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March 2013

Adar/Nissan 5773

! h c a e m a

Volume 28 No. 9

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Erev Pesach Monday, March 25

• 7:30 A.M. Minyan service Siyum Bechorot/Fast of first born Followed by Bagel Breakfast • 7:17 P.m. Candle Lighting first seder

Pesach Day 1 Tuesday, March 26

• 9:30 A.M. festival service • 7:50 P.m. Candle Lighting second seder

Pesach Day 2 Wednesday, March 27 • 9:30 A.M. festival service

Pesach Day 6 Sunday, March 31

Pesach Day 3 Thursday, March 28

Pesach Day 7 Monday, April 1

• 7:30 A.M. Minyan service

• 9:30 A.M. festival service

Pesach Day 4 Friday, March 29

Pesach Day 8 Tuesday, April 2

• 7:30 A.M. Minyan service • 6:30 P.m. Shabbat Service

Pesach Day 5 Saturday, March 30

• 9:30 A.M. Minyan service

• 9:30 A.M. festival service • 11:00 a.m. Yizkor • 8:22 P.M. Havdalah end of Passover

• 9:30 a.m. Shabbat Service SHabbat! join the shabbat festivities at rock on shabbat, jammies & jeans, plus more! Page 8

PaSSoVER guide to keeping kosher for Passover on Page 15-16 sell My hametz form on Page 17

EXCitiNG EVENtS! new World symphony at Bet shira, Mitzvah day and more! Page 13


Looking Back

Professional staff rabbi brian schuldenfrei Rabbi Emeritus daVID h. aUERBACH CANTOR Mark h. kula

Congregants enjoying the Bet Shira Progressive Dinner Saturday, February 2.



Children (above) helping our during Clean Up Day at Bet Shira, Sunday, February 10.


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B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w. b e t s h i r a . o r g

Congregants enjoying Broadway in Pinecrest, our 22nd Annual Tu Bishevat Musicale, January 26, 2013.

Looking forWard


Terri Davis from our Sister Synagogue will be speaking at the Tikkun Olam Shabbat Saturday, April 6, 2013 at 9:30 A.M. Israel Everyday - Celebrate Israel’s 65th Birthday! April 12-19, 2013 Watch for details about our week long celebration. Please note the administrative offices will be closed all day April 1 & 2, 2013 in observance of the concluding days of Pesach.


Rabbi Brian Schuldenfrei The Blessing of Imperfection Cantor mark H. Kula Devar Torah

educaTion 10-11

Bet Shira: Perfect For the Young Ones in Your family

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Youth Calendar and events

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joseph H. Serota: Service on the Board of Directors Suzanne Roberts


8 Religious Services and Candle Lighting Times

sYnagogue eVenTs & neWs 9

tikkun Olam, mazel tovs, and News



Programs for all ages!

Guide to Passover and more.

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March 2013


from The Pulpit: rabbi Brian Schuldenfrei

The Blessing of Imperfection eMeMBer AT THe Burning Bush, moses tells God that he would not make a good leader r because he has a speech impediment—he is kavad

peh. Yet, God convinces a reluctant moses to go down to Egypt, and the story unfolds. moses leads the people to freedom, brings them to mount Sinai, and ushers them through forty years of wandering through the wilderness. the interesting thing is that throughout all this, moses’ speech does not improve. there is no miracle healing. But, perhaps his speech is the secret to moses’ success. i imagine that because words do not come easily for Moses, he learns to carefully consider what others say to him— what God instructs him on mount Sinai and what the people tell him as they wander through the wilderness. instead of rushing to be heard, because of his speech impediment, moses learns how to listen. He learns restraint and patience. it is a value that helps him achieve greatness. moses could not improve his speech. But, moses’ speech improved him. moses became great when he no longer saw his speech as a flaw, but as a blessing. it reminds me of something i read about William Blake. William Blake is celebrated as one of the greatest English artists of the romantic period. During his life, however, Blake had a difficult time interacting with others. People thought he was awkward. One of Blake’s closest friends was once speaking about Blake to another man. the man commented that he found Blake peculiar. “Your friend, Blake, is a bit cracked.” to which Blake’s friend responded, “Yes. But it is the kind of crack that lets in the light.”

