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Photo by David Trud

Thanks for choosing Better Moments for your next adventure workshop. Better Moments was founded in 2011 by Philip Boissevain and me, two experienced veterans of the international professional photography industry. We met when working at Hasselblad, Philip as the Global Marketing manager and me as the Global Photographer Relations manager. Today Better Moments has become the leading photo workshop platform organizing high-end workshops for photo enthusiasts worldwide. You will learn from the world’s most experienced photographers within their fields to refine your personal style and sharpen your technical skills. Additionally, we want you to share your excitement for photography and enjoy great moments in life. And we want you to explore your passion and expand your photographic skills and vision.

Better Moments CEO and founder: Christian Nørgaard Graphic design: Anders Lundgren Text editor: Jeff Grant All images and text in this catalog are under International Copyright Legislation. However, Better Moment’s guests and potential customers may download the catalog for private use, but not for any commercial use. Any violation of the International Copyright Legislation will be reported to the International Court of Justice of International Copyright Legislation Cover photo by Arne Hodalic

Better Moments mission is to deliver exclusive workshops in landscape, wildlife and travel photography at unique locations around the world. I want you to explore your passion for photography and work and earn from the world’s most renowned photographers who all have excellent teaching skills, local knowledge and experience. Photography with passion, Christian Nørgaard


Photo by Arne Hodalic

BETWEEN HEAVEN AND SEA Explore and admire the land of spirits, gods, temples, elephants, tea plantations, fisheries and friendly local people. Set in the Indian Ocean in South Asia, the tropical island nation of Sri Lanka has a history dating back to the birth of time. It is a place where the original soul of Buddhism still flourishes and where natureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s beauty remains abundant and unspoilt. Few places in the world can offer photographers such a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, tea plantations and waterfalls, not to mention the Buddhist temples and other architectural masterpieces â&#x20AC;&#x201C; some of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Photo by Arne Hodalic

TRAVEL WITH Better Moments’ mission is to deliver exclusive workshops and we want you to explore your passion for photography and work with the world’s most renowned photographer, Arne Hodalic during your Sri Lanka expedition.



taken during the day.

Learn how to approach the unique challenges of travel and street photography. How to capture images of people in their natural environment and how to approach locations and subjects.

Instruction and training in the best photography techniques, including personal hints and advice.

On request, Lightroom Photoshop course.

Sigiriya – UNESCO World Heritage Site. Polonnaruwa – remains of the king’s palace; Vatadage temple of worship; giant statue of the reclining Buddha. Dambulla – UNESCO World Heritage Site with 5 Buddhist temples, carved out of a rock.

Composition and focus on lines, golden section, perspective, foreground, background and middle ground. How to work in different lighting conditions. Portrait photography techniques: depth of field, composition, selecting the best possible available light. HDR and blue light photography.

Nuwara Eliya – tea plantations.

Fill-in flash photography.

Kataragama – the local temple encloses all major religions in one huge complex.

How to handle equipment with care on location. Private hands-on lessons that will help you take your photography skills to the next level.

Weligama – photographing the typical local fishermen on “stilts”. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN You will learn how to approach the unique challenges of travel photography and how to capture candid moments, dynamic energy, motion, human interaction and the simplicity of travel photography.


Effective conversion to black and white using NIK Software. Panorama stitching. HDR post-production. Visual storytelling: Learn from the National Geographic Photo Editorin-Chief how to bring your photos to life. A Better Moments Certified Photo Instructor is available during the entire workshop to help with camera settings, the basics of composition and to help in general.


How to approach local people in a natural way. The secrets behind travel and street photography. IN CLASSROOM Expert review and constructive critique/feedback of the images Photo by Arne Hodalic




I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t divide my time between work and leisure. I just live.

Arne Hodalic is the photo editor of National Geographic Magazine Slovenia. Originally studying biology in Ljubljana, his first trip to India in 1989 changed his professional career when his photos were published in a prestigious Swiss magazine, Animan. Since then he has travelled the world on photo-assignments. He is also a passionate adventurer and cave diver, participating in numerous sailing, mountaineering and caving expeditions. In 2008 he received an honorary doctorate at the University of Ljubljana, becoming a lecturer in photography and photojournalism. His photos and photo stories have appeared in books, exhibitions and many of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most prestigious magazines, among others National Geographic Magazine, Life (USA), Time, Figaro Magazine, GEO, Paris Match, Marie Claire, Die Zeit, Cosmopolitan and Stern.

Photo by private



devoted worshippers pray.


DAMBULLA – KANDY After early breakfast, we head towards another UNESCO Heritage Site: Dambulla, a village with 5 Buddhist temples, carved out of a rock and decorated with numerous Buddha statues and pictures. This is a great place to practice our HDR photography skills.

After breakfast, we stop first at a picturesque Weherahena Poorwarama temple. We check in to our hotel in Weligama. At around 4pm, we drive to the city of Galle – another UNESCO Heritage Site – for architectural photography, combined with blue light.

