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Updated on: 9/Jun/09

GALAPASS DESCRIPTION GALAPAGOS ISLANDS ECUADOR WHAT IS GALAPASS? What is the Galapass: The Galapass is a jumpstart to your Galapagos trip. We will help you get there and get settled in and then you have the freedom to decide what’s next in your adventure.

WHY CHOOSE THE GALAPASS? The Galapass allows you to travel to the Galapagos Islands independently and enjoy the island for as long as you would like.

GALAPASS HIGHLIGHTS: Santa Cruz * Visit Santa Cruz and go to Tortuga Bay. There you can see a variety of different marine animals like sharks, sea turtles, and manta rays. Snorkel in its clear waters or hike it’s adventurous highlands. Isabella Island * On Isabella island wonder through the many volcanic tunnels formed by cooled lava. Dive and swim next to penguins, sea lions, a tropical fish, dolphins. Other Islands * Visit the other islands like Floreana and see flmingos! Or go to Espanola and witness the blue-footed boobies by the thousands nesting in the area. Experience one amazing site after another in the Galapagos.

GETTING THERE AND BACK: Lead Adventures can book your flight for a special price of $390. If you choose to book a flight on your own Tame and Aerogal are two airlines that fly to the Galapagos.

SAMPLE TRIP SCHEDULE SANTA CRUZ WHAT’S INCLUDED - Airport Transfer from Baltra Canal to the hostel - 1 night in Santa Cruz (4 meals) - Speedboat ticket to Isabella

ACCOMMODATIONS AND MEALS Accommodations are in a welcoming hostel with basic services It is in a central location and offers single or double rooms depending on availability. Four meals at the hostel are included. (Lunch, dinner, breakfast, and lunch)

SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES *Visit Los Gemelos, Spanish for The Twins, are a pair of craters approximately 30 meters *Enjoy the Rancho Primisias, a private farm that is adjoined to the Tortoise Reserve. Here you can witness “herds” of wild giant tortoises. *Go to the Charles Darwin Foundation in Santa Cruz. (Suggested stay in Santa Cruz is 3-4 days)

ISABELLA ISLAND WHAT’S INCLUDED - 2 nights in Isabella (4 meals)

ACCOMMODATIONS AND MEALS Accommodations are in a friendly hostel with basic amenities and only 3 minutes from the beach. Single or double rooms are available depending on availability. Four meals are included. (Breakfast, dinner, breakfast, and dinner)

SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES Tour of the Volcan Sierra Negra and Volcan Chico Excursion starts at 8am with a 40-minute ride to a site named La Cura. Here you will take a one and half horseback ride to Volcan Sierra Negra. From here it’s a 30 minutes hike to the Volcan Chico where you can admire the beautiful landscape and the different lava formations produced by the most recent eruptions. The tour returns at 2pm and refreshments are included. Tour Price: $50 for individuals $45 for groups of 5 or more Tour de Bahia o Islote de Las Tintoreras From the Wharf you will board a speedboat that will take you for a ride around the bay or the small island of Las Tintoreras (sharks). From here you will be able to see penguins, sharks, blue-legged piqueros, pelicans, iguanas, and sea lions. There will be some time to snorkel and you will be able to get a great view of the different variety of fish in the area. The trip lasts two and half-hours. Tour Price: $20 for individuals $15 for groups of 5 or more Tour of Los Tuneles A speedboat will take you to Los Tuneles a natural aquarium. Here you will see black volcanic rock formations in the shape of arcs. Here you can swim and snorkel in the clear waters. It is a great place to observe fish of different colors and sizes, manta rays, sea lions, and sea turtles. The tour lasts 4 hours and there must be a minimum of 5 people. Tour Price: $70 per person (Suggested stay in Isabella is 4-6 days)

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED: - National Park Entrance fee $100 - INGALA card (Immigration fee in Baltra airport) $10 - Boat ride from Itabaca canal to Santa Cruz $0.80 - Lunch at Isabella hostel - All other arrangements after the Galapass expires (after your stay in the Isabella hostel)

GALAPASS COST: Overseas Booking 1 person $390 2 people $330 3+ people $290


Local Booking 1 person $290 2 people $240 3+ people $210

Galapass Description