B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w. b e t s h i r a . o r g

Letting in the light— William Blake and moses— they were each able to take flaws and find blessing. For both of them, their brokenness became conduits of light. and the same can be true for us…Sometimes, like moses with his speech, a challenge in one area presents an opportunity in another. and then of course, each of us will always have flaws—that from any angle, from any perspective, are just not good -- parts of who we are, that we would be better people without. But still, we are too tough on ourselves. in a few weeks we will gather with family and friends for Passover. and at this grand, joyous celebration, zman heruteinu, our time of liberation, we eat Matza. Matza— it is the central symbol of this great holiday, and it is completely imperfect. it is brittle, frail, and easily broken. Still, at the seder we make blessings over matza. And at the conclusion of the seder, the last thing we eat for the evening-- matza—the afikomen – the cracked and broken fragments, shards of what was once whole. We celebrate Pesach with matza, and we end the evening with the afikomen, because celebration and joy do not require perfection. Like the matza, we are fragile and imperfect, and like the matza, we too are worthy of blessing and celebration.

Wishing you and your families a Pesach filled with the blessing of imperfection!


The Voice of Bet shira: Cantor Mark H. Kula

The Last Day and the Future n THe firsT night of Passover we recall the final night of Egyptian enslavement o and the first Seder ever. Our Seder gathering is

a motivating ceremony highlighting freedom both in concept and in reality for jews and all humanity. jewish tradition depicts the seventh day of Passover as the actual day of crossing the Red Sea and the jewish people’s embrace of Freedom, leading into a new world of opportunity while glorifying the magnificence of nature. On the Eighth day of Passover we celebrate this festival with a total gearing towards the future. in fact, the end of Passover is called acharon Shel Pesach, the Final Day of Passover to elicit a response of hope that the future will be idyllic in every sense. We learn that Passover would no longer be needed as a reminder of the lessons of freedom. all people would know freedom. and, each person would know the blessings of food, health, and fullness of life.

Coreen Duffy and Cantor Kula

Pay attention to the expansive themes of Passover, whether it is the first, seventh or last day. two weeks of the future oriented theme of the last day of Passover, we will mark israel’s 65th birthday. Bet Shira’s theme, israel today and Everyday, recognizes this remarkable moment in the journey of the modern world and a true miracle for the Jewish community. Stay tuned for a Bet Shira week long israel independence celebration from april 12-19. When our ancestors observed Passover they dreamed of a better world. We follow in their footsteps making a better future happen by caring and improving the quality of life for all people and by living jewish values all the days of our lives. May our Passover be filled with Matzah and much blessing and may we continually strive for a better future.

Francine Birns

Sammy Schechter

Thank you to everyone involved with our 22nd Annual Tu Bishevat Musicale!

March 2013


Joseph H. Serota President

annual Congregational Meeting Notice Pursuant to the By-Laws of Bet Shira Congregation inc., notice is hereby given that the twenty Eighth annual meeting of Bet Shira Congregation will be held Wednesday, may 29 at 7:30 pm in the arin Stacey applebaum Sanctuary at 7500 SW 120th Street.

Service on the Board of Directors Service on the synagogue’s Board of Directors is one of the most important contributions that a congregant can make. the Board approves all contracts, enforces the by-laws, fixes the synagogue dues and is responsible for the budget. in short, this is the body that runs Bet Shira. Board members not only donate their time, but they also donate their skills and unique perspectives. and, by the way, there is no shortage of different views at Bet Shira! although certain people who have provided extraordinary leadership to the synagogue (past presidents and the President of the Sisterhood) are granted membership, the great majority of the Board is nominated by the Nominating Committee of the Board and voted on by the congregation at the annual meeting in may. if you have any interest in being considered, now is the time to call our President-Elect, Lori Blum, and express your willingness to serve. a synagogue is an amazing organization. We voluntarily come together to learn, pray, share both good and bad life experiences, and charge each other money in order to maintain the institution and provide the services we seek. Service on the Board provides congregants the opportunity to ensure that we have the kind of synagogue that reflects our needs and desires. Please consider contributing to Bet Shira in this way. i can assure you that it will be a challenging and satisfying experience. UPCoMiNG MEEtiNGS: board of Directors All are invited to attend. Wednesday, march 20 at 7:30 P.m.

