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With the recent economic downturn, finding websites that offer quality and up-to-date engineering jobs and resumes can be a difficult prospect. Years ago, when the economy was booming, there were several top-notch websites that offered engineers and engineering companies a place to go not only to search for engineering jobs and resumes but to come together and network with each other. Of course those days have passed and although most of the sites that were popular then are still around, they have become outdated and stale. In today's technologically advance society, websites who specialize in engineering jobs and resumes need to be more in touch with a younger and upcoming generation of engineers and engineering companies. Do a quick Google search for engineering jobs and resumes and then go to a few of the top listed websites. For starters, you will see that most of them do not promote (nor can they be followed on) any of the top Social Networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The new generation of engineers and engineering companies have already adapted to social networking and the websites who do not follow suite will soon be left behind. Another thing you will notice is that several of the sites do not offer online payment to purchase job postings. Come on! At least put a PayPal link in or something... We need a new, up-to-date, engineering jobs and resumes portal, that is truly The Nexus for engineers and engineering companies to come together and network with each other. Some of the more modern benefits of that type of site would be: •Social Networking - Is it important? Just ask today's engineer. You should be able to follow the site on LinkedIn Facebook and Twitter. •Engineering Blog - The ability to share information in real time is one of the things that sets that will set this site apart from other engineering jobs and resumes sites. •Mobile Feeds - Today's engineers and engineering companies are mobile and expect to receive updated information and updates that way. •Engineer Resources - This site should partner with top engineering schools and organizations to provide a comprehensive resources page for engineers. In the end, it really just comes down to relevancy. This site should not only be relevant, it should be The Nexusfor engineering jobs and resumes.

W. Scott Ritter EngineerNexus.Com http://www.EngineerNexus.Com

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==== ==== We Are Accepting Resumes ==== ====

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