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Globetrotter Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. ~Seneca


-Going down under

Top 10 Places to visit in Australia Best places for a little R & R The Drivetv: Fasten your seatbelt! Going Greek: An inside look at the Greek experience

Dear Readers, The open road at times can be appealing. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, people always want to go. In the world we live in everything is changing, things are always moving. Life is only worth living if you’re willing to live life. I hope that Globetrotter brings new places to explore and desires to be discovered. A special thanks goes out to the writers of these articles and Professor Neuman for giving me this opportunity. Thank you to you the reader for opening these pages of a world still undiscovered by many. Happy Trails, Jenifer E. Molitor


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Getting There- It’s a process By: Jenifer Molitor A day spent traveling can be very busy and rather stressful. It’s always the same story no matter how many times you switch flights, states, countries; for me something is always going to go wrong. I have been a frequent flier of Northwest/ Delta for about 19 years now and while some would say I’m a pro, trust me...I’m not by any means. I wish I possessed some magic gift of traveling with ease or a super power ability of teleportation where I would never have to use an airplane. Sadly, I don’t have either of these.

Traffic was never a problem until the one day I left later than I needed to. My heart started to race, my throat became dry, and my eyes uncontrollably watched the clock every other minute wishing I could get there faster.

Once I arrive at the airport, it’s a mad race to the check-in kiosks. Airlines have been having a hard time recently due to mergers and new employees, so it’s a crazy time checking in. Rude people cut in front of each other attempting to have their luggage weighed first.


Take-off is the worst. I always read the emergency manual even though I know it like the back of my hand. Buckling my seat belt always proves problematic when I never seem to get it tight enough around my waist.

I always seem to attract the “odd” people on every flight. I sit next to third graders, nasty smelly people, or my personal favorite, arm rest stealers. If it wasn’t for these individuals, my flights wouldn’t be the same.

Finally landing at your destination is a good feeling, but nothing beats finding your luggage riding the carousel. There were a few times that my luggage didn’t make it on the flight, devastation and tears followed. Lately I’ve had good luck with my luggage always waiting to great me with my engraved red tag saying, “welcome back.”


Do’s and Dont’s for Flying

• Do have your itinerary printed out. • Have your tickets, identification i.e. driver’s license or passport easily accessible. • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. • Check with airline’s regulations with carry-on items. • Take laptop out of case while going through security. • Be mindful of personal space while flying. • Allow at least an hour before your flight in case you run into any problems. • Remember you’re going on vacation; have fun! 5

Oh the places you’ll stay... I have searched and found that these are the top Bed & Breakfasts around the world ranging from Texas to Ireland. Explore and find which one suites you best!


The Notchland Inn Harts Location, New Hampshire

Inn Above Onion Creek Kyle, Texas

The Queen Anne Bed & Breakfast Natchitoches, Louisiana

ABBEY COURT Townhouse (B&B) Westport, Co. Mayo N/A Ireland

A sneek peek into some of the best hotels and Inns Inn at Playa del Rey LosUnited Angeles, California around the States 7

Eastman Inn Bed & Breakfast North Conway, New Hampshire

Empress of Little Rock Little Rock, Arkansas

Napa Old World Inn Napa, CAlifornia

Addison on Amelia Fernandina Beach, Florida

Sobotta Manor Bed and Breakfast Mount Airy, North Carolina


Inn at Playa del Rey Charming, quiet, picturesque, and online and thought it would suit us homey are all words to describe Inn perfectly. It wasn’t too big, nor was at Playa del Rey. Traveling editors it too small to get creepy at breakof the Washington Post named Inn fast. Imagine being two of the five at Playa del Rey one of its three fa- people at breakfast all sitting at one vorite B&B’s. Inn at Playa del Rey table…awkward! However, the Inn is only two blocks from the beach, was exquisite. Four miles away from the airport, we arrived faster five minutes from LAX,twenty minutes from downtown, while it than we retrieved our luggage from over looks a 300 acre bird sanctu- Northwest Airline baggage claim. With our GPS telling us to take ary and the marina. Inn at Playa a right, we finally pulled up to a del Rey offers wireless internet, complimentary wine and Hors d’ cute gray building with splashes of ouevres every night, and hot buffet green plant life adorning the front entrance. There it was, Inn at Playa breakfasts every morning giving del Rey. any guest a relaxing stay. We walked into the foyer, the smell I first arrived into LAX with my Mom in March 2007. We were both of a working kitchen soon hit our excited about our trip to California, noses; several young girls stood but we didn’t want to spend more each one welcoming us with a money than we had to on a hotel or warm smile and gentle “Hello, welcome to Inn at Playa del Rey.” spend more time in the huge city than we had to. We discovered Inn We walked into the foyer, the smell at Playa del Rey prior to arriving of a working kitchen soon hit our