MILDRED SEROTA MEMORIAL LUNCH AND LEARN Hosted by: Dr. Alan and Karen Serure in Cooperation with the Greater Miami Jewish Federation South Dade Branch and Bet Shira Congregation Wednesday, March 20 at noon speaker: rabbi Brian schuldenfrei Topic: Zionism for the 21st century class includes lunch rsVP by Monday, March 18 to 305-238-2601 B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w. b e t s h i r a . o r g



Suzanne roberts sisterhood President

“A leader is a dealer in hope.” - Napoleon Bonaparte

march madness is here and we find our homes turned inside out for Passover cleaning as families ready for the telling of the exodus out of Egypt. Sisterhood wants to help festoon your table with stunning floral arrangements from our perennial purveyor Hirni’s. Please send your check to [$45 payable to Bet Shira Sisterhood] to Bet Shira, c/o iane Deutsch, by march 22nd deadline. Gift Shop has got the Passover chocolate frogs and locusts for all chocolate lovers and humorists. [Deadline for Passover candy orders is march 15th]. as remembering others is key, Fran and Philis have toys for the children and great hostess gifts with a twist. Come visit or phone in an order to our Gift Shop. the Cooking academy proudly features a fabulous class on tuesday, march 5th at 10 a.m. (Bet Shira), “Passover in Syrian Sephardic Style” taught by Stephanie Bull. if you want inspiration and great instruction for new Passover dishes, she’s the perfect source. Fee is $30 pp, payable by check to Bet Shira Sisterhood and mailed to Stephanie. Her fall class was terrific; we hope to see you at this one! thanks are extended to Fran Farkas, expert challah maker, who opened her home and taught us a class in how to braid the real deal. On the spice route, ayesha D’mello came and taught us about traditional indian vegetarian cuisine in an excellent culture sharing. Craft Corner continues to attract actively knitters and crocheters every monday 10:30 – 12:30 at Bet Shira. the projects that are being turned out by the hands of different women in Sisterhood show amazing talent! We are going to schedule a Bet Shira “knit-in” for residents in ashkeon, israel. Stay tuned for details. Harriet Rudoff is chair and welcomes every level of interest. Game Day is going strong with the number of tables growing. Come play, connect, chat over coffee and candy. Bobbi Kaufman is doing a marvelous job in promoting the social good. “Read in order to live.” (Gustave Flaubert) Sisterhood book Club will meet on tuesday, march 19th at 7:30 p.m. to discuss Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean by Edward Kritzler at the home of irene Weinberger. Be sure to join us as we discuss another jewish exodus – to the New World – and journeys that change destinies. thank you so Sheila Chabrow for hosting in February and Phyllis Ehrlich who welcomed us to her home in january with “food in a guessing game”. inspired! Daytime Book Club will meet on tuesday, march 19th at 10 a.m. too. it’s a ‘Double Reading Day”. title is the Submission by amy Waldman. Sharon Glick facilitates. Movie Club viewed an excellent film on photojournalist Ruth Gruber “ahead of time”. thank you to Linda james for her extraordinary hospiality. We are so thrilled to know that KNit FoR iSRaEL project is the happy recipient of ten child-size quilts by the ladies of the Pomegranate Society as their charity donation this year. Our liaison terri Davis will be visiting miami in early april, and we can present them to her then for residents of Netzach israel. Pomegranate Society is a needle arts craft society for jewish women in miami for these past 15 years. Our own irene Weinberger is president and Harriet Rudoff is member at large; we owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Pesach! March 2013


JamMies & Jeans

Friday, March 1 6:00 P.M. Shabbat tot Service 6:30 P.M. Pizza Dinner rSVP to

daiLY WorshiP

ROBERt tENDRiCH CHaPEL sundays 9:30 a.M. Weekdays 7:30 a.M. Festival Services on March 26, 27, April 1, and 2 will be at 9:30 A.M.

shaBBaT WorshiP aRiN StaCEY aPPLEBaUm SaNCtUaRY friday nights 6:30 P.M. saturday Mornings 9:30 a.M.

