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BUSINESS VALUES CUSTOMER FOCUS Nothing is of more importance than serving our customers outstandingly well by taking ownership of issues and matching specific needs with security solutions. REAL INTEGRITY We give our best at all times in support of clients and respect for colleagues and partners. We demonstrate honesty, integrity and professionalism in every interaction we have.

CALL: 0800 644 0898

CAN DO ATTITUDE We find realistic solutions to client’s security issues and always seek to

24 Hours A Day

365 Days A Year

meet an apparent obstacle with a “CAN DO” attitude. PEOPLE POWER Our people are outstanding in their fields and we invest in their personal growth and development. Resulting


in real benefits for all our clients. MOMENTUM


We always look for better ways to help our clients, moving our solutions forward both in terms of scope of what we do and the comprehensive methods of service delivery.


TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS The security needs of your organisation will vary, based on the kind of work you do, the size of your premises and how your business is managed. We

Safeguarding Your Organisation


will ensure that your management and day to day business activity is taken into account to produce a bespoke service for your organisation.

About Better Security Guarding

3 PRAGMATIC & COMMERCIAL ADVICE Our management team are professionally qualified

Lone Worker Protection


and hold over 30 years of combined experience into the issues affecting your organisation. With our FREE site security survey we can provide you

Manned Guarding


with consistent and practical advice on the measures needed to ensure breach of security situations are dealt with effectively to prevent loss, damages

Response, Monitoring & Keyholding

Event Security



and inconvenience for your business.

GUARANTEED DELIVERY You are guaranteed the very best support, advice and peace of mind knowing Better Security Guarding are providing S.I.A. (Security Industry Authority)

Retail Security


trained and licensed guards from a fully insured provider.

Home Security

11 COST-EFFECTIVE EVERY TIME We have a solution to match every budget. With the choice of a range of varying security solutions all

Training & Staff Development


provided with quality of service.

FIXED FEES Unlike many other providers, if your circumstances don’t change, then why should ours. Better Security Guarding are delighted to offer our services at fixed rates across many agreements, ensuring your annual costs are fixed and measurable.


The challenges facing organisations today are enough to deal with, without having to worry about security mishaps. As unemployment hits a high and lack of income creates a strain it is It is well known that the benefits of a safe

unfortunate that some turn to crime by

and happy workforce are immesurable and

way of survival.

of prime importance to the employer/employee and employer/client relationship.

It is vital that modern businesses maintain a firm grip on their most important and valuable assets - people

Conforming to specifications of your insurance

and reputation.

policy is not an option, but this does not have to involve employing expensive security

Adopting the most effective and efficient

personnel, or sacrificing time that cannot be

approach to managing the security issues


which face your business is critical. Pass this burden over to Better Security Guarding Ltd and free up key people to

Robust and disciplined management systems equate to far more than just management control. The knock-on effect brings business efficiency and protection.

focus on your core business, which with our NEW Lone Worker Protection technology can save money on your insurance and better performance for your organisation.

Every business is at risk from security breaches. At Better Security Guarding we aim to ease the burden and vunerability for all our clients. We protect your premises, employees and even track our own security officers ensuring their individual safety.



Better Security Guarding Ltd is a family run business emcompassing security services, retail and logistics for a broad spectrum of clientelle.

Our use of advancements in technology and our 24 Hour Control Room ensures

We safeguard businesses & individuals

that our staff and services to clients are

through expert management of human

operating smoothly and security

resources and ensure compliance with

personnel are kept in constant contact

our Health & Safety Policy, Quality Policy

to provide real-time incident reporting.

and training obligations. When you need us, JUST CALL, we can

As part of a family-owned and run

allocate the nearest security professional

enterprise, we understand the needs of

and respond in a speedy manner,

smaller organisations and individuals.

ensuring our clients are happy and

Our compliance with S.I.A. (Security


Industry Authority) guidelines has given us a unique insight, into maintaining a

Our on-going support provides the

high level of service at reasonable prices,

added guidance to offer a financially

to support strong customer-focused and

viable solution, delivering real

people-based relationships, in turn

commercial advantage using our

supporting our growth and success as an

security-focused teams.

organisation. We have the capability to provide scalable solutions - so no matter how complex or sensitive the issue or how large or how small your organisation, involving us can ease the burden and add real value to any business.




