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SMOKING PROHIBITED: At the PCEC, the LACCD smoking ban extends to all areas including lot

#9. GENERAL PROHIBITIONS: unlawfully discriminatory conduct, profanity, possession of or use of intoxicating liquors or narcotics, quarreling or fighting, betting or other forms of gambling.

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DOGS, if you have permitted them at your event, must be leashed at all times.

Minors without a valid driver’s license are not permitted to operate a vehicle of any kind including, but not limited to, golf carts, motorcycles, scooters, or farm utility vehicles on Pierce College property.

4. 5.

Participant vehicles are not to be allowed in the barns.

Decorations and signs used by organizers and participants within the Equestrian Center grounds MUST NOT damage walls or leave tape residues that require cleaning. Blue masking tape recommended.


OVERNIGHT OCCUPANCY OF PCEC: Only individuals directly associated with an event are permitted to overnight at the PCEC when overnight use has been authorized in the permit. Overnight accommodation must be confined to designated areas and shall never include stalls, arenas, restrooms or barn isles.


NO alcohol, campfires, or smoking is allowed on the PCEC grounds at any time. Anyone found in violation of these restrictions shall be asked to leave the property.

8. 9.

ALL SOUND AMPLIFICATION must be turned off at 10:00 PM each evening.


STALLS, used for any reason, for any portion, of any day, incur a daily stall rental charge.


ARENA LIGHTS, used for any reason, incur an hourly fee.

PROHIBITION AGAINST SIGNAGE OUTSIDE EQUESTRIAN CENTER FACILITY: All signage posted beyond the PCEC facility must be approved in your permit for use. Attach a description to your Application for Use describing campus perimeter signage needs. Signs may be posted ONLY on the day(s) of your event. You must remove all signs or the cost for removal will be deducted from the security deposit.


NO structures may be erected, nor may any electrical, mechanical or other large equipment be brought onto PCEC grounds, unless included in the application. Pop-up shade units less than 12ftX12ft and RV generators are allowed without application.


It is your responsibility to require proper permitting for vendors, including food vendors, which service in your event. See Permit for LA County food vendor contact information & Fire Permit information.


Organizer will provide an accurate list of stall use and haul in participants to PCEC event staff at the close of the event.


The security deposit will be refunded within 14 days of the conclusion of your event as specified in the use agreement.


Organizer must provide a FIRST AID station or plan for the event. The Sheriffs department shall not be considered as the first responder for basic first aid.


Organizer will maintain the PCEC in a reasonably clean condition and return the premises to its original condition at the close of the event except as specified in the use permit. Stalls must be stripped clean and bedding disposed of properly prior to vacating the premises.



See LACCD PERMIT FOR USE for the specific terms of use for your event.

A Certificate of Insurance and an accompanying endorsement that includes the following is required: General Liability – Comprehensive or Commercial Form, minimum limits each occurrence $1,000,000, General Aggregate $2,000,000. Certificate must Endorse Pierce College and Los Angeles Community College District as additionally insured. Proof of insurance must be submitted 2 weeks in advance of event including proof of vehicle and workers compensation as required by State law.


EMERGENCY sheriff's # (818) 710-4311, non-emergency sheriff's # (818) 719-6450 4/2014 Version PCEC User Rules

PCEC User Rules  
PCEC User Rules  

Policy and Procedure for outside users of the Pierce College Equestrian Center