesus ld 22 years old Ri o Puerto Rico

I was born on thee island islaand off Puer Puerto erto I am originally from Salt Lake City, Rico. I like to model, odel,, sing aand Utah, but I have lived in Florida ance. Whe y s oold, I dance. When I was 10 years for most of my life. e. I am a senior at won 3rd place cee in a national ation onal Southeastern University, tern Univer versity ersi majoring singing ging con ontest st in Pu P erto Rico. R contest Puerto in English inter-cultural h and in ltural comWhen I was 13, I sta started arted ar rted to t get munications, and I have ave a minor in r in interested ested in nm model modeling deling ngg an and ndd I wo would ould humanitarian work. My goals are always lways y watch atch TV V ssho sh how ws th w thaaat ha ad d to shows that had to teach English over er seas, se , particuparticu articu icu do with mode modeling m mod and an ndd runw ru runways. waays. w a I larly y in China, beco become ecome mee a published p also o like to o play play sports,, espe eespecially pe ll writer, and even eventually entual ntually become a vol volleyb leyball. I have vee play pl played since sin ncce I volleyball. husband and nd a father. My hobbi hobbies obbies wass 10 years y old. I am a proud proudd are weightl weightlifting, htlifting, Kung-Fu Kung-Fu, g-Fu, readin reading mothe mother her er and I have a a spectacular ave ctacular ular writing.I and writin ting.I g also family. I am m a ffriendly endly nd perso ndly person on an and enjoy going ggo g to t the beach. It iis o get tto know new people. le. I I like to probably probab abbly one off my ffavorite, if abl always give i 100% 00% of myself even not my m favorite, f pla places to go. I though I am m timid sometimes. interest in acting and also so havee an in linguistics. lin nguisticsss. Traveling is another one off my m hobbies hob obb and I have gone to Laos Los Angels, on my own, os an and nd Lo to do volunteer work.

By Kolby Carrell

By Melany DeJesus

Brittany Brit y Burge 18 ye earrs old years ege Student d College Dominican Republic

Sarah hP Pierre-Dean Pierr err -De Dea ean n 19 yea years old College Studentt C Europe Top Models 5

Erika Enix 21 years old College Student North America


Drew Hagemeister 18 years old College Student Basketball Player North America CATWALK magazine

Liuber Fuentes Falcon 21 years old Cuba I was born May 16, 1988, in Guanabacoa, a city in Havana, Cuba. I began my education at age 5 in Pedro Pablo Valdes. From there all the way through 9th grade, I was able to maintain good grades. While in this school, I took my first steps into modeling. Iparticipated in city parades, modeling alongside many Cuban models who were very popular in their youth. In 2005, I finished high school. I had to complete military service, which is mandatory in Cuba. I moved to the U.S. in January 2008. Since I arrived, I have worked two jobs, neither of which have anything to do with my dreams of being a model. However, I know there are more opportunities. I will never lose my faith or hope. By Liuber Fuentes Falcon

Candice Henry 18 years old College Student North America Candice Henry attends Southeastern University where she is pursuing a Journalism/Public Relations major. Since the age of 4, Candice has been enthralled by dance, and she has studied classical ballet for 12 years. She has danced in multiple churches, ballets and performances. Candice was featured on the TV show Just Kids which spotlights talented teens in the Florida area. She recently performed the principal role of Princess Aurora in the ballet, Sleeping Beauty. Along with ballet, she also enjoys singing and acting. Candice likes to horseback ride, travel, write and take pictures. Candice’s dream is to one day write a teen’s devotional and speak at conferences bringing a message of hope and confidence to this generation. By Candice Henry

Jasmine Messina 21 years old Cosmotologist North America I have lived in Florida for the last 14 years of my life. I was born in Georgia.I graduated from George Jenkins High School. I am a licensed cosmetologist and work at Farris and Fosters Chocolate Factory. I love to be creative and I am inspired by just about everything. I took pottery in high school and really enjoyed and excelled in it. I plan to go back to school to get a degree in business. I am very family-oriented. I have two brothers that are both younger than me. My middle brother is autistic. That alone has made me strong, compassionate, understanding and non-judgmental. I try to stay optimistic despite how bad things may seem. In my spare time I like to spend time with my boyfriend and friends. To me, friends are extended family. By Jasmine Messina

Sandra Ortiz 19 years old College Student Colombia I was born in Chicago, Illinois but half of my childhood was spent growing up in Colombia, South America. I love my large Hispanic family, and I take pride in the fact that Spanish is my first language, and I take pleasure in practicing my culture. I graduated from George Jenkins High School and I am currently a freshman at Polk State College. I plan to get my degree in Pediatric Psychology because I love kids and helping people. I have worked since the age of 16, so I am extremely responsible and mature for my age. I take my work and studies very seriously, but I also know how to have fun. Although I am very open-minded, I like to voice my opinion. I consider myself to be independent and I enjoy knowing that I can accomplish things on my own.