Join us for a special iShabbat

“Rock on Shabbat” with Cantor Lisa Segal & Cantor Mark Kula March 8, 2013

6:30 P.M. instrumental service 7:30 P.m. Community Dinner RSVP for dinner to 305-238-2601 Children Under 5: Free Children 5-12: $15.00 Children 13-adult: $20.00 BYOW: Bring Your Own Wine!

shaBBaT TiMes March 1 6:05 P.M. havdalah March 2 7:12 P.M. March 8 6:09 P.M. havdalah March 9 7:16 P.M. March 15 7:12 P.M. havdalah March 16 8:19 P.M. March 22 7:16 P.M. havdalah March 23 8:22 P.M. March 29 7:19 P.M. havdalah March 30 8:25 P.M.

in MeMoriaM bat MitZVaH Emma Bea Feldman

Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 5:45 P.M. Daughter of judy and Hal Feldman. Grandaughter of joan & albert z”l morrison and marjorie & Robert Feldman. Sister of andrew Lee. Emma is a seventh grader at Palmetto middle School. She has a true artist’s soul; with her love of the written word, appreciation of music and drama, sketching, drawing, painting or, most of all, her editing of multimedia videos, she is always creating. Emma volunteers her time helping teachers in the classroom, working with various charity drives and most recently, donating her hair once again to Locks Of Love. Her family is so proud of the amazing young woman she has become, and that she will be called to the torah this month. B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w. b e t s h i r a . o r g

• Beverly Goldberg, cousin of Lisa kovalsky. • Jerald olin, father of Michael (Marlene) olin. • Harvey Gretenstein, brother of steven (Barbara shrut). We recite the names of Yahrzeits daily. Please join us to remember loved ones. We remember those who came before us by making charitable donations, learning, and acts of kindness. May our memories be for a blessing.


WeLcoMe neW MeMBers • amy and kevin kertesz, and their children daniel, elizabeth, joshua and Michael.

MaZeL ToV • To richard Milstein and eric hankin on the birth of their grandchild, simon Max sondheimer. Parents are rachel and joe, brother is sasha. • To aaron and rhona Leibovitz. Their daughter, janella, received the florida Bar Presidents Pro Bono award for 2013 for her legal services for those who can’t afford it.

gifT shoP •Bet shira gift shop seder Plates, Matzah Plates and Matzah covers for your Passover table cash/credit cards/checks accepted/no appointment necessary Purchases are made in the main office. Questions? call Philis edelman, 305-666-1657 or fran farkas, 305-665-3775

ZuMBa Monday & Wednesday Mornings 9:15 a.M. in the simcha court. $10 a class taught by stacey harris, certified personal trainer/fitness instructor. 305-389-3037

office cLosed Please note the administrative offices will close at 1:00 P.M. on March 25 and will be closed all day March 26 & 27, 2013 in observance of Pesach.


tikkun olam

Jerry Greenberg, Karen Siegel, and Steve Spann co-chairs Tikkun olam committee,, We had a very successful mitzvah month in February, including a number of generous collections and our synagogue clean-up day. thanks to everyone who participated in that event and to Carol and Bernie stein for their leadership. now, MitZVaH Day is just around the corner on MaRCH 3. if you have not done so yet, there’s still time to sign up for one of the many worthwhile activities planned around town. events include serving lunch to the residents of Chapman Partnership (Downtown location); participating in games and other activities with the youth of Chapman Partnership (Homestead location) and of inn transition South; gardening and pruning at the Zoo and at Pinecrest Gardens; donating blood at our blood drive; assembling care packages for american and israeli soldiers; cleaning-up matheson Hammock Park, and so much more! there are projects for people of all ages—including ECC-aged children—both at the synagogue and out in the community. Check the mailer you received in late january, the synagogue website, and the school bulletins for more information. You can also contact the synagogue office or Carol Stein ( for more information.

Remember to bring clothing on mitzvah Day for our annual clothing drive. We are also collecting socks and children’s books as part of Mitzvah Month. in addition, we continue with collections for a number of local agencies. For the Kosher Food Bank, bring your non-perishable food products to the donation bin located outside the synagogue office. We are also collecting books and magazines for the Food Bank and the Chapman Partnership, and we also welcome donations of hygiene products and unused, unexpired medical products for the Open Door Clinic and other agencies. We are also collecting feminine hygiene products for women at inn Transition. There is a real need for all of these items, so all donations are greatly appreciated.

UPCoMiNG EVENtS: Mitzvah Day March 3 UPCoMiNG MEEtiNGS: tuesday, March 12 at 7:30 P.M. tuesday, april 19 at 7:30 P.M. all are welcome!

