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VOLUNTEER PROGRAM DESCRIPTION FOOTBALL TRAINING AND COACH ASSISTANT ECUADOR BRIEF PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Football is the most important sport in Ecuador as in many other Latin American countries. Football is a passion; a sport for all ages and it’s everywhere! The football program in Quito focuses on training and coaching. Volunteers will be able to train with a semi-professional team- Catolica and at the same time assist a football coach at a children’s soccer school. This will allow volunteers to help the children to develop their football skills while also improving the volunteer’s aptitude and ability for this game.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS *Enjoy living in the capital city of Ecuador. This beautiful city will take you back through 500 years of history, cultural sites and places you will never forget. Quito has colonial churches, structures and historical sites of hundred of years such as La Iglesia de San Francisco, La Plaza de la Independencia, the mighty Basilica and more. * You can’t miss the Teleferico, this is a sky tram that takes passengers up the flanks of the Pichincha Volcano to the top of Cruz Loma. The view from here is something spectacular. * Adjacent to the Old City in Quito, El Panecillo is a large hill on top of which a large statute of the Virgin of Quito sits. It is visible from miles around. From the top there are marvellous views of the whole city and the volcanoes. * Just outside of Quito is where measurements where first made that proved the shape of the Earth is in fact an oblate spheroid. Commemorating this, there is a large monument that straddles the equator called Mitad del Mundo- you cant miss stepping on both the north and south hemispheres. *Take a weekend tour to and hike the Cotopaxi volcano. The Cotopaxi National Park is located in the “Avenue of the Volcanoes” a breathtaking place. Hike to the glaciers and enjoy the view!

A DAY AT THE PROGRAMME HOURS ACTIVITIES 9:00AM-10:00AM Breakfast at your host family 10:00AM-12:00PM Quito sightseeing 12:00PM-1: 30PM Lunch at one of the many restaurants Quito has to offer 1:30PM-2: 40PM Visit a museum or historical sight! 3:00PM-3: 30PM Travel by public bus to the football school 3:30PM-5: 00PM Assist coaching (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 5:00PM-5: 30PM Travel by public bus to Catolica to train 6:00PM-9: 00PM Train in Catolica 9:30PM-10:30PM Dine at your homestay 10:30PM-on Free time to enjoy Quito’s nightlife *This is just an exemplary daily itinerary. All activities scheduled above are subject to change.



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______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ Football

LOCATION (Province and Town) ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ Pichincha, Quito

PROJECT/ORGANIZATION/INSTITUTION DESCRIPTION Organization Location of the Organization Non-profit/private/public organization Number of employees

Universidad Catolica del Ecuador Quito, Pichincha Private Coaches 2, employees at the university apprx.300+

Organization Location of the Organization Non-profit/private/public organization Number of employees

Football school for children Cumbaya, Pichincha non-profit 20

1. DESCRIBE THE POPULATION/COMMUNITY THAT THE INSTITUTION PROVIDES ITS SERVICES TO. IN CASE OF RESCUE CENTERS OR ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS INCLUDE THE TYPE OF ANIMALS AND ENVIRONMENT IT WORKS WITH. The Universidad Catolica team is a semiprofessional-amateur team. Students of the University and future prospects compose the team. Their players ages range from 19-25 years old. They are ranked in the 4th level of professional categories. The training sessions are from 6pm to 9pm from Monday to Thursday. Approximately 20-25 players compose the team. The team is