noses; several young girls stood each one welcoming us with a warm smile and gentle “Hello, welcome to Inn at Playa del Rey.” After checking in we explored the Inn wondering what the story was behind this place. The common area was beautifully decorated, while freshly made lemonade and scones waited to be devoured on a wooden table in the dining room. I of course had to try some; it was delicious! My mom and I made our way to our room with great anticipation as to what it would look like. As we opened the door, the sun was peeking through a white curtain, over-looking a boat marina several miles down the way. My mom and I made our way

to our room with great anticipation as to what it would look like. As we opened the door, the sun was peeking through a white curtain, over-looking a boat marina several miles down the way. Blue and white were the selected colors for the bedroom. Blue walls, white comforter, white-wooden furniture; it was something straight out of Better Homes and Gardens. A note sat on top of the end table, personalized with our names welcoming us to Inn at Playa del Rey along with two homemade chocolate chip cookies. After settling down and getting our things put away, we drove off into the sunset in search of dinner off site, and soon after crashed back in our room. Have you ever woken up after a great night sleep and actually wonder where you are because it was that good? Inn at Playa del Rey was that good! The smell of something amazing tickled our noses as we travelled down the stairs to the breakfast area. We were again greeted with smiling faces and warm welcomes and inquiries as to whether we slept well. I was starving and I eagerly

entered the dining area to find a breakfast fit for a king or queen. Quiche,egg soufflé, and french toast;fresh fruit, homemade scones, toast, juice, and coffee all sat before my hungery eyes wanting to dive right in. The girls working at the Inn were more than attentive as they always checked to make sure our needs were met and our stomachs were happy. Los Angeles is fillled with activities to occupy ones time so we filled our days with L.A. explorations. If one has traveled to California at all, you understand the importanace of relaxation and getting out of the “big, hussle and bustling: city. Inn at Playa del Rey provided the much needed escape. It seemed as though quiet time was always in effect. Promtly around five o’clock every afternoon, cheese and wine was served in the living area which

was adjacent to the dining room. Assorted cheeses including Brie and Gouda sat on lovely glass platters surrounded by different crackers. Wine from around the world sat waiting to be sniffed, swished and swallowed. At the time I was underage, so I enjoyed other treats such as vegetables and soda, or as we Michiganders like to call it, pop. The sun was beginning to set as my mom and I sat on couches sipping on Cokes, discussing what we should do for dinner. After some guidence from the inn keeper and some time snacking we decided to once again venture out, knowning that a haven would be waiting for our return. Sadly our time was coming to an

end, and we had to leave our time at Inn at Playa del Rey; although our time would not soon be forgotten. Our farewell was as sweet as our arrival as we made off with thanks and new recipes for scones from the Inn at Playa del Rey. By: Jenifer Molitor For more information on Inn at Playa del Rey visit their website at or email



Explorin’do Not long ago, I took off on a great adventure to the land of Australia. It all began when I sent a short e mail to the leader of The Fatherhood Foundation, an organization that strengthens families throughout the world. Its headquarters is in Wollongong, Australia. As a result of the e mail, I became friends with Mr. Warrick Marsh, the organization’s founder. Soon, Mr. Marsh not only suggested that I visit his beautiful country, but he took it upon himself to arrange a two-week speaking tour for me that covered the entire nation. He wanted to introduce my books, Boy’s Passage – Man’s Journey and Girl’s Passage – Father’s Duty to the families of his nation.


A date was set and less than three months after our initial online meeting, I was on a Qantas jet headed for my initial stop on the tour, Sydney, Australia. The flight over was long, but restful with plenty of movies and good food to distract weary travelers. I tried to rest, but my excitement was stronger than my need for sleep, so I watch movies, snacked, and spent time imagining what I would encounter in the days ahead. Landing in Sydney, I was struck with the diversity of people that inhabitant that marvelous city. The shops, restaurants, and friendly crowds made my first hours there very pleasant. I soon met my host, Warrick, and was treated to

my first “cuppa” or strong coffee served with a sweet biscuit. We enjoyed our snack at an outside café at the famous Sydney Harbor. An Aboriginal man played his Didgeridoo across from us and many passersby stopped to marvel at his talent. After spending several days in the Sydney area and speaking at churches, Universities and public seminars, I boarded a plane for Perth, located on the Western side of Australia. While there, I had the pleasure of leading a weekend workshop on fatherhood and also speaking at two churches on the subjects of parenting. I left Perth and flew inland to a small mining town called Kalgoorlie. This