March 2013



Judith Gampel, Ed. D

ecc director REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for CAMP GILAH! friday, March 1 at The Bet shira early Childhood Center

•”Jammies and Jeans” it is now time for you to make decisions about your shabbat for the Tots in our family 6:00 P.M. service, 6:30 P.M. dinner child’s activities for the summer and for the fall. We rsVP for complimentary Pizza dinner hope that you will once again choose Bet Shira Early Childhood Center for your child’s preschool and camp Tuesday, March 5 experiences. Register for Camp Gilah by march 10th •Director’s Coffee and receive a Registration Discount. Please call Gladys Topic: Balancing home and careers guest facilitator: suzanne roberts at (305) 238-2606 for your registration packets. 7:30 P.M. Thursday, March 7 •ECC P.t.A. Meeting 9:00 a.M. kiddush court Wednesday, february 8 •Jewish Holidays to Go for the Digital Generation 7:00 P.M. segal hall instructor: judi gampel. ed.d., sous chef: esther Borenstein a perfect guide for those new to holiday preparation. judi and esther will help you prepare a basic Passover menu that you can adjust for your family’s tastes. classes $18. Please r.s.V.P. to gladys in the ecc office (305) 238-2606. Tuesday, March 19 •Modern Seders (Parents invited) 10:00 a.m. Welcome 10:10-12:00 interactive Parent and child seder Wheel songs of the seder with Miss emily, Matzoh Box decorating with Mrs. Blank, seder Talk with rabbi schuldenfrei and cantor kula, Passover story obstacle course with coach joe 12:00-12:30 all Meet Together for P.T.a. sponsored seder Meal Thursday, March 21 •ECC School Committee Meeting 11:15 a.M. kiddush court B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w. b e t s h i r a . o r g

Monday, March 25-friday, March 29 •Spring Break - No SESSioNS



Marilyn Wolfson jec director

jec MeeTings

Tuesday, March 12 • 7:30 P.M. all parents are welcome!

The Words We Speak

jec eVenTs

Passover has always reminded me of the american saying, “take a leap of faith”.

• sunday, March 17 at 11:00 a.M. all invited!

is it the leap or the faith that matters? the Hebrew slaves had “faith” in moses to lead them out of Egyptian bondage; the “leap” was to cross the sea of reeds and wander in the desert. This month when we all gather around our tables and look into the eyes of the multigenerations sitting around the Seder table…take a leap and remember or picture yourself as the young or elderly person you were or want to be. Have the faith that when you look back on younger years you will be able to say Kol ha Kavod (a job well done) and when you take the leap say Chazak Chazak V’Ntichazek (Be strong, be strong and we will be encouraged).

Model seder

Passover art Project • sunday, March 10 at 9:30 a.M.

JEC students (pictured below) decorating flower pots to plant trees in for Tu Bishevat.

this all leads to the future of the Bet Shira Religious School. i ask that this Pesach season you ask the important four questions…Where, Why, When & What will the school look like next year, and like the history of our exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land you must have the patience and belief in our leaders to allow them to plan, wander and then give us the correct direction. We waited a long time for moses to present us with the commandments and look what we have done with them. So, my friends, parents, students, lay leaders and professionals give Bet Shira leadership the time to present the new vision for our school... the future is vital to plan for, but the past is what keeps the blueprint workable. So let’s recap the last few weeks. The JeC had a wonderful Tu Bishevat seder. Parent involvement was encouraged and mrs. Blank did a wonderful art project with the children and then all grades had time to participate in our interactive Seder. tu Bishevat is the New Year of the trees; the earth is ours so let’s all take ownership! Purim, Purim, Purim… let us all say groggers, groggers, groggers… Hamantaschen, Hamantashen, Hamantashen… What a sight watching another generation march around our arin Stacey applebaum Sanctuary. may each and every marcher be blessed to continue erasing the name of Haman and work to bring peace to our world (let us all say amen). We teach that every day is a mitzvah, but one Sunday is set aside to remind our school children that we are so blessed and not everyone is. The children decorated cards to send to our Armed forces overseas with gifts donated by the BSC mitzvah committee. Spring break has come and we wish all a restful, fun & safe vacation. We look forward to the students returning and finishing up the school year. March 2013

