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summary The Nike+ Fuelband is a revolutionary product aimed at getting Americans off of the couch and into the action. Intregrated with social media-Facebook & Twitter-the FuelBand is the perfect marriage between technology and fitness. Using the FuelBand allows the user to track his or her action and compare it to friend’s activity level online creating a competitive environment that encourages activity. We plan on targeting college aged students both male and female through television, radio, outdoor as well as a digital destination website, sociel media and mobile apps.

analysis Nike Corp. is a company that was founded by University of Oregon track athlete Philip Knight and his couach Bill Bowerman in January 1964. In 2006, Nike INc. teamed up with Apple Inc. to produce the NIke+ product which monitors a runner’s preformance via a radio device in the shoe wich links to an iPod or iPhone. The Nike+ Software tracks distnace, pace, time and calories burned during a workout. The Nike+ FuelBand made its debut in January 2012. When paired with the Nike+ Software,, it can be used as an accelerameter worn on the wrist, translating the wearer’s daily movement into what are called Fuel Points. Nike+ shoes must be worn for the product to work. The nIke+ FuelBand application shows a diagram of user’s daily exercise and is designed to encourage people to keep fit by achieving the goal established by the applicant which also uploads the data onto the NIke+ website. On the website users can monitor their daily points earned and whether their goals have been accomplished.


Nike already owns a large majority of the health and fitness market

Maybe there is no competition because there’s not a huge demand for the product

The first product of its kind on the market

Only works with iOS system/apple

Solid market position backed by brand equity

Apps are worthless without the band

Competent technical innovation

Need to have a Nike+ product to make it work

High competitive advantage with innovative technical products

You have to have Nike+ shoes

Huge distrubution chain

Dependence on third party


Change the way that fitness is monitered Create a new method of workout plans

Establish market dominance before the competition comes Drive sales to other Nike products

Couple products with other brands besides Apple

development of other, free apps that offer similar services Other bands made by other fitness companies obsolete smart phones

growth of Apple competitors

Demographics Primary Target Market: Demographics Individuals Males and Females 17-30 Years Old Concentrated around college campuses

Psychographics Busy students with little time to work Young adults that need motivation to get out and excercise Sedentary lifestyles Highly social and not afraid of sharing information online

We have chosen five different markets where university students live and families reside. Students are busy in school, some working, some trying to keep a high GPA to keep scholarships, etc. so their lives don’t always lend time to physical activity as their meager free time is usually spent eating and sleeping. They encision themselves as too busy to work out, but seek an outlet from their studies and we expect the nike+ FuelBand to fulfill that need. This product won’t track more serious athletes, but will provide motivation for the average student who is looking to get healthier. We have chosen a demographic of 17-30 year old males and females who live sedentary lifestyles in areas of highly condensed college aged students. We have chosen this group of people because essentially the FuelBand can’t track runs and distances for more serious athletes, but functions more as a way for more sedentary people to get motivated to exercise and work on their own personal fitness.

objectives We want gaining “Nike Fuel Points” to be synonymous with working out. We want “Nike Fuels Points” to be referred to in workout plans in the same way burning calories is. We want every active young adult in America to know how many Nike Fuel Points they need to achieve daily in order to stay active and fit. We want to reverse the health trends in this nation by encouraging people to get out and move. We want the Fuel Band to become a fashion statement as well as a workout tool. We want people to engage their friends in active competition and set, meet and exceed goals. We want the Fuel Band to reinvent the way people think about working out.

Strategy We will focus on three traditional medias, Television, Radio and Outdoor as well as involving social media through facebook, twitter and instagram. We feel that by targeting specific channels, magazines and outdoor markets we can increase our marketshare and awareness. Because we are targeting a young more connected audience, we will also focus heavily on social media. The FuelBand’s unique design allow it to communicate with social media to post Fuel Points to Facebook and Twitter already. We have chosen five markets based on our demographics that we feel will help launch the FuelBand and target. In those markets we have decided to employ a pulsing campaign focusing on the 1st and 4th quarters. We have chosen these times because during these months retail picks up in time for the holidays as well as the fact that many people create resolutions at the beginning of the school year and at New Years. Studies show that most resolutions have to do with getting in better shape creating a perfect environment for the Nike+ FuelBand.

Austin, TX Phoenix, AZ Portland, OR Miami, Fl Denver/Boulder, CO

5 markets These 5 markets were chosen due to the large number of college aged students in them. All markets are home to large universities and colleges and therefore are perfect for demographic we are targeting for the Nike+ FuelBand. Because of the high concentration of students in these markets there are lots of potential users of the FuelBand that both like to workout and use social media. These cities are also home to high concentrations of athletic minded people. The added benefit of college sports in these areas, creates an atmosphere that promotes activity and offers plently of sports related tie-ins, billboards and buzz.

digital destination We feel that a Digital Destination page would be best for the product that we are advertising. Nike is already a great example of a digital destination and we feel that a dedicated landing site for the FuelBand would add to the overall brand asthetic. Because of the product’s highly social nature, a dedicated landing site is a natural extension of the product. To use the product is to use the internet and a landing page dedicated to the product could attract a lot of traffic. Outside site placement would consist of banner ads targeted to athletic sites, workout tips and fitness blogs. We would also rely heavily on mobile and social media based in part because our demographic is comfortable with both medias and in part because of the unique design of the product.

Television ....................................

radio ................................................

outdoor ........................................


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Television spots 30 & 60 second spots on ESPN, bravo, ABC and NBC. ESPN daytime/prime time, NBC/ABC college football games NBA games. bravo daytime fashion conscious programming.

Radio would focus on talk sports stations during drive times. Focusing on College football, the superbowl and March Madness periods.

6 month billboards would be placed near major roadways leading toward the largest college campuses in each of the 5 targeted cities. This will attract the attention of students on their way to class and get them thinking about the product.

Creative Executions Promotional event that pits random people in an “obstacle course” around their campuses while wearing the Fuelband. The obstacles will range from normal everyday things (walking up stairs, carrying semi-heavy material) to more intense activities (running to catch the subway, getting chased by “the mafia”). It would be a fun event that gets people involved and active. There will be a prize and the scores will be listed on social media so that schools can compete against each other. 8 bit video game that stars the user of the fuelband and connects with social media allowing the user to compete with friends and fellow users of the fuelband. (Social Media/Internet) Nike+ FuelBand screensavers that say “Well if you’re not woring, you might as well be moving”. The idea would be to spread the them virally via social media as a contest where participants can also earn sharing point by getting friends to download and use the screensavers for their smartphones or personal computers.



Media Plan