part of all 4th level professional tournaments in Quito. Usually the main tournament takes place from March to October or even December depending on the amount of teams that are part of the tournament. The children’s soccer school focuses on children from ages 6 to 18 years old. 2. SERVICES THAT THE ORGANIZATION/INSTITUTION PROVIDES (DESCRIPTION) Universidad Catolica del Ecuador (Quito's branch) is one of the top universities in Ecuador. The location of the school is ideal as it is close to the majority of our homestays. This football placement is a great opportunity to not only practice football but at the same time to meet Ecuadorians of the same age of our participants and to learn more about the Ecuadorian culture. The University's mission is the following: It focuses on the development of the human dignity and cultural inheritance, by means of investigation, teaching and the diverse services offered to the local, national and international communities. In this mission, it assumes to give individual attention to the ethical dimensions of all the fields of the knowledge and human acting, as much as individual as to social level. In this frame it advocates the respect to the dignity and the rights of the all humans, and to their values, and supports and promotes justice in all the orders of the existence. It promotes the commitment of all the members of the university community for the attainment of the institutional aims, through dialogue and the participation. The children’s soccer school’s main goal is to educate children that competition in sports is healthy, when energies are channeled to foster teamwork and long lasting friendships. Children not only enjoy practicing this sport, but also learn about success, failure, how to compete and more.

VOLUNTEER INFORMATION 3. How many volunteers can the Project employ monthly? Catolica and the children’s soccer school can take up to 4 volunteers at the same time. 4. Has the organization received volunteers in the past? Yes, both organizations have worked with volunteers in the past. 5. If it has received volunteers in the past, please write since what month and year: N/A 6. Are there any special features to which the volunteers have to pay attention to when working at this project? (Religion, illnesses, extra-vaccination, etc) Catolica requires volunteers to know the rules of the sport in order to help with the assisting coaching. A basic knowledge of Spanish is necessary to communicate with the children and staff.

7. Are there any requirements to attend this programme? A strong desire to help the children learn the sport. 8. The project receives volunteers all year round? No, it closes on specific dates. Please look below. 9. Please specify holidays or other dates when the project closes and can not receive volunteers: Catolica closes for Holidays: Dec 15 to January 15. Children soccer school closes for Holidays: Dec 15 to January 15 and for a summer break: August 15 to September 2. 10. Is there a minimum amount of weeks volunteers can work at the project? 2-weeks minimum 11. Is there a maximum amount of weeks volunteers can work at the project? No maximum 12. Please give detailed description of tasks and duties of the volunteer: Catolica: Participants’ will train with the team. They will be part of all the physical trainings; these include drills, fitness and strategic techniques. Children’s soccer school: Volunteers will be assisting the main coaches. Volunteers will be part of all practice sessions, helping with warm up routines, fitness work and drills. You will be assigned specific duties by the coach you will be working alongside such as drills to improve skills and techniques to better the play. Volunteers will also help with the organization of local tournaments and competitive matches. You will work with the group as well as on individual basis with the players helping them improve their skills. Volunteers are welcome to help as well in seasonal tournaments. 13. Indicate the times and days the volunteer will be working in the week: Catolica Monday to Thursday 6:00pm to 9:00pm Children’s soccer school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 3:30pm to 5:00pm

LOCATION OF THE PROJECT 14. PLEASE INDICATE THE CLOSEST CITY OR TOWN TO THE PROJECT. Catolica is located in Quito in the north area, 5 minutes away from the Mariscal area. The children’s soccer school is in Cumbaya, approximately 25 minutes by bus from the North of Quito.


COST 0.25 0.40

TIME IT WILL TAKE Depending on the location of the host family 25 minutes (from the north area of Quito)

16. DESCRIBE THE SORROUNDINGS OF THE PROJECT (country side, urban, town) Catolica is located in a good residential area in the north side of Quito, only 5 minutes away from the Mariscal area. Cumbaya is one of the many valleys located outside of the central area of Quito, it is a residential area.

ACCOMODATIONS AND MEALS 17. Type of Accommodation? Volunteers will be staying at a home stay. All home stays are located in good residential neighborhoods of Quito. Home stays have been selected after an application process to make sure they have everything you need. 18. Are meals included? Lunch and dinner is included at the home stay.


• •

• • •

Accommodations throughout your program at a home stay Home stay option includes breakfast and dinner Orientation upon arrival Airport transfer on arrival to Quito Transfer back to the airport at the end of the programme Full on-site support and assistance On-site 24 hour emergency contact number

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED? • Lunch is not included • Personal travel insurance • All items of personal nature • Any extra activities and excursions not described on the planned itinerary •

Alcoholic beverages/extra snacks


Football Program Description  

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