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bette dunn PORTFOLIO

SILKSCREEN 2011The first printmaking course I ever took was Serigraphy. It very quickly evolved into my passion. Silkscreen has given me the opportunity to explore and develop my abilities in design and compostion. The two pieces below are based on my travels to Australia. I was in awe of the various and vastly different terrain of the outback. Both Pieces represnt the colorful and diverse landscapes of Austrlia. I used a method in silkscreen of building layers by manipulating the opacity of the ink. Each Print is Between Twenty to Thirty Layers.

my work is rooted in people and places that are significant to me. Top Left: ON THE WATERFRONT Bottom Left: POPPA PANTS ABOVE: SELF-Portrait

Lithography 2014-2015 These lithographs are based on images taken of the people I met in Australia during a photography class. Both Portraits were hand drawn onto Limestone. For the piece on the left i used an additional wash to the bottom Giving it a Burnt effect.

Intaglio and Relief 2012-2015 The two images on the bottom left are etchings which is a form of Intaglio. The upper left and bottom Right are Relief. I value my experiences with different forms of Printmaking. Every course pushed my artistry forward, each medium strengthing my skill set.

Watercolor 2015I took my first watercolor course in 2014. It is a medium that has been a constant in my body of work since I graduated from University.

VISUAL LITERACY GRAPHIC I 2018 The image to the left is a watercolor of the High Line in New York City. This piece was the final project of my Visual Literacy course. I took this class to become further acquainted with Architecture.

Self Portrait 2018

Featured on the right is my self portrait. the layers give depth to this drawing and depict how most people are multifaceted.

Bette Dunn's Portfolio  
Bette Dunn's Portfolio