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Should small business websites be using free web design templates? Today, web design pricing can vary from free to as expensive as one can afford. You might be thinking that this is crazy but actually, it’s not. It is all dependent on what a website has, from articles, design, images to the special elements like applications where extra programming is needed for some provisions such as a live chat facility. With the growing number of people who need websites comes the advent of templates that are free of cost and can easily be managed so that a website appears the way one would want it to be. However, with these free templates, the problem is the limitations on the features and adding more complex feature later on might not be possible. Additionally, if you are thinking of setting up a website for your business, you definitely wouldn’t want it to look exactly the same as another website out there, would you?


Nowadays, web surfers are definitely becoming more internet savvy. They have become very keen in distinguishing a low-cost site. I bet you would not want to lose potential customers due to your unprofessional business website, right? Your company’s credibility will be at risk too. If you want people to treat your business seriously then you would need to invest on your site. Your small business website is like your online portfolio or 24/7 online store that provides detailed product information, updated pricelists and special promotions. Through this special marketing strategy your customers can easily reach you. You can provide answers to their frequently asked questions the whole day thus, saving staff time. You can now reduce the number of copies for your company brochures too. It is like an environmental friendly means of doing your business. People all over the world can search for your product or service through the use of search engines that index webpages. If you will sum it up, having a website can make you save a lot and earn more. For these reasons, it is just right to have a decent site that will work best for your business. Certainly, you would not regret saving more money and investing in a high quality designer websites that will be very effective in marketing your goods. You don’t need to spend large amount of money in web design and hosting service. Choose web design companies that can provide you with affordable designs and reliable hosting. There are few tips in choosing the best one to hire. The first thing to check out is the testimonials. Read the comments of their customers and see if their works made a positive impact on their clients’ businesses. You may also read online reviews to compare different web design companies’ prices, services and more. View their sample works too and see how they present their product websites. Try and navigate a sample website and see if it looks professional, modern and most especially determine its selling capability. By researching more, you will be able to find a web design company that can provide you with fast, quality services at the most affordable price. They can also give you a wide range of modern and popular web designs for your convenience. You can fill in details and add in your own business logo and header and your new website will be live fast. In cases where you need further customization other packages are also there to choose from which will serve your business needs well.


Everybody knows that the topic of web design is a complicated and broad one. This is particularly true for those who are clueless in web graphics and website development. It involves a lot of related topics such as World Wide Web, hypertext, software, application, servers, documents, sounds, images and much, much more. Because of the wide topic that it covers, detailed preparation and planning are needed for it to be created and the process of creating these websites is done by individuals who are highly skilled called web designers. A web designer must be gifted with qualities like visualization, technical know-how as well as knowledge in advertising. These qualities are very essential for a web designer to possess since their job’s end result will have to be advantageous to the existence of the particular business. This is for the reason that the website’s design will significantly influence the visitor’s view on the product or service that is being offered. Furthermore, it will also be a perfect determining factor for visitors to explore your site more or leave and check out other sites. Presently, a majority of businesses requires a website with lots of potential since having it will be very helpful in getting more clients for their businesses. A lot of people searches for any potential solution to their dilemmas. With these in mind, business owners who are considering beginning a campaign online must have small business websites or even big ones to introduce and present all the services or products that they want to offer that can help potential clients. These web designs will be a factor, whether you will gain more potential clients or lose them. If you are one of those said business owners and is going to select a website building company that will be making your website design, see to it that they are highly capable of doing the work. Additionally, you must also realize the wide differences between a web design that’s designed professionally and a very cheaply designed one. A website can be considered professionally designed if it shows exactly the way the website owner wants it to appear as well as how he wants his customers to be served. It must answer all inquiries that the potential client has with regard to the service or product that is being offered. Furthermore, high technical skills must be applied to the site for it to be able to target a customer. It has to be an efficient tool that will make clients purchase the service or product. The professional web design cost could be somewhere from $700 up to a few thousand. However, you will definitely get an innumerable benefit. 5

Alternatively, a notably cheap website design cost several hundred dollars below the professionally designed one. Of course, most if not all the features of a professionally designed website cannot be found in cheaply designed sites. However, this is not to say that all cheaply designed websites is ineffective. It actually is very dependent on what a business actually requires. It all comes down to choosing the right web design company that can deliver what you, the business owner needs.


One of the very few playfield where small businesses can actually compete against big companies or large corporations is web presence. As a matter of fact, there are some small business websites that placed higher rankings in major search engines than large corporation site using very competitive keywords. However, small business websites have different web designs from large corporations since they reach varying audience and uses different design process. While large corporations target national and even global market as well tries to please business users, a lot of small business aims at local market and end consumers. The layout design, navigation and contents reflect the difference between the characteristics of the users and market. For example, the websites that aim for the end consumer might utilize crispy layout with language that is less not so formal and generally user friendly with easy navigation. Over use and sometimes abuse of graphics is one of the most common mistakes in Web Design. One has to realize that even in this day and age; there is a certain percentage of web users at home whose connections are not net high-speed broadband. If the site is loaded with too many graphics, it takes longer loading time. To optimize it, custom scripts to preload images can be used by the web designer. Alternatively, slicing graphics in small pieces can be done so that each one of them can be loaded it affecting the website’s performance. Remember, the main purpose of a website is as an online brochure or online storefront and not to showcase the designer’s artwork. Sometimes, small business websites are created initially by the business owners themselves. However, most of the time, they are designed for the owners themselves having strong personal choices, forgetting the fact the site is supposedly for the pleasure of the clients. In contrast, the large corporation’s online presence is executed following the stages of system development. This starts from the conception, analysis, design to its implementation to the acceptance tests of the users. Specifically important for small businesses website is a design that is search engine friendly. The goal is for consumers in your target market to easily find your site via the major search engines since it is usual for small businesses not to have the large budget needed to promote their sites in other media.


