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Photo by David Trud

Thanks for choosing Better Moments for your next adventure workshop. Better Moments was founded in 2011 by Philip Boissevain and me, two experienced veterans of the international professional photography industry. We met when working at Hasselblad, Philip as the Global Marketing manager and me as the Global Photographer Relations manager. Today Better Moments has become the leading photo workshop platform organizing high-end workshops for photo enthusiasts worldwide. You will learn from the world’s most experienced photographers within their fields to refine your personal style and sharpen your technical skills. Additionally, we want you to share your excitement for photography and enjoy great moments in life. And we want you to explore your passion and expand your photographic skills and vision.

Better Moments CEO and founder: Christian Nørgaard Graphic design: Anders Lundgren Text editor: Jeff Grant All images and text in this catalog are under International Copyright Legislation. However, Better Moment’s guests and potential customers may download the catalog for private use, but not for any commercial use. Any violation of the International Copyright Legislation will be reported to the International Court of Justice of International Copyright Legislation Cover photo by Christian Nørgaard

Better Moments mission is to deliver exclusive workshops in landscape, wildlife and travel photography at unique locations around the world. I want you to explore your passion for photography and work and earn from the world’s most renowned photographers who all have excellent teaching skills, local knowledge and experience. Photography with passion, Christian Nørgaard


Photo by Christian Nørgaard

ASIA FOR FEINSCHMECKERS Experience a string of Asia’s most beautiful places with both picturesque temples and historic towns combined with a friendly population. Laos, Thailand and Cambodia are unique countries and complement each other in this wonderful journey. We have provided time for both reflection and to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities this trip offers the photographer.

Photo by Christian Nørgaard

TRAVEL Better Moments’ mission is to deliver exclusive workshops and we want you to explore your passion for photography and work with Christian Nørgaard during your Indochina expedition HIGHLIGHTS

care on location.

Sail down the Mekong River. Visit local tribes.

Private hands-on lessons that can help to take your photography skills to the next level.

Angkor Wat, Beng Mealea and other great temple areas.


Pak Ou caves with thousands of Buddha statues.

Expert review and constructive criticism of the images taken during the day.

Beautiful and cultural cities of Indochina.

Workflow in Photoshop and/or Lightroom, and printing.


Portfolio Review.

Learn how to approach the unique challenges of travel and landscape photography, how to capture candid moments and portraits and how to capture expansiveness, dynamic energy and the simplicity of natural landscape photography.

A Better Moments Certified Photo Instructor is available during the entire workshop to offer assistance with camera settings, the basics of composition, and to generally guide and help.

ON LOCATION Teaching and training in the best techniques with personal hints and advice.


Composition and focus on lines, golden section, perspective, foreground, midground and background. Work in different lighting and with short/long exposure times and apertures. How to handle equipment with Photo by Christian Nørgaard



Photo by Christian Nørgaard

CHRISTIAN N The first time he held a camera was as a child, and ever since it has been a part of Christian Nørgaard - not a day goes by without a push of the button. SPOTS FROM A NEW ANGLE ”The most important thing for me is to be inspired - if a natural and spontaneous curiosity and desire to capture subjects with my lens doesn’t arise - well, then I simply don’t do it.” Christian Nørgaard started his career at the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende in Copenhagen. Afterwards he travelled around the world and sold his photographs to Danish and foreign newspapers and magazines.

”I’ve always been independent and an initiator, so it was only natural for me to start a media company focused on magazines rather than working for a magazine”

Photo by private

”Asia is a haven of outstanding opportunities for photography - whether it’s portrait, landscape or street photography. In other words, Asia is for me one of the greatest places for creative photography.”


Photo by Christian Nørgaard

INITATOR AND ENTEPRENEUR When Christian returned from his travels and settled down in Copenhagen, he started a publishing house focused on travel magazines. In the course of the next few years it grew to be become one of the most important publishing houses in Scandinavia.

”It was wonderful to create the framework for the jobs I did - I only reported on destinations that I really cared about and the world was my playground. When I liquidated my share in the company, I knew it was time for a new travel and photo adventure - and that’s how Better Moments was born”

Photo by Christian Nørgaard

STILL CURIOUS Today Christian Nørgaard shares his passion for photography with many of Better Moment’s guests. Together they have travelled to destinations across the globe including Burma, India, Bhutan, Greenland, Iceland, just to mention a few, and fortunately there are even more destinations planned.

”My ambition is to have fun and challenge myself when I photograph. As long as I have the desire and curiosity, I will continue to make a difference with my pictures and with Better Moments - and fortunately my flame of creativity is still burning at full power”

Photo by Christian Nørgaard

ITINERARY DAY 1 CHIANG RAI Arrival and accommodation at our hotel and briefing on the coming workshop. Chiang Rai is a city located in northern Thailand in the Chiang Rai Province near the border with Burma (Myanmar) and Laos. In the Province of Chiang Rai, we will visit the enchanted temple of Wat Rong Khun. DAY 2 CHIANG RAI PAK BENG Today our two-day river trip down the Mekong River begins. The Mekong forms the border with Laos. On a traditional boat we will set sail for an authentic rather than luxurious experience. We’ll float silently through lush Laotian jungle and visit several villages inhabited by various local tribes along the way. Late in the day, we arrive in the small town of Pak Beng, an idyllic spot on the river bank, which nestles up to a hilly slope. Here we stay in a simple hotel and get the chance to experience life as it is lived by most of the Lao population. DAY 3 LUANG PRABANG Steep hillsides and dense jungles await us on today’s sailing. We dock at the Pak Ou caves where some of Laos’s most important cultural treasures are found in the form of thousands of ancient Buddha statues collected from across the country for centuries. In the evening we arrive in Luang Prabang – Laos’ second largest city, which is included on UNESCO’s list of cultural heritage sites. DAY 4-5 LUANG PRABANG We immediately sense the French and Vietnamese atmosphere from the time when Laos was once a part of French Indochina. The remaining

