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Some well known freshwater aquarium fishes When you start planning to set up an aquarium at your home the first thing that you should plan about is the type of the aquarium you would like, whether an attractive and peaceful aquarium or a hectic boxer ring. There are many processes in selecting the right fish for your home that would also suit your aquarium the best. Taking good care of the fish is also equally important as that of getting a healthy one for you. And another important thing is that they should also be well-suited with the other fishes in the aquarium. So when you set in to select a fish for your aquarium you get a number of choices to choose one from it. The fishes come in different colors shapes, sizes and also with unique qualities. So this doesn’t mean that these are the only important things that you should concentrate while selecting the fish for your aquarium. There are also many other factors such as their life period, food they take, the environment they need, etc. So before you select be sure that you get to all these details about the fish. Here are some basic types of fresh water fish that you can opt for your fresh water aquarium. Gold fish The gold fishes are one of the stunning fishes that anybody could have it for their aquarium. The most attractive facts about the gold fish is that they come in different colors and sizes and also have an unique charm in attracting all the people around them. Angelfish The angelfishes are the beautiful South American fishes that are commonly seen at the rivers of Amazon, Orinoco and Essequibo. Their unique feature is their structure. They mostly come in round shape and have laterally pressed body with the differently attached fins. They are also good at playing in the water and they often hide behind the roots and plants in their habitat. Neon Tetra This is another type of fish that can be often found in the home aquariums. People mostly opt for it because they give an awesome sight to see in the fish tank when they move in groups from one side to another. Guppies This fish is commonly being preferred by the pet shop owners to the newbie’s in growing the fish. This is because these fishes are said to withstand any water conditions or the temperature variations. At the same time they also look colorful and attractive to the audience.

Swordtail These fishes are also similar to the guppies where it is very easy to take care of. They are mostly in bright red color with about 4 inches in length and look like an elongated sword and also give a visual treat to watch them moving in water. Platies These platies also resemble the swordtail in most of their characters and also come in various different colors and they are also well known for their great characteristic of living in groups. provides the top lists on various topics on all niches. They cover on most of the topics like art, entertainment, nature, people, animals, places, science and technology, etc. If you would like to read one of their best list on the Beautiful and Colorful Fishes in the world visit their website at

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When you start planning to set up an aquarium at your home the first thing that you should plan about is the type of the aquarium you would...

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