own under whole of the nation with people. Later that day, I was taken stops in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Bristo a cultural awareness center and spent time with bane, and even Tasmania. Aboriginal leaders of 7 dif- When the two weeks was up, ferent groups or tribes. A it was difficult to board the high point of that time was big jet plane and head back to a feast consisting of steaks, the USA. goat chops, sausages and The sights, sounds, tastes,feel damper. Following our huge meal, we talked more and countless new friends We immediately hopped and finished our time with a met in Australia combined to make my experience there... prayer for their people. into Geoffrey’s “Ute” or utility vehicle and headed The following day, we went the trip of a life time. Lizard to the bush for a real Aborig- anyone??? off into the bush where inal experience that included I learned about the Aboriginal culture and of their hunting for kangaroos and amazing heritage within huge lizards called Goanna and looking for the famous Australia. While there, By Brian D. Molitor Wichy Grubs that lived in I had the pleasure of sitTo contact please visit tree roots. ting around a camp fire, drinking hot tea and eating And yes...we ate what we “damper” which is a large caught... loaf of course bread that is made fresh each day Once I departed from Kalby many of the Aboriginal goorlie, I traversed the location is famous for its huge Gold mine that produces more than one million dollars worth of the precious metal each day. I was met at the airport by Pastor Geoffrey Stokes, a full blooded Aboriginal, and his friend, Steve Winston, from New Zealand.

Wanna get away?! Trip Advisory lists these places on their list of things to do when visiting Australia Caversham Wildlife Park- Perth Caversham Wildlife Park has over 200 species and over 2000 head of animals which includes reptiles and birds. Located in beautiful Perth where adventure is always to be found. Sydney Harbour Bridge- Sydney The Sydney Bridge allows you to feel on top of the world..literally. If you just desire to look or become adventurous to walk across the bridge; no one will be disappointed. Wavelength Reef Charters- Queensland Enjoy small group pure snorkeling day tour of the Great Barrier Reef departing from Port Douglas. Marine Biologists take you snorkeling on a guided tour.

Sydney Opera House- Sydney Amazing architecture and engineering await whoever enters the Sydney Opera House. See where over 1,500 performances are staged each year, and immerse yourself in Australia’s performing arts centre. Australia Zoo- Beerwah Take a trip to the late Steve Irwin’s zoo to explore the lives of animals ranging from elephants to crocodiles. 13


Five guys, a white van, a map of the United States, and video cameras? It can only mean one thing; The Drivetv is back in action for Season 2. The Drivetv is an international television show aired in over 170 countries sharing the gospel by creating a message that it is possible to a be a young person that is in love with Jesus AND to live a life of fun, excitement, and adventure without dealing with the heartache, regret, and hangover the morning after. The show’s idea began in Australia, “The idea of The Drive TV came about when Mike Jeffs, the owner of the Australian Christian Channel, had a vision for a youth tv show that would present the gospel of Jesus in a relevant way. This show would have both the production quality and level of entertainment as today’s youth shows, and combine them with a positive, Christ centered message.” Chris Molitor said. I asked how he became involved with the whole idea of the show. Molitor also went on to say “I had the opportunity to take Mike’s vision and turn it into reality, as we produced a cutting edge, reality TV series for today’s generation. As the reality television model has grown so popular over the last decade, we


After weeks of planning, The Drive TV was born. The show follows the lives of five guys; Hosts Chris Molitor, 25, and his co-host Craig St.Claire, 26, Camera men Steven Carey, 22, and David Whitlow, 23; and the director Aaron Glenn, 28. The guys carefully planned for three months their itinerary which consisted of traveling from the top of Maine to the tip

of Florida, all in a matter of two months. That’s where the director, Aaron, became an important tool ensuring everything runs smoothly. “I am the Field Director of the show. I get to use my creative gifts to frame the experience that we have on the road. I am looking for the next cool way to share our experiences and make sure we get what we need to make the series.” Steve felt the differences between the first and second

season, but he seemed to choose one of the seasons to be his favorite. “Season 2 was awesome. For one thing we added David and Craig whom both really meshed well with the cast and crew of season one. For another we had much more time to plan the trip which helped us get better activities and locations to shoot at.” Steve also went on to say that he and Aaron felt more comfortable with the video equipment this time around, wanting everything to exceed last season. Season Two began where Season One left off state wise. They guys drove from the top of Maine straight down through all the eastern states including Washington D.C. and North Carolina, finishing off in Florida. Season One of The Drive took place starting from Tennessee at “The Call” in Nashville and continued down and to the west dipping down into to Mexico for one episode. The guys then traveled on passing through California, Colorado, and finally Missouri before reaching their destination of Midland, MI. The second season also differs from the first since after two new members were added and one of the hosts, Kyle Mitchell became engaged and later married. While the remaining three miss

