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Essay 2: Persona

Study the content in previous learning modules before writing E2 Persona draft 1; this paper topic focuses on the narrator's persona, or voice reflected in either (choose one) "The House of Usher," "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl," “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass," or "Life on the Mississippi" from The Literature of the American South."

Write 700-800 words (minimum 2 pages) on ONE of the following topics: 1.What is your personal response to the poem, story, or main character? Relate your response to persona or voice of the author or main character. In what ways do you think that your own experiences have affected your response? (use reader response criticism--react to the narrator or speaker with your own opinions) 2.What sort of person do you picture the main character to be? Again, relate your response to persona or voice of the author or main character. What sort of person do you imagine for the main character, narrator or speaker (choose one to discuss)? Does the main character's/narrator's behavior seem plausible to you? Explain your points.(use feminist criticism or some other approach/lens to focus on or relate to the story) 3.What details of the reading are especially significant? Again, relate your response to persona or voice of the author or main character/speaker or narrator. What questions do you have about the reading? What words, phrases, or images now seem significant on reading the story a second time? What leading questions or issues are left open? (formalist criticism) 4.The literary context of an author's work is debatable. For example, Poe can be considered as a southern writer or not, Jacobds and Douglass are local-colorists, romantic, realistic or not. These writings evoke a historical time and place. With what literary movements do you envision these writers being most akin? If research is used, (historical criticism) include MLA citations and a Works Cited page.

The final draft due in three weeks at midnight Sunday, should contain 700-800 words. Please make sure your paper has an introduction that grabs the reader's attention and states your thesis, a body that explains and gives specific details and examples for the main points that support your thesis, and a conclusion that makes a final point about your thesis. Your paper should not stop simply because you have written the minimum number of words. Finish writing when you have supported your thesis sufficiently. After proofreading your paper carefully, submit your weekly drafts to peer editors and a BC tutor (if possible). Also, submit the E2 final draft to GV Turnitin dropbox.

How to review peer papers. Review any paper submitted by a student but only one reviewer per paper. You must not comment on a paper that has already been reviewed unless you have first reviewed a paper that has not been reviewed. If you are the last to submit your paper, you may have to look around for a paper that has not already been reviewed. Submit your draft early and make your draft available for a classmate to review; be sure to review another's draft.

Essay 2