The emergence of the Internet and the use of the World Wide Web have made the world literally and figuratively a smaller place for everybody. Information technology was able to surpass for the past decade some essential evolutions and revolutions in the history of progress and development of humankind. In a sense, the life of humans has taken a faster pace in terms of information dissemination and for this reason; everything else follows. Since the dawn of using the Internet in terms of publicizing information, a lot of people who can just simply know the basic workarounds on how to handle computers, were able to express their thoughts, feelings and what not’s about anything under the sun using the power of the World Wide Web. On the other hand, other business minded individuals saw this occurrence as an opportunity to earn big time. Picking WordPress and Why The freedom of expression has made a lot of individuals to be very comfortable in conveying their messages. However, though everybody is free to express what is in their heart, mind and their very being; only a selected few are enabled to find a stage or a platform to communicate their messages without any censorship as much as possible. The Internet, through ‘blogging’ (and other related means), has become a very powerful and efficient stage or platform for individuals who want to maximize the freedom of expression. However, writing or blogging will be very effective if folks will be using a content management system like WordPress. The Advantages of WordPress Like any other content management systems, WordPress is one of the most preferred publishing applications in the Internet. In reality, this method of content administration is very easy to use. If an individual knows the basic computer mouse functions (right-left clicks, especially in Windowsbased computers), he or she will definitely be able to have or make use of this wonderful Internet tool to express his or her thoughts. Other than this fact, unlike any other content management systems, censorship is not really an issue in using WordPress. This only means that ‘SEO’ or search engine optimization is very easy. Since everybody values self-expression, WordPress lets these folks set their small business websites’ pages by providing a lot of creative themes and web designs. Another best thing to consider why people should choose WordPress is the fact that this content management system works well with a centralized commercial system called the Nanacast.


What comprises a website that’s best for business? Is it the amazing graphics? Being listed on top of the major search engine’s result? Or is it the one that’s selling your products? The answer to the question is simple. If your small business website failed to sell your services or products even though it has great SEO and amazing flash graphics, then obviously, it is not the best business website for you. So, how does one create the best business websites? Here are some schemes: Make people find you easily. The most effective way to achieve this is to be on top of the search engines for the keywords that your target customers are probably searching for. This is surprisingly simple for some business. For others, it’s a lot more competitive. The temptations of ranking high for any term are always present. However, you have to remember to rank only for the term that is being searched by your customers. If in terms of organic search, getting to the top is impossible, utilize paid search. If you have crafted your campaign well, you will definitely have twice the number of customers for the same expense on a yellow pages ad. Remember to use the local option. It’s really useless for people in Chicago to click on an ad for a New Jersey piano teacher. 9

Consider what your visitor will see when they get to your page. Will their inquiries be answered? It is just normal that before people will pay, they would want to be assured that your service or product will really meet their needs. Over the years, people have been so used to limitation of space in advertising. Even a full page in a newspaper ad can’t contain a lot of information. Television and radio commercials have 30 seconds limit, unless of course you want to pay a huge amount for a full ad program. However, unlimited space for you to tell your story is being offered by the internet. Think about all the varied ways in which people can benefit from your product and share them. For example, if you are a piano teacher, provide back ground information about piano and some famous pianist. By doing this, you have the opportunity to pre-sell your service. A level of trust can be built, and you can stretch your potential client’s concept on how they can interact with you. Have an open communication line. Give you client’s ways to interact with you, so they can ask questions. You can do this via email. Answer all relevant questions in a fast but professional way. Additionally, keep in touch. Majority of people does not buy at first sight. Offer specials like discount coupons, free consultation or free product. Check out your competition. Evaluate them. The internet is a fast changing world. The best business website today can be history tomorrow. Staying updated with technology can be very beneficial to you.


If you are a businessman, you know that business and advertising go together. We all know that advertising is not something that has been discovered just recently. However, it has changed significantly in the 21st century. Before this century, the majority of advertising was done using print medium. Back then, printed media such as flyers, handbills, newspaper ads, postcards, ads sent in the mail, or yellow pages got the word out. In the second half of the 20th century, print advertising was exceeded by radio and television ads. Clients loved the value of entertainment that an advertisement in the form of audiovisual more than the written words which are one dimensional. This scenario established a platform for the next big transformation in advertising. In the 21st century comes the advent of the internet. And the same as what happened with print ads and radio/television advertisement, print and television/radio advertisement no longer dominated. Instead, the latest medium for advertising is the internet and for 2010 alone, according to studies, worldwide advertising exceeded 500 Billion dollars. Every day, the internet is being utilized by every client or potential client who owns a computer. And this is a great way to reach them through online advertising. There are many forms of online advertising. Example of these is banner ads, pop-ups, email advertising, contextual ads and web page advertising and that’s just to name a few. To showcase a product or service, it is highly recommended that all business, big or small should have a website. Be it a simple one page post that explains a service for babysitting or a small business website with hundreds, even thousands of pages that give out details and information about products that are being sold in a giant superstore, the concept is similar. Reaching the target audience which is the customers and the internet correspond to a very efficient and affordable method to do this. Information about the products and services of business owners as well as major corporations will never reach the public and will never sell on the market had they not any means of advertising. And we all know that selling nothing on the market is equivalent to having no business at all. Investing in a better small business website that is professional is the most effective way that a business owner can do to be successful in selling their products. They will be able to plunge deeply into the advertising world through the internet and thus reach their clientele. 11

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