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Technology A design solution to the 2009 crisis in Haiti

Hirumi Nanayakkara & Ada DaCosta

Opportunity •  Area we intend to design for and why

Street team

Street Team

Street Team (Incentives) •  Empowering community •  New social network

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Fontamara •  Hypothetical response if networks are reliable

Fontamara •  Hypothetical response if networks arent reliable

Critical Viewing •  Not a solution for those who are in need of immediate assistance

Critical Viewing •  too too dependant on technology


•  Application aggregator that compiles humanitarian mobile applications into one platform

Use in New York •  Implementing our crisis response protocol in public schools, work place, etc… •  Making procedures in crisis response as well-known as what to do during an earthquake



Design proposal for Crisis Networks Fall 2010 by Hirumi Nanayakkara and Ada daCosta

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