There are a multitude of industries out there who require that a part of their workforce need to perform their duties Strengthen your relationship with your staff and boost morale. Protecting Lone Workers in your business will provide an increase in productivity.

solo, away from the business premises, which can pose a safety risk to these individuals and as the employer the duty of care falls in your lap. Better Security Guarding offer the perfect

Health & Safety plus HR Legislation places high demands on employers’ time and resources, before consideration of the cost of fines, the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) estimates it can cost between £17,000-£19,000 to investigate a physical assault. It can cost a lot less to prevent one!

security solution. Through the provision of the tracking and monitoring of your staff's smartphone or via a GPS device. This device will activate an alarm, if the panic feature is activated, or if your employee takes a fall or is attacked in anyway. We receive the alarm at our 24 hour control room and can deploy 2 - 3 of our closest response vehicles.

If an incident does occur, the courts will take the resources available to an organisation into consideration but, it is no defence for an

We then respond and support as fast as possible....All of this is at a suprisingly low cost.

employer to say they did not have the time, money or resources to do anything to reduce risk. ARE YOU COVERED?

Better Security Guarding provide lone workers with back-up and peace of mind, enabling them to focus on their work rather than potential problems.


LONE WORKER PROTECTION We never really think about the protection of a person until after an incident has occured. As devastating as it sounds every single day there are attacks, rapes, abductions, robberies or injuries, for both business employees and people in general. As an employer you are responsible for ensuring your employees safety. As a parent you are responsible for your childs safety and Better Security Guarding understand, that at a certain point in teenage life, your children venture out without their parents and this is of course a natural worry to parents, for their childs safety. If you have an elderly relative who lives alone and is vunerable, to unwanted visitors or trips and falls, even down to health issues where they may fall ill, would you feel better knowing they are safe? Our tracking devices are available in multiple formats. The device is a GPS tracking system, monitored 24 hours a day in our Control Room, alerts can be raised through activation of a panic feature directly on the device or lack of movement, on the GPS signal, will alert control room monitor staff, who will deploy the nearest guard(s) to check or assist dependent upon the nature of the alert.



MANNED GUARDING For an effective security solution that is both affordable and professional, consider the use of Better Security Guarding Ltd for manned security solutions. Our dedicated control room is available around the clock. Our SIA licensed control operatives will answer your call and respond, providing assistance to your security challenges.

Our high-quality manned guarding services are tailored to your needs. SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed and uniformed guards ensure that access to the premises is controlled at all times.

A risk assessment is carried out by one of our operations managers for each site to ensure the safety of both our guards and your staff.

With guards of smart appearance and courteous nature, you can be sure your company is well represented by Better Security Guarding.

Better Security Guarding maintaining our high levels of service through continual training of our staff who demonstrate honesty, integrity and professionalism in every interaction we have.

Environments for manned security services are wide-spread including; construction, distribution centres, garden centres, park and ride schemes, educational establishments, ports, health services, government, local

“No job too big or small.

authorities, pubs, nightclubs, industrial

A service tailored to fit

estates, business parks & many more.

YOUR needs!�

Better Security Guarding provides you with a top-quality service. Our guards are professionals, fully trained and licensed, all have had thorough background checks, so you can relax in the knowledge that your company is in safe hands.



Better Security Guarding can assist you from initial installation through to monitoring and alarm response. We will visit your premises, carry out an audit advising on the most suitable alarm system which is best suited to your needs. Through the use if innovative internet technology, we can provide you with regular alarm monitoring and respond to alarm activations in a rapid manner. We produce real-time incident reports, liaise with Police, alarm companies and get your premises secure again as fast as possible. Our alarm response security service is a cost-effective, straightforward and immediate solution for any business or home owner, with the added advantage of obtaining reduced insurance premiums. KEY HOLDING Keyholding is a service that all business owners should consider and is an important security measure. Our key holding compliments the alarm response service and by using both, you will be taking care of your premises and exercising your duty of care towards employees.



With the use of remotely monitored CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) security services, the camera’s not only act as a deterrent, but also record any suspicious activity off-site, ensuring evidence cannot be destroyed on site.

Secure your premises against unauthorised entry, from simple door entry through to multi-site operation and controls, using electronic technology and static guards or mobile response security officers.