1 2 B E T S H I R A YO U T H N E W S

Alex Zaremba


(grades 9-12) Wednesdays 7:00-9:00 P.M. •March 6th: dodgeball •March 13th: jews and comedy •March 21st: chocolate seder

Youth director


(grades 6-8) thursdays 6:30-8:30 P.M. •March 7th: dodgeball •March 14th: jews and comedy •March 21st: chocolate seder

March means Pesach! Which means i get to share one of my favorite jokes… a British jew is waiting in line to be knighted by the Queen. He is to kneel in front of her and recite a sentence in Latin when she taps him on the shoulders with her sword. However, when his turn comes, he panics in the excitement of the moment and forgets the Latin. then, thinking fast, he recites the only Yachad (grades 3-5) other sentence he knows in a foreign language, which he remembers from the Sundays Passover seder: “ma nishtana ha layla ha zeh mi kol ha laylot.” Puzzled, Her majesty turns to her advisor and whispers, “Why is this knight different from all other knights?”

•March 10th: endurance day to prepare for 40 years in the desert. •March 17th: chocolate seder.

usY & kadiMa

• March 3rd: Mitzvah Day Youth Car A group of Wash from 11:00 a.M. - 2:00 P.M. in Yachad kids the Bet shira Parking Lot

(pictured left) posing with a “natural structure” they built from scavenger hunt items on Tu Bishevat.

Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing! is now in its second year at Bet Shira. This program is an experiential, values-based program designed to strengthen self-esteem and Jewish identity in teen girls. In this proactive, informal model, girls drawn upon Jewish tradition to give girls a place to integrate core Jewish values with the things they care about most - body image, friendship, family, relationships, stress - through the use of discussion, self reflection, arts and crafts and drama. There is a place for everyone in Rosh Hodesh to have down-time in a safe place while connecting with others, talking about questions and concerns relevant to their nding B E T lives. S H I RIfAyou C Oare N Ginterested R E G A T I Oin N fiw w w . bout e t smore h i r a . about o r g the program, please contact Melissa at

The car Wash is $10 and all the money raised goes the friends of the idf Legacy Program which provides support to israeli families of fallen soldiers. in order to maximize our success – we’re offering the opportunity to pre-pay and reserve a spot in the car Washing area. contact Me ( or 305-238-2601 x. 213) to ensure that your car gets washed and that you support this cause.

aLL ages • March 8th join me and other Bet shira Youth Members at the rock on shabbat featuring musical guest cantor segal. 6:30 P.M. service, 7:30 P.M. community dinner. 1st ten kids to sign up get ½ off. (children 5-12 only $7.50, 13 and up only $10)



New World Symphony at Bet Shira Catch a flick with us at our Monthly Movie!

Sunday, March 3 at 4:00 P.M. Culminating Mitzvah Day!

Sunday, March 10 at 10:30 A.M.

Performing Songs of the Holocaust: Composers and their Music Presented by New World Symphony and Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation in Partnership with Bet Shira

We will screen the movie “A Separation,” about A married couple are faced with a difficult decision - to improve the life of their child by moving to another country or to stay in Iran and look after a deteriorating parent who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Mitzvah Day at Bet Shira! Sunday, March 3 at 8:30 A.M.

GMJF’S Super Sunday

Sunday, March 10 from 9:00 A.M.-9:00 P.M. Super Sunday is Miami’s largest annual community phonathon benefitting the Jewish community. More than 500 volunteers will be making calls to members of Miami’s Jewish community, asking them to support the Federation/UJA Campaign and provide funding for vital services and programs in Miami, in Israel and worldwide. Volunteers of all ages are welcome to participate, and there will be fun activities for the entire family. Sign up at or call 786.866.8628.

Events include: serving lunch to the residents of Chapman Partnership (Downtown location); participating in games and other activities with the youth of Chapman Partnership (Homestead location) and of Inn Transition South; gardening and pruning at the Zoo and at Pinecrest Gardens; donating blood at our blood drive; assembling care packages for American and Israeli soldiers; cleaning-up Matheson Hammock Park, and so much more!