By Sandra Ortiz

Zarani Rodriguez 18 years old College Student South America

Ivelisse Rosado 22 years old Puerto Rico top Models 7

Ashley Santiago 18 years old College Student South America

Jaleesia Ray 20 years old College Student North America My goal in life is to direct my own preschool and too start my own teenage clothing line for girls called MFA (Modest but Fly Attire). By Jaleesia Ray


CATWALK magazine

Ben Benjamin B Be enjam min Rios Rio ios os s 2 ye 20 years rs old o College Co olle ege Student eg S Stud Puerto Pu uerttto o Rico Riico

Daniel Rios os 18 years old High School Student Puerto Rico

I am m fro from om o m Illin Illinois, nois, w where her I spent decade my life. the first first ddecad de of m Currently, Curr urrentl ntl tly, I am a a ful full time student attending attend t Polk Po State College. My major iss in history, and I am taking king education classes to become a history teach teacher in high school, or a professor in college. I plan to use teaching as a steady job throughout the year while I continue to focus on my art during the summers and holidays. My goals in art are to be a painter, and an illustrator for my own graphic novels and comics that I write. I am a Christian and it is shown through my artwork many times.I have had some of my paintings placed in a charity auction for the Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week.

The most important thing in my life is my God, and my family. I spend a lot of time with my cousins, uncles, and aunts. I am a strong and hard working teen. I learned discipline through martial arts, which I have done for most of my life. My number one hobby is personal fitness. I take great care in staying in shape and being healthy. Health and fitness is very important to me and a major role in my lifestyle. I enjoy working out, and training and teaching martial arts. Being a black belt in Tae Kwan Do, I teach kids, teens, and adults. My goals in life are to work for the FBI, but before this I will work for the Sheriff’s office as a detective or as a member of the swat team.

By Ben Rios

By Daniel Rios

Inspired by the King, Fit for Royalty

Kingdom Dezigns




1100 C CATWALK magazine ATWALK m agazine e

Dezigns New Designer Brand with a Heart for Royal Clothing Kingdom Dezigns is a new fashion line for women and young ladies. Karissa Hagemeister, the owner and designer of Kingdom Dezigns, began the business within the first few months of 2010.

classes. She has been intrigued by the idea of owning her own fashion business for the past eleven years. She began using a sewing machine eight years ago and has taken to it naturally. Fashion, sewing and creating are a part of her passions and a part of Kingdom Dezigns mission is to bring royal her natural giftings. attire made of both quality and professionalism, to Kingdom Dezigns showcased their first line America and eventually across the globe. The idea of clothing on February 6, 2010 with their first for Kingdom Dezigns came from the relationship fashion show, Valetine’s Date. From this point, that the owner holds with the King of all Kings. He Kingdom Dezigns will continue working on buildinspires all the designs and those who buy them feel ing its company, products and customer base. like royalty. Kingdom Dezigns slogan is: Within the next three years, Kingdom Dezigns will be taking a one year fashion show tour across the States to showcase their designs and get their name out in the fashion market.

“Inspired by the King, fit for Royalty.”

At this time, Kingdom Dezigns focus is on women’s clothing. Eventually, they will break into the market for men’s and children’s clothing. All of the clothes are made in the USA by American citizens. The owner of Kingdom Dezigns, Karissa Hagemeister, will be graduating from Southeastern University with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management, International Business and Business Leadership. She will continue to pursue a degree in dressmaking and design through Penn Foster. Hagemeister has never taken any design or sewing


By Karissa Hagemeister Kingdom Dezigns 11

KdEz KdE K dE d E Designs gn gns gn ns Pieces From the Valentine’s Date Fashion Show a.


Roman Soldier $65



Persia Princess $50

The dress is made out of Angel Blue Peach Skin fabric. Golden heart-shaped buttons with creme vanilla centers attach the eight pleats that drape around the dress. The pleats are made of Snapdragon solid chiffon.

The dress is made out of cranberry baroque satin, connected to the cape with tiny Persian, gold buttons. The cape is made of breezy and breathable sheer burgundy fabric.

It is only available in this color.

This dress is also available in navy blue and gold.

12 CATWALK magazine



Elegant Maxi


The dress is made out of Larkspur Babysilk. The top is made from Ivory Scroll fabric. Gold-braided ribbon intersect on the top and form straps that cross in the back. This dress is only available in this color.