French colonial architecture and the many cafes and restaurants inspired by Vietnam and France bear witness to the more than 50 years as a French colony. We visit Luang Prabang’s main attractions, including the lavish temples of Wat Sensoukarahm, with its ruby red and gold facade and Wat Xieng Thong, where gold decorations adorn every wall, pillar and door. DAY 6 CAMBODIA - SIEM REAP From Luang Prabang we fly to Cambodia – Siem Reap, our base for the next few days exploring the magnificent Angkor Wat temples. DAY 7 ANGKOR WAT We embark on our journey in Angkor Wat. The old city center is now a ruined city surrounded by a square, with eight-meter high walls. After passing the entrance gate flanked by impressive elephants, we move into the Bayon Temple, located in the exact center of the city. The Angkor Wat is one of the largest of many temples that are sited in the area, although it has given its name to the whole area. Angkor Wat is one of the buildings that continue to astound visitors, and leaves no doubt that the Khmer Empire had a magnificent past. DAY 8 BENG MEALEA 40 km from Angkor Wat is the temple Beng Mealea that we visit today. The temple can not be accurately dated, and its exact history is unknown, but it was originally built as a Hindu temple, which is reflected in the extensive carvings with scenes from Hindu mythology. Beng Mealea is not as extensive as Angkor Wat and not nearly as well known or visited by tourists. The ruin is much rougher and overgrown. It invites you to

walk, climb and explore the jungle surroundings. DAY 9 PHNOM PENH We set off to the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh. On the way we stop at a town called Spider Ville, where the local specialty is fried spiders of considerable size. We then approach the watery side of Phnom Penh, to board a wooden boat that will sail us along the final stretch of the Mekong River. Along the way, we visit a village where we get insight into the production of the soft fabrics ranging from silk butterflies and cocoons to weaving silk. We also pass a floating village where life is lived on the river itself. Part of the village houses stand on stilts in the water, and residents travel around in small boats. DAY 10 PHNOM PENH You have a few hours to visit some of the city’s sights or do your shopping before driving to the airport and depart for home.



Photo by Christian Nørgaard

GETTING THERE All international flights arrive at Chiang Rai International Airport, approximately 10 km from the city center. VISA All visitors are required to have a passport valid for at least six months beyond the intended stay, and all visitors will need a visa. Most nationalities can enter on a tourist visa, but contact and confirm with your local embassy to be sure. WEATHER The average temperature in our region of travel is around 25°C. LANGUAGE The official language of Thailand is Central Thai, of Laos it is Lao and of Cambodia it is Khmer though French is still used in many of its cultural institutions. Most can also communicate in English. CURRENCY Laos: LAK, Laotian Kip Thailand: THB, Thai Baht Cambodia: KHR, Cambodian Riel QUICK GUIDE Sail down Mekong River. Visit local tribes. Angkor Wat, Beng Mealea and other great temple areas. Pak Ou caves with thousands of Buddha statues. Beautiful and cultural cities of Indochina.





We wish you to travel with the greatest possible comfort and to know that you have received as much information as possible Photo by Christian Nørgaard

Photo by Christian Nørgaard

EQUIPMENT Whether this is your first trip or your ”hundredth” workshop with us, it’s always helpful to have a rundown of what items you may want to pack so you have a travel checklist. Bookmark this packing list, because you’ll want to refer back to it to make sure you’ve thought of everything you might want to pack.

CAMERA The camera list is for inspiration, since you know better than anyone what equipment you prefer. Bring you own laptop computer and storage medium Camera bodie(s) Lenses, 24-70mm zoom and 70-200mm zoom or similar lenses are very good Bag for all camera gear Light bag for easy hiking with camera bodies and accessories

Cleaning kit for cameras and lenses Rain/dust covers for cameras and lenses

NICE TO HAVE Tripod Lens extenders

Spare batteries

Camera straps for ease of changing from one camera to another

Standard power converter

Graduated filter set

Raw processing software

Filter holder

Memory cards and card wallets

High quality polarizing filter

Charger for batteries

Memory card reader USB key to exchange images

Lens belt

Photo by Steve McCurry

PHOTOGRAPHER John Gunn was awarded Photographer Of The Month, February 2017 John Gunn participated in the workshops India 2014, Burma 2015 and Indochina (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos) 2016. Below is selection of his best work from Thailand, Cambodia and Laos 2016 and India 2014.



Each month we select a photographer from one of our many workshops who deserves special recognition. The Photographer of the Month is chosen by the Better Moments workshop experts, including Better Moments CEO, Christian Nørgaard.

INDOCHINA - 2017  

Asia for Feinschmeckers - 10 days of adventure. Explore Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with photographer expert Christian Nørgaard.