March 2013


Guide to Passover

THIS GUIDE WAS PREPARED FOR THE RABBINICAL COMMITTEE ON JEWISH LAW AND STANDARDS BY RABBI MAYER RABINOWITZ. The Torah prohibits the ownership of chametz (leaven) during Pesach. Therefore, we arrange for the sale of the chametz to a non-Jew. The transfer, mekhirat chametz, is accomplished by appointing an agent to handle the sale (Ralph Resnick at Sinai Temple). It is a valid and legal transfer of ownership. At the end of the holiday, the agent arranges for the reversion of ownership of the now-permitted chametz. If ownership was not transferred before the holiday, the use of this chametz is prohibited after the holiday as well (chametz she-avar alav ha-Pesach). During the eight days of Pesach, chametz cannot lose its identity in an admixture. Therefore, the minutest amount of chametz renders the whole admixture chametz and its use on Pesach is prohibited. However, during the rest of the year, chametz follows the normal rules of admixture, i.e. it loses its identity in an admixture of one part chametz and sixty parts of non-chametz (batel be-shishim). This affords us the opportunity to differentiate between foods purchased before and during Pesach. What follows is a general guideline. However, your rabbi should be consulted when any doubt arises. Kosher le-Pesach labels that do not bear the name of a rabbi or one of the recognized symbols of rabbinic supervision, or which are not integral to the package, should not be used without consulting your rabbi. Prohibited foods include the following: leavened bread, cakes, biscuits, crackers, cereal, coffee containing cereal derivatives, wheat, barley, oats, spelt, rye, and all liquids containing ingredients or flavors made from grain alcohol. Most Ashkenazic authorities have added the following foods (kitniyot) to the above list: rice, corn millet, legumes (beans and peas; however string beans are permitted). The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards has ruled unanimously that peanuts and peanut oil are permissible, as peanuts are not actually legumes. Some Ashkenazic authorities permit, while others forbid, the use of legumes in a form other than their natural state, for example: B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w. b e t s h i r a . o r g corn sweeteners, corn oil and soy oil. Sephardic

authorities permit the use of all of the above. Consult your rabbi for guidance in the use of these products. Permitted Foods A. The following foods require no kosher le-Pesach label if purchased prior to Pesach: unopened packages or containers of natural coffee without cereal additives (however, be aware that coffees produced by General Foods are not kosher for Passover unless marked KP); sugar, pure tea, salt (not iodized), pepper, natural spices, frozen fruit juices with no additives, frozen (uncooked) vegetables (for legumes see above), milk, butter, cottage cheese, cream cheese, ripened cheeses such as cheddar (hard), Muenster (semisoft) and Camembert (soft), and baking soda. B. The following foods require no kosher le-Pesach label if purchased before or during Pesach: fresh fruits and vegetables (for legumes see above), eggs, fresh fish and fresh meat. C. The following foods require kosher le-Pesach label if purchased before or during Pesach: all baked products (matzah, cakes, matzah flour, farfel, matzah meal, and any products containing matzah) canned or bottled fruit juices (these juices are often clarified with kitniot which are not listed among the ingredients. However, if one knows there are no such agents, the juice may be purchased prior to Pesach without a kosher le-Pesach label), canned tuna (since tuna, even when packed in water has often been processed in vegetable broth and/or hydrolyzed protein. However, if it is known that the tuna is packed exclusively in water, without any additional ingredients or additives, it may be purchased without a kosher le-Pesach label), wine, vinegar, liquor, oils, dried fruits, candy, chocolate flavored milk, ice cream, yogurt soda and frozen uncooked vegetables. D. The following processed foods (canned, bottled or frozen), require a kosher le-Pesach if purchased during Pesach: milk, butter, juices, vegetables, fruits, milk products, spices, coffee, tea and fish, as well as all foods listed in Category C.

