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BETTY LIU | (510) 331-1693 Term Address: 6515 Wydown Blvd #5967, St. Louis, Missouri 63105 Permanent Address: 2446 Lockwood Ave, Fremont, CA 94539

THE STORY OF THE APPLE WASHER Junior year. AP Physics class. Engineering project: You are an inventor. Design it, and make a prototype. I present the Apple Washer. Modelled off a typical car wash, the apple will take a bath, be scrubbed clean, be blown dried, and then placed in a bin, perfect and clean for consumption. During this project, I had to make scaled plans, sections, and I even drew it in 3D -similar to an axon, though I had no idea what an axon was. Making the protoype and figuring out all the electrical systems that would make it work forced me to consider the career I would go into. I chose architecture.


the poo l pr oject: THRESHOL DS t h e l i ve w ork show proj ect: INTERRUPTED SPACES t h e k i ndergarten proj ect: VERTICAL TRANSITIONS the observati on pr oject: IM M ERSION mis cellaneous wor k s

Architectural Design I, Fall 2011 Professor Forrest Fulton

the pool project: THRESHOLDS

Carondelet Park

Carondelet Park is seen by the community as “an escape from the city�. The park provides several thresholds that filter out reminders of the city environment: visual, movement, physical, and acoustic. My project takes it a step further and makes the pond as another threshold.

plan and section

tectonic study Left: water wall type 1 - more visibility, softer Right: water wall type 2 - less visibility, louder

My project uses water as its walls - as its skin that separates exterior from interior. It filters the city out at a smaller scale, using the properties of water, filtering visually, acoustically, and physically. It is a cluster of cyrstals on the water that is accessible as a haven to the public. Program: indoor swimming pool, children’s pool, sauna, whirlpool, changing/service areas, fitness center

section perspective - initial study of effect and structure

southwest elevation

Architectural Design I, Fall 2011 Professor Forrest Fulton

the live work show project: INTERRUPTED SPACES

interior shot

concept sketch

Due to the long and narrow nature of the site, my project deals with spaces sectionally. It includes a main gallery exhibition space along the ground floor that is interrupted by living spaces on the second floor, which then created opportunities for skylights to let light in. It is a continuous space that is modulated by light. Program painting studio, sculpting studio, galleries, living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, storage

one point perspective


plans and sections












light studies

conceptual model

Introduction to Design Processes IV, Spring 2011 Professor Stephen Perdue

the kindergarten project: VERTICAL TRANSITIONS

concept sketch

Kindergarteners are in an active stage of their life. My project is about vertical transitions that allow the kids to move about in an open, colorful environment that facilitates more of a studio-like environment. The tectonic of the building is a congregation of little sticks that allow light through, much like fiber optics. Light wells allow light to reach all three floors in the very narrow site. Program: classrooms, bathroom, play area, outdoor recreational space

conceptual model

Introduction to Design Processes IV, Spring 2011 Professor Stephen Perdue

the furniture project: FLOATING CUBBIES Architecture for children is at a completely different scale than that for adults. Furniture is no exception. For this project, I studied children to observe their movements to design a piece of furniture for kindergarteners. Floating red fabric cubbies on a clear frame provide a new twist to standard cubbies.

Introduction to Design Processes III, Fall 2010 Professor Dennis Burke

the phenomenon project: IMMERSION

light and shadow study

1/8� model -channelled glass

The observation station is meant to immerse the researcher in the patterns of light and shadow cast from the forest canopy. From an initial study of light and shadow cast on the ground and the upright trees throughout the day, the project is a buffer from the environment that allows only what is studied to come through. Program: research room, living space, bedroom, bathroom

section montage

Architectural Design I, Fall 2011 Professor Forrest Fulton & Professor Stephen Mueller

the case study project : ARCAM by RenĂŠ van Zuuk

1/4 hand-made model

plans, sections, elevations



RENGA レン連歌 n. - a collaborative form of poetry originating in Japan a drawing of process

BETTY LIU | (510) 331-1693 Term Address: 6515 Wydown Blvd #5967, St. Louis, Missouri 63105 Permanent Address: 2446 Lockwood Ave, Fremont, CA 94539

EDUCATION Washington University in St. Louis, MO Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts Bachelor of Science candidate, May 2013 Major: Architecture GPA: 3.84/4.0

Honors and Awards Dean’s List, 5 semesters 2011 NOMA Student Design Competition - 2nd place Founding member of Washington University colony of Alpha Rho Chi SCDA Architects Scholar 2010-2012 (Soo K. Chan Scholarship) Studio Laskey Architecture Competition: Book Award (2009-2010) Second Harpist for St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra (December 2009) High school Valedictorian (2009)

WORK EXPERIENCE Digital Fabrication Lab, Washington University, St. Louis, MO Lasercutting Monitor Maintain machines and assist students with modelmaking techniques Use AutoCad to prepare cuts Student Technology Services, St. Louis, MO Student Technology Coordinator Provide technology troubleshooting assistance to Washington University residents Plan and implement a training program once a semester (Fall 2010: Adobe InDesign)

April 2010 - current

April 2010 - current

PUREdesign, Shanghai, China Architecture Intern Assist on a variety of projects, including masterplanning, commercial, residential, and educational Produced CAD drawings, analytical diagrams, and booklets Conducted research on climate, site, context, and programmatic necessities Translated documents

June 2011 - August 2011

Washington University Career Center, St. Louis, MO Graphic Designer Design marketing materials for communications team Ensure visual communcations correlate with brand values

January 2011 - May 2011

Erin Mahoney Studio, San Francisco, CA Fashion Intern Assisted with pattern construction and documentation Sewed certain parts of garments such as sleeves, collars, and lining

June 2010 - August 2010

ACTIVITIES National Organization of Minority Architects - 2nd place Student Design Competition 2011 Village Walk Complex -Building Community Conducted research, produced diagram of our story, composed essay Worked with graduate and other undergraduate students as a team

Spring 2010-Fall 2011


AutoCAD 2012 Adobe Creative Suite CS5 InDesign Illustrator Photoshop Microsoft Office Rhinoceros 4.0


Fluent Mandarin Chinese Written & Oral Communication Conversational Japanese Basic understanding of Italian


Sketching Charcoal Watercolor Oil and Acrylic paint

Betty Liu Undergraduate Portfolio  
Betty Liu Undergraduate Portfolio  

Five semesters of Undergraduate Portfolio at Washington University in St. Louis