Upon arrival to Negombo you will be picked up at the airport and taken to our hotel. After dinner Arne Hodalič will introduce the workshop and present his magnificent and inspiring work from Sri Lanka. Participants (those who want to) submit seven of their photos for review by Arne. Early next morning (5:30 AM) we drive to Lellama fish market, followed by breakfast in our hotel. After checking out, we take our bus towards Anuradhapura and visit this ancient capital of the Singal kings. In the afternoon, we continue our journey towards Sigiriya. DAY 3 SIGIRIYA – POLONNARUWA In the 5th century, king Kasapa placed his high court and palace here in Sigiriya. Resting on a secluded, 180 meter high rock (the “Lion rock”), it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Royal gardens at the foot of the rock provide a glimpse into what was once a glamorous life style. Those who wish may climb to the top, where they will be rewarded with breath-taking views. We continue our exploration of the past by visiting Polonnaruwa, also a UNESCO Heritage Site. The top attractions here include remains of the king’s palace, the 8 meters long and 4,5 meters high Stone Book (Gal Pota), the Vatadage temple of worship, the Gal Vihara temple with its giant statue of the reclining Buddha. In the evening, we drive back to our hotel in Sigiriya.

Photo by Arne Hodalic

We continue towards Kandy and check in to the hotel where we enjoy a few hours of rest before the busy evening photography session. At around 6 pm, we start our blue light photography at the Temple of the Tooth, followed by daily evening mass (puja). DAY 5 NUWARA ELIYA Away from the temples and into the lush tea plantations and factories – a perfect contrast. We will focus on women working in the tea plantations and factories, which gives us a great opportunity to practice fill-in flash photography as well as panoramas. DAY 6 KATARAGAMA After breakfast, we take the bus to Kataragama and check in to the hotel around noon. Enjoy some free time until 4pm, when we visit the local temple, which encloses all major religions in one huge complex. We stay until evening mass (puja) in the temple and have the opportunity to get some good street photography. DAY 7 WELIGAMA – GALLE For those guests who are early birds, we get up at 3am and head back to the Kataragama temple – which at this hour is completely free of tourists and only the most

DAY 8 COLOMBO After breakfast, we photograph local stilts fishermen, balancing on poles to make their catch. The bus takes us to Colombo, arriving in the afternoon at the perfect time to photograph the Red Mosque. Evening dinner will be accompanied by the selection of the best photos from the trip, submitted by the participants. DAY 9 DEPARTURE Transfer to the airport will be provided.





Bandaranaike International Airport is the main international airport serving Sri Lanka. It is located in a suburb of Negombo, 35 km north of the capital Colombo.

Sri Lanka fascinates with its unique beauty. Few places in the world can offer photographers such a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, tea plantations, beautiful lakes and waterfalls, as well as Buddhist temples and other architectural masterpieces – some of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

VISA All visitors are required to have a passport valid for at least six months beyond the intended stay. All travellers must have Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for entering in to Sri Lanka. Visit www. for more information. It is the responsibility of each traveller to obtain all valid travel documents and visas before arrival at this destination. WEATHER March is the best overall month for optimum weather conditions in Sri Lanka and the last month before the second rainy season begins, with an average temperature of 28°C, high temperature 32°C (day) and low 24°C (night). LANGUAGE

On this trip you will be able to explore and admire this tropical land of spirits, gods, temples, elephants, tea plantations, stilt fishing and friendly local people. It is a place where the original soul of Buddhism still flourishes and where nature’s beauty remains abundant and unspoilt.



Sri Lanka has two official languages – Sinhala and Tamil – with English as a link language. HEALTH Check with your doctor which vaccinations or medications are recommended for this destination. Remember to plan well ahead with vaccinations. Allow up to six weeks to receive the full course, as some vaccinations require more than one dose, and some should not be given together. CURRENCY Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR). Most hotels, restaurants and shopping centres accept credit cards. Money changers, banks and cash machines are available for withdrawals and exchange.

Photo by Arne Hodalic

QUICK GUIDE We wish you to travel with the greatest possible comfort and to know that you have received as much information as possible

EQUIPMENT Whether this is your first trip or your ”hundredth” workshop with us, it’s always helpful to have a rundown of what items you may want to pack so you have a travel checklist. Bookmark this packing list, because you’ll want to refer back to it to make sure you’ve thought of everything you might want to pack.

CAMERA The camera list is for inspiration, since you know better than anyone what equipment you prefer. Bring you own laptop computer and storage medium Camera bodie(s) Lenses, 24-70mm zoom and 70-200mm zoom or similar lenses are very good Bag for all camera gear Light bag for easy hiking with camera bodies and accessories

Photo by Arne Hodalic

Cleaning kit for cameras and lenses Rain/dust covers for cameras and lenses

NICE TO HAVE Tripod Lens extenders

Spare batteries

Camera straps for ease of changing from one camera to another

Standard power converter

Graduated filter set

Raw processing software

Filter holder

Memory cards and card wallets

High quality polarizing filter

Charger for batteries

Memory card reader USB key to exchange images

Lens belt

PHOTOGRAPHER Han Lei was awarded Photographer Of The Month, july 2017 The photographer of the month award for July 2017 goes to our passionate photographer Han Lei who sent us a selection of beautiful photos from this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Burma with the Best workshop. In case you wondered: the shot is of a Burmese fisherman spearing fish in the river, a method that obviously requires uncanny skill and timing. Not unlike this photography.



Each month we select a photographer from one of our many workshops who deserves special recognition. The Photographer of the Month is chosen by the Better Moments workshop experts, including Better Moments CEO, Christian Nørgaard.

SRI LANKA - 2017  
SRI LANKA - 2017  

Between heaven and sea - 9 days of adventure with expert photographer Arne Hodalic.