Guide to Passover Kashering of Utensils The process of kashering utensils depends on how the utensils are used. According to halakhah, leaven can be purged from a utensil by the same process in which it was absorbed in the utensil (ke-vol’o kakh pol’to). Therefore, utensils used in cooking are kashered by boiling, those used in broiling are kashered by fire and heat, and those used only for cold food are kashered by rinsing. A. Earthenware (china, pottery, etc.): May not be kashered. However, fine translucent chinaware which has not been used for over a year may be used if scoured and cleaned in hot water. B. Metal (wholly made of metal): Utensils used in fire (spit, broiler) must first be thoroughly scrubbed and cleansed and then made as hot as possible. Those used for cooking or eating (silverware, pots) must be thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned and completely immersed in boiling water. Pots should have water boiled in them which will overflow the rim. The utensils should not be used for a period of at least 24 hours between the cleaning and the immersion in boiling water. Metal baking utensils cannot be kashered. C. Ovens and Ranges: Every part that comes in contact with food must be thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned. Then, oven and range should be heated as hot as possible for a half hour. If there is a broil setting, use it. Self-cleaning ovens should be scrubbed and cleaned and then put through the selfcleaning cycle. Continuous cleaning ovens must be kashered in the same manner as regular ovens. Microwave Ovens which do not cook the food by means of heat should be cleaned, and then a cup of water should be placed inside. Then the oven should be turned on until the water boils and there is steam. A microwave oven that has a browning element cannot be kashered for Pesach. D. Glassware: Authorities disagree as to the method for kashering drinking utensils. One opinion requires soaking in water for three days, changing the water every 24 hours. The other opinion requires only a thorough scrubbing before Pesach, or putting them through a dishwasher.


E. Dishwasher: After not using the machine for a period of 24 hours, a full cycle with detergent should be run. F. Electrical Appliances: If the parts that come into contact with chametz are removable, they can be kashered in the appropriate way (if metal, follow the rule for metal utensils). If the parts are not removable, the appliance cannot be kashered (all exposed parts should be thoroughly cleaned). G. Tables, Closets & Counters: If used with chametz, they should be thoroughly cleaned and covered, and then they may be used. H. Kitchen Sink: A metal sink can be kashered by thoroughly cleaning and then pouring boiling water over it. A porcelain sink should be cleaned and a sink rack used. If, however, dishes are to be soaked in a porcelain sink, a dish basin must be used. I. Chametz & Non-Passover Utensils: Non-Passover dishes, pots and chametz whose ownership had been transferred, should be separated, locked up or covered, and marked in order to prevent accidental use. Since the Torah prohibits the eating of chametz during Pesach, and since many common foods contain some admixture of chametz, during Pesach guidance is necessary when shopping and preparing for Pesach. The Siyum B’chorot is the special occasion on the eve of Pesach when all firstborn males express gratitude that they (via their b’chor ancestors on the eve of the Exodus from Egypt) were spared during the tenth plague. The tradition for the b’chor to fast on that day is overridden by the fact that a tome of the Talmud is completed that very morning, giving rise to the need to celebration - - a “siyum” - - which will take place following the morning service. All firstborn males are cordially invited to attend this unusual and happy event.

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Passover 5773 Mechirat Hametz Authorization Form (Sale of Unleavened Products)

To avoid having Hametz in your possesion during Pesach, authorize Rabbi Brian Schuldenfrei to be your agent and sell your Hametz. Delegation of Power of Attorney For Sale of Hametz Know ye that I, the undersigned fully empower and permit Rabbi Brian Schuldenfrei to act in my place and stead, and in my behalf to sell all Hametz posessed by me (knowing or unknowingly) as defined by The Torah and Rabbinic Law (e.g. Hametz, doubt of Hametz, and all kinds of Hametz mixtures). Also Hametz that tends to harden and to adhere to a surface of inside of pans, pots or cooking and usable utensils, and all kinds of animals that have been eating Hametz or mixtures thereof: And to lease all places wherein the Hametz owned by me may be found, especially in the premises located at _______________________________and elsewhere. Rabbi Brian Schuldenfrei has the full right to sell and lease by transactions, as he deems fit and proper and for such time which he believes necessary in accordance with all detailed terms and detailed forms, as expained in the general authorization contract which have been given this year to Rabbi Brian Schuldenfrei to sell the Hametz. This general authorization is made a part of this agreement. Also do I hereby give the said Rabbi Brian Schuldenfrei full power and authority to appoint a substitute in his stead with full power to sell and to lease as provided herein. The above given power is in conformity with all Torah, Rabbinical regulations and laws, and also in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, and of the United States. And to this I hereby affix my signature on this _______ day of Nisan in the year 5773.

Signature: ____________________________ Name: _______________________________ Address: _____________________________ Mail/fax (305.238.5706) to: Rabbi Brian Schuldenfrei Bet Shira Congregation 7500 SW 120 Street Miami, FL 33156 or email to This form must reach the Synagogue Office no later than Friday, March 22, 2013 before 12 noon.

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