Better Security Guarding provide a range of CCTV system options, including versions with a voice-over function, so the monitors can verbally warn intruders that they are being watched and recorded. Our vigilant CCTV monitoring service noticeably decreases volumes of

Following an assessment of your existing security systems, our personnel can take over the responsibility of your security needs and provide a smarter response.

burglary and criminal damage. With a dedicated attitude, Better Security Guarding ensures that your premises is in safe hands. From businesses to airports and shopping centres through to financial

Use of sophisticated technology in a constantly changing security landscape provides a better security solution for you. Combined with years of operational experience, BSG will safeguard your business against unnecessary expenditure.

buildings and hospitals/nursing homes, CCTV can be installed, monitored and alerts responded to by our rapid response and mobile patrol officers. CCTV deals with crime in real-time! We can monitor your remote unmanned sites and assist in lone worker situations with a high level of service.



At Better Security Guarding we understand that your event security requirements are unique to each venue and set-up orientation, so we take the time to understand your specific needs. With experience of a variety of bespoke events, we provide the skills and expertise. You can trust the professionals to ensure your event runs smoothly and securely. We can arrange security, provide emergency contingency plans and being the first on scene, can provide first aid assistance where necessary. We will even custom design our guards attire to suit your needs. Better Security Guarding offer static security, front of house security, crowd control services or event marshalls all of which will deal with emergencies and liaise with police and event organisers. We place public safety at the forefront of all aspects of our planning and are equipped to assist every event organiser, regardless of the scale of your requirements or the complexity of the operation.



We know that as a retailer you cannot afford to take risks. With theft being an ever increasing problem, it can eat into a surprising high percentage of your profits. CCTV monitoring is an ideal deterrent and can safeguard against crime from both customers and employees. Having camera’s monitored remotely means that in the event of a robbery or theft, the evidence cannot be destroyed on-site. The cost of installation compared to the susbstantial financial losses actually saves you money. It does not matter what high street name you have or if you are a supermarket, fashion retailer or even a coffee shop, Better Security Guarding can provide you with retail security guards who are trained to cover your needs. We offer more than just a highly visible, front of house deterrent, we identify security risks and balance those needs with quality, customer care and staff protection.



No matter how big or small your property, Better Security Guarding can keep an eye on property and possessions, when you are away or, if the property is vacant and at risk from squatting. From alarm systems to camera’s right up to static guarding and mobile patrols, we have a security solution to suit your budget. Our keyholding service compliments our home security, for short periods or on an annual basis. All kept tagged and stored securely. When you are locked out or there is a security breach our SIA licensed guards can assist. Are you considering home improvements where expensive materials, tools and machinery are a necessity? This puts you at a high security risk of theft, which can delay the completion of work and add to your financial budget for the project. If you have experienced attempted break-in(s) and feel unsafe in your own

“Protection for your

home, our guards can sit outside

peace of mind”

property overnight or during the day and perform random patrols of the perimeter of the property giving peace of mind knowing you are in safe hands.




Better Security Guarding Ltd only employs security personnel who hold an active SIA license, we also monitor the renewal of these licenses and any additional legislative training required.

Our team of individuals possess a momentum

In addition to the legal requirements, we

that drives our clients business forward and

actively maintain our high levels of skill

keeps both us and you ahead of the game.

and customer service through regular training sessions for each member of

We are proactive and brave, building long-term

our company, be it in-house or on the

relationships based on exceptionally high



Our staff are all entered into our Our people are professional at all times and

customised training programme as a

recognise that every one of our employees has

term and condition of their

an equal part to play in delivering an

employment with Better Security

outstanding service.


We act with total integrity and always

We provide security training, customer

demonstrate the highest levels of personal

service, first aid and fire safety training

accountability in everything we do.

as well as fitness sessions encompassing self-defense techniques.

“We create and maintain long-term relationships built upon trust, open

We strongly believe that regular training linked with business strategy provides enhanced productivity.

communication and transparency�



Health Services

Auction Rooms


Bars & Restaurants




Business Parks


Car Parks

Industrial Buildings

Car Sales Dealers

Leisure Facilities

Caravan & Holiday Parks

Local Authorities

Care Homes

Lone Workers


Medical Staff

Charity Events



Music Festivals




Outlet Centres


Park & Ride Services

Construction Sites

Private Parties

Corporate Events


Corporate Parties

Postal Workers

Council Workers


Distribution Centres

Pubs & Clubs

Entertainment Events


Estate Agents

Security Companies


Shopping Centres




Sporting Events


Theme Parks

Garden Centres

Traditional Festivals





Grand Openings

Vunerable People Wedding Venues

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