their season one co-host, they are very pleased with Craig and David joining the fun. Maine to Florida offered a large range of activities they guys could do such as riding a lobster boat and white water rafting. They had their sure fire times of scary things as well, Skydiving and battling the streets of New York. “Both of our camera guys lay sick on the back of a lobster boat of the coast of Maine; I had the responsibility of picking up the camera and filming.” David Whitlow filled me in on some funny moments along the way. guys and ask them what the best part of the trip was for them. David knew hands down, “The best part of the trip was swimming with the whale sharks. When I put my face down in the water while swimming in that giant tank, I felt like I was in another world.” Aside from all the excitement

Steven had one thing to say “Milkshakes.” During season one, viewers learned of Steve’s love for milkshakes, a love that has carried over into season two. “Of course I also really love the fact that I have gotten to try a milkshake in almost every U.S. state due to the show.” While there were good things about the trip, there were some down sides to it too. “The worst part is having to give up your comfort and privacy for about 2 months. You have to share everything with the guys and even with the world!” He also said one of the best parts of the trip was “having a new adventure every single day.” David also added the worst part for him was “New York City. I don’t like a place that I can’t take my shoes off at anytime to walk around without fear that I might step on glass, needles, or dead people (slightly kidding). I don’t do big cities well and New York City is the mother of all big cities.”

and fun times, the guys really have a heart to reach the world with the love of Christ. Craig St. Claire’s life goal is to, “see the kingdom of God in people’s lives by a relationship with Jesus Christ through His word, with signs and wonders following. Chris wants everyone to check out the show, “This is a show for anyone, no matter what your cultural background, ethnicity, race, age, or gender this show will entertain you and hopefully give you a glimpse of God’s love and the wonderful relationship He wants to have with us.” Check out The Drivetv website at and watch for Season two online in April 2010.

The DRIVEtv Crew


OPA! By Amanda Hudson

walked to City University. We attended our Greek language, the three months I spent in Greek history, and photojourGreece were the best of my life. There were too many new nalism classes and often ate lunch at a small gyro place experiences to count, as well around the corner. Sometimes as new frustrations. Many of we had coffee with some of the frustrations were results the Greek students who pracof a language barrier that I ticed their English-speaking never did fully break during skills with us after class. The my time there. For instance, grocery shopping proved to be lifestyle of a Greek could confusing and we often times be described as relaxed and came home with knish instead carefree. People came togethof pizza because, frankly, the er while sipping coffee and picture on the package resem- lunch breaks seemed to last all day. In contrast with the bled a pizza. Despite trying challenges of hustle and bustle of American daily life in Greece, my expe- culture that I came from, the Greek lifestyle was refreshing rience overflowed with new in some ways as it taught me and exciting encounters with to relax and appreciate the gift Greek life. Every day of the of life. week, we students took the metro to Syntagma square and An older Greek woman with

My eyes were focused on studied abroad will agree,

the small window beside me as the plane finally touched down on the runway. Frankly, my eyes were glued to that window ever since the pilot announced that we were beginning to descend. I was straining to see my first impression of Athens, Greece; the city I would be living in for three months. All around me the other 29 college students were doing the exact same thing. They were probably wondering what it would be like once we finally exited the small plane. An overnight flight from the U.S. to Germany and a 6-hour layover had given us more than enough time to imagine this very moment. As many students who have


a heavy accent by the name of Aphrodite served as our tour guide to locations in and around Athens on the weekends. A coach bus carried us to places like Corinth, Sparta, and Monemvasia. There is so much history in the land that is like nothing I had ever experienced. Unlike American history that is a mere 200 years old, Greece possesses historical sites that are so old they are the home of myths and legends. Glancing at the mountains in Sparta made me imagine a small army fighting for their city and their families. I placed my feet on the same ground as Paul the Apostle in Corinth over a thousand years earlier. The ancient history is most evident while visiting the Athens’ most valued location, the Parthenon. The Parthenon sits atop the acropolis and is visible from almost anywhere in the city. Like a revered piece of art, the Athenians treasure the Parthenon with pride as a piece of themselves. I have returned from my journey to Greece, but the memories are recalled with ease. The smell of oranges, the taste of feta cheese, or the sight of olives can instantly take me back to that country in the Mediterranean with enough culture and history to keep me coming back to visit Greece for years to come.


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releaseing in stores worldwide summer 2010 featuring songs danger and heart over heels 19


Globetrotter Magazine, created by Jenifer Molitor for Magazine Design and Production class, spring 2010


Globetrotter Magazine, created by Jenifer Molitor for Magazine Design and Production class, spring 2010