In the Garden $30

The skirt resembles two gigantic leaves. This is made out of Mermaid Shimmer Solid Taffeta. In this example, it is worn with a solid black top. This skirt is only available this color.





Julie Inspired


The fabric is of gray cross dye taffeta. An assortment of buttons lines the right side of the dress and is accented by the flower at the shoulder strap. This dress is only available in this color.



Men’s Ties


This tie is made out of Angel Blue Peach Skin fabric. Three sizes are available in the men’s ties: small, regular and large. These ties come in numerous colors and patterns.

Perfect Florida Outfit (PFO) $25

This dress is made out of Brown-Larkspur Pollen decorated fabric. This style of the dress can also come with a scarf (as shown in the picture) or be made into a halter dress. It gathers three inches down the center front to create a feminine curve. This dress is available in numerous colors and patterns. Kdez Designs 13


1144 C CATWALK magazine ATWALK m agazine


Kingdom Dezign’s First Fashion Show Dress your best on your date with your Valentine

Kdez dezigns offered over 20 outfits for date attire ideas (Pictured to the left: Brittany Burge, model, wearing the Rockstar Sailor Girl outfit)

Valetine’s Date te Fashion Fash Fa F shio ion n Show Show 1 155


Hagemeister began her fashion career ten years ago when she designed her perfect Easter dress and discovered how much she enjoyed drawing clothes. She learned how to sew two years later in honor of her late On Saturday, February 6, Hagemeister debuted grandmother who was a seamstress. her fashion line, KdEz, at the Valentine’s Date Hagemeister describes her clothing—with fashion show in Bush Chapel. The show its use of deep colors and gold—as having a featured men’s and women’s date attire including dresses, skirts, and handbags for the royal appeal. Most of the outfits are inspired by Bible stories or passages, such as the girls and ties for the guys. The show began at spring outfit, In the Garden, which was in7:30 pm. Tickets could be purchased at SEU Central for a student, staff, and faculty rate of spired by Eve, and a more formal outfit named after Queen Esther. Most of the clothing was $2. For all others, tickets were $5 in advance designed during that summer and was sewn and $10 the day of the show. over the Thanksgiving Two lucky members from the audience were and Christmas asked to do the catwalk and awarded an holidays. original KdEz design. hoosing the right outfit for a Valentine’s Day date can be a difficult task. Luckily, senior Karissa Hagemeister had a few ideas on what to wear.

“I want to bring royal clothing to the world, but I know that God has a bigger plan The concept for the fashion show came about in June 2009 when Hagemeister began to think for me,” said Hagemeister. about her life after her graduation in May of “Somehow 2010. I’m going to use this “[The show] was an idea that God gave me,” said Hagemeister, “I’ve learned that, when He business to bring people gives me ideas, I better do it.” to the Kingdom of Though Hagemeister has never been to a fashion show, she says that God has guided her God.” throughout the planning process by helping By La Nita her to find sponsors, models, a location, and Thomas giving her inspiration. Originally called Karissa Dezigns, KdEz stands for Kingdom Dezigns, a play off of the idea that the line is not about Hagemeister but her faith in Christ and her desire to further His Kingdom.

16 CATWALK magazine

All sixteen models from around the world, the designer and the stage on the night of the show.

Erika Enix spins around to show off the back cape to the Persia Princess dress.

Jaleesia Ray struts her stuff in the Queen Esther dress.

The models put a lot of effort into the show. They attended fittings and rehersals. In the end, they were pampered by make up artists and their new found fans. valentine’s date fashion show 17

Step-by-Step: 1.

Decide on a show theme. Get a group of friends together The theme can relate to that are willing an up coming holiday, a to help run the season or whatever your show. heart desires.


alentine’s Date Find a location for the show and decide on the date and time.



Hold a model casting and choose the best models that will fit your personality and the theme of the show. 18 CATWALK magazine


Send letters to local businesses for sponsorships with make up, shoes and possibly other designs. Call or visit them two weeks later.

How to Plan Your Own Fashion Show 6.

Make the clothes for the show. Give yourself plenty of time to complete all of the outfits. Most professional shows have 50 outfits.

Get the advertising together and sent out to all the media outlets.



Meet with the models and have walking practice. Have a run through of the show a few days early.

9. 10.

Meet with camera, lights and sound people so that they know what to expect.

Arrive many hours ahead of time to give yourself enough time to decorate and prep for the show. How to Plan Your Fashion Show 19

Next Catwalk k Issue featuring : Summer Fashion Shows

Catwalk Magazine * 156 Prince Phillip Drive * St. Augustine, FL 32092 20 CATWALK magazine


Catwalk Magazine, created by Karissa Hagemeister for Magazine Design and Production class, spring 2010

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