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Representing the Global

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We live in a global world.

We bring it home.

We shop it.

We shop it.

We taste it.

We breath it.

We envision it.

What is the global? - How is it represented? - What are the processes of representation? - What are the impacts and outcomes of representation? - What is produced? What is consumed? - Who is in control? - What is at stake?Â

Themes for the semester: Consumption - shopping, lifestyle, economy Intimacy - self/other, security/fear Agency - politics, change, media, citizenship Space - architecture, urban form, spatial power relations, global city Desire - economy, freedom, capitalism, production, consumption Destruction - spatial/political conflict, redevelopment, sustainability, cultural identity, memory

Is it real?

Is it a copy?

What is the difference?

Where are we again?

Does it matter?

Do you see it?

What happens next?


The global is . . . ? a product a service a treatment an image a strategy an investment a piece of real estate a relationship a risk a feeling a taste a desire a lifestyle a theme park a crime a reality a reality show a simulation a speculation

r t g l o b a l .

CLASS ONE: What is the Global?  
CLASS ONE: What is the Global?  

Introduction to Representing the Global.