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Little Rascal Menu Main Meals Fried Fillet of Haddock A fresh fillet of haddock in crispy batter. Served with chipped potatoes. £6.15

Bettys Yorkshire Sausages Made to an exclusive recipe, from outdoor-reared pork. Served with your choice of potatoes and vegetables. £5.95

Chicken Goujons Free-range Yorkshire chicken in Bettys breadcrumbs, fried until golden. Served with your choice of potatoes and vegetables. £6.15

Swiss Alpine Macaroni An Engadine speciality. Fresh penne pasta, bacon, and new potatoes in cream sauce, topped with Raclette cheese. £5.25

Bettys Yorkshire Rarebit A house speciality made with Cheddar cheese. Served with Bettys Apple or Tomato Chutney. £4.65

Bettys Omelettes Freshly made with free-range Yorkshire eggs. Served with chipped potatoes. Roast Yorkshire Ham £4.75 Wensleydale Cheese £4.75

Side Dishes Chipped Potatoes New Potatoes Miniature Rösti

£2.20 £2.20 £2.20

Tomato, Pepper & Cucumber Salad Garden Peas Baked Beans

£1.75 £1.75 £1.75

Sandwiches Yorkshire Rarebit Toasted Sandwich £3.95 Yorkshire Rarebit & Ham Toasted Sandwich £4.40 Wensleydale Cheese Sandwich £3.60 Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich £3.60 Traditional Roast Yorkshire Ham Sandwich £3.95 Roast Free-Range Yorkshire Chicken Sandwich £3.95

Desserts Banana & Toffee Pancake With sliced banana and warm Bettys toffee sauce with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. £3.95

Ice Creams Two scoops of vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate ice cream. £3.50 With homemade raspberry sauce, Bettys toffee sauce or Bettys Swiss chocolate sauce. £3.75Fondant Fancy £2.40

Caramel Slice £2.40 Ginger Biscuit Animal £1.60 Butter Biscuit Bear £1.40

Drinks Small Hot Chocolate with Cream Made with Bettys Swiss chocolate sauce. £2.50

Small Ice Cream Milkshakes Fresh banana, Swiss chocolate or raspberry. £2.40

Small Fresh Orange Juice £2.20 Small Homemade Still Lemonade £2.20 Small Traditionally Pressed Yorkshire Apple Juice £2.20 Small Chilled Milk £1.50 Coca-Cola or Diet Coca Cola £2.60

All prices are inclusive of VAT. Some of our dishes may contain nuts. 03/13

Little